79 Trombones for the Loungers

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  1. spacee

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    Zippy has been going on walks. Pam's MH's fridge is on the blink, right before the
    trip to WV to the Biker Wedding. And she is going to try a different type of tomato
    next year.

    Rock added deviled ham to some soup and he doesn't recommend it.

    There is more but you have to go back to 78 to read it.

    Got back safe and sound. It's a really odd thing to see yourself aging from all angles
    when you look at your identical twin. It's not a good feeling. No photos were taken.
    She did give me 5 antiaging creams to try. Well, if they haven't worked for her, why
    would they work for me?????

    Funny thing. She has 4 grandkids. Mostly from other marriages (son and dil have all had
    3 marriages...the modern family). I was at her house 2 years ago and didn't meet them
    cause either they had not been born, they were with other parents. Let's just say, the gKids
    didn't know Twin HAS a twin.

    So, BIL and I go over to their room and go in. Here the 4 come. The smiles of delight, the
    excitement in their eyes, their arms reaching out to hug ME. But then Twin sticks her head
    in the door. The stunned looks, the amazement. The dropping of the arms. The looking at
    one Twin and then the other, repeatedly, over and over. Priceless. (grinning).

    It was a good time. We didn't do much but it was fun.

    Good to be home too.

  2. rockgor

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    Been a quiet day here. Well, they're all pretty quiet. I spent most of the day
    sleeping. I took Zippy for a walk rather late. Can't remember if he had an earlier
    one or not.

    Glad you had a nice trip, Linda. My grandmother used to say, "Good to go. Good
    to get back."

    The grandkids didn't know their grandma was a twin? No one ever told them?
    Didn't they ever see a photo album? I used to have a coworker who make references to her twin sister.

    But, (This sounds like a riddle) my coworker was not a twin. She was referring to
    one of her sisters who was a surviving twin.

    FIVE anti-aging creams? Do you think your twin was being catty or trying to
    be helpful?

    Will this be your first biker wedding, Pam? Will bikes be part of the ceremony?
    Will the bride wear a red bandana instead of a veil? Will her dress be leather?
    Will the bridgemaids wear denim?

    Whatever, hope it's fun.

    My secretary had a biker wedding. Well, a lot of bikers were present. It was
    outdoors, I think. Anyway she was/is a real dog lover. All 4 of her doxies were
    in it. They wore collars w/ paper flowers on 'em.

    Time to zoooooooooooommm away!
  3. spacee

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    My twin is hard to figure out. Maybe she has an addiction to buying face creams on
    the Q. I don't think she had me in mind when purchasing. But she does think that
    her ideas about me are much better than my own. She is kinda bossy. No, no, no.
    I KNOW she is bossy. One twin is the dominant one in the relationship.

    I think she has a picture of me on her fridge. A much older pic. Guess they didn't
    recognize her. I am pretty sure the g/kids don't have inquiring minds. They are
    very active and probably more interested in what is inside the fridge than a couple
    of old women on it.

    If I were your co-worker, I would probably drop the twin part of the surviving sister.
    But I do see how she might feel sad about doing that. I tend to tell everything and
    it has been pointed out to me that I don't need to. (Yes, it was Twin who pointed it
    out). I am reigning myself in now. Like I no longer tell ppl that I was pg when married.
    Things like that. Ppl tend to wonder why anyone would get married at age 19. So,
    I used to tell them. Now, I just say "so I could go overseas with Ike."

    I hope you and the lurkers are laughing by now.

    Maybe I should repeat what my son, the Chaplain-in-training said after his first day.
    "I'm never riding on a motorcycle...ever." He didn't say exactly why (knows better
    than his mom) but I think it had to do with the number of patients with very bad
    injuries from accidents.

    Since we are talking about wedding attire. Same son has vetoed the wearing of
    seersucker suits by himself and the groomsmen at his wedding. And she vetoed
    white dishes so they are going with Fiesta. These were two huge issues. FYI.

    I am throwing myself into exercise in hopes of getting my lower back to behave.
    Will let you know how it goes.

