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  1. spacee

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    So, we sjogrinny's are the whitest group on the messageboards. I know the others are
    envious that we thought of it first ;)

    I have heard that Victoria is in Mexico without computer access. Her huz too.

    I guess you all know by now. WPI canned Dr. Judy. Oh, why do we need the CDC
    and the NIH to cause us problems. We do enough to ourselves. Now I'm REALLy
    going to ashamed to say I have CFS and I paid $400 for a fake positive test. Which
    was done by a lab owned by WPI and that is a "conflict of interest" since WPI gets
    the profits.

    Oh, well, all is not lost. Rock has his large handbags stored. And if Pam runs out of hers.
    He will put some on ebay and she can try to grab them first.

    Another thing I am kinda embarrassed to say. The son in Holland. Well, they are coming
    back to the US for 6 months and as soon as they get here he is applying for his "dream"
    job.....in Scotland. All I can say is "at least they speak English and DIL will have some
    friends. I didn't know there were still 'dream jobs'. I thought there were just 'jobs'. As
    in "Guess what!!! I have a JOB!!!". Hmmm. He would be called a Lecturer, if he gets it.
    He is expecting a lot of ppl to apply. Oh, really??? That's a surprise. Oh, and it is only
    for 3 years. That's a Dream Job? I'm going to try not to think about it.

    ((((Hugs)))) to your DD, Pam. I sure hope she makes it through this pregnancy in good shape. Twin's DIL is expecting in about 2 weeks. There is some concern about something.
    She is relieved that she works at the hospital where she is delivering.

    Ok, lunch time.


  2. Ranigar

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    DD will have a D&C ON Thurs.no heartbeat and it didn't grow but there were two embryos.We were really shocked about that.Not as many tears shed I think we were just prepared.DD is taking it well she just needed to know.We were making a list together of all the things people should not say to her.At least you have one,God's will,better off,there will be more are just some she dreads hearing right now.

    Designer or whatever will help me arrange furniture placement and pick out new pieces and drapes too if I like.So sweet.Wonder if huz will agree.

    Miss seeing Victoria's voice on here I hope she gets a new puter and resumes our Spanish lessons.

    Your DS has the same thinking the rest of the youth have these days Linda.We don't get it at all do we?
  3. rockgor

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    JWU Just Woke Up. Did the dishes. Gotta get the books ready for a trip
    to the library tonight. That means I have to make a list of what we're returning
    and put the books in canvas bags. I make the list because every now and then
    the computer or the library person does not give us credit for returning a book.

    Speaking of books and Legoland, just read Native Tongue by Carl Hiassen. It's
    a madcap, black humor thriller set in a Florida Wanna-Be Disneyland. Legos were
    not part of my childhood. The modern lego was not yet invented.

    Mikie, fiat lux. (I'd put that in Italics if the board would let me.) I wish somebody
    would do something about our backyard light fixture. It no workee. When I
    take food to the stray cat in the dark, I'm in danger of falling over something
    and busting my whatchamycallit.

    Linda, yes, hope Victoria is OK and will be back. And speaking of traveling in
    a lego airplane, Oh, no, it was probably a regular air plane. Anyhoo, got a letter
    from my aunt. Her son, my cuzin, and his wife and a couple other relatives are
    in Turkey. Are they crazy?! Travel is so expensive and so unpleasant these days.
    And why would they go to the Middle East? They are braver as I.

    Pam, I read a book sometime ago. The main character was a handywoman/painter.
    She had learned the business from her father. It was one of those romance/mystery
    books. The kind my sister in law used to write until she decided best sellers would
    pay better.

    I'd better go water. Wish I had a handypersongardner.


  4. spacee

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    How sad I am for you and DD and family. Really sad. Twins too. I'm so sorry.

    Not much going on here, think I will take to my bed.


  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, I am so very sorry for the loss of these babies. My prayers go out to you and your family.

    Rock, I hope you get that light fixed. Groping in the dark is one of my least favorite things, realistically and metaphorically.

    Victoria made it to Mexico with no problems but she doesn't have internet yet. She can only use an internet cafe and I don't know how far she has to travel to get to it. She'll let us know as soon as she is online again.

    Linda, I agree with you. I kinda think dream and job are oxymorons but that's just me. Maybe having no energy has something to do with it. I used to be in sales and loved it.

