78 Trumbones a 2nd time

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I don't see the first one. Looked on the Healthboard...not there.

    I apoplogize for being MIA a good bit recently. I am weaning off tramadol and it
    has given me some brain fuz. And one day with doc appt, next day with hair. Both
    days out of the house 5 hours at a time. Cannot tell you how weird that feels!!

    I now have yellow hair. To hairdressers credit, she is one excellent colorist. However,
    I'm just not sure this is the color for me. Two more tries before neice's wedding.

    Well, I am weaning off the tramadol so I can start the LDN. Low Dose Naltrexone.
    Dr. Klimas uses it with her patients and has her own protocol. Start very, very low
    1.5 for a month, 3 for a month and then 4.5 for maintenece. I was feeling hopeful
    but read Jam's posts about her trying and stopping it. So, who knows. Will see.

    Can too much water kill vincas? We have gotten so much rain and they are wilting
    like crazy. There might have been a 'bad' batch at the store. Some didn't look well
    even there.

    I was about to get exciting about tomorrow being Friday but I will hold off a day :)

  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    I did remember it was 76 Trombones. Oh well, it can stay.

    I wanted to tell you that my son's Iphone can take a pic of his letter to our
    pcp and sent it to the doc's fax machine. It bypasses the 5-7 days of
    the US Postal Service and the mail room at the Clinic.

    Rock, stay home this weekend or away from 405!! I saw on the news that it
    is going to closed all weekend. For others, that is the busiest hwyway in the US.

    Later Gang.


    PS, Pam your tooth....OUCH...I sure hope it heal well!!!
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just fed Zippy and put him out in the backyard. He could stay in the back
    porch and lie on a pillow, but he prefers the outdoors. He has old bolts of
    velvet to lie on. How plush is that?

    Linda, I believe there is an old Bulgarian proverb that says, "It takes a
    real stinka to murder a vinca." Too, (Best-selling cookbook author Peg
    Bracken used to use "Too" as a conjunction.) twice times 78 would be

    With regard to your Sisters in laws born on the 8th of July, it is time to
    end the charade. I am one of your sisters in law.

    Mikie, your new glasses sound like something from Futurama. In the 50s my
    mother had those pointy glasses with the sparkly frames. I had the
    horn rims. All three of us looked good, i.e. me, Clark Kent and Atticus
    Finch. (Note that the last two are fictitious.)

    Barry, you never mentioned you were a pond person. How big is it? What's
    in it besides water lilies? Chard? You eat chard? Don't think I ever have.
    I looked on the net. Looks much like rhubarb. We used to have rhubarb in
    our garden. My mother made wonderful pies and sauce with it. Some 10-20 years
    ago I was going to buy a stalk at the supermarket. $2 @. I didn't buy any.

    The hydrangeas are in bloom here. Blue, pink and white. And Gordon has
    3 cacti blooming. Spectacular flowers about the size of an orange. Many narrow
    white petals w/ yellow stamens and pistil. Son of a gun!

    Oops, forgot to type this at my mail site. Better quit before it blows up.

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Not to hot out either.Cactus is a strange little plant isn't it?I have only seen pictures of the flowering ones.I really am going to plant a lot of bulbs come Fall.I say it every yr.

    Hey I texted my huz yesterday.I couldn't talk due to tooth extraction but couldn't let that stop me.I was proud of myself.I texted DS who was upstairs.He asked how long it took to figure it out.DD asked the same thing when she called.I hate smart mouthed kids.It took me a really long time lol.

    Quiet day today no dinner to prepare everyone will be late.Fine with me.

  5. spacee

    spacee Member

    Late afternoons tell the story.

    Beck (Rock) is really my brother's first ex-wife!! The charade is over!! She is really his
    only ex-wife but I like to leave something to the imagination.

    Learned to text!! Had to eat your words, Pam. But at least it was on a day you couldn't
    eat food...bad joke. Desperate times, call for desperate measures.

