82 already!! Just in time for Octoberfest for the Loungers

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  1. spacee

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    They (not sure who) moved Octoberfest up to the middle of Sept-thru the middle of
    October. They claim the weather is better then. Better where? Germany, I guess.

    Rock posted a recipie that Gordon made. It was Chinese and delicious but check the
    recipe online to be sure of ingredients. PF Chang's now has dinners in the frozen food
    section. Nope, haven't tried them. Do love Chinese though.

    Pam and Huz are putting the dentist's kids through college for another year with
    their dental expenses. Rock opted out of sending all 12 of his dentist kids to college
    and I don't blame him...wouldn't either.

    I think I was asked something but can't remember. CRS. Can't remember Sheeit.

    I got news today. All the kids/wives and babies are coming in Dec. Do they have to
    all come at one time? Since the 4 grands and the fiancee were added, the house seems
    a bit crowded. I know some ppl who rent out their condo real cheap. Maybe I should
    go there.

    The reason it takes 3 hours to do my hair at the salon is that it is much like cleaning
    carpet. No, they are going to color and then do a straightening process. After that is
    done I can go for a week without doing anything to my hair. Course, I could get a crew
    cut, a wig and do the same thing. And, actually, I think my 'girl' is really slow. And
    will work ppl in during my appt.

    I don't think ya'll have noticed but tucking your shirt/blouse in and wearing a belt is
    back in style. Actually never went totally out...cause it is classic. But it is really big
    this year. I'm opting out.

    Oh, off to beddie bye.

  2. rockgor

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    Isn't Octoberfest in September an oxymoron? Worse is the current practice of having
    fairs in the summer. Hellllllllllloooo! Crops are harvested in the fall! Well, they
    used to be anyhoo.

    We have another spectacular catcus flower. The first one only lasted 2 days, which
    is normal. There's a third one in bud yet to come.

    W/ re: 2 the Cantonese Rice, I left out a crucial ingreediment. Black beans.

    Pam, that tooth is a pain in the pocketbook. I guess about all you can do is tell DH to smile a lot. That way he gets his money's worth.

    Like cleaning carpet? Ha Ha! We just got a shark. Domesticus vacuumus. Feeding
    it is dirt cheap. We went through the usual procedure that we have perfected over the

    When we get a new appliance I read the manual while Gordon shoves it together and
    starts operating it while I'm still on page 3. Works like a charm. I must say the Shark
    came w/ a better manual than most these days. It was only written in two languages
    and it only applied to two different models.

    Went to the tire store yesterday, Linda. Didn't tuck my shirt in. I never tuck my
    shirt in. If I do, it pops right out. Anyhoo, one of the few advantages to being old
    is that one doesn't care what looks like or what people think.

    Maybe I will go back to beddie bye too. Been up most of the night (as usual) Ha Ha!

  3. Ranigar

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    Just when I was thinkin of buying shirts again to cover my elastic waist pants!

    This Fall rainy,chilly weather is killing me.Staggering around with vertigo,and aching muscles.With extra effort to focus I was able to drive yesterday bet the other drivers would like to hear that.

    Hair appt. but no one will be home til late so no meal to prepare.

  4. Mikie

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    I've lived here here 14 years and have never gone over to the German Club for Octoberfest. Wish I could go to the one in Munich. I've been in the beer garden but not for Octoberfest. I actually enjoyed the one at Epcot and it's Octoberfest all year there or, at least, it used to be.

    I'm not a big fan of the PF Chang meals. Actually, I try to avoid processed foods. I do eat the Amy's frozen Mexican meals. Everything is natural or organic and they are really good.

    Wow, three hours at the salon. I just hop in the chair, tell her to take it off and come home to dry it. I throw some Nice 'n Easy on it every six weeks and I'm done.

    It's all I can do to have my daughter, her husband and my grandson here in my condo. It's not a small, cramped-up condo but it seems to burst at the seams when they visit. They have actually stayed at a close-by hotel and it works out sooooo much better.

    Love, Mikie

  5. spacee

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    We have a new Holiday Inn Express and I think it is time for me and Ike to stay there.
    Some of my kids are so cheap, opps, I mean thrifty, that they won't like it. Too bad.

    I think I have only eaten in PF Chang's 3 times. We don't have one in our neck of the
    woods so it's a great treat. I have been watching them juice veggies and fruit on the
    QVC. Since I own a juicer, I think I will try to do something nutricious for the g/kids.
    If anyone has any ideas, they would be appreciated.