    I went to our condo mtg. yesterday and ran a few errands. I came home exhausted and changed into my nightshirt. A friend called and wanted me to walk over for drinks. Geez, I hated to say no but I just knew I couldn't do it. Good thing I declined because all of a sudden, I got that feeling like the world was just slipping away and my whole body hurt like the deickens. I had to go to bed and fell into a deep sleep. Well, I'm still in my nightshirt and I'm not gettin' out of it in the foreseeable future. I'm watching movies on HBO. Pain is gone but fatigue lingers. This is nothing big; it's just the nature of what ails me.

    Sending everyone hugs and good wishes for a great day. Also sending up prayers cause I know we all need them.

    Love, Mikie

  6. spacee

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    Suddenly feeling better and then suddenly feeling really bad. Mine seems to be more
    with my brain. Felt like my brain was dying yesterday. Nope, didn't go to the doc and
    say "I feel like my brain is dying". I figured if it really were, I would rather be home
    and in bed. Guess it wasn't.

    There is a really big mess going on over the XMRV and all the things associated right now.
    With my brain feeling wierd, I can't read much of it. But someone did mention that if
    VIP labs is owned by Whittenmore Peterson and it's profits go to Whittenmore Petersen,
    then that is fraud. (Not being of legal mind, I don't know). But for fun, I decided to
    call the lab and ask for my $400 back since what they are going is fraud. I kinda think
    the lady (guess I will call her that) gets alot of that kind of call cause she hung up on me.
    It's a darn shame that stuff like that makes me laugh. It was rude of me.

    I think it is def. fall here now. It's still warm when you go out but you don't sweat.

    Think I will go see how my bed feels....

  7. Ranigar

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    "I don't feel like doing anything,just gonna lay in my bed".That's me today.Maybe not in bed but certainly plan to be lazy.
    Painter took today off so I have my house back.Couple days next week and she should finish but my LR FR and Kitchen are done.

    Fall weather and paint fumes have me coughing my head off.Weather is 70's and beautiful but like every yr. allergy sufferers can't enjoy it.OTC drugs are helping some though.

    Have a good weekend everyone.Linda and Mikie rest up and feel better.
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I go out to do anything. We are drier with breezes and it's in the high 80 instead of the 90's. I went over to help put the new umbrellas into the newly refurbished pool tables (we have five). I walked down to get my mail and I was sweating like a pig. Then I went down to the pond as some of the men were hauling our fountain over to the side to see what kind of light we need to order as the one we have is burned out. I let them use my socket set but I sat on the grass in the shade. I'm about used up for today. Something is in the air and my allergies are choaking me. Hack, hack!

    Linda, mine is kinda in the brain but also in the body. It's like someone dropped me through a hole in the ground. I just feel as though I'm slipping away. I didn't get out of my nightshirt til this morning, late. The shower felt good but now, I'm all sweaty. AACK!

    Pam, those paint fumes can be horrible, even latex. Are you using the low VOC paint? I need to touch up the paint in my little office and in my master bath. Like that's gonna get done anytime soon.

    Y'all take care and rest up.

    Love, Mikie

  9. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    But am sooooo tired. A lazy day (again) for me too.

    Linda -- I'm glad your brain didn't die on you! You did make me chuckle, in what you would say to your doc.

    My brain feels pretty addled today. Went to dentist yesterday to see about a "slipping crown." Turned out that the whole darn tooth was moving. They ground the crown more so I wouldn't br grinding it and moving it. Dentist says he hopes it will stabilize???? Oh well, at least no pain involved.

    Our first rains of the rainy season a few days ago. Torrential. Creek is now burbling happily, and sun is shining. The autumn cyclamen are blooming, and the trees will start to colour soon.

    Rock: I enjoy your posts so much I don't know what to say! And if I did know what to say, I'd be too tired right now to be cogent. Love you! There. Short and sweet.

    Linda, Scotland doesn't sound too bad. Hope your son gets the job. I spent a weekend in Scotland once, in Edinburgh. My impression : grey. The food is interesting -- I had fried balls of codfish eggs. Also, and the best, lovely black pudding!

    Pam : I'm glad you are having nice weather. I hear you about the paint fumes. When we had the house painted (inside) a few years ago, I had to check into a motel for four or so days. Just couldn't take it.....

    Rock : I have been following you on the porch too, and have much enjoyed your descriptions of the exotic plants in your yard and in the neighborhood. Takes me back to when I lived in Santa Barbara....... By the way I have been to Solvang many times. And to the Channel Islands once (Santa Rosa Is.) as a botanical assistant on an environmental survey.