    Barry and Linda live on ponds!! How coincidink is that? And. of course you know we have
    a few small gators in ours. Haven't seen one in a while but that doesn't mean they have

    I can tell why rhrubarb pies went out of style. Too expensive. Pecan pies are expensive too.
    But still see them around. Which reminds me. Perkins Restaurant when out of business.
    The whole chain. It was the only place around here to get a chocolate cream pie. I feel
    kinda sad. It really didn't taste as good as Jim and Nicks in Birmingham but at least it was

    Twin thinks that I am going to stay at a hotel with them and their son/wife and 4 kids.
    What she *really* thinks is that her Huz and I are going to sit at the bar all day while the
    rest of them go to the theme parks. He just had knee and hip replacement and can't go.
    Does she think I am out of my mind??? Would she sit at a bar all day with Ike??? I dont'
    think so.

    What I am trying to say is that I did this same thing 10 years ago. It isn't fun to be the ones
    left behind. Not for 4 days in a row. I'm sure you all understand.

    Is your mama a LLama I asked my friend Dave, "no she is not is the answer Dave gave".

    One of my GD's pooped *for fun* in the neighbors yard. Son thought is was self explanatory
    that you don't do that. He was wrong. Cracks me up. I can see her as a teenager now.

    Quiet here too. Nothing to eat since I didn't go to the store on Sun. aft. Guess we are all
    kinda in the same boat.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The lighter my hair gets, I'm looking more and more like Mrs. Santa Claus with these rimless glasses.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz said he's taking Fri. off I said ok.Huz says he's going to breakfast with coworker then to see his dad this morning and I said ok.He's going to come home and prime the bathroom walls,ok.All this he tells me at 9;30 last night as I watch TV.I am mentally and physically exhausted and can barely focus on TV.He keeps asking if I'm upset about something.Finally I ask him what is his problem I don't know what he's talking about.

    This morning I text him and ask where he is.At the office?I have no clue.I deleted his reply by accident and gave up.To say we're not on the same page is an understatement.Ahh he'll get here when he gets here I guess and I need to clear the cobwebs out of my brain.

    It's really funny I think.At one time I would have been alarmed but not anymore.

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    But you remembered it this am, Pam? I think that maybe Huz should write you notes.
    Just a thought. I would have been alarmed a long time ago too.

    Frequently Ike comments on the commercials. I say, "oh, I don't know. I was thinking
    about something else". Do ppl really 'watch' commercials? I don't seem to.

    Mike, my hairdresser can't wait to have white hair. Then she can be 'any color she wants.'
    But I know that you still have to do the roots.

    I missed paying the phone bill since Rock doesn't pay bills anymore. They didn't seem
    to care. It is really our internet...Verizon.

    Overcast here today. Off to bed.

  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I don't watch commercials either.Huz always asked wasn't that funny or did you see that?No I didn't I'm thinking of random things.He finds it unbelievable.

    So I'm not crazy just like I thought.He did go to the office and stayed longer then he thought.He did not tell me he was going there.He always says yes I did but changes it to I thought I did lol.

    Made zucchini bread with my first ripe zucchini.Pork chops and cheesy scalloped pot. for dinner.

    I don't pay bills anymore.I lose the bills before I can pay them.I served my time paying them all those yrs. anyway.

    Have a good weekend everyone.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just had some fresh peas. Shelled them myself. Gordon
    got 'em at a farmers' market. They taste like Spring. Like
    a whole different animal than cooked peas.

    'Course they're good too. Especially the petit pois aka
    Le Sueur peas which originally came from Le Sueur, Minnesota.

    Testing, huh?
    Well, good for you, Pam. It's fortuitous thing people have
    opposable thumbs or they wouldn't be able to text. Never
    tried it myself. You young people are better at this sort
    of thing. You use a regular cell phone?

    Yes, the 405 freeway project is the talk of the town. The current
    news report is that all is going well and the freeway may
    reopen sooner than planned.

    Linda, I looked up "Is your mama a llama?" Found out it's
    a children's book. My response is:

    "No," I replied. "My mama's in heaven on accounta she died."

