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  1. spacee

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    I had a few good days and then a few bad. Really bad. It might be that instead of the
    PEM (Post Exertional Maliase) that I used to get but don't now. I get my brain chemicals
    all scrambled up and then I can't get the bad thoughts out of my brain.

    Which reminds me, Rock. I think Politics, Religion and the problem I am having now is
    the other thing we are not suppose to post about. Boy, I can sure hit them all.
    If I were at a carnival I would win a prize.

    I'm going to try lying around and seeing if the brain chemicals go back to behaving.
    They are already much better than they were in the middle of the night! So don't go
    worrying about me.

    Rock, talking about how much stoves and things cost. I was waiting one day a while back
    in a GoodYear car repair place. It took some time so 3 other customers came in for repairs.
    The price was the same for all. Over $700. I wondered if that was how much they had to
    charge to make payroll, pay for health insurance, and all those other things that go with
    owning a business. The place is still open but I don't see much business.

    Later Gators...Oh, I saw on the other day. AND a new woman at Ike's office said that where
    they live they have seen a Florida Panther, wild turkeys and a fox had her babies so close to
    their house, the kids gave the babies names. Surely they were looking with binoculars!! I
    know we have talked of such before but this is the latest person Ike knows to have spotted

  2. rockgor

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    Well, we took Zippy to the vet last Saturday. Had been 3 years since he'd been
    seen. I had been trying to take him for some months but I never could remember,
    and even when I did I didn't have the energy.

    Anyhoo Zipper got various vaccinations and a shot for something and a couple of
    meds to take home and a medicinal bath and Advantage flea potion. Over $500.
    I think tomorrow's return for teeth cleaning will be about $400. That's what it
    was 3 years ago.

    Gordon had been talking about getting 2 more dogs, but I told him no. We're just
    too old and feeble. At least I am. And he's too busy. And the cost is simply too

    Pam, Zippy didn't get bit. Just that the little taco dog tried. Those things always
    seem to be so nervous. Gordon's boss has one. She calls it Pookie.

    Linda, I don't think you are biased. I think you are smart to realize that when it
    comes to therapists, you relate better to one sex. I've been told that's normal.
    I do better with males. Kaiser used to have wonderful combination group therapy/
    classes. They have various therapists: psych social workers and psychologists.
    Usually 2 for each class. Both Ms and Fs. Very effective therapy, at least for me.

    Pam, your cognitive function can't be too bad if you can still think of same. I keep
    typing words that are similar to what I really have in mind. Like "him" for "am" which
    I just did.

    Linda, have you tried Emotions Anonymous? Helped my depression a lot. Provides
    some social life too. They used to have a message board and some kind of a
    phone meeting. Don't know exactly what the set up is now.

    Barry, what is doxy? My former secretaries has doxies, but they are dogs. Is it
    doxycycline. Seem to be several drugs with similar confusing spellings. Yes, you're
    right. It's Philip Levine. I looked up one of his poems. A long paragraph of prose
    was the impression I got.

    Better go before I lose this.

  3. Ranigar

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    I'm sorry you are having such a bad time of it Linda.Sounds much worse then my issues.I refer to mine as weird sh*t.Scary confusing symptoms with no answers.

    Rock is the book you have on hold life,on the line?I recommended it and really liked it.

    I've been hearing about wildlife in populated areas a lot more lately.Panthers is pretty amazing.
  4. spacee

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    The Emotions Anyonomous has "just for today" sayings. I loved them. I need to print them
    out. It is easier to get through a day, if it is just for today. The site I chose was "feed the
    right wolves". Turns out it was for Porn addiction but I still loved the sayings. And problem is
    a problem, is a problem no matter what it is called.

    I also love the "weird sh*t" saying too.

    My son wanted to make sure that I new I could go to a hospital for help if I needed it.
    Yes, I said, 'Aunt Debbie drove herself to the mental hosptial when she lived here".
    So, I do know what to do. Bless her heart. Drove herself and her lousy husband didn't
    even tell us for the whole weekend. She has a better, more concerned husband now.

    Rock, I have to agree with you about the number of pets and the cost and being older.
    It's just too much. The thought of needed to care for a pet is really too much. They
    are such companions though.

