8 Irish ME/CFS meetings in May

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    The Irish ME/CFS Association has organised eight free meetings for May, M.E. Awareness Month:

    • Galway: Screening of a few short videos on ME/CFS by Giles Meehan. Westwood House Hotel, Galway City. Thursday May 10, 7.30pm.

    • Roscommon: Screening of the documentary on ME, "Invisible". Hannon's Hotel, Roscommon Town. Thurs, May 10, 8 pm.

    • Dublin: Seminar for youth with ME (13-25) and their parents. Grand Canal Hotel, Dublin 4. Sat, May 12, 2 pm.

    • Cavan: Screening of the documentary on ME, "Invisible". Cavan Crystal Hotel, Cavan Town. Sunday, May 13, 3.30pm.

    • Mullingar: Screening of the documentary about ME, "I Remember Me". Greville Arms Hotel, Mullingar. Monday, May 14. 8pm

    • Limerick: Screening of the documentary on ME, "Invisible". Limerick Strand Hotel, Limerick City. Tues, May 15, 12:30pm.

    • Monaghan: Screening of the documentary on ME, "Invisible". Killygoan Community House, Monaghan Town. Tues, May 15, 7.30pm.

    • Dublin: Public talk on ME by Dr Austin Darragh. Sandymount Hotel, Herbert Road, off Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4. Sunday, May 27 Time: 3pm

    Further details are available from the Association www.irishmecfs.org
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    Unfortunately, the meeting has had to be changed to Sunday, May 27th at 3pm

    [due to a clash with the Irish soccer match at 3pm in Lansdowne Road (match wasn't on when meeting booked), with resulting road blocks (people with ME can't walk far), lack of parking, etc.].
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    EVERY last one of them just to be in Ireland again! I miss it so very much. My great grandmother was born in County Clare. I cry just looking at photos, it is so beautiful!

    When I went to Ireland the very first time, I took my 10 year old daughter. We stayed in a little cottage in Cloughjordan, County Tipperary and it was on a working farm. We LOVED our hosts immediately and they invited us to dinner the first night of our stay. We went back to our cottage after dinner and it was darker than dark. About midnight there is a pounding at the door. Being American, I almost had a heart attack, looking frantically for some kind of weapon. I peeked out the door and it was our host! "Pa and the boys are still at the pub and the cow is having her calf. Will you come?" What was I going to say? I threw my jeans and sweatshirt on, my daughter already ahead of me. We got up the hill and the cow was on her chest. I had delivered a colt before, but that was years ago. My daughter peered into the lantern light. "Is she going to die, Mommy?" "NOT tonight!" I said. Suddenly with a might heave, a slippery bundle shot straight into my arms and I fell over backwards. I lay there a minute and felt a tiny body heave and I quickly sat up and we began rubbing it with straw. It was a little girl, a fine dairy cow. My hostess was delighted and said it would be named for me. When my husband picked us up at the airport, he asked what we did. "Saw castles, kissed the Blarney Stone and delivered a calf!" He looked at me and said "Delivered...a CALF?" I looked at him and laughed "Well, after all it WAS Ireland!"

    Soft hugs,

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