    Actually I don't think dead people are anywhere. I think they no
    longer exist. However, people are free to believe what they like,
    and most of them do.

    Never heard of Perkins pies, but I remember Ma Perkins on
    the radio. It was a soap opera. Ran for almost 30 years and
    the same actress played Ma Perkins the whole time.

    But Susan Lucci lasted even longer. She has been playing
    Ericka Kane for roughly 75 years.

    Mikie, nothin' wrong w/ lookin' like Mrs. Santa Clause if
    you are after the warm and cuddly look.

    Speaking of glasses, you hear the old joke about the lady
    who returned a pair of glasses? Asked what was wrong,
    she said, "I bought 'em for my husband. But he still doesn't
    see things my way."

    Oops! Just lost this. Then got it back. Better post it immejetly.

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Rock ate uncooked english peas and they tasted like Spring. How lovely!
    We might just have to try that cause watermelon here is now 'out of season'.
    Oh, you can still buy some but the high prices are back.

    The 405 is open and is gonna close again in 11 months. So plan ahead.

    Funny that your momma's in heaven on accounta......What year did she
    pass? Or maybe better...what decade? I'm better at decades then years.

    Which remind me, my sibs insist my grandpa died at age 85. What? I thought
    he was 75. I can look it up on the geneology thing. Will let you know. But they
    will still think they are right..right, Rock?

    Susan Lucci is doing so fine for her age. I wish.....

    We went out to eat. Crazy Fish. That's the name of the restaurant. Have to go this
    time of year and in a few more months, won't get it. Can get a catfish basket with
    sweet potato fries and cole slaw $9. They have several kinds of baskets for $9.

    This was an awake two hours, sleep two hour, etc, etc. day.

    Tomorrow I'm going to the urologist with Ike. I can't wait. I never thought I would
    feel this way about this. Things surprise you at this age.

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    What are you surprised about?Ike's Dr. appt.?

    DS shut the two cats in the office together before he left last night.They don't like each other.I heard howling this morning.They weren't anywhere around greeting me when I got up.The room smells of urine and stuff is knocked over.I will have DS mopping up when he arrives home this morning.I'm surprised they didn't hurt each other.

    Sat. we ran into SIL and BIL at the Nursing Home and went to lunch together.Had a nice visit for two hrs.Yesterday I was exhausted.Something so simple can bring you down.

    Yes I do have a cell phone and I carry it around but forget to turn it on.It's hit or miss with Texting.Push a lot of buttons and hope I find the right ones.I may ask DS to run me through that again.Eventually I get it.

    I have lots to do today so I'll see what I can manage.

  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm a gonna take-a chance and post directly inna da box instead of typing this
    inna my e mail first-a. That's the way J. Carrol Naish used to talk on "Life
    with Luigi" an old radio show.

    Just looked it up. Turns out it was briefly on TV too. But I never saw it. In
    the early 50s we only got 2 channels. The stations went off the air between midnight
    and 6AM. It was all B & W and there were no filmed commercials. The star
    or the announcer just held up a can of something and told you to go buy it.

    What did we watch between midnight and 6 AM? The test pattern. Ha Ha! Bet
    most of the populace don't even know what that is.

    Linda, my mother died in 2003, shortly after she told me she loved me. It was
    the first time she ever said that. I was 63 years old. After a lifetime of her
    constant criticism and nagging, I found it hard to believe.

    My father rarely spoke to us kids at all. Occasionally barked a command. "Get
    me a beer. Take out the thrash." (Not a typo. That's how he pronounced it.)
    He drank until his brain turned to mush (Karsakoff's syndrome). He spent the last
    decade of his life in a nursing home. Couldn't recognize family members. Not
    that it mattered. None of us would visit.

    A wonder we didn't all grow up to be serial killers.

    Pam, I'm reading a book called "The Parrot that Thought it was a Dog".
    Recommended for animal lovers. The author has cats and dogs and birds and

    Well, you are more tuned into the modern electronic world than I. I can
    barely plug things in. Last year, when his mother was dying, Gordon's siblings
    nagged him to get a cell phone. So he did. I have answered it twice, but I
    can't manipulate it properly.

