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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Get a cool drink and enjoy the great indoors!

    I think the Gordon has tons of optimism. Talking new doggies after all the vet bills.
    Boxes under the bed from Qvc, never opened. I have seen those ladders that
    extend advertised. Since we are the oposite of DYI's, never tempted to order
    a ladder like that.

    They did have the cutest little Buddha earring and I think necklace. THAT was enticing
    but nope. I bought a couple of enameled bracelets at the mall. That will be my jewelry
    for the year. One is black and gold and one camel and gold. Not the real stuff. But they
    are hinged. Kinda like that.

    Rock and Gordon might be alot like me and Ike. We don't argue. But we can get irritable
    for a while.

    Pam, haven't had homemade choc cake and icing in years. I know that has got to be good.

    Tomorrow we are heading to Jacksonville til Sunday. Will be hope after supper. We usually
    stop at a barbeque place and eat so we don't have to think about supper when we get
    here. Then I can use my energy to unpack.

    I called and asked if my son had purchased lawn chairs yet???? Nope. So, I told them that
    I would pick up 4 and what color to they want? I don't do well standing around while he
    grills. If I keep moving (walking the 2 yo), I do better. But standing...nope.

    I had a bit of a time getting them in the car. Two men saw me but didn't offer to help. I
    know what they were thinking. She should have brought her husband. But he was at
    work!! I got them in. They were not heavy, just awkward.

    Have fun this weekend and remember that you are eating for 2. Me and you!!

  2. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Supposed to be over 90 degrees today, but it cools off quickly here in the canyon at night. No humidity to speak of, thankfully. I had enough of that in Houston one summer!

    Hey Rock, a wall of morning-glories sounds wonderful to me! I remember seeing so many interesting plants in L.A. when I was hanging out with a friend who lived in Hollywood. I especially loved the tree dahlias, the giant bird of paradise (a tree almost), and the coral trees and Jacarandas. And passionflowers, and bouganvilleas, and daturas (Brugmansia.) Such a wealth of beautiful exotics in people's yards.

    I still have plenty of colour in the garden -- geraniums, petunias, R's Oregano collection, hardy Hibiscus (flowers are 8" diameter), and the very last of the lilies.

    The cat caught a weasel the other day. I was able to handle the little creature -- yes it was dead -- and it was so beautiful. But I guess that's where all my chipmunks went!

    I got the results of my Igenex Lyme test last week ---- negative. So I guess I'll discontinue the doxycycline and see how it goes.

    The nights have finally gotten warm enough for the green tree crickets to sing. I guess crickets are common where most of you live. Do you hear them too?

    Well, I have a chore now -- to cut my dog's toenails. Not fun!

    Hugs to all,
  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Today is laundry day. I am trudging up and down the steps w/
    laundry baskets. It all seems like a lot of work. Until one thinks
    back to the days when doing the laundry took 2-3 days and no
    help from machines.

    Know what the first washing machine was? The scrub board.
    Invented a little over 2 centuries ago. We had one on our back
    porch when I was a kid. Don't think it ever got any use though.
    But likely it had by my grandmother or whatnot.

    The first modern washing machine was invented by Mr. Maytag.
    Whatever happened his company? Got swallowed up by the
    Whirlpool Corporation.

    Jan, good to hear from you. I was going to respond, but was
    stuck in one of my no N_R_G phases. I think you'll make a
    wonderful ombuds(wo)man. I think that term came from Sweden,
    but don't want to look it up. Might lose my post.

    Yes, massage is a wonderful thing. We are always being
    advised to find serenity w/ massage and meditation. This ignores
    the fact that massage is expensive and many of us (like me)
    can't meditate.

    Gordon just announced he's going to Chinatown on some
    errand. I told him about F. L. Maytag. Asked him if he knew
    what happened to the Maytag company. He said, "Yeah, it
    got swallowed up." See how smart he is.

    Pam, I guess you're having fun in Las Vegas. Here's a small
    world story for you. I was in Henderson, Nevada 40 some
    years ago. (Henderson is a tiny town between Las
    Vegas and Hoover Dam.)

    They used to have a ten cent craps table. In Las Vegas the
    minimum bet was a buck. Anyhoo, I ran into someone from
    Harmony, MN (pop. 1000). How unlikely is that!

    Is hubby's shoulder any better? Used to have cases about
    rotator cuff injuries when I was in the accident business. You
    can cheer him up by pointing that that at least he doesn't have
    an uneven hem.