    Yeah, Mikie. I don't know what I will do after the 4 weddings this year. Might just
    cut it real short and dye it myself. Mine has too many, can't think of the word but
    it makes it much more trouble on a daily basis to have it real short. But still...the
    time and the money it would save sounds really good. OH. Cowlicks. That is what
    I have too many of.

    Ike's prostate exam went as planned. Since Ike noticed that the Bazzar (?) fashion
    magazine was in the room, I didn't even bother to watch. haha. Kept my nose in
    the magazine. Ike is about 50% over his Chronic Prostatitis. Why do I go to the
    appts. Let me explain. To Ike, his body is an alien and he has no words to describe
    how it is functioning. He feels better if I am there. I enjoy the hour drive to Lakeland.

    And we stopped at LensCrafters. Ike's sunglasses had broken in two. What a fortuitious
    timing. It was 4 days before the insurance was up. We take insurance out on eyeglasses.
    Yes, if you knew how many Ike has ruined by falling asleep on them, it would make total

    Black Beans in Chinese food. I thought Black Beans was Mexican.

    Snog I hope you got the board you were looking for. Sometimes things get in other
    places around here.

    This is kinda long but I'm going to be gone this weekend to a wedding. So, I'll just
    tell you now. Oldest son (Holland) has a job interview!!!!! The school is looking for
    an assistant or associate Prof of Philosophy. The school is about 4 hours from Twin's
    place. And I think it is called the birthplace of Country Music. (no, not Nashville). June
    Carter's family was from there. I hope he gets it. It is on this side of the Mississippi River!
    And South of the Mason-Dixon Line. What more can I ask for? It's called Kings College after
    a man named King. Bristol Tenn...finally came to me.

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  6. Mikie

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    When I posted on this thread, there we no responses on the thread which were visible. I know that sometimes, when they are working on the website, it delays things but I didn't see any indication of that.

    I'm sorry, I was thinking PF Chang frozen dinners. They weren't bad, just not great. We have a wonderful little independent Chinese hole in the wall restaurant close by. Everything is i

    mmaculate and you can watche them prepare the meals. They never get anything wrong and they are all so sweet, a bunch of young people. No MSG and all the ingredients are soooo fresh.

    My new glasses came with a two-year warranty. I fall asleep with mine on too. I don't think I'll go two years before I need to increase the reading magnification. That's why I like the Kindle. I can adjust the size of the type. Newspapers are getting harder and harder to read again.

    I have cowlicks too but I just integrate them into the look--a little messy instead of perfect. My hair is curly so I can just crunch it up and blow it lightly for a curly moppet look, perfect for those frizzy hair days.

    Men's bodies may fascinate them with what they can do but I don't think they understand them. What men don't understand, they don't want to talk about or even think about. Mars, Venus :)

    Prayer going up for Holland to land the job.

    Pam, I don't think tucking shirts in will be a trend down here in the Jungle. It's just too hot. We like our clothing loose and airy. Most of us aren't kids anymore either and wearing our tops outside covers a multitude of sins.

    Rock, I'm of the ilk of your hubby. If I can't figure it out by just looking, I'll read the instructions as a last resort. I always say, "Instructions? We don't need no stinkin' instructions."

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Ranigar

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    How did I post twice?It wasn't even an interesting post at that!I stole my bad from the kids,it's probably outdated by now but so am I.

    The kids took me to PF Chang's when I visited in Fl.they love it.I wasn't impressed.Mikie's little place sounds ideal.

    On the subject of fashion have you seen the trend of carrying smaller purses lately?Oh I hope not I love a big ole honking piece of luggage hanging from my arm to hold all my must haves.Yesterday I searched my bag sitting in the Wally parking lot looking for my phone to see if DS needed anything.Couldn't find it.When I got home I had him call me twice because it was ringing,in my purse somewhere.

    We have three Weddings next yr. I wish DS would have kept his date in Sept. this yr.He would be married by now.I wonder if he'll ever be ready to leave and his fiancee seems to like living with her son at her mom's equally as well.To embarrassed to tell you DS's age.The fact that he works and attends school let's me pretend he's younger.He's a lot of help here but it can't be normal.Time for the chick to leave the nest a long time ago.