    I have a telephone friend who has 2 parrots. Her DH refuses to tell her he loves her...
    though he is really nice and shows her in many other ways. I suggested that she teach
    one of the parrots to say "I love you". We laughed at the thought of that.

    Just for tonite, I am going to sleep!

  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    that sounds very comforting doesn't it?I like it.

    I put a hold on any further projects until we get caught up on finishing what we already have.I'm going to have the carpets cleaned and things moved back into place and wait on the flooring decision.Huz has shoulder problems to take care of and Trade shows coming up for work.He agreed it's to much to tackle right now.

    He goes to Vegas in Sept. and Oct.I'll go with him in Oct. so I'm looking forward to that.Chicago in Oct. too but I told him I can't do Chicago anymore.I loved that city but I can't walk it anymore so better to stay home.I'm more at peace with what I can and can't do anymore.Not sure when that happened but glad to put the struggle to rest.

    Did some sanding on some trim pieces yesterday.Little bit but I felt like I was helping.The sander hurt poor Lily's ears so I'll have to send her outside to do anymore today.

    So glad Zippy didn't get bit.Vet bills are crazy high.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, Zippy spent yesterday at the vet's office. The bill for all this vetting in the
    last week was over a thousand dollars. Yikes!

    Zipper is now in the back yard on one of his beds. He couldn't have any food or
    water for a day. I took him din-din an hour ago. He is not eating. Doesn't
    want to come in. Just lying there listlessly. I'll go out in a few minutes and
    bring him in the house.

    Yes, parrots who say I Love You would be nice. I read a couple parrot
    books some years ago. One was about a guy who feeds the wild parrots in
    San Francisco. Then there was one by a scientist who worked w/ a grey parrot
    for about 30 years. Said it could understand language concepts.

    Most recently I read "The Parrot who Thought it was a Dog". About a parrot
    who was loaded w/ personality; a domineering personality.

    Yes, Pam, it was On the Line. I wonder if that refers to restaurant cooking.
    Anyway, I checked the library computer. After about 3 months, I am now number
    5, so it oughta show up pretty soon.

    There must be about 15-20 12 step sayings, Linda. I never heard the "Feed the
    Right Wolves" one before. One Day at a Time is probably the most well known.
    Kris Kristofferson and a gal wrote a song by that name. It is the 12 step program
    set to music. Was a platinum record for Christy Lane.

    Never heard of a porn addiction group, but I guess the 12 steps help w/ lots of
    problems. New members are often told, Go to 30 meetings in 30 days. So a
    friend and I did that. We went to a bunch of programs: Narcotics Anonymous,
    Alcoholics, Anonymous, etc. We went to one Sex Addicts. Ran into a friend
    from the bridge club. He said he went to various meetings, but this was his
    home meeting.

    Just realized I'm typing on the board. I usually don't do that. Better go before
    it does.

  7. spacee

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    I hope he is up and about today. He needs to enjoy that $1K worth of care from the

    Pam, you are sanding!! I am impressed. As far as Chicago...yes, agree. You have to
    know when to hold them and known when to fold them...Kenny Rodgers song.

    I am able to exercise a bit after supper which makes my sleep better. I am thankful
    for that. Other than that, just go 3 weeks without going to the grocery store with Ike,
    and I am very grateful for being able to do that!! It's a fairly small one. Just the right
    size to not be overwhelming. They sure are having a lot of BOGO (buy one, get one).
    I guess they are feeling it cause the snowbirds are up north. Have to do something
    to entice ppl to come in.

    Yesterday I 'worked' on getting one casual black dress and added different accessories
    I have kind of collected over the years ....really not much. And have it ready to go
    from casual events to the dressy wedding. What luck! All I have to do is hope I don't
    drop a piece of cake on it while seated!!

    Ike doesn't have much to do at work this week. Said it is the first time it has ever been
    this slow. Sign of the recession, he thinks.

    Pam, that takes a huge amount of energy to go to those Trade Shows. So glad your DH
    can handle it. Vegas ought to be a lotta fun for you two!! Enjoy!! Have only been to
    Chicago once. We decided to take a taxi one way and walk the other. We chose wrong.
    Rode downhill and walked back up. Did make it and slept very well that nite.

    I saw a PBS documentary about the Birdman of Beacon Hill (is that it?) the man in
    San Fransico who fed the parrots. Very, very interesting. He married the producer of
    the documentary, I think.