    Hope you're enjoying your trip to Jax, Linda. Lawn chairs
    sound like a useful gift. Dave Barry did a column about women
    and gifts. They prefer that they be expensive and useless.
    A tiny box of polished wood too small to hold anything bigger
    than a postage stamp is an ideal gift. Jewelry is even better.

    Hi, Barry. We have all the flowers you mentioned except I'm not sure
    about datura. I'd look it up, but ... Never seen 8" hibiscus although we
    have lots of smaller ones here. There is a big bush on Carroll St. with many
    yellow blooms. Very cheerful!

    Is the doxycycline for an infection? The vet prescribed doxycillin for Zippy.
    I looked 'em up. Both seem to be a form of tetracycline used to treat
    bacterial infections.

    The vet also cut Zippy's nails. I bought a clipper to do it with, but that was a
    year ago. Can't find it now. Sometimes it worked OK. Sometimes his nail
    bled and he yelped and I felt like an ogre.

    Used to hear crickets in MN all the time. Even better were the fireflies. But I never
    hear crickets here in LA. (And this old house has a hearth too.)

    Well, must be time to move clothes from one machine to the other.

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Look at you Rock a big ole post and doing laundry too!Good for you.

    Did errands yesterday morning and it wiped me out for the day.Doing better today and helping huz get the house finished up.Vegas is in two wks.I've been to Henderson and Hoover Dam.Had no interest in putting on the hard hat and taking the tour though.

    Huz has PT coming up and his arm hurts like heck.We can't see how just PT will fix it and wonder if this isn't the process that drags out for Ins. to agree to pay for surgery.Time will tell.In the meantime huz is as mean and ornery as a bear or maybe I mean a lion because he is constantly screaming out whenever he tries doing anything and can't.

    I remember hearing crickets.I don't notice anymore I'm sure they're out there.


  5. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hope you all have an easy vacation.

    Rock, I was taking doxy because they thought/think I might have Lyme disease. What is zippy taking his anti-biotic for? Nothing serious I hope.

    Fireflies: I'd forgotten all about them. When I lived near Dallas as a kid, we'd all catch them in jars. And June Bugs; haven't seen anything like that in a long time. We don't have them here. I saw on the porch that someone (Rock?) had been spider-watching. I let the spiders in my house live, pretty much. They catch the occaisional fly or mosquito that gets into the house.

    "Spiders don't be afraid;
    I keep house casually"

    The above is from a Chinese poem.

    All for now,

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Rock and Barry live in paradise with all the flowers. So beautiful.

    I guess I can't visit Barry. I don't like spiders. So glad he warned us. I particularly don't
    like sleeping with them. We have the Florida torantula. It has poison but can't deliver it
    to humans. Or so I have been told. However, I have felt small things pinching me in the
    night. Makes me wonder if it one of their offspring. Wasn't a bad pinch. Haven't had
    that for a long time now.

    Barry, did you feel any different on the doxy? Better or worse.

    Rock has really turned over a new leaf with all his NRG. My grandmother only used
    a board to wash her clothes. After she was older, her son's family did it at their house.
    Then she lived with mother and, of course, mother did it.

    So Henny, as we called her. Had not heard a washing machine or drying or dishwasher.
    She said that mother's was the noisiest house she had ever been in.

    I am suffering from a slow brain. Not sure what a day without Ritalin would be like.
    Really don't want to know.

    The trip to Jax was fine. This is how hard I sleep in the mornings. I sleep in a mutil
    purpose room that is close to everything but the other bedrooms.

    So, it was closeto the living room that the bird flew down the fireplace and into. Later, when I woke up, they reported a lot of screaming was going on....could have fooled me. They shut
    the blinds and got something that caught it and got it back to the great outdoors.

    Other than that I continued the yoga lessons with the 3 yo. She loves 'dead bug". (On your
    back on the floor, grab your feet and pull your knees down to each side of your chest).

    The 4 month old wakes every 2 hours during the night to eat. What? I don't know. We
    do have some 6'3' and over. They ate that way too. Blonde too but not bottle blonde :)

    Hope the shoulder gets much better fast!! I may unpack tomorrow or maybe not. Didn't
    take much so it won't matter.

  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    The weather not the yr.I had two fans on,the window open and a comforter and blanket on this morning when I woke up.Huz brought me a cup of coffee and I told him this is my idea of heaven.

    BIL finally made it over yesterday away from Fl. heat but I bet he's glad to return home today.He'd freeze today.70's forcast for the of the rest week.I wonder if that's it for summer now.

    I love that GD likes dead bug.You guys must look so cute together.there's a memory for keeps.

    gotta go visit FIL see ya.
  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    I noticed it when I opened the door to get the mail.