    Time to zzzzzzzzzzzzleeep..
  4. spacee

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    Pam at the Biker Wedding. She has on jeans, but regrets it. Cause it is so HOT.
    But she has on her banana, yellow to match her hair. Or maybe blue to bring out
    the color of her eyes. Huz has on the red one. Both have dark sunglasses.

    Now it's the reception. Beer and pretzels. Cake, of course too.

    The bride looks lovely in her mini wedding dress. The groom nice in his jeans
    and white shirt. Off the ride on the motorcycle as the sun is starting to go down.

    Still it's 100 degrees. Global Warming is going to be the end of outdoor summer
    weddings/receptions. They will be extinct.

  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's me again, a simpering, whimpering child again...

    What's that from?

    Sat. was chiropractor day. And we went to the library. Then I took a nap and
    Gordon did some more errands. Tomorrow is laundry day. "Man must work from
    sun to sun, but women's work is never done."

    Linda, since when did the groom have anything to say about the wedding? Seersucker.
    They still make that stuff? Same for Fiesta. I had the impression it was colorful
    stuff from the 50s, now collectible. Like carnival glass.

    They still had carnival glass when I was a kid. A carnival came to town every summer
    for one weekend. They set up on the baseball field which was right across the street
    from our house. It was as exciting as Christmas.

    Did you mean Pam was wearing a bandana? Reminds me of Roseanna Roseanna Danna.
    I can see the picture layout now. Pam, you are wearing your bandana and holding a
    canna flower in one hand and a canna fruit cocktail (containing banana slices) in the
    other and sitting under a palm tree in Ghana, Africa, while getting a nice tanna under
    the Equatorial sun. Doesn't that sound like fun?!

    Oh yeah, what the heck does MH mean? I looked it up. Could be any number of things
    including mental hospital, mad hatter, militory history, Mount Hood, mass hysteria, Mark
    Hamill, or my husband.



  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    do they write songs like that." Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered."

    Now they write songs like "my dad wants me to go to rehab..no, no, no."

    Which reminds me. Our new governor is trying to have all ppl on medicaid tested
    for drugs (illegal drugs). However, testing for illegal drugs before you give them
    a medicaid check (money) seems to be illegal. Do you follow that? There is going
    to be a fight over it. Stay tuned.

    I do laundry after dark. Uusually. Must have more energy then.

    Yes, I do see Pam with a canna fruit cocktail in her hand getting a tanna!
    She's having a great time.

    MH or RV as we usually call them down here is a MotorHome or Recreational

    Fiesta used to be very collectible. Costly. Mainly found at estate sales and flea
    markets. Had a friend who went to every flea market she could find to collect
    an entire set as a wedding gift. This was every FM from Florida to Virginia. She
    found a whole set too. Now they sell it at Khols and Macy's and probably some
    other places. It is being manufactured again is what I mean. Rachel Ray uses
    it on her cooking show.

    Laughing. If the girl makes the guy wear an engagement ring (yes, the new trend)
    then he gets to say what he will or will NOT wear at the wedding. I'm concerned
    they are going to tell me what I can wear or NOT wear too. I prefer long to cover
    my Hiliary Clinton legs. They don't seem to care about that. They like knee length.
    Stay tuned on that too.

    Pam, enjoy your trip Outta Africa....remember us back here!! Napping.

  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    wants me to go to rehab". Was that an Amy Winehouse song? I read she did
    one about rehab. Speaking of current events, I have not read the rules for a while,
    but I think discussions of politics and religion are verboten here. Or course I could
    be wrong. I often am.

    So "MH" = motor home. I bet I wouldna thought ah that in a hunrdret years.
    Are the fridges small? Couple guys at the office had those thigh high ones.
    They used to annoy their secretaires by telling them to clean them.

    Linda, have you ever worn puttees? I can't imagine why anyone ever thought
    they were sensible items of clothing. Did you see the movie "Star" w/ Julie
    Andrews. I read it was a flop, but I loved it. Anyhoo, you can see her WWI
    army uniform number in the film on good old Youtube. She also does Burlington
    Bertie in the film. And there's a concert version of BB. Gordon and I were in
    the audience. If you listen carefully, you can hear us clapping.