    The shrinks office called and said that I didn't fit the doc's 'specialty'. I wish I had
    $5000 for everytime I have heard that one!! (I have been told that quite a bit but a
    dollar isn't what it used to be).

  8. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's very weird that you don't meet the shrinks specialty.What in the world?

    I sanded some more woodwork.A few boards each day.I put Lily outside in the fenced yard.After a bit I stopped and checked on her.No Lily.I ran out back and looked and called for her,checked back in the house in case she slipped past me and no Lily.I looked outside the back gate and didn't see her.I called my huz but he didn't answer.I was in a panic.I went on the front porch to go around the neighborhood and spotted her two doors down.I called her and she came running.I was so mad at her and am not sure where she wiggled free but will never do that again.

    You can't go wrong with a LBD can you?
  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    Little Black Dress. I can remember when black wasn't worn to weddings. Might have
    been considered bad luck, not sure. But someone changed the rules...thankfully.

    Lily gone!! Doggone it. So glad you got her back. I lost my son's dog when they
    were here for a few days. Boy, it was a panicked feeling. We found her after
    about 30 mins but that was a long 30 mins.

    Spoke too soon. Didn't get to sleep til almost 3am. Felt kinda ok this am...for me
    but I'm not going to try to go to sleep before 11:30pm no matter how sleepy I

    Saw a turtle crossing the street today. Haven't seen one in a few years. Hope they
    are making a comeback.

    House Inspector was at the next door house inspecting, of course. Hope it sells.
    She stopped by to ask how long the house had been vacant. (1.5 years) She said
    it was in bad shape.

    Macy's was having quite a sale today. I bought a frame for $3.50. Men's shirts by
    Tommy Hilfiger $59 down to $19. And some other perfectly good shirts for $8.99.
    But we still didn't buy any. We don't have a Target here but we did have a Kohl's open.
    Maybe that's why the prices have dropped for this "sale".

    Miami's house prices are suppose to drop another 16%.

    Ike was home today so it feels like Saturday. He worked in the yard again. Tomorrow
    is golf.

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't gots the energy to post much. Just took Zipper for a walk. There's a
    house 2 blocks up that has a garden on both sides of the sidewalk. I figured
    that was pretty foolish considering the crime rate in Los Angeles.

    Anyhoo, today there was fellow out there inviting folks to help themselves. I
    picked a couple dozen little yellow tomatoes. They are pear-shaped. Like the
    diamonds Carol Channing sang about. Very tasty too.

    As I was walking away, it occurred to me. This could be a prank. What if this
    guy wasn't the homeowner, and I am suddenly arrested. After all, there would
    be the a-pear-ance of a crime, right?

    And speaking of you know what, the most classy accessory for a little black dress
    is a stunning diamond bracelet.

    Pam, you know the old song "The Lily of Laguna"? Maybe Lily knows it. Naturally
    you can hear it on Utube.

    Linda, I think the name of the book was "The Wild Parrots of San Francisco" so
    it's probably the same story as the documentary. But not a good title. "Birdman"
    suggests a criminal, yes?

    GTG, Rock
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Yes Rock,she's my lady love for sure.Had to look that film clip up though.Fri. she waited until I hid behind the window while she was outside and made a beeline to get under the back gate.I called her back and put up something to block the opening so no more escapes.She's pretty smart.

    Went to visit FIL and he's good.Had lunch and had to skip grocery store I was exhausted.I've done pretty good for me this summer but the canker sores are back.I wasn't feeling great a couple days and one on each side of my mouth appeared.At least I got a taste of tomatoes this yr.


  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    I am imagining Pam skipping to the grocery store! I used to love to skip. We lived in a place
    once that had a long hall. Spontaneously, I would always skip down it. Whew, those days
    are gone. I'm getting better about things. Everything is really stages and they are not the
    same. It's ok.

    Thank you Rock for the accessory tip for the LBD. The bracelet. I can get a faux on on
    eBay for $1 straight from Hong Kong. Guess that calls for polish on my nails. That
    reminds me of something Pam said a long time ago. Can't remember all of it but you
    start out with a little repair and then the whole house needs it. Something to that effect.

    Twin has decided to stop getting the 5 face creams that were being delivered on automatic
    delivery. They had them marked way down. She could have sold them on eBay. But it is
    just as well to have tried them and then let them go. She works so hard keeping her
    gkids that she deserves a little pleasure now and then...I guess that was pleasure.