    I keep saying "Hello" but I never hear a response. Gordon says,
    "You just push the blinking green light." I have pointed out that there IS
    no blinking green light. That's all the progress we've made so far.


  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Haven't figured out, Rock, how some parents can be so heartless. I doubt your mother
    knew what love was. V. hard to live with her, it must have been.

    The 'Parrot that thought it was a Dog" sounds hysterical. The one person I chat with on the
    phone has 2 parrots. In my mind I can hear what was going on.

    Why do I enjoy going with Huz to the Urologist? Several reasons:
    It is in Lakeland. We lived there fore 6 years but 22 years have gone by, so it is a nice
    drive and get to see the changes. About a hour drive. No Interstates!!

    It gives us something in common and we laugh. I'm not sure we are laughing about the
    same thing but we laugh. Ike has ADD. He really doesn't understand how his body functions.
    So, he is happy for me to come and help. Like today, while we were waiting I "pretended" I
    was the doctor. I asked him if he was feeling any better? "a little". Where does it still hurt?
    He described it. Etc.

    The doctor has my routine down. I bring a small pad of paper and a pen. I write notes and
    just doodle while the 'exam' is going one. The doc seems to find that funny. "Oh, now she is
    making ****'s. She is writing something down now."

    At the end of the prostate exam. The doctor asked Ike if it 'felt better than last time". Ike
    didn't seem to know what to say. So I said, "He didn't scream as loud as last time." Then
    everyone laughed.

    And somehow maybe, just maybe because I'm not the patient!!

    I wonder if I would get more done if we didn't have electronic 'things'. Not sure, but I
    know I'm not getting much of anything done these days.

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I understand what your saying Linda.Sometimes those are the most intimate of times don't you think?

    Rock I just finished The Paris Wife.It was the story of Hemingway's first marriage.I found it interesting.Those larger than life writers sure had their demons.

    Waiting on the plumbers to hook up the half bath now that renovation is finished.Running up and the stairs will come to an end.

    Huz wants to know where our marriage license is for health Ins.They need proof we're married.It's been 41yrs.!He's shocked I don't know where it is!They need that for Ins.?How annoying after all this time.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just woke up from my nap. Was all worn out after the shopping
    excursion this morning. Gordon wanted to buy some shorts,
    suitable for wearing around the house or gardening.

    All we could find was those silly bloomers like the pituitary
    cases wear when they play basketball. I sometimes see people
    on the street who look like they just got off the boat at Ellis
    Island in the 1890s. Except the immigrants knew enough to
    pull their pants up.

    Anyhoo, he found pretty much what wanted at the third store
    so he bought 3 pair. Then we went To Mary Sees candy
    store and redeemed our gift certificates.

    Who gave us the lovely gift certificates? Gordon. He always
    buys several at Christmas time; sometimes has one or two
    left over.

    Which reminds me. In law school we read a case called
    Sees vs. Sees. Things weren't always so sweet in the Sees
    family. It was a divorce case.

    You guys ever go to Fanny Farmer? The two companies
    might as well be twins. Same high class chocolate. Stores
    that are done in black and white and look like they're from
    the 20s. When I moved to CA in the 60s, Mary Sees candy
    was $1.70 a pound. Now it's about ten time that amount.

    We go to a mall once or twice a year. Today was the first
    time this year. The mall in Glendale is beautiful. And if one
    goes on a weekday, it is practically empty.

    Never heard of marriage certificate being needed to buy
    health insurance, Pam. When I was about 38 I went to
    work for Hartford Insurance Co. After working there a
    couple weeks I was told I must produce a birth certificate.

    So I sent to Iowa and got same. I was somewhat startled to
    see that my first and middle names were reversed. A
    mistake? My folks changed their minds?

    Finished the parrot book. Gordon went to the library and
    brought back several books including one titled "The
    Tao of Pug". It has lots of pics and captions that are silly/

    We went to Costco. I bought a case of V8. The manufactures
    are at it again. The cans are still the same size as a Coke
    can, but no longer 12 oz. Now it's 11 and a half.