    Well, I did the laundry. I suppose it might be a good idea to do it at night. The
    spots and stains would be less obvious. Gordon made beef soup today.

  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    We were way up in the hills or mountains to me.No cell phones or computers worked.Drove everyone crazy to be disconnected.Deer came right up to be fed.Kicked at relatives doors to get them up mornings.

    Huz wore the bandana or dew rag.A visual,he's bald and ears stick out the family roared with laughter.I wore shorts to hot out.There were bikes but we didn't ride them.

    So beautiful there creeks and trails to climb.I wish we could have stayed longer just to sit outside in the forest.Lily was in heaven chasing scents of animals that would eat her for a snack.

    RV's fridge worked after all yea!Family members got drunk but were happy drunks and DS and I,sober watched and laughed as everyone hugged and loved each other to death.One BIL fell in the creek and his ribs are probably bruised.He carried a flask to the Wedding in his back pocket as Best man for pain relief the next day.What a sight.

    We had fun and glad we went.

  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    No talk of politics or religion! Hallelujah, we can get down to the business of talking
    about drinking (haha).

    Pam, the wedding sounds like it was a great time for all, including Lily. What can be
    better than that!! So far out, no computers or phones. That is what they must mean
    when they say that 98% of American has "coverage". There are some places too far
    out. I don't think I would want to stay there permanently cause then I might have
    to do house work! But a vacation would be great.

    We just got an invite in the mail to my neice's wedding. It's on Ike's side. There is
    gonna be plenty of drinking. Evidently. Cause they are sending cars to pick us up
    and take us back to the hotel. Gotta a feeling that it isn't going to be every one
    hugging each other since their was a nasty divorce some years back.

    Let me explain her father. He was an attorney with a gambling problem. Tried to
    lick it but just couldn't. Also was really good at stealing millions from a company
    that hired him. They operated just a tad too much in the gray (as in unlawful) them
    selves, so they couldn't sue him. He, of course, knew that.

    Years go by, new wives, new kids and finally he gets thrown in the slammer for 3 weeks
    for threatening to kill the last wife. Hmmm. Guess he got his plan together while he
    had time to think. He now lives in the Philipines and runs a 'World Class Casino". He
    got on the side that always wins....the house.

    So, the wedding is black tie and a lot of drinking. I can tell you this. Not one man owns
    a tux. Personally, I think that is asking a bit much. But who am I to say. Thankfully,
    space is limited and our 3 sons (the cousins of the bride) are not invited.

    If you have any suggestions about this wedding, please feel free to post. And, nope, I
    don't drink with all the meds I take.

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    Brilliant, Rock. I think if I were to wear those for a day, the compression on my calves
    would make them look a lot better. Thanks for that tip!!

    It's worth a google, if you don't know what they are. They said a "Doughboy" could put
    them on in the dark.

    WW I was the only war before WW II that no family member was in. It's my grandfather's fault. He was old enough to serve. But I guess he was married with a child or two and that
    got him off.

    It's raining here!! It was like a sauna outside when I got the mail.

    Ok, kids...later.

  11. victoria

    victoria New Member

    they look like they could be useful for bike riding with bell bottoms on! Huh? you say bell bottoms are not being sold anymore? Really?

    Hi y'all, just dropped in.... been busy... we moved to the smaller house complete with 2 kids and 9 dogs end of June.... rented out our big house... staying around for a while longer but think we're going to eventually return to Mexico. It's easier/cheaper. AND not as hot!!!!!!

    Pam! that sounds like one fun wedding! I've never really been to any kind of wedding other than formal; if I ever got married again, I think that's what I'd do. But I'm not going to, since I'm still married to my first, amazing in today's world! Hope you got lots of photos of your DH in his do rag. Did he wear a hoop in one ear too?

    Linda, your son's very smart not riding the bikes tho... my DH rode one when he was 15 (not really legal then either) and had it wrapped around a tree within a few months. Luckily he escaped unarmed, I mean unharmed.

