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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. spacee

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    What a coincidence. That is the age I felt (83) while the sons were at home. I would
    say to myself "no one would expect an 83 yo to be raising children). The time went
    by and now I feel about 72.

    Legoland ran out of food on it's first day open. If you want to read about it...it is
    in The Ledger that is printed in Lakeland, Fl. My older ladies yoga class were all
    surprised because for the price of $375 a family of 4 could have a one day pass
    and a $30 food voucher. Pricey entertainment.

    Ike's prostate is well. After about 5-6 months of antibiotics, he is fine.
    This is the progression of my relationship with the doc while doing Ike's
    prostate exam.

    1. I kept my head down and made doodles on a notebook.
    Doc shielded Ike's naked butt from my view for modesty sake.

    Lets go on to the last visit.

    6. Doc not only doesn't bother to shield Ike, Doc carrys on a conversations
    with me during the entire rectal exam. Looking at me. And it seemed
    very natural.

    If any of you need me to verify that story, I will be glad to. The doc is David Bowers
    of Lakeland, FL.

    Somehow we got to talking about Big Pharma. It seems a lot of ppl want to talk to
    me about Big Pharma these days. His story was that they have discovered that
    Botox is a tremendous help to women with Intercystical Bladder probs. Insurance
    doesnt want to pay for the botox but is willing to pay for DMSO treatments 4 times
    a year which do not work according to this doc.

    Nitey Nite,

  2. rockgor

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    Was just trying to put Paul Newman's autobiography on hold. The Los Angeles
    Public Library's computer can't find the book in its files. They must have a copy.
    It came out only 2 years ago.

    I have read a couple books on Laurel and Hardy that I got from the library. The
    last time I asked the computer for a list of books on same, it said they didn't
    have any.

    Ten years ago they had a wonderful computer system. Since then it's been revamped
    twice. Every time they monkey with it the darn thing gets worse. So why
    do they keep monkeying around with it? Obviously so somebody's brother in law
    can get the contract. The city didn't get $400 million in debt accidentally.

    Got an e mail from my brother. New baby in the family. My great nephew. His
    first name is Parker. Poor kid is gonna go through life w/ people telling him where
    to park his assets.

    Nope, never got forgotten in the doctor's office. Although sometimes it seems that
    way. Once I followed the suggestion sometimes made on this board to take
    a list of questions and concerns. But after a couple minutes the doctor left to get
    me some information and never came back. I was only on question 2. Maybe
    he forgot. Never really found it.

    It does point out though, that while your health matters are of great concern to
    you, to the people in the medical profession you are just one of an endless line
    of patients. They are often more concerned with their inner dialogue: am I
    pregnant; do I have a date for this weekend; is my wife still mad; where did
    I leave my ID badge?

    Yes, Linda, you're right. My dementia comment was just whistling against the wind.

    The prices for Legoland seem staggering to me. But I guess all parks are like that
    nowadays. When I moved to CA in the 60s, one could go to Disneyland for
    ten bucks. Included parking, admission, a snack and a souvenir.

    Ah well, the America I grew up in is gone and will never come back.

    Will leave on that cheery not. Zipper needs his breakfast.


    OH yeah, speakin' of things medical, here's a little joke for ya:

    Doctor, are you sure the ointment will work?
    Sorry. I never make rash promises.
  3. Mikie

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    Linda, I've never been in an examining room while my ex was being examined. It boggles my mind to think about it. Nothing wrong with it; it just seems strange to me. I've been putting lime juice in my water and it really helps with the interstitial issues. It sounds counterintuitive but it works. While limes and lemons are acidic, they act as alkaline inside the body and sooth everything.

    Guess I'll rethink going to Legoland for that kind of money. I wonder whether FL residents get reduced packages, like with Disney.

    Rock, enjoyed the rash joke. As you know, the much maligned pun is my favorite form of humor. Congratulations on the new baby.