    Huz called to say I have a seat on the plane tomorrow and we are together.I first had no seat just a ticket and not seated with huz.Middle seat but I told him that was ok I'll hog his space.

    DD had a sonogram for baby measurements She called crying and said strong heartbeat but baby is to small to be 8wks.It's not adding up to ovulation date or pregnancy positive results.If she's 6wks baby measures good but she doesn't think it's possible.Dr. is concerned but says still possible.Two wk. wait for another test to measure.I calmed her but later when huz called I was so emotional and still am.He said I probably took time to process it.I have to stay positive.DD and I decided last night to try and leave it in the back of our mind and really it will be alright.Strong heartbeat has to say something.

    Linda have a great weekend and bring back lots of drama stories to share.Hope you're still reading Rock.See you all in a week hopefully richer from hitting a big jackpot but probably broke from the machines eating up my nickels.

  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    That's what Minnie Pearl used to say. Saw her live about half a century ago. Read her biography. She had a deep dark secret she didn't want her hillbilly fans to know. She had been to college.

    Well, I hope you two are having a fabulous time traveling about in your limos and chartered jets. Hurry back so we can all share the fun. Hope the wedding goes off without a hitch.*

    Linda, I came across another Grady, well, sorta. I'm rereading "UH-OH" by Robert Fulghum. You may remember 20 years ago
    he had some popular books of essays beginning with "All I
    Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten."

    Anyhoo, I started reading this essay about a guy he played poker
    with for a hundred years. Name of Grady. Except on page 2,
    the author says it really wasn't for a hundred years and the
    guy wasn't really named Grady.

    So would that be a kawinkydink or an anti-kawinkydink?

    Oh yeah, in the dept. of "Pretty much what we all expected",
    I am still waiting for those checks to show up.

    On the subject of glasses, I wore them for 45 years. After my cataract
    surgery I was able to get by with just reading glasses. I got six pair
    at the 99 cent store. Now I can always find a pair.

    I can't recall ever breaking my glasses, but I did have a dog
    eat a pair one time.

    Too bad about the tooth, Pam. We should have teeth like
    sharks. They're on a conveyor belt. New ones constantly
    moving in to replace those lost.

    Are you winning in Las Vegas? The odds are against it. When I lived
    there I went to a dealer's school. Not to learn to be a dealer, but to
    learn to play. They like to have folks come in so the students can practice.
    Anyhoo, I won lots of play money playing craps, so I went across the street to
    a casino and lost $20 in about a minute. that was the end of my gambling.

    Mikie, who said, "We don't need to stinkin' badges"? It was Alfonso Bedoya
    in The Treasure of Sierra Madre, of course. I saw that movie when it came out.
    I was much too young to appreciate it. IMDB said Bedoya stole all the scenes
    he was in.

    Humpfrey Bogart's charm completely eluded me. I read a biography that said
    he was a nasty character. His idea of a good time was to go to a bar, get drunk
    and pick a fight. He and his wife May Methot were notorious for their fights in
    which they screamed and threw things.

    Yes, Mars and Venus. Right on. I think one of Dave Barry's books is titled, "Dave
    Barry is from Mars and Venus." See the books of Professor Deborah Tannan on the
    differences in communication between the genders.

    I saw an episode of that new show Betty White is in. Hot in Cleveland. The 4
    gals went to a gay bar so they could find a gay friend. Someone they could chat
    and go shopping with. Makes sense to me.

    All 4 now


    *pun alert
  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Who are traveling are having safe, and fun, trips.

    Pam, prayers going up for the baby.

    Rock, when I worked and went to college, I seemed to attract gay guys as friends. They are usually great! They are like having good girlfriends but with a twist. One of my favorite scenes from a movie is when Liza Minelli sang "Single Ladies" at the gay wedding. It was already one of my favorite videos with Beyonce. I swear, there's nothing that girl can't do.

    We are drowning in rain down here. It's so bad that the ants, and other insects, are leaving their flooded nests and seeking inside accommodations. So far, no ants inside but I'm keeping an eye out. The exterminator was just here. I have fewer bugs here in SW FL than I did in CO. Every fall in CO, the black widow spiders came inside. Yikes!

    I'm soooooo sick of this flare I've been in. It's the Sjogren's but, even though the Guai has reversed most of my FMS, some of my FMS pain has made its presence known. I've been purging and I think that's due to the transfer factor "booster" I took. If so, that's a good thing, or so I keep telling myself. Whine, whine, whine.