    Rock... yep, it's the lazy hazy dog days of August, but really it's been like that all summer in Georgia and likely almost everywhere in the US. Meanwhile I look at the temps back in Mexico, highs are in high 60s, very tempting.

    I've not had much energy since moving, was doing really well before then with taking LDN/low dose naltrexone since mid-April. But of course then I did too much since moving is always a hassle. I hope it goes back to what it was... I guess I mean I hope I go back to how I was feeling. I was sort of in my own personal nirvana mentally if not quite physically, pretty amazing.

    Haven't had a chance to read the other threads... hope everybody's ok and holding up in the heat reasonably well.

    Well, off to bed I go - dulces sueƱos y'all!

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Victoria that was a great suggestion about huz wearing an earring wish I'd have thought of it.So glad to hear from you.Moving sounds so terribly exhausting I hope you rest as much as possible.

    Back to Mexico?With this heat this yr. 60's sounds wonderful doesn't it?

    Do rag,not dew rag or dude rag as I was calling it thanks.

    Linda now that sounds like a very interesting wedding your invited to.I would hate formal.

    I need to go out and grocery shop today but I dreamed I was shopping and became so tired my legs wouldn't move and I was trying not to fall to the store.I couldn't get out of there.Maybe it's an omen.

  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    With all your moving, have you really downsized and know the "art of moving"?
    I hope so. When we were young and had a one-bedroom apt, I was pretty good
    at it. Now, I think I would sell everything almost and then go. 60 Degrees sounds

    I'm with Pam, the way I feel today...no grocery shopping or packing to go anywhere.
    Ike has grocery shopped the last 3 weeks.

    And I do hope that isn't an "omen". It's just too hot to go out. And when it isn't too
    hot...it's raining. Like now.

    The only good part about the wedding is that I have a dress that feels like a nightgown.
    It's really comfortable. That's about the only good part. But have to go. Some of us
    have even worse health than others and I wonder if we will see each other again.

    On that cheery note...I will close. Hope to do better next time!

  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    First no Spring and now a miserable hot muggy summer what is going on?

    Went grocery shopping anyway yesterday and no problems.Have to get hair colored tomorrow so I can keep up my blond look.

    BIL that fell in the creek got an infection in his chest and a hematoma sp.blood that pools.Anyway he'll be ok.Huz and I are so glad we didn't drink like the rest of them.I don't even miss alcohol or it's after effects either.We have neices b-day party Sat. with the same group.I told huz it's like it never ends with his family,come on.It means so much to them he said so we're going.I hope this is enough for awhile.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    We got another wedding reception invite. They are having the wedding at another
    location. Maybe out of the country since the bride is from Peru. So, all we have is
    the reception. Which is about my speed. Except that it is at 11:30am. I think I can,
    I think I can (get up that early). How did they meet? Some kind of international
    organization. He works at Ike's office.

    it's a s l o w week here. The time when the locals are out of town before school starts
    and the snowbirds haven't arrived yet.

    The yoga teacher doesn't like the fans on cause they drown out the sound of her
    voice. And the Y seems to have shut the vents for the a/c. Whew, it was hot!
    She is making the class easier and easier though. It's because ppl come to it and
    never come back. I think they have "gentle" stretching in mind. Not balancing on
    one leg. I'm glad she is making it easier!!

    Keep cool as you can...

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I keep telling myself that mornings but still in my nightgown.Once I get a shower I wake up it's the getting there that's the problem.

    It was BIL's leg that got infected which makes more sense.Facebook info is kind of like one person telling another person and by the time you read it the facts are messed up.

    Last night we had BLT's and melon for supper.Tonight Stuffed pork chops that they stuff at the local grocery.I'll cook if it sounds good to me these days.

    I have noticed I'm having a decent summer health wise.The stress of looking after FIL is gone and I have more time to take care of me.