    Our library had to be exterminated for bed bugs. Yikes! I will no longer go there. I like to read in bed. It was bad enough trying to ignore unknown substances on book pages but thinking a bed bug might be living in the books is just too much. I wait until books get cheap and then download them to my Kindle. I have also found some good ones on sale at Big Lots and the Dollar Tree.

    Had my eyes examined at the doc on Tues. and had a really bad reaction to the fluoride in the eye drops. He tries to use the ones without the Fluorescene but I think my allergy to some forms of fluoride is getting worse. Good news is that the pics of my optic nerve and macula were excellent. There is almost no plaque in the arteries to the optic nerve. There is a correlation between the arteries in the eyes and the arteries to the heart. Since everyone in my family dies of heart attacks, this is good news. Not so good is the moderately high pressure in my eyes. It puts me at a 25 percent risk of developing glaucoma. My Mom had high pressure but never developed glaucoma even when she was 92. I feel blessed to have such a good eye doc.

    Don't know what is causing zits on my chin but I'm mortified. I'm waaaay too old for zits.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. spacee

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    And not so good. There is a cancer drug that is given by IV that by a Norweigain study
    helps CFS, arthritis and Lupus. I am thinking if it helps Lupus, it probably helps Sjogrens.
    Dr. David Bell has endorsed it as a great possiblity!!

    It probably pricey but we hit 3 diseases for with one product. I think the drug only has
    a year left on it's brand name status (or whatever that is called).

    Yep, Mikie, I think Ike is slipping and that's why he felt MORE comfortable with me with
    him than embarrassed.

    Glad you got good news at the eye doc. I hate going. I always need stronger glasses.

    Zits on your chin and bed bugs. Things we just don't think we will have to deal with.

    I figured out that part of my lower back pain was caused by my beloved crocs. I wear
    them all the time and have for a couple of years. (Have I told you this) anyway. It's
    the ones that "tone". They are soooooo comfortable but the bottom, particurly of the
    heel is rounded so much that one is almost unconciously "balancing" while they are
    using them. If you don't have hip/spine probs, its probably ok to use them. I am keeping
    them to use now and then when out with the grandkids.

    Rock. I am sooooo laughing at your nephew's name of Parker and your concern that he
    is going to be asked a lot where he has parked his assets!! My 3rd son is named Parker.
    The only time it has been joked about was when he was in high school and doing valet
    parking. Of course his title was "Parker". Parker the Parker was heard quite often. He
    loved that job. It was where the Rockefellers and other high end ppl lived and he loved
    parking their snazzy cars.

    Ok, I am off to Jacksonville, Fl for the weekend and will out of contact with computers.

    Y'all rest and cook and eat and so forth!!


  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Have a safe trip to JAX.

    I'm so sorry about Ike but am glad you are there to comfort him.

    My doc is using the peptide injections and they are expensive too. I had to replace my air handler and just finished paying it off. I have to save up a bit before I try the injections. Also, I have to get whatever low-level infection I have had under control or I might be wasting my money. These injections cover immune and autoimmune so the doc said the same injection will help my CFIDS/ME, FMS and Sjogren's if they do work at all. They have a very high success rate in Europe but there are a few for whom they just don't work. Over on the PR boards, they have some links to articles about Sjogren's. I haven't had time to research but the gist is that people with CFIDS/ME often get a type of Sjogren's which isn't quite as severe as those for whom it's primary. I have flares of it but it's not always bad. Also, my ANA isn't pos. but I know that test isn't reliable. I do have high inflammation according to my CRP. Thanks for the info on the cancer drug. I'll look into it.

    I don't wear Crocs but I did get the Skechers when I worked as a cashier. They helped my knees which both had had arthroscopy. Also, they helped with lower back pain and posture. I do know that they make some conditions worse. I really need to do some balance work as mine gets worser and worser.