    The 70's was the decade the SIL who isn't nice to her sick sister was married.

    Going through the pic albums today, I noticed the pics of her (the bad SIL)
    wedding. They are hysterical in the tuxes that were "in" then. My FIL has
    on one.

    I'm going to take a mini album to the New Orleans wedding with
    these pics in it. If my sick SIL starts crying, I'll bring it out to make her
    laugh. Not AT the wedding but when just hanging out together. Bless her
    heart. Bad SIL gives her such a hard time.

    Did not unpack. But I did a load of laundry!!

    Glad they didn't take a pic of the dead bug yoga pose. It might have been posted
    on FB. One of me in a swimsuit did. Just what you want when you are 61. A pic
    of yourself in a swimsuit on the internet. Should be against the law!!

    How was FIL?


  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That's the ride I'm on right now.Not at an amusement park either,just sitting at home.The antidepressant withdrawals have started.I have been taking one every other day for a week and now it's starting.No wonder he said maybe I should try again in the spring if I can't do it.I'm going to do it because this is just awful and it scares me to stay on it just as much as go off.Hope I never have to go on this again.

    FIL was usual self complaining to himself when we walked in and complained the whole time we were there.We left feeling down and didn't get another thing done.We'll skip going in today.He's doing fine though and complaining that much pretty much proves it.

    A picture of you in your swimsuit?No I wouldn't like that either.I ordered a new suit.I liked the longer style but thought it was a one pc.I was surprised there was no bottom.Sending it back I didn't like the top anyway.I felt like a sausage in a casing.

    Well waves of dizziness are coming through again so I'll lay on the sofa and be very still.That's a great excuse.

    Good SIL and bad SIL what a way to keep them straight.
  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    I don't make enough serotonin (the reason they give patients antidepressants) and I
    feel like I'm on a roller coaster or just stuck at the bottom of one. I've tried a few but
    like you, have to wean off. It's bad.

    We have a complainer in our family. No, not who you are thinking...it's not me. hehe.
    But agree, if he is complaining, then he is feeling well enough.

    Twin and I were discussing how nice mother looked in her casket. I admit, I brought it
    topic up since I was the one who picked out the jewelry and told the funeral home to
    bury her with it.

    Twin said, "mother was buried with the pearl necklace Grady Kay brought her from
    Japan???" Oh dear. Guess I did. Mother was 29 and Grady Kay 18ish when my family
    moved into the house. There is a lot of history there because Grady Kay kinda drove
    mother nuts. And the thought of her buried with his pearl necklace. Well, we can't
    help but laugh out loud. I hope he didn't pay much for it. Mine is all costume is why
    I didn't give it a second thought.

    It's raining. Rained during the nite too. Texas sure needs it

    Stay and bed and just have a grilled cheese and soup for supper. Or something like

  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    I need to give you a better pic of the situation. Grady Kay went off to the military
    and came back with a Japanese bride. They were happily married many years.
    Then she pass on.

    The land across the side of our house was owned by Grady Kay's parents. They
    passed on, the land was subdivided. Grady chose the lot that faced mother's side
    yard. The yard she was out in every day. He put his office on the 2nd floor of his
    house so he could keep an eye on every mother did.

    That's kinda the story....

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Uff-da! It's hot today. Was yesterday and will be tomorrow.
    It's in the 90s here. Supposed to be 68 tonight. Zippy won't
    need his blankie.

    Went out to check on him a bit ago. He was chasing the neighbor's cat. Both were walking. I know; old joke. My brother wrote from MN. Hot there too. The popcorn patch exploded before it got picked.

    I hear the worst is New York. All that concrete absorbs heat, ya
    know. Mayor Bloomberg is now referring to The BAKED Apple.

    You see the news? Liz Taylor's iconic jewelry to be auctioned
    off. Many of the reporters they have today seem to have gotten
    the job right out of high school.

    Her jewelry is not iconic, because we have not seen it; only
    heard about. Furthermore an icon represents something;
    a concept or a religious figure. ("Greed" is not sufficient.)

    The porch spider has spun a new web. A couple feet from the
    old one. Did the old one wear out in two days?

    Yes, the old tuxedos in pastel colors look kinda goofy now, but
    they were fun at the time. A refreshing change. When my
    son was in High School, I found an old photo album. His
    mother and I said down to go through it. He wasn't interested.
    "It's just you and mama in funny clothes."

    I was stunned! Funny clothes? They weren't even 20 years
    old yet. Well, at least in those days he was still talking to me.

    Grady, huh? I never heard of that name. Sounds like the hero
    in a romance novel. And speaking of bathing suits, all of mine
    have been one piece.