    Tired, gotta go. I'll try to grab the puter from Richard more often. He has been working a lot on the films of Ken Russell, at least the earlier biographical films : Delius, Rousseau, Isadora Duncan. I find them overblown and a bit depressing. Too manic for me.

    Tired, gotta go again.
    Love to all,

  10. spacee

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    Have you ever had lamb testicles? They had 4 chefs on the tv show "Chopped" make
    an dinner entree with them. They call them Lamb______ )something else in restaurants.
    Yuk. The judges ate them.

    The weatherperson said it was going to be dry (rainy weather over). Guess what is predicted for the next week now? Rain and we even got some of it tonite.

    Barry, the job would be in Edinburgh. But so many ppl are expected to apply for it...ya'll
    know how that goes if you watch the news. We are changing around news stations. We have noticed that ABC the commercials are about viagra and Enbrel (RA med). And CBS is
    about Marshalls (sells all kinds of clothes and household things at a discount. They must
    have a good idea who watches their newscast. Haven't tried NBC yet but need to since I
    am doing the commercial survey.

    Gotta go to sleep.

  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Today was a Bad Day for Black Rock. Well, my mood was
    pretty black. Most of the problems were due to my Eisenhower's

    But it would take too much energy to post and wouldn't be
    entertaining anyway. Might be entertaining if it were a script
    for Stan and Ollie.

    Mostly I spent the day looking for things. Then in the evening
    we had a tremendous amount of racket (music) from a house
    4 doors away. Turned out it was a party. Not that the stereo
    was too loud. They had a live band in the backyard. Mama
    Mia! Great Balls of Fire! Uff-da!

    The police will not respond to reports of loud parties. This
    is LA. Some years ago two homeless guys got into a squabble
    over a can of beer and one was killed. In LA parties sometimes
    lead to mass shootings. At some wedding parties they are
    almost de rigueur.

    If I were just tad healthier I would leave. Sigh.

    Linda, I know my brain is easily confusiated. Sometimes you
    refer to your son as Holland, and sometimes you say he's IN
    Holland. I have pondered the problem. Is this right? Your son
    is named Hollister and he lives in New Zealand?

    You guys ever hear that WWII joke? The soldiers' mail home
    was censored. Sometimes the guys would use code or try
    to evade the scissors of the censors. One GI wrote: Can't
    tell you guys where I am exactly. It's nice here though. I've
    been filled with lots of new zeal and energy.

    Well, better post this. Will come back shortly. Like the bread.

  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    We used to have some posters in Scotland, Linda. Rosie and I forget the other name.
    One was in Edinburgh and one in Glascow. From their reports Scotland seemed to
    live up (or down) to its reputation as rainy and gray. My last name is Scottish although
    the fellow who brought it to America (me great-great grandfather) came from Ireland.
    Guess his ancestors came from Scotland.

    Barry, I thought cyclamen bloomed in the spring. At least that's when they show up
    in the nurseries. I like them. They're so dramatic. I have a ring w/ a stone that
    always reminds me of that flower because of the angular way it's cut.

    What is the name of Richard's blog again? I lost all my settings last computer crash.
    It's acting funny again; probably needs to see the doc. Anyway he writes about the
    movies very well. Of course, I don't always agree with him. But that's not necessary.

    Pam, paint fumes never bothered me, but for the last 11 months I've been bothered
    by the laundry fumes every time Gordon's brother washes his clothes. Apparently it's
    the Downey fabric softener. We have to open windows and close doors and turn on

    I have suggested to Gordon that he say something to his brother. But he won't.
    Couple days ago I issued the usual threat. "Allright. If you won't say something,
    I will." Today Gordon bought home a galleon of Snuggle. Problem solved.
    I should work for the government. Ha Ha! Or Gordon should.

    Pam, you're not lazy. I know we sometimes feel guilty and lazy and sluggish, but
    despite the feeling, we are all illish. As my various therapists have said over the
    years, feelings are not facts. They're just feelings.

    Too bad they don't have good feeling pills. Kinda like the Harry Potter every flavor
    beans. BTW, I can think of some flavors I wouldn't especially care for. Can't you?
    Aluminum, chalk, corduroy, chicken w/ coffee syrup. (The Frugal Gourmet actually
    made that last one on one of his shows.)

    Guess I'll go back to bed and read a new mystery. It's set in London during the
    Blitz. The Battle of Britain was one of two momentous events that year. The
    other was I was born. BWWWWAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Barry, on one of our trips to CA, we stopped at Solvang. It was so charming and one of the highlights of a great trip from LA to SF. The aroma from the bakery was intoxicating.