    A few years ago some margin tubs showed up that had an
    oz. or two less than formerly the case. Same thing happened
    20 or so years ago w/ coffee. Same size can. Just 2 oz. less.

    You must come with me when I see the doctor next time,
    Linda. Your thoughtful comments will be greatly appreciated.
    Gordon laughed when I told him about your visit. I think
    rehearsals for life situations are a good idea.

    Gordon bought a nozzle on QVC. I'm going to test it
    watering the orchids. Zippy heads for a far corner when
    he sees me dragging the hose around.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Oh dear. It's 3:00 am and I am awakened by a buzzing sound. I can't figure out what
    it is. Cept I know I'm not going back to sleep. Ok, it's the helicopter (sheriff's) that
    is sweeping the orange groves looking for felons. They never seem to find any. Not
    in the news anyway.

    Ok, Rock, I will do the honors of presiding at your office visit. Let's make a deal and
    you come here!

    You book readers you. Hemminway in Paris would have been fascinating. The Tao of Pug,
    interesting. Wasn't there one the Tao of Pooh. Maybe this is a sequel.

    Hmm left over gift certificates for chocolate. How serendipitous!

    Glad you mentioned the birth certificate. Ike's driver's license has to be renewed and
    he needs it. Can't find it. Use to have it. Mine is there. There has been a glitch in
    certain birth years. They haven't had their pics retaken in 25 years or more. That's Ike's
    and another friend of mine. And all the others born in 1947. When he has to show it,
    ppl roll their eyes and say "Florida". We don't have a state income tax though!

    Things are getting smaller. Less for more. Oh well, we have a small kitchen and it
    kinda works.

    The amount that you are getting out and about is amazing, Rock. Pam and I are
    at home a lot, it seems. Pam's catching up on her reading. Me, sleeping.

    Later Gators,

  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    We had a Fanny Farmers factory in my town yrs. ago.I took a tour when in grade school.My grandma used to go there and get a bag of seconds.Not much wrong with them but not perfect shapes.

    A big gripe of mine is chic broth that used to be 16oz. and now is 14 and a half.Big difference for recipes.Diced tomatoes same thing.Consumers want this they proclaim.

    Huz said our Federal Income Tax copy will satisfy Ins. renewal.Health Ins. with the same company all these yrs. and it's come to this.Fraud I guess.People not married with kids getting benefits.

    It's to hot to go out.The whole US is having a heat wave.Haircut will have to wait.I'm staying cool.

  19. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I just can't keep up with you all! I have the energy of a slug, hypersomnia, and a fever if I move too much. That's why I'm in the Lounge.

    Chard. Rock hasn't had chard? Has anyone else not had chard? We had some last night --- steamed six minutes, butter and lemon -- easy peasy.

    Fresh Peas! Oh you lucky devil. Haven't had fresh ones in years. I used to help my mum shell them when I was a child, -- those and broad beans (fava beans). The only place to get them around here is the farmer's mkt. I'm glad Gordon shops for you there -- always something interesting to buy or try.

    Ah heck, I'm at 99.6 degrees and feel the need to lie down. All because of watering a few plants outside. Rock, my pond is very small -- a goldfish pond that is becoming overgrown with waterlilies, two kinds of water Iris, .....

    Gotta go
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's a very hard time right now for some. I don't feel much good myself. We had to
    eat fast food.

    Chard. I have heard of it but will have to google. Is it like Kale? We are more Collards
    down here.

    Barry, your tastebuds are doing great!

    The Sheriff's Deputy stopped by about lunchtime and asked if I had heard anything last
    nite. I told her "only your helicopter". Guess something happened and he got away. She
    didn't say what or where.

    Our country is in bad shape. I don't have any answers. Seems everyone should have insurance. How do we pay for it? I don't know. I did read that everyone lives within
    15 miles of a Walmart. Could we have a clinic there? Just a thought.


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