    I'm watching the news and a group of mothers are up in arms over Ben & Jerry's new flavor, Schweddy Balls, named after a skit from SNL with Alec Baldwin. If they knew what goes on on the way home on the school bus, they probably would realize this isn't going to corrupt their innocent little ones. They are already well on their way to making fun of body parts and bathroom humor. Calls to mind Chef on "South Park" when he talked about baking his salty brown balls.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Wonder when our ramblin' roses, travelin' tootsies, and galavantin' gals will be
    back. I hope they have lots of happy adventures to report. I am having a productive
    day so far. It's only 8:30 AM, and already I have fed the dog, done the dishes, and
    swept up the weeds Gordon pulled yesterday. Many days I don't do that much
    all day.

    (Before getting in the car one night.)
    Dad: Oh, wait, I have to go back inside.
    Mom: What'd you forget, your cigarettes?
    Dad: My shoes.

    A bit of humor from a site I just discovered. Crazy Things Parents Say.

    How do you deal with the Black Widows? Last summer I was talking to a neighbor.
    He said something about Black Widows. I said,
    You know, I've been here over 40 years and never seen one."
    He said, "There are 3 by your foot right now."

    "Yumpin' Yimmie!" as the Norskies say. They make very untidy webs. Nothing like
    the architectural marvels the spider on our front porch spins.

    A recent e mail from my sister in MN reported that the mice are moving in. They do
    that every fall. But it's not a hoard; usually just one or two.

    Yes, I saw an article about the new ice cream flavor. Provoked lots of comments from
    posters. I never watch South Park so I don't know the Chef. Now if it was a baker,
    he could use rye-bald humor.

    You mustn't consider yourself a whiner, Mikie. Remember, it's healthy to vent.
    Anyway we have plenty to complain about. Yesterday was a good day for me. I
    only bumped my head twice. Once on the refrigerator door and once on the car trunk.
    I think the ALZ has done something to my sense of balance and spatial perception.

    Well, I hope you are in a state of transition and will soon feel better. Pam, Linda,
    where you is? We are eager to have you back.

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yikes! I hate those black widow spiders. Our home in Boulder was built on an old orchard and there were still trees surrounding our property. Evidently, the spiders love those trees. Every year, I had to clean them out of our cedar-lined coat closet. They would come inside in the fall and build webs. One year, it was exceptionally warm so I was late in getting to the closet. There was a mother spider with babies, all feasting on the poor daddy spider. I used to suck them into the vacuum and throw away the bag. The violent suction killed them and I didn't have to use chemicals. I never found them except in dark places. A friend was bitten and she got very sick but most bites aren't fatal. Down here, we have the fiddle-back brown recluse. One of my docs was bitten and he went to the ER. These are much more dangerous than the black widows. These spiders are everywhere. Againg, Yikes!

    Loved your pun. Betty White did a similar double-entendre skit on SNL. We'll probably see an ice cream flavor from that too.

    I'm feeling just a wee bit better today too. I think the worst of the purging is over. No more TF's for a while. The purging is just too harsh. I'm back on the methylation protocol and taking my vitamins which I tend to skip when I'm sick.

    Ordered some Italian hoop earrings from QVC and they are gorgeous. They are sterling silver covered with layer upon layer of 18K gold. They look for all the world like pure gold earrings at a fraction of the price. They are irregular and organic looking. I needed a picker upper.

    Hope you have a great day and all our wanderers are doing well too.

    Love, Mikie
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Your new earrings sound FAB-u-lous, Mikie. Are they the kind you wear with a
    tiara or with a turban? I have told Gordon he needs to go to QVC Anonymous, but
    he is in denial.

    Made sorta potato salad this morning. It's also kinda chicken salad. A hybrid.
    Like the turtle dove.

    Yikes! That's what Jack Benny used to say. I saw him on some computer site a
    couple days ago. Gisele Mackenzie was his guest. Saw her in the 1960s. She was
    touring in "The King and I". Looked wonderful in her great big hoop skirts. Had a
    great voice. Well, in those days most singers did.

    Has that Betty White been stealing my material again?! Did you see some poll
    found she was the most trusted celebrity in the country. Just read Dick Van Dyke's
    autobiography. He and Betty and Carol Burnett and Mary Tyler Moore and Mickey
    Rooney and Jerry Lewis and Carl Reiner and Sid Caesar are all getting way up there.