    Linda, lamb testicles? Yuk, indeed! The rains are supposed to return here in SW FL in a couple of days. I knew it was too good to be true. Our little pond out back is low so I guess we could use more rain. During dry season, the pond gets really low.

    Rock, I've given up using fabric softener in my washer because I read that the sticky softener gums up the works in front loaders. I use the sheets in my dryer and I use the ones which are free and clear of oders. My neighbor uses the scented Bounce and I can't even walk into her condo when she's washing without choaking. Same with walking down the detergent aisle at the store.

    Woke up at 5:00 a.m. My sleep patterns are all messed up ever since I had that strange slipping away sensation. Fatigue and pain are back. I had thought I had the pain under control but guess not. These illnesses are like "symptom du jour."

    Hope everyone has a great weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  14. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Went to visit FIL at the nursing home today and had to break up a fist fight.The love affair with roomie is over.The Aide warned us dad was not in a good mood and through his pills on the floor.Huz said he wondered what kind of mood we'd find and I said bad I'm sure but how bad I don't know.
    Dad barely said hello just a remark about us finally showing up and his roommate comes wheeling in and said something about what did you say to me and soon it was wheelchair to wheelchair with arms a flying at one another.Just as they were hauling off to punch each other I yelled at huz to quick break it up.He wheeled the other fellow out and asked an Aide to take him to the lunchroom.
    They are both confused most of the time and dad can't hear and is paranoid so I don't know what happened between them earlier to set it off.Dad insists Rastas was on the phone all morning talking about him.I tried to explain there is no phone in the room but he insists it was in roomies pocket.I told him if they can't get along they'll be separated and one will be moved out of that room.He said he isn't afraid of him and I said fist fighting can not happen.

    It's so comical you can't help but laugh.The whole time I'm thinking are they going to throw dad out of here?Huz texted his brother who was coming in after us and warned him.No calls yet so maybe after lunch they both dozed off and forgot they were fighting.

    Dad told me he's marooned on a desert isle until he's gone.I'd feel that way too I'm sure.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    When I worked at the supermarket, two really old and frail men got into an arguement over cutting in line for LOTTO tickets. They were dropping the "F Bomb" like it was nothing. People were either shocked or laughing like crazy.

    Your story is even funnier.

    Love, Mikie
  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    My oldest son used to say he lived in the Netherlands. So that's what we called it for 2 or
    more years. Now he says Holland (same place). My Twin's new grandson born today is
    London. Opps, no Landon. And my grandfather who abandoned my mother's family went
    to New Zealand to live. True. It was the booze that did him in.

    I can't wait til Rock starts dropping the F bomb. Wanna start now?

    Your area sounds kinda like a risky (not riskque) place to live Rock.

    Yep, we are getting the rain in the non rainy season. 8 hours straight.

    I don't know about you kids but peach Schnapps makes me real pretty good, then
    pretty asleep. Right now I am taking tramadol and klonopin and that works pretty
    well too. Kinda addicting so I wouldn't recommend it. I just tired of not sleeping.
    And I do have pain in the nite. Ok, day too but that's to be expected.

    To bed...

  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    A lot of us are having flares at the same time with same symptoms.I guess it doesn't matter what part of the country you live in Fall is not a good time of yr.

    I like Barry's idea of moving into a hotel during the painting.Dryer sheets are a killer for me.I can use the unscented but the big box on sale was scented so I bought it.I run out of the laundry room.

    I feel for Black Rock misplacing things.Oh the frustration it can bring.Thanks for saying I'm not lazy.Having a strange normal in the house(painter) makes me feel that way.What she must think. huz does not get this yrs. husband of the yr. award.He brought another buddy through the house on Fri. unannounced with the house and me looking like a tornado went through.He said guys don't care about that stuff.I asked if he went through the buddy's house while they were remodeling and he said yes.Did you pop in while wife was there?Yes.He lied.The smile gave him away.

    The weather is killing me.It's to nice to turn on air and to nice to turn on heat.I have to have either or.If I can get through this fall it will be a miracle with weather,remodel,stress,and coming off off antidepressant.I have to center myself each day and remind myself to stay calm and remember the illness is causing me to feel so bad and out of control.I can get through it I just need to relax and take extra care.I hope that's what it takes.


  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    It's a good idea to bring someone through the house while you are remodeling. That
    way, they just think it is the remodeling :).

    It's a shock to see what normals do. I get it up close and personal having a twin who
    is well. I don't envy her life though. 5 grandkids mostly under 4 yo to help raise while
    the parents work. It's ruining her back. But what can you do?