    I have to dash off and water the plants. Can't do it too early
    cause it's too hot. Can't do it too late cause the plants need
    to dry before dark. Hmmm? Wonder if that still applies in
    this heat.

    And then I have to walk Zippy. I already had a long nap and
    did the dishes. Goodness! What a busy and rewarding life
    I lead. (Bitter laugh but a brave smile like a 1940s melodrama.)

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  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Bitter laugh,brave smile that could apply to all of us.I'm stealing it.

    I think weather could have contributed to the spinning yesterday because today was not as bad.I was hungry for choc chip cookies so picked up some Tollhouse chips and made some.I don't like the cut off the dough in a roll kind.Quick enough to mix it up in a bowl.

    Grady seems to me a name of someone in a movie.Driving Miss Daisy?Was that her drivers name?

    Huz is not getting much done this week.I keep getting out my list and asking if I can cross anything off as done yet but the answer is no.I tried the tactic of gently telling him that doing things half a$$ed can be necessary sometimes as opposed to his OCD way of perfectionism.If you try and do everything so perfect you run out of time and it doesn't get done anyway.I think he got it without being offended.Will it change him?Probably not.


  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    In LA? Darn. Hope it cools off. I have noticed that you get cooler weather than I
    do in Fla. Or maybe it's my imagination. But the ppl on tv seem to wear a tad heavier
    clothing. Like you have more of a range of degrees. And, yes, I have been envious :)

    I love a homemade cookie. DIL had some when we were in Jacksonville. Tollhouse
    rec. too.

    Grady and relatives were a bit on the off-normal side. Of course, what is normal?
    He was very nosey. He not only could watch mother. He knew her whole routine.
    What time she woke up, went to bed. When her car left and returned. One thing
    he was that was such a plus was a caregiver. His first wife had cancer. So he made
    a "sick room" in a downstairs bedroom with a hospital bed. His next wife became
    ill shortly after they married (in their 60's) and he was again a caregiver.

    I kinda thought Rock or Pam would have similar pics of the 70's clothing :) B'ham
    was/is a very preppy city and we never went for the 'fads'. Even it they last a
    decade or more. Also, Ike and I had almost no money then so that explains alot.

    I need to report that I have had a bit of nrg. I cleaned one whole room (family/dining).
    Those microfiber cloths really get the dust off blinds. I have tried several other kinds
    of things that are suppose to be great with blinds but this one is far superior. I
    must have gotten it at the grocery store.

    Tomorrow at 11:30 am is the 1st of the wedding things we will attend this year. You
    may recall that the young man from Ike's office is marrying a girl from Peru. I thought
    she didn't speak English but she does. Whew. They are going to live in his studio apt.
    Ain't love grand!! It's a kinda quaint studio with a fireplace. All the studio's face a
    courtyard and you can hear the other ppl screaming curse words at each other if they
    get mad. (I used to know the woman who lived next door...she could hear it too).

    Pam, the old saying "you can't teach an old dog new tricks" might be true. Let us
    know if he changes :)

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Today is Get your bones cracked Day. The D.C. only charges $35 on accounta we've
    been going there so long. That's roughly17 cents per bone.

    Went to the library the other day. Saw a bumper sticker I didn't really understand.
    "Anyone with a good car needs no justification." This was on a small, soft-top
    convertible of such generic style that it could have been manufactured anytime in
    the last half century.

    Also saw an ad on the computer. "Snoring is a silent killer." Maybe it was a joke
    rather than an ad. Pam, is your husband a recovering perfectionist? I was a
    perfectionist and didn't even know it. Now I'm less so. It's easier to quit if you
    don't have to work.

    I looked up "Driving Miss Daisy". Didn't see any character named Grady. The driver
    was listed as "Hoke". I suppose it's possible that the car was a Grady. There used
    to be lots of cars whose named are pretty much forgotten. The Oldsmobile and the
    Reo were both named after Ransome E. Olds. Only man in history to have two eponymous

    Barry, I looked up datura. Very pretty but reported to be full of poisons including
    scopolamine. I thought that was a truth serum, but several sites indicate it's more of a
    zombie drug.

    Liked the Chinese poem. I passed it along to Gordon.

    Never heard of microfiber dust cloths, Linda. Maybe they will reverse the tradition.
    After they are worn out, they will be used as diapers. Glad you had some energy
    to apply them.

    Haven't had any homemade cookies for a long time. Don't dare put anything in the oven
    anymore. I will forget it. I think pecans are much tastier than walnuts. Maybe
    they are more expensive?

    Better go before my post does.