    Rock, I would never have thought of kids making something out of, Parker. I guess I forgot that kids make something out of everything. They used to call me Mickey Mouse. Kids today have different names than when we named our kids. Seems they are either using last names for first names or using old fashioned sounding names. It's interesting to read the obits and check the first names against the ages. You don't hear names like Thelma or Beulah any more. Names popular when I was growing up, like Debbie, Nancy, Betty and Carol, aren't popular names for babies now. I hear Tyler, Mackenzie and Morgan. My grandson's name is Andy but it's not for Andrew; it's for Anderson. It's a family name.

    Sending you and everyone else (BTW, where is everyone else?) gentle hugs.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Ranigar

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    No horrible seatmate to contend with but arrived on a late flight and they lost my bag.Flying will not be in my future anytime soon.They couldn't track it from Vegas so said they will call when it's found.
    This morning I called them and it has been found and will be delivered later today.Yea!I was so upset about all my clothes,shoes and makeup being lost for good.I kept thinking it's only stuff but I don't get out to shop anymore and the things I have purchased these last two trips were things I really liked and made me feel human again.

    Vegas has changed so much.So many stores on top of each other now.Rooms need upgrades and rates are high.No cheap food anymore and even the machines are not what I used to like to play.I would not pay to vacation there anymore.I got up and exercised mornings by taking a stroll and relaxed and rested as much as possible to prevent crashing like last time when I got home.Warm weather helped my pain levels for sure.

    Rock that loss of time sounds bewildering and scary.I hope it doesn't happen again.I was on a med a few yrs. ago that zoned me out.I read the paper but it took all day to do it.I reread the same paragraphs over and over.The afternoon would darken and the day would be over before I knew it.I was so shocked.Losing time like that is the strangest feeling.Mine was a med though.

    Mikie you sound better then before I left.I really considered not going last min. I felt so bad.Glad I went for huz but it was a very long week and so glad to be home.Next project is flooring but after we order it we will have a few weeks so I can rest up before it's time to fake normal as Linda is doing now.Just keep plugging away best we can.

    Loved the flower descriptions Rock.So nice you have so much color to look at this time of yr.

  7. rockgor

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    Great to see that you're back. Sorry to hear that Las Vegas isn't so much fun
    anymore. I sure couldn't afford to go there anymore. When I lived there in 1968
    we had several guests from Minnesota. We always took them to a downtown
    hotel (forgot the name). They had an excellent steak dinner. I think it cost about
    $3. Any many casinos had a 99 cent breakfast.

    You could see a dinner show for $20. Somebody told me they don't have dinner
    shows anymore.

    Glad your luggage was found. You ever visit that site where they show the huge
    warehouse somewhere in the south? Full of the contents from lost luggage and
    all for sale.

    You know what? I forgot all about the "lost time". I'm pretty sure it's not a sign
    of multiple personalities. Certainly I would know about that at my advanced age.
    Reminds me of a documentary I saw a couple decades ago. A cop had multiple
    personalities, and one of them was a ten year old boy. His dog was not allowed in
    the living room. But the dog knew when the ten year old "was out" and then he
    would feel free to go in the forbidden room.

    Found some jokes when I was up in the middle of last night. Most attorneys love
    attorney jokes and numerous legal publications have printed them. Here are two
    that were new to me.

    Two lawyers were out hunting when they came upon a pair of tracks. They stopped and examined the tracks closely.

    The first lawyer announced, "Those are deer tracks. It's deer season, so we should follow the tracks and find our prey."

    The second lawyer responded,"Those are clearly elk tracks, and elk are out of season. If we follow your advice, we'll waste the day."

    Each attorney believed himself to be the superior woodsman, and they both bitterly stuck to their guns.

    They were still arguing when the train hit them.

    And speaking of Las Vegas, I see that in spite of tourism being off, a Japanese firm
    is going to open a sushi restaurant there since a lot of legal conventions are held
    in Vegas. The new restaurant will be called "Sosuemi".