    I don't have much interest in current entertainers. Although that Sutton Foster in
    "Anything Goes" (Youtube) is worth watching.

    Hope ya feel a wee bit better every day, Mikie.

    OK, Pam and Linda. Come out, come out, wherever you are...

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Ohhhh, a turban, hmmmmm. Down here in the jungle, I wear Capri pants, tee shirts and thongs-- sandals, not underwear. Well, actually, I do wear underwear but not thongs. Oh boy, this gets complicated.

    I think Betty White steals from everyone. She is shameless but she also is an original. She reminds me of my Mom. She was still telling dirty jokes into her 90's. Everyone loved her and still speaks fondly of her.

    I also make "sorta" dishes. I prefer to think of them as my gourmet versions.

    Hope you are well as are our wandering friends. Perhaps they will peek in when they can and know that we miss them. I am still purging but am actually feeling better. I think this purging is because I've gone back on the methylation protocol. It will get better. I had run out of the phosphatidyl serine and just stopped doing it. I ordered more of the PS and started in again. I sleep soooo much better when I do it.

    I have to clean out my fridge. While I've been purging, I haven't been able to eat much and everything is turning into a science project in there. AACK! It's still raining today but is supposed to clear up some tomorrow. I may put it off one more day so I'm not struggling in the rain to get it to the dumpster/recycle center. I got one of those nice new larger shopping carts to help me haul stuff down there. I just remove the top from the kitchen garbage can and tie off the inner bag and put the can in the cart. My old cans started to fall apart so I got new stainless ones with the battery-operated tops which open when I wave my hand over them. I got them at Big Lots so they didn't cost an arm and a leg. Looooove them! I have one for garbage and one for recycle.

    I love those old entertainers. Remember "Hit Parade?" Gizelle MacKenzie was one of my favorites. Remember "The Shrimp Boats Are A Comin'?" It stayed at the top week after week and they were running out of ideas for how to do it. I once saw Rose Marie, Rosemary Clooney and that singer who sang, "Tangerine." Can't remember her name. She was an adorable little blonde. This was in the 70's and they were all older then. What a thrill to see them. The show was called, "Three Girls Three."

    Wishing everyone a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Ya'll are so funny with your tales of in the car with no shoes and QVC anyonomous.

    Mikie, I want your hair that you can scrunch and your new earring!!

    Guess what I have discovered. Don't buy much at the Grocery Store and the
    whole kitchen stays cleaner.

    Let's see, the wedding in New Orleans. I stayed abed most of everyday watching
    HGTV muted. They had the words running along the bottom of the screen. Loved it.
    There wasn't much choice in stations and thankfully Ike kept it off football. Now that
    his office has bought him a phone where he can check the scores, he is satisfied.

    Then arose about 3 or 4 to beautify myself. Or my version of it. My neice's grandmother
    on her dad's side was amazing. 88 years old. Survivor of lymphoma, two breast cancers
    and hip replacement. Very sharp. I had not seen her since the early 1980's. I noticed her
    eyeing me from another table. Must have wondered if I were Ike's 2nd wife with my
    very blonde hair. So she asked my sis in law who the blonde was and she remembered me!!
    That was at the rehearsal dinner. At the wedding we got a chance to talk eyeball to eyeball.
    Someone had filled her in on my three son's doing's and she remembered it. Sharp as a tack.
    Posture straight and tall. Everything we all want, I guess. Cept for the lymphoma and cancers.

    But this I have to tell you kids. My 3rd son is quiet. He doesn't tell you anything. He might
    tell you the time of day..if you are wearing a watch. Well, he is that way at home. Seems
    around others he is different. When the right song was playing at the reception, he asked
    his fiancee to dance. Man oh Man. That boy can dance!!!! Sis in law turned to me and asked
    "Where did that come from???". I replied, "Your Dad". I will never forget her dad dancing
    at the other sister's wedding. Jitterbug, I think.

    Earlier we stood in front of the jewelry store where my mother's wedding ring was purchased
    in 1946. And we gave it to DS's fiancee (with the story to go with it). Turns out her dad
    went to Tulane so they now have New Orleans "history" on both sides.

    It's 11:30 and I got to go buy some Enada.

