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  1. jaminhealth

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    This is the Affordable Care Act No for all questions on the health
    care gov run program...this number is available 24/7 in many languages.

    This is exciting, I believe, for so many and just heard Michigan opted
    into the program....some states are holding out like FL but hopefully
    this will change...

    This is huge and many feel will help so many who cannot afford health
    care insurance....Medicaid is expanded too for many.
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    Jam - thanks for posting the number!

  3. jaminhealth

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    I just heard more from a couple one who is Wendell Potter who is an advocate of the health care world...his latest book is "Deadly Spin". lots of reviews on amazon.

    Then a woman called in who will be working at the 24/7 number and talked about 4 tiers of insurance than can be purchased, bronze, silver, gold and something else...so the higher the tier the more coverage and the higher prices...

    48 million is the number thrown around who are not insured. So, this program will have it's growing pains and glitches, but I keep hearing the stepping stone to Medicare for all. One payer plan.
  4. Mikie

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    Thanks, Jam. Unfortunately for FL, our idiot governor decided to opt out of the ACA for Medicaid. This means that thousands of Floridians who would otherwise qualify for this federally funded program may continue without ins. The legislature wants to reconvene to reconsider this decision but I don't know whether it will happen.

    Love, Mikie
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  5. jaminhealth

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    I know Mikie, it's hard to not know what is going on in FL these days....the ACA will be very interesting, with any new program it will take time....

    I don't know how long it took for SS and Medicare programs to run smoothly, but I'm sure there were a lot of glitches and growing pains...
  6. Mikie

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    I love living here but FL is a very strange place. We are often the laughing stock of the USA. Yes, ACA will take time to iron out the bumps. I worked in a medical ins. dept. of a large clinic when M/C started and it took a while but what a successful program it has been!

    Love, Mikie
  7. jaminhealth

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    Oct 1 is the date when people can go online to access plans for health insurance, some plans will be $100/mo or so, more coverage the cost goes up. I believe it's called the "exchange" that will
    list all the plans.

    I've heard some now pay over $1000's per month....and
    pre-existing health issues will be exempt...

    I don't have all the answers. for sure, but I hear my
    talk radio daily and today the big subject is the ACA is
    topic.....the numbers I hear is that some 50Million do NOT
    have health insurance.....

    But, of course, we first need to take care of our health as much
    as possible....
  8. jaminhealth

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    Just listening to a lot of people calling in about ACA and what they have now in the way of insurance...one woman just called in an said for she and her husband, they pay $1500 a month and she is forever upping the deductibles to get their premiums lower....she says now they pay $5000 deductible before their inusrance kicks in and pays anything....

    I remember when my sil was alive and he covered his family, four of them, he paid like $3000 a month and each person had a deductible of $2000, that was a few years back, and every year the premiums went up......obscence the current health insurance out there...

    People are going to the exchange and finding what they will be paying when it all kicks in....of course, many are saying Medicare for all.....hopefully that will come to pass in the not too distant future....this ACA is just the start of it all.

    Again, keep as well as you can and be your own doc as much as possible....

    Clark Howard who is a money man is on our local radio tonight to talk all about ACA, he is pretty conservative in his ideas of spending/saving....so it should be interesting to hear his take....maybe you can find him at your local area.
  9. jaminhealth

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    Now if you have a great employer who handles insurance for their employees, like the govt employees, ummmmmm,
    then you are home free. How many employers are doing that today, not like the years past FOR SURE....