    Hugs to everydobby.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, so sorry your luggage was lost. I usually try not to have to check bags but when I do, I never put meds or makeup in them. I always put my swim suit and a change of undies in my carry on just in case. I'm also sorry Vegas isn't what it used to be. I think we are all lucky to have lived in our time because we got to experience things when they were fun and more affordable.

    Sounds as though you know how to pace yourself and be able to relax. That's important. Yes, I was doing better, that is, until I had my eyes checked. I'm allergic to the eye drops but they usually only make me sick one day. This time, two days and I was sicker. Now, I'm just draggin arse. Yes, we all just fake normal when we have to and do our best the rest of the time. Glad you're back.

    Rock, thanks for the laughs. Were those blonde lawyers?

    This isn't about lost time or multiple personality disorder but an article on the Home Page states that HSV-1, the Herpes Virus which causes cold sores, may lead to Alzheimer's in people with genetic defects. It goes on to state that using Acyclovir helps to stop the buildup of plaque in people with this situation. Well, I don't know about my genes but I've taken enough Acyclovir to protect me for a lifetime. My dementia/fog/scud must be from other causes. As someone once said, "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most."

    On a different note, the eye doc looked at the pics of my eyes and told me there was almost no plaque buildup in the arteries to the optic nerve. He also said that this is a good indicator that there is none, or little, buildup of plaque in the arteries to the heart. Good news for someone in a family in which everyone dies of heart attacks.

    Sending warm hugs and prayers for everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That would be good news Mikie.Allergic to all eye drops?Do you take Restasis?I would be in much more misery without that stuff.

    Good jokes Rock!Lawyers like jokes about their profession?Good to know.

    Luggage is back.Huz company paid to check the bag or I wouldn't have.Usually I pack very smart and carry on.

    Lily got a much needed bath and a little trim but she needs to go to the groomer.She has some kind of bumps that I swear were not there before I left.Her fur is coming out too because I figured out it was not the cats fur I was picking up.Maybe a skin disorder of some kind.Time for a gigantic vet bill I bet.Huz and FIL are guessing the cat bit her or the woodchuck got ahold of her.I should have just kept it to myself until the appt. because those two sure have an imagination.

    Stopped at Sam's and stocked up on supplies.To wore out to cook so everyone for themselves.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just the ones the eye docs use for their exams. They contain fluoride and I'm allergic to that. There are lots of different types of fluoride and I can brush my teeth with fluoridated toothpaste but I rinse a LOT.

    Good luck at the vet's. I miss having pets but not the vet bills which go along with them. I know they are well worth it. At this point in my life, I just enjoy the neighbors' cats and dogs.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Wouldn't you know I had a haircut at 9am.DS drove me I hurt to bad.I had already canceled last Fri. so I didn't want to do that to her.Sun is up some this afternoon so that's better.I see Rhuemy 7am on Wed. 45min. drive.It's all I could reschedule to when I switched appts. for the trip.Yikes these early morning appts.!

    3yr. old GS got so upset with me because I wouldn't come play trains.Can't explain not a good day.He's a good little guy but I need some peace and quiet today.The throwing things stage has to end soon I hope.I don't have the patients I used to have.Luckily I'm not babysitting so his parents can occupy him.

    I think I can wait on the vet.I gave Lil a bath and she could have gouged her scalp and neck with her nails.Groomer hasn't called back to get an appt.I really need to learn to groom her myself.You Tube has good videos I watch when I trim her.

    That's terrible your allergic to those eye
    drops.I hate them but to be allergic.

  12. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    On that note, let me say I don't like Stephen King at all. Don't like Halloween either. Too many wasted pumpkins!

    All right, I'll try to be more coherent. I'm still in recovery mode from trip to see doc. last week. A 140 miles round trip, plus being led around Costco by Richard, my faithful guide and driver. The drive was beautiful, along the river through the mountains and forests. Not a lot of autumn colour, just some yellow maples and cottonwoods, and the wild blue asters that grow along the road. In Eureka the Princess flowers (Tibouchina for you botanists) were spectacular, covered with big bright purple flowers. I wish I could grow this plant but it's too chill were I live. Ah well.

