7 Things Moms Should Carry at All Times

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    Here's everything you need ................

    Remember MacGyver, the '80s TV action-adventure hero who saved the day with ordinary household objects? Adopt his strategies and become a Save-the-Day Mom. Here's everything you need:

    1. Vaseline (1.75-oz tub)
    It's an instant lipgloss and moisturizer, and it also soothes sunburn or diaper rash, shines shoes, removes adhesive bandages painlessly, and helps stuck zippers glide smoothly.

    2. Aerosol hairspray
    Ozone hazard or not, it'll halt a run in pantyhose, remove ink stains, laminate kids' artwork, double as craft glue, and exterminate the bumblebee that refuses to fly out of your minivan.

    3. Duct tape (Duck Tape's three-yard flat pack)
    You're at a friend's house and there's not a childproof lock in sight. Whip out a roll and in no time you'll be relaxing over coffee. Long wait at the pediatrician's office? Grab a Sharpie, mark a dotted line down the center and stick it to the floor: instant Matchbox car highway.

    4. WD-40 (trial size)
    Squeaky stroller wheel driving you nuts? Stuck with a shopping cart that has a bum wheel? One squirt and you're set for the Tour de France. It also removes chewing gum from hair, crayon marks from walls, and stickers from just about any surface.

    5. Balloons
    Bump, bruise, or broken bone? Fill one with cold water for an instant cold pack. Bored kids? You have what you need for an impromptu soccer or volleyball gameā€”or a science lesson on static electricity.

    6. Cordless curling iron
    Give your hair a quick curl in the parking lot, or crank up the car radio and use as a makeshift microphone to belt out the latest Sheryl Crow tune. Just turn it off first so you don't burn your lip.

    7. A great book
    It'll make the countless hours you spend waiting for baseball, gymnastics, and band practice to end fly by. Bonus points if it makes you laugh (burns calories) or cry (relieves stress). Points deducted if the book has pictures or is on the children's bestseller list.

    from: WomensDay.com
    by Deborah Carpenter, a MacGyver Mom with a 2- and a 4-year-old

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    This is a Wonderful post! I can Relate to it after raising 3 Daughters! And also I've learned some new things! Thanks Alot!,,,,,,,,,,,,Hugs!,,,,,,Hope your Having a great day!,,,S