    I thought you were going to say that Barry thinks it's a good idea for us all to move into
    hotels!! For good. I was ready to go back by bag!!

    Ike finally (after 25 years of being ill) let it out of the bag that "You define yourself by
    your illness). So when he got to work, I sent him an email saying he could find me
    at the Holiday Inn. He came running home faster than you can say 'jack rabbit".
    I made him watch a utube on facebook of two young women who have M.E. One
    had her sunglasses and said she had to wear them even at nite. She was so cute
    and funny and upbeat. She died last week. Reaction to an Antiviral med even
    though in the hospital. She seemed to have horrid neurological problems before
    the med was given to her.

    Ike is singing a different tune now.

    Ok, let me get off this topic and on to a better one. FOOD. I am sampling frozen
    pies from the grocery store for Christmas. The some in a one or 2 person serving
    size. Our Perkins went out of business. The kids want 'lighter" as in less calories
    and are happy to make them. Gingerbread for one. But I just need something
    high caloric at holiday times!!! I liked the Sara Lee Chocolate. Next I will try
    the Turtle pie.

    Son did not get the Briston Tenn job. Ya'll may have forgottena bout it. Turns
    out they have someone who has worked at the school 10 years in mind for it.
    That's the frustrating part of trying to find a job. The schools are required to
    advertise for the position and usually they already have someone. I'm not getting
    my hopes up for Scotland at all.

    Opps.Hoda is on!! I love her.

  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    It's six AM ish. Just had breakfast. Gordon's soy dish w/
    Le Sueur peas. They are from Le Sueur County, MN. Or at
    least they used to be. Who knows today.

    Gordon's soy dish looks like miniature grilled cheese samiches.
    He cuts firm tofu into triangles and stuffs them w/ a ground pork
    mixture. Then they are sauteed in some soy sauce so they
    are golden brown. Look just like grilled cheese. Ha Ha!

    "Serve these w/ avocado salad and white wine at your next
    patio brunch. Your guests will be enchanted."

    Mikie, sorry to hear you have symptoms du jour. Reminds me
    of the old joke. "I had soup du jour once. It was chicken."

    Did you get extra pay at the market for being an ad hoc referee?

    You're right, Pam. A fist fight in a nursing home sounds kinda
    funny. I guess the participants were pretty serial about it though.
    Your hubby is right. Men traipsing through the house would
    be unlikely to notice much unless it was something in which
    they were really interested. Like a snow blower or a motorcycle
    in the living room.

    I am shocked at Ike's comment to you, Linda. I guess you were too.
    Things OK now?

    Never heard of Hoda. Don't watch TV anymore except an
    occasional documentary. (Saw a good one on crocodiles last
    night.) Anyhoo, I looked her up. Wikipedia had a picture of
    her standing with someone else, so I couldn't tell which was
    who. Neither one looked Egyptian. Apparently she's one of
    the successful and rich people in the world of entertainment
    that I've not heard of previously.

    Pie. I don't bake anymore, but I could make a no bake
    pie if I wanted to. Only 4 ingreediments. Cream cheese, Cool
    Whip, pie filling and the crust. Used to impress folks at the
    office when I brought it a pot luck since all the other bachelors
    brought soda or a jar of pickles.

    Ha det bra
  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I have never tried it.It takes on the taste of whatever you cook with it right.No unless someone serves it to me without me knowing in advance I doubt I'll experience it.Cream cheese and cool whip now that's a big yes.Love Turtle pie but it's pretty rich so a small slice please.

    Painting is done.Foyer looked a little dull and painter thought so too so she got a glaze and did a roller effect at no extra charge.It's very soft and spruced the area up nicely.We have been using all small business owners for remodeling and will donate cabinets and light fixture things to Habitat store.Painter has a design degree and she'll help me with furn.,drapes and things like that.She said a lot of people are redoing their homes in this economy instead of buying a new house.Business is up for her and her vendors so that's great.

    I leave Fri. for Vegas again but the bloom is off.Just got back and starting to recover from 3hr. time difference so not so excited this time.

    So I got my house back and don't have to fake being well anymore.I can lay on my sofa for a break and dress like a slob and relax.All great but rain is here again so I appreciate it all the more.Alone at last.Wood floors in a few wks. but I'll think about that tomorrow says Scarlett.

    Linda no award for your husband this yr. either but sounds like he got your point so good work.Rock I'll take your word for it about guys not noticing because I'm still stinging from that little surprise visit.