    OH, my visit to the doc. went real well; she wants me to change several meds. Also try some Chinese herbal remedies for anxiety, energy, etc., ..... The good news is that my CLL leukemia is stable or "indolent", sort of like me! Main probs. seem to be elevated homocysteine levels, and an methyl-malonic block. Isn't this fun?

    Dentist this week -- my "floating crown" has turned into a floating tooth. But no pain. Except in the wallet probably, though I feel like a good fight with him is in the offing!

    Pam, I've had my fill of flying too. I never liked it, but I've done a lot of it. When I was very young my mum and I were flying from England to New York, but one of the engines failed i n a storm, so plane turned back and we spent the night in Labrador. Mum terrified. This was back in the days when kids could go into the cockpit.......

    Rock, it seems you're pretty peppy these days. How does your garden grow? We finished the last of our Sungold tomatoes the other day too. This is one we'll always grow. I will miss tomato season. Speaking of which, at lunch after my doc visit we had lunch -- R had a BLT and I had a curried chicken and eggplant panini with hummus. Superb (mine), his rather ordinary but good. The only time I eat out is on doc. trips!

    Well, the robins are flying over the hills now, and the summer birds are all gone. The wild turkeys have come back, a few anyway. And there is a flock of about 20 quail waiting for me to throw out birdseed. Guess I better get busy!

    Love to all,
  13. spacee

    spacee Member

    140 mile round trip to the dentist! And he seems to have a problem diagnosing your
    crown/tooth. At least you got a nice ride and company. That is great news that the
    CLL is "indolent". Maybe you are "helping" it to be that way! (grin).

    I had a great time in Jacksonville. But the light and the sound pretty much did me
    in by the time I got back. Have been recuperating. And feeling viral which for me
    is odd. I usually don't feel feverish.

    Mikie....best wishes on tracking down that bug so you can get the treatments! Boy,
    it's always something when it comes to homes and repair.

    Ya'll may recall that I mention my beloved flannel pj's and robes. They last so long.
    A couple of years it seems. So long when Ichatting with the kids in Holland, the first
    thing they said was "you have a new ROBE!!! Well, it was the 4 yo. I do get dressed
    often though. She is quick to notice what I wear.

    Speaking of that. Pam lost luggage!! That would strike fear in my heart too. Glad you
    found them. But Mikie!! You must have a much better figure than me!! It would never
    occur to me to TAKE my swimsuit much less make sure it would be in the overhead.
    Got a chuckle out of that.

    And am I ever thrilled to know that Rock doesn't have multiple personalities. Whew.
    You just never know what to think with Rock!

    You all have cheered me up and hope your week is going well.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, all this rain has made everyone's rheumatism worse. We are in for drier weather and I'm glad. Yes, it's not just the eye drops but I can't have fluoride in my cocktail when I have surgery. Fluoride is a common ingredient as it helps deliver the other meds across the blood/brain barrier. When my GS was three, his mother and I both were ready to disown him :) Now, he's six and just made his first soccer goal in his league game. I know it's hard for them to understand when we are sick but I think it is good for them to know about illnesses in others. They develop an understanding and learn to deal with it.

    Barry, that's a long trip but I'm glad the doc visit was good and the drive pretty. That helps but long trips do take a lot out of us. I need to make an appt. to have my teeth cleaned. I hate that worse than any doc visit. My teeth are mostly crowns and as I get older, the gums have receded a bit. At least, the front ones are original equipment. I could have bought a car for what I've spent at the dentist. Ha! He probably got the car from what I spent there :) Come to think of it, he does have a nice little red Toyota Solaris convertible. Hmmmm!