    Sounds like your summer is busy like mine Linda.Take care of yourself though. Going for hair appt. soon so gotta go.
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been trying to get to the market for 3 days. Yesterday I watered the plants
    for 15 minutes or so. Didn't have too much energy, but I was determined to
    to go to the store.

    So...I didn't get cleaned up or change my clothes. I just went in my urban
    gardening grunge. If anyone was shocked or dismayed, no mention was made.

    Victoria, so nice to hear from you. Missed your cherry presence. Is your place
    in Mexico cooler because or the elevation? Didn't you say one time you were a
    mile up. Or am I thinking of the Unsinkable Molly Brown in Denver?

    Gracias for the dulces suenos wishes. I wonder if the Mexican Patsy Cline has
    recorded that song.

    Pam, glad you had a good trip. Wow! Deer that knock on the door. Glad to
    hear you're now feeling better.

    What does Ike thing about going to the wedding, Linda? The best wedding I
    went to was held in an avocado grove which belonged to the bridge's father.
    The young couple stood in the spot where they planned to build a home; right
    where the fireplace hearth would be. It was back in the hippie days. My wife
    was a bridesmaid in a granni gown.

    Been reading Little Lulu. I found some sly humor I didn't catch when I read them
    several decades ago. Have to write to my aunt today. That's my big project.

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    I know in some areas of the country, pj's are worn to the grocery store and take kids
    to school. I wish it were here. Not that I haven't seen it a couple of time. A man, for one.
    But Rock, what we do wear is our yard work, grungy clothes. Everybody. Even the dentist's
    wife. We aren't big city like LA.

    It's weird weather. The sandhill cranes have been standing under our trees lately. Haven't
    noticed that before. The Christmas cactus bloomed. But the bloom fell off before opening.
    Someone said to put it facing south. Guess it does like it there.

    Ike is is sorta an extroverted introvert. He LOVES going places. Even weddings. BUT
    we only seem to go if we get a formal invite. Otherwise the sports on TV are too good
    to miss. He won't rent/buy a tux though. That part I know without asking :)

    Did I miss something about the deer knocking on the door? I can't find it.

    Twin has her son's fam visiting with their dog. At the beginning of the week, no one
    wants to stay home with the dog. By the end of the visit, EVERYONE wants to stay home
    with the dog. When did dogs lose the ability to stay home alone? As a kid, we never
    took "Pup" with us. Or had someone stay home. Times have changed!

    This is long but kinda funny. Twin's DIL loves Phillip Roth's work (books). Is the President
    of the "fan club" only they call it a Literary Club. Turns out they live 2 hours apart. And
    Phillip needed someone to help with his books a few hours a week for $15 a hour. Now,
    he likes her so much he wants her to "quit her day job" and come and work everyday for
    him. He is 88. She is 35. She is also a PhD in English Literature and a tenured professor.
    Quit her day job. (smile).

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Oh yes Linda,those deer came right up on the cabin porch and kicked at the door.I saw pictures.They are used to people in the cabins feeding them.
    They came at dusk when I was there and let the kids swarm them.All I could think of was ticks and watched from a distance.With all the Lyme talk on the boards I was paranoid.

    Huz called and said he took the car keys by mistake so I can't go anywhere.Alright with me because my body says I'm resting today anyway and I have no say in the matter.

    Interesting story about twins DIL.He must be pretty spy at 88.I've been reading a lot of biographies of Authors lately and they seem to write to the very end.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    seem to stay pretty alert. Not saying all of them though.

    It happened again. A man in in town (30's never married) met a woman from Mexico
    through an internet dating service. She doesn't speak English and he doesn't speak
    Spanish (though he is learning fast). Cause he proposed and they are getting married
    in Dec. That must have been one great pic of her on the dating site!! He has been
    down to meet her.

    This could really work out well for him. Our town is becoming so Hispanic that everyplace
    needs a translator. She could be his! Oh, but she is going to have to learn English.

    Not expecting an invite to this one but in such a small town, one never knows.

    Hot,Hot, Hot today.

    Yep, I would keep my distance from deer too!! Hope you enjoyed resting since your
    body was telling you too!!