7 Ways Beer Can Improve Health

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    I just sent this to a friend as we've been talking about SILICA and bone health....If you can't open the link, copy/paste in search engine and there it is.

    ((Bonnie, thought of our discussion on the silica issue and joints....I have NOT bought a new silica supp YET, but will.

    My father drank beer all his Life, too much though, he was NEVER sick and ate everything in sight. He didn't have joint issues, mom had them all and was a total non drinker of alcohol of any kind.

    Beer also contains HOPS which are said to help joints too and sadly beer is produced, I'm sure, in fluoridated water facilities. Hops can help with sleep also.

    He had his first bout of health issues at 65 after he retired, but mom and docs got him back to pretty good health....he lived to almost 96 and again, walked fine, no pains per se, he gave up when mom died at 91 or he might still be alive.... He took no supplements, ate everything he liked and so he went. I got him on grape seed ex for a very short few days and he stopped as he said they didn't do anything....typical for my dad.

    2 days ago ... Beer is not just good — it turns out it's also good for you in moderate amounts
    and offers many health benefits.

    Anyway, beer in moderation and wine for that part can be good for health. I don't drink any alcohol at all, but did my share in my days.... )))

    Or research Silica and Hops re: joint health...I'm NOT going to start drinking beer, I may have 1 a yr as it is now....but will get silica again as I took it years ago before the hip mess.
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    I love beer, jam - they have so many interesting ones now, but hardly ever drink it - too many calories!

    Diatomaceous earth consists mostly of silica - see http://www.earthworkshealth.com/human-use.php

    Wish I was like your dad (able to eat and do whatever I wanted!) I would put on weight so fast if I did, being so d**m sedentary!

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    I love beer, also. Not too good for the waist line though. ;)
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    My good ole DE friend, Mary comes thru with this reminder. I use DE in making up my toothpaste, coconut oil, MSM and DE and drops of clove oil. But I'll start taking it again in my morning MSM drink but lower dose for starts, I've mentioned before that I did get constipation when I took it yrs ago. I still have a large supply from earthworks.

    Dad had a beer belly most of his life, but never complained about joint pain....could be the booze too kept him pain free.
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    Everything has its own benefits as well as drawbacks. Too much consumption of beer can affect teeth enamel that result discolouration. Although pure alcohol won't damage your teeth but beer contains a little amount of sugar in it that plays a harmful role in tooth decay.
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    Does beer contain gluten? I wonder about that because there are gluten-free beers at my grocery store.
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    I'm not going to start drinking beer, and I believe someone else said most beers contain gluten unless otherwise stated....

    I was also mentioning the hops and silica for joint help.

    Mary, I'm back on DE but only 1/2 t or so in my MSM morning drink.