  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    You kids can not believe what putting Legoland 10 miles from Lake Wales is doing.
    They are widening the roads as fast as they can. The traffic is so bad, I will have
    to go the back way to the pcp's office. Opens Oct 17th, I think. Cypress Gardens
    was there and went out of business and Legoland thought it would make a nice
    place for them. We will never be able to eat in a restaurant again. Snowbirds
    in the winter and Legoland when school is out.

    Things always change, they never stay the same.

    Pammie....Where are you???

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Welcome back. I thought I already posted a reply to you. I opened the new porch
    thread and got that all confusiated.

    You're right. As zee Frenchies say, Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose.

    Guess I'll go back to bed.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    The more things change, the more we get traffic, crime and Snowbirds. Don't get me wrong, I love my Snowbird friends and neighbors and miss them when they are gone. It's the crowding and traffic which comes with The Season, as we call it here. Like it used to be in CO, where the development followed the foothills, our development followed the coasts. Now, just like in CO, the other areas are developing. I know it can't be stopped but the growing pains can be difficult. We can't get into restaurants or movies in The Season and the roads are sooooo crowded. Add to that thousands of older drivers who think nothing of just stopping in the road if they get confused or miss their turn. And, forget going to the beach. It's insane. Still, I love it here.

    Linda, New Orleans has always been one of my favorite places to have fun. I haven't been in years, since before Katrina. Sounds as though the wedding went well and you managed to get some rest too. Glad you are back. Are you recovering now that you are home? Hmmmmm, Lego Land. May have to take my grandson.

    You are right; it's better to shop in very small amts. This is especially true for things which can't be frozen. I still didn't get my fridge cleaned out. Seems we got a write up for a violation after a fire dept. inspection on our emergency light fixtures outside. I spent yesterday taking them apart to see if it were just batteries. It wasn't; they are 18 years old and all brittle. I went to Lowe's and got two new fixtures as we have to have the electrician out to fix an outside outlet. He can install the fixtures when he's here. When I got home, I noticed one of the fixtures was broken, so it was back to Lowe's. I never learn. Check everything in the store or car before I leave. Thank goodness the store is close to me. Good news is that I got to flirt twice with the sweet older man in there who helps me.

    Sending love and hugs.

    Love, Mikie
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Flirting with the sweet older man. What a pain...but an important one about the batteries.

    Yes, thanks, the wedding/rehearsal went smoothly. Two women, mother and daugther, from
    Calif came. It's hard to remember the connection. No one I had seen before. The daugther,
    about 40, luggage didn't make it in time for the dinner. I wouldn't have noticed if someone
    had not said. Her jeans fit right in with some of the younger men.

    Her mother had the most unusual hair style for a woman (or maybe a man) who has extremely
    thinning hair. She had it buzzed. The hair color was salt and pepper. She had taken a thing
    that slides over your head to hold the hair back only she just placed it over her hair. It was
    black and she had hot glued black (dyed) feathers to the head band. Tres chic. To me.
    Kinda fun looking. That was for the rehearsal and she wore her hair natural for the wedding.

    Rock? Are you up for glueing feathers on a headband? Could do all colors. To me it was
    so cute for thinning hair that I think it could be sold on QVC.

    Mike, we lived in Tampa when Ike got his master degree in accounting at USF. We
    somehow made it to Clearwater the week during Cmas and New Years. Boy, I swore
    that I would never do that again. We have the Season here but it is nothing compared
    to the beachy areas. I applaud your attitude.

    Pam, I do think I am seeing smaller handbags on the Q but not tiny. I hope you don't have
    to go to taking 2 handbags at a time!! (smiling) Around here, tiny...off to the big city, then
    a bigger one but not over the shoulders.

    There was a poll going around FaceBook M.E./CFS patients done by a professional survey
    site. It listed a long list of RX's and you put:
    1. If you had tried it.
    2. No results
    3. Good results
    4. Bad results
    5. Bad side effects.

    Then moved on to OTC.
    Then vitamins were separate to OTC
    Then protocols.

    Good grief. It was a shock to me to how many things I had heard of. Just read a little on
    this board for the since 2002 and you will be amazed at all the stuff you have heard of.

    Oddly they didn't put transfer factors. They did have colostrum though.

    As you might can tell, it is to try to help patients sift through the things they might
    want to try. It's an idea whose time is way past coming.

