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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by sues1, Mar 27, 2007.

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    I do not see you on as often,but I know school and on is keeping you busy.

    I am in awe that you are schooling. I really could not, not now anyhow. I use to have good intelligence......no more.

    Anyhow how are you doing and also your son? I miss the updates on both of you.

    Take care and Blessings.........Susan
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    i usually go on the porch post and post there.

    i can feel like i can let it all off my chest.

    school has been challenging this semester, for i had been sexually assualted. it is believed that someone put something in my one beer. it could've been much worse. but they are still investigating the whole thing. it may come down to he said she said. but there are some inconsistencies in the idiot story...

    i waited too long to get to hosiptal for rape kit. fornately i did not have any penetration from what i recall. he just tried to perform you no what.

    as far as cody he is in track season right now. he does shot put and discus throw. he won one event as a junior a couple weeks ago, had a not so good last week. better luck next time.

    talk to you soon i need to get to bed for school in the morning. 9=1..pilates then math.

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    I am so sorry you went through that. Really angry at him.
    I admire that you are speaking of it and also not letting him get away with it, if you can. Regardless you are venting on it and that helps I am sure.

    Something I read once, from a victim was that this guy had taken some of her life and she was not going to let it affect her and not let him ruin the rest of her life. She was going to enjoy the rest of her life and he was not going to make her unhappy.
    She said it better than that, but it sure made sense. But I am sure you will go through stages of emotion on it. We are here for you Jodie.
    I have not been on the porch for a long time. Just not on as much.

    Sending you and Cody prayers and blessings......
    Love, Susan
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    yes ladies and all gents should only take their drink only directly from the bartender, and if they must go to the bathroom they say take it with you...

    don't count on a friend or two to watch your drink, i have gone out w/my female friends and inevitably men would walk up to us and we turn our backs to talk while our drinks are on the counter. so who is to say someone is slipping something in your drink...

    it really stinks..i had to cancel one of my college classes because of the event. it counted toward my degree. lowered my scholarship award..all for 1 credit. it was a late start class for six days only so if i missed that one day that particualr instructor is not understanding.

    well i have therapy tomarrow and on friday. i will survive, i am not w/the exbf and i am still sort of waiting for him to call me for my things that i wanted from his house...i called tonight but no answer at all. i think i saw him down at a bar outside tonight but wasn't exactly sure i was just driving by...and i am sure it was him..wished i had my night time glasses on...then i could've asked him for my things he could drop them off. oh well..

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    i ran into exbf's mom from oregon and sister from dallas. they were concern him and wanted to intervene w/aa or something...

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    You sure have an interesting life! I admire that you are able to do so much, I know it must be hard. Heck, it is hard just existing lots of days!

    I read the porch news, I was eavesdropping from the bushes. That God that poison Ivy isn't out yet!

    Be careful sugar, actually you probably are. But I am wanting you safe and happy.

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    trying to be careful for sure. i stayed up last night at home doing some homework (math). yyuck. i just called cody's gf to see if she wanted to make some money helping me out tutoring, if not i have another young man i met that majored as a mathmatician that said he would charge me 10$ an hour.

    i wanted to go to bodega bay to the beach...same one that the exbf took me to. it is really beautiful there and you can find jade on the beach in some areas. really kinda cool creek behind a sand dune.

    i have been trying to call some friends to go but no answers yet. so i decided to come here to talk to my friends...

    how are you doing?