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Strange weather here.Woke up feeling bad then it rained,ah that explains it.

    Thanks for the tip Linda.Microfiber cloths will help a lot with all the dust on my blinds.I tried a paintbrush and it worked just ok the last time I cleaned them.

    No he's not a recovering perfectionist Rock.An intervention is badly needed.He doesn't have the energy he once had so things get started and left hanging while he starts another rather then do it imperfectly.
    We need to plug up some of those small low spots Lily found to crawl under the fence.I said we would get a couple bags of soil to cover them and throw some seed we have then straw on top and solve two problems at once.Noo huz says he has to go get a truck full of soil,spread it all over the backyard to level it out.Are you kidding me?We have like two little spots she crawls out of.We're at a standstill.Next week he goes back to work I'll get DS to get the dirt and problem solved.He just makes me laugh when I see something I think is simple become so complicated.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    The bumper sticker. Loved the interesting comments about cars. That the kind of thing
    that I never "just happen" across but here.

    The extent that your Huz will go to fix the little holes is amazing Pam. I knew a couple
    kinda of like...both of them. Cept they lived in a condo so didn't have the yard to worry
    about. I was always kinda uneasy that she might drop by without calling since I didn't
    have the same level of perfection :) Good you have DS to take care of it.

    Since the groom drives a clunker and his Peruvian wife doesn't have a car, he rented
    a red convertible to use for the drive to Miami for the honeymoon. Pretty romantic. Wonder
    who really suggested it. He has 3 sisters and 2 brothers. Cute idea. I am thinking of my
    son who also drives a clunker....hmm.

    92 almost everyday next week. Fall is in the air. Really. Not kidding.

    Rock, I wonder if a DC could do something for my back. Only way to tell is to go, I guess.
    The lower part is acting up. I was hoping the yoga would do but didn't have it this week
    cause of Labor Day.

    Med time...Linda
  18. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Fri. I felt good and got a lot done.Sat. was really a bad day and I worried it was a push and crash situation.Today not so bad after I did a lot yesterday.I got my mud room all cleaned out and that is something I have wanted to do for ages.I'm so happy about that I can't even express it.Funny how small things make me happy now and grateful.

    DS had GS all weekend and it was hectic and fun.3yr. olds ask lots of questions.

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    3 yo's and the question asking. Two year old's "parrot" (repeat) what you say. As in
    America. The two yo in Holland is saying America, America, America.

    Yep they are coming to America!! for good. He has 8 weeks vacation with pay so
    that will help them in the move. The euro is worth more than the dollar so that
    works to their favor.

    Yes, I know what you mean about the cleaning. I took a 3 hour nap after the wedding
    reception on Sat.

    Are you near Iowa, Pam? I told a high school friend about the Road Back abx treatment
    for autoimmune problems. She emailed them and they give her the name of a doc there.
    Everyone in the waiting room was very ill with different things. He treats with IV abx
    but then oral which his patients are on for the rest of their lives. This friend thinks he
    has saved her life. Will keep you posted. At the first visit he told her "tell me everything".
    That was a first.

    Fall isn't in the air yet. It might only be 92 but the sun is out and it is hot. Maybe another
    week or two.

    Coming to America!!!

  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Linda, what do you mean "Fall isn't in the air yet"? I was going to say it is here
    too. It was definitely cool last night. Zipper really needed his sweater. He is
    a hardy little dog. Prefers to sleep outside even when the temps are in the 40s
    (which they seldom are here).

    Was ambitious today. Attempted to do multiple errands. Turned
    out to be hubris, I'm afraid. I got a sandwich at the Subway store
    w/ no trouble. But the thrift store was out of paperbacks, at
    least out of anything I'd buy. They did have a couple romances,
    how-to books, (how to build a deck, how to breastfeed, how to
    do both at the same time). I think there were also some appliance
    manuals left over from the Carter administration and a bus
    schedule from Cincinnati.

    Went to the market. No chocolate milk. I NEED chocolate
    milk. It soothes my raspy throat and my frayed nerves. Anyhoo
    I went to the second market which did have some. When I
    came out I had a flat tire. Uff-da!

    Good work w/ the mud room, Pam. I remember hearing that term for
    the first time when I was in high school. Seemed like an excellent idea
    for a farm.

    Speaking of Peru, it and "Lima" both show up in the crosswords. Cole
    Porter was from Lima, Indiana. Aside from a bad horse accident, he led
    a charmed life. Born to a wealthy family, married a heiress, made a million
    or so himself.

    If you want to see one of his most cheerful creations, go to Youtube and watch
    Sutton Foster in "Anything Goes".


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