    I think my pleasure involves a knife and fork but haven't even had that much appitite.

    Glad you got the taste of tomato before the canker sores started, Pam.

    Time to play some checkers!!

    Linda I'll let you know how Ike's prostate exam goes tomorrow. Been the 4th antibiotic.
    The doc is getting more and more baffled. I am considering suggesting that it might be
    mycoplasms. But I think he would freak out.
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    In the grocery store?No but a lot of swaying and tipping,weaving and wandering though.3yr. old GD loves to skip.I bet yours does too.

    I just went out in the garden and it's so nice out.I might just sit out there awhile this afternoon.Handful of veg. but summer is ending so soon it will be all gone.

    Hope Ike's appt. goes well and they figure out the problem.My huz has an ortho appt. to see what's going on with his shoulder.All work around here has come to a standstill with his bum arm.This is not like him at all.

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    As usual, Gordon cooked over the weekend: roast chicken, ribs, yellow rice, shrimp,
    and I can't remember what else. He just e mailed me and told me to thaw out the
    orange juice and strawberries. He's making fruit soup tonight.

    His vanda is in bloom. It's a dark purple. About a dozen good sized blooms on
    one stalk. Search for Vanda orchids photos if you want to take a gander.

    Pam, over the years Zippy has found 3 places were he can get out. As soon as we
    find one, we place obstructions in his path. He has a yen for adventure.

    Well, Robert Ardrey said people need 3 things: stimulation, security and identity.
    Note that the first two conflict. Or as somebody else observed a long time ago,
    the sailor dreams of settling down and the farmer dreams of going to sea.


    Above is a site for canker sore home remedies. Very likely you've tried 'em all.
    I can't quite remember what my mother used. Baking soda maybe.

    Linda, are you going to play live checkers or computer checkers? When I was a
    kid I liked Chinese checkers better. Ah, trivia time. What President had a cocker
    spaniel named Checkers.

    Yes, as Pam said, good luck w/ Ike's exam. I've had prostate cancer for several
    years, but I am ignoring it as much as possible. I figure w/ 2 other killers, one of
    'em is bound to get me sooner or later. Anyhoo, it's like that Olympic sport. The
    slow bike race. It eventually ends, but takes quite a while.

    I wrote something by your name. Looks like, Marie, do the dishes. That doesn't make
    any sense. Does it? Time to go feed Zippy. Sneak some meds into his

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    It has left. Yes computer checkers. I am going to guess that it was Clinton that had
    the dog named Checkers. Darn, should have googled it before I replied.

    Ike's prostate visit went well. He has improved. So the doc says another round of
    antibiotics to see what happens. I cheered the doc up by telling him that IPhone 5
    is coming out in Oct. He has kids that message him all the time. Drives him nuts.
    He said a 2 min phone call would do better. Well, at least he hears from them...all

    My dad had prostate ca and he ignored it too. Something else got him. Had a good
    life except the last 6 months which were not that bad....no pain, etc.

    The docs in our town are finally discussing that we have way too much cancer here.
    I have noticed it ever since we moved to this county. Brain and breast. Think it might
    be the pesticides.

    Anyway we have a funeral Tues nite. This is exactly our situation. I want to be cremated
    and buried in my plot in Birmingham next to my parents. (This woman is being buried
    in Ohio). This has freaked Ike out. Evidently he envisions always being near me here OR
    near my grave. Guess he is going to have to move. Or he is going to have to go first.

    Is this one of those topics we are not suppose to discuss? It does sound pretty morose.

    I saw on the other page that Jole posted. Her sister is very ill. They are going to operate
    on the sis's neck. If that doesn't improve, then she has atypical ALS. Very hard situation.

    Which reminds me. Barry have you heard about your lyme test yet?

    I promise to post cheerier tomorrow even if I have to look up "knock knock jokes'!!

    Hope Zip took his Zippy meds!!

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz just has a little of everything wrong with shoulder.Arthritis,inflammation fluid ect.PT should help him out not even a cortisone shot was needed.Better stuff though is my DD is pregnant!A yr. and a half and finally.She has a girl and would like a boy but another girl is fine too.It will be hard with FM but I'm glad for them.