    Later kids,

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    American women have become fascinated by those things English women wear, in lieu of hats, which they call, "fascinators." They are showing up in American fashion magazines but go by other names. Some are small and some are rather large but nothing like that one worn by the daughter of Prince Andrew and Fergie. It looked like a large set of antlers and attracted a lot of attention, most of it negative. Hate to be snarky but style is not the forte of either of those daughters. Still, she took it in stride and auctioned it off for charity.

    The ones I've seen in American magazines seem more in line with our whole sense of fashion but the basic idea is the same. How wonderful that the women at the wedding found a way to make her own statement with style and taste. Back in the 50's and 60's, we wore hats to church. Then Jackie Kennedy also made it fashionable to wear the mantillas made of lace. A lot of the hats were nothing more than wide headbands with bows or flowers on them. Some had a little net too. They were the cutest thing and could change an outfit from plain to something special. With the popularily of "The Help," "Med Men," "Pan Am," and "The Playboy Club", I think we will definitely see a return to some retro dressing. Not all of it was pretty but some things could come back with a twist and be very stylish.

    If small bags come back, I say we hang onto our big bags because fashion always recycles. It wasn't that long ago that small bags were the rage. It didn't last long. Women need lots of room to carry things. I think a small bag, like a clutch, is fine for an evening out but on a day-to-day basis, we need those big old bags. My personal style is very conservative. I don't look good in ruffles and lots of goo gaws. I hate the big bags with so much hardware that they almost look industrial. To me, they just say, "trashy." No offense to anyone who likes them.

    Another thing I think looks bad on most women is wearing the booties with skirts. They are OK with pants but unless a woman is a six-foot-tall model, those booties make their legs look like logs under skirts. When I look through the fashion magazines, I wonder, "Who wears this stuff?" Of course, I realize that most of it isn't meant for us mere mortals. It's theater. A lot of it does set the trends for off-the-rack retail in more conservative ways.

    One good thing about not going too trendy is that you can keep your good clothes for years and just update them with accessories. Now that I'm retired, as I've mentioned, I live in Capri pants, tee shirts and sandals. When I go out, I add some comtemporary organic jewelry. Once in a blue moon, I will wear one of those tiered gathered or broomstick skirts. Worn with a scoop-neck tee, they look dressed up, relatively speaking down here. Gone are the days when I needed cocktail dresses and business suits, thank God!

    To me, being fashionable is to be appropriately dressed, whatever the occasion. I don't want to be frumpy nor do I want to be the laughing stock by trying too hard to be trendy. I loved sweaters and leggings when I lived in CO. It's time for me to pay a visit but I'm not up to it. I love visiting in winter best but weather at DIA is sometimes iffy. I can't imagine having to sleep on the airport floor or wait hours on the tarmac. I just about don't want to fly anymore at all. See, I am an old fart!

    Love, Mikie
  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    So keep those big purses and use them anyway. Everything in my town is 5 minutes
    away. So the tiny ones are fine for a quick errand...not even gone long enough for my
    lipstick to wear off.

    Which reminds me. Once I find a color of lipstick that I like (no easy task), I stock up
    with it from eBay. I know not helping the locals. But the current color is orange.
    (do any of you remember my orange underwear being seen by the cleaning person
    at the hotel??). Now I am known for my 'orange lipstick'. I have noticed that it
    doesn't seem that many ppl wear lipstick or gloss. But since I am part of the "dry"
    club, I always am wearing it.

    Mikie, it did not occur to me that the woman with the cute feathered headband was
    getting ontrend with fashion from the royal wedding. Now that you mention it, I am
    sure that was it!

    Globalization has made fashion so hard to be different. Now, I don't care most of the
    time. But at the wedding, another niece wore a dress like I have bought for my son's
    wedding. She lives in Baton Rouge and me...you know where. So, I will not be wearing
    that one. Now, if I were just attending that wouldn't matter but the mother of the groom
    kinda likes to not have a duplicate.

    Which reminds me. The ppl sending positive thoughts for the job for my son, can stop.
    His wife is going to work instead. Lexington, Ky. They have cheap flights to Orlando.
    What place doesn't? So, son will be Mr. Mom when the kiddos are in school and look
    for something. Oh, so you can send positive thoughts about finding something. That would
    be very, very nice.

    I have been lucky to not have a long wait on the tarmac. I feel for those ppl. Came
    very close once. Hope you don't have to experience that, Mikie!!

    Lala Land time...Linda