  17. HeavenlyRN

    HeavenlyRN New Member

    Hi kids -

    It's been a busy 7 days. My sister was here from California. Just in time to help out us with my mother's radiation treatments. My mom had 4 treatments in total: last Thursday, Friday, Monday and today. She was lucky. Her cancer was caught early and she only needed the 4 treatments, as opposed to some poor souls whose cancer is caught late and may need 6-8 weeks of treatment, 5 days a week. But, because of her dementia, it was still a rough 4 days. Every day we had to explain to her what was going on. She needed to be anesthetized because there is no way that she could have kept still on the table while she was receiving the radiation. But, she was a trooper. I'm so proud of her.

    I had a massage yesterday. It's only the 2nd time I've ever had one. It was only 30 minutes long and actually sort of painful at the beginning, but I noticed today that I seemed more flexible. I think I'm going to rob a bank and have a massage every day!!

    I can't remember if I posted this earlier and I'm afraid to check 'cause I'm afraid I'll lose this post if I do, but I applied for - and was accepted into - the New York State Ombudsman Program. After training, which isn't until October, I will be assigned to one (or maybe 2) nursing homes. It's a volunteer position and won't require me to work crazy long hours. They ask that we put in anywhere from 2 to 4 hours a week. Obviously I can do more if I want to, but I figured 2-4 hours a week won't kill me. I'm really excited to be able to go in and act as an advocate, instead of an employee of the nursing homes, as I used to be. Even when I was doing the hospice work, I had to be careful about what I said about the nursing homes I was visiting.

    Well, the little eyeballs are beginning to droop. I better stop babbling before I put all of you to sleep!

    Later - Jan
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Congratulations, to the Grandmother!! How exciting. Hope her FM recedes and allows
    her to enjoy her children. How wonderful.

    And HRN...nope I don't think you told us you were accepted into the Ombudsman Program.
    How wonderful for you to stay as active as you can! And other's need help so much. You
    must be such a giving person!

    Hope you are able to have many more massages. I've had had the opportunity to have a
    few. I liked it for a while. Now, I don't like to be touched. How great is that for saving money!

    Hope your mother's ca goes into remission. And Pam, PT can do wonders for some things..
    hope DH's is on the mend soon.

    I am very remiss on doing yoga at home and my back tells me. So, I am going to do better!

    Still pretty hot around here but the hurricane will miss us. Twin in VA says they need rain
    cause of a fire in a muck pond or something like that. That should put it out!

    I like to see the posts about ppl cooking (confusedinPA is doing something Creole). That
    seems like a lifetime ago but it brings up happy memories of cooking and having ppl over.

    Oh, time for nitey nite.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    DD is running boys and girls names by me already.What are you supposed to say?I just say that's nice and yah sure I like it even if I don't.

    I have another list of appt. to change and make.Dog grooming.Dr.,hair vet.It's never ending isn't it?This weekend is neighborhood picnic.I already said I'm not going but huz talked to neighbors last evening and they threatened to come get me so I'll just go on over for a bit.

    I don't want to be the absent wife sending huz off by himself all the time.I wish he would rather not go to things but he's a very social person.

    Jan that sounds like a perfect and rewarding project for you.I'm sorry about your mom.Sounds like she's doing well though.

    Rock are you resting and taking it easy?

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    When they tell you they want to name the baby Ruth or Harriet or Ruby or June.
    It's a new generation!!

    I know how you don't want to go to the neighborhood 'thing'. Same here with the
    office Christmas Party.

    This was verifyed as "truth". A woman in her 20's was having her 8th baby. She told
    the ER Physician that she was the 'family breadwinner". Her mother told her that she
    had to do this. Have the kids, then the grandmother calls and reports her for not being
    able to take care of 8 kids. Someone comes out and agrees. The grandmother offers
    to be the foster caretaker. And gets paid $1500 a month per child. I think that is $144,000
    per year plus medical. Whew.

    I don't think that happens like that around here but there are a lot of ppl on checks for
    having babies without daddies.

    FYI. As bad as that is, I don't, somehow, think that is what's breaking the bank in the US.
    But I don't have any answers.

    No hurricane here but heading for Twin and my son.

    Tomorrow is Friday and Ike is off cause he hasn't taken much vacation. That always really
    confuses me for the rest of the weekend! haha He is going to do yard work.