    Linda, I hope you're not getting sick. I also get that viral feeling but most of the time, it doesn't go into a full viral infection. I'm still running that low-grade temp. I'm going to see the doc to find out whether he thinks it's enough to keep me from starting the injections. I just wish I knew what is causing it. ABX, AV's and TF's have not cleared it up. Thanks for the good wishes.

    OMG! No one my age down here looks good in a swimsuit but we are all in the same boat, so to speak, so we just get into our swimsuits and head over to the pool. I'm not supposed to be in the sun because of the Sjogren's and the last time I was (I played about an hour of water volleyball) I had a bad flare. I need to go back over and sit in the sun and swim and see what happens. It might have just been coincidental.

    Love, hugs and prayers to everyone,

  15. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Mikie the sun is not our friend with Sjogren's.It will bring on a flare.Sunhats and umbrellas.

    Oldest son called complaining about being asked every weekend to babysit his grandson.I couldn't believe he thought he'd receive sympathy.I told him he was preaching to the choir.We practically raised his three kids.I got to use all kinds of old fashioned sayings and it felt so good.What goes around..

    Glad you got out for a drive Barry and lunch too.That's a mouthful of tech medical terms.

  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    All my life, I have been out in the sun and it's hard to give that up. I guess I'm just in denial. I'll ask the doc whether I can go out in it if the injections are successful. Probably not :( The older I get, the more pleasures I end up giving up.

    Isn't it funny; our kids just don't seem to realize what we did for them. In fact, I don't think we really cherish our parents until they are gone. I always loved my Mom and miss her so much but now I realize just how much she gave to me and how much she gave up to do it.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    To darn early.Not a total loss because I got a flu shot so that is out of the way.Huz liked her this time.Last time he said she was wishy washy and a fast talker.
    She was very up and perky this morning.I was not.Last time it was all don't worry about exercise,do what you can and this time she wanted an accounting of what and how long I exercise and to do it more.It doesn't even effect me anymore when this happens I just want my refills and to get the heck out of there.

    I have a few hrs. and huz will be back and wants me to go with him to the dentist so they can pull and put in a temp until it's ready for the implant.

    Time to go run a marathon I guess.

  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack too. The computer was was sullen and
    recalcitrant for two days. Then it was in the garage for an oil

    Actually Gordon took it to work and entrusted it to the I T
    person. Not sure what I T stands for. Internet Technician?
    Intelligence Tsar? Idiot Tinkerer? After 3 days he brought it
    back and announced that it was working fine; no repairs needed!
    Was working fine?!!!

    Hell-OOOOH!! Working Fine?! I couldn't get on the internet!!!

    Oh well. What will it matter in a hundred years? Computers
    are as inscrutable as Gordon. (He's Chinese, ya know.) You
    shoulda seen (or maybe sampled) some of the stuff he and
    his sister concocted last Sunday.

    Some dish w/ 3 kinds of rice; something w/ tofu; and something
    with taro; and chicken feet w/ black beans and peppers.
    Julia Child would no doubt say, "Serve w/ French bread, a red
    wine and a green salad." She said that no matter what she

    Where was I anyhoo? Oh yeah, I'm catching up on your posts.
    Mikie, why do you carry a swim suit? In case the plane
    crashes in the Atlantic? Does it have flippers?

    I used to have a wonderful portable CD player that I took on
    trips. I got it at Big Lots I think. The one that used to be
    Pic and Save. It cost all of $10 and had wonderful sound. Sad
    to say after a few years it gave up the ghost. Wish I could
    find a replacement.

    Glad to hear the good news about your optic/heart arteries.

    Pam, here's a real life attorney joke for you. One of my
    coworkers came back from a court appearance. The Plaintiff's
    surname was Lloyd. So the Plaintiff Attorney walked into the
    waiting room and asked, "Anybody here on the La-loyd case?"
    My friend stood up and said, "Ma-maybe".

    BCT, glad to see you were up to posting. Thanks for the
    update on the tibouchina. Somehow I had the notion that a
    tibouchina was a one-stringed lute made in China from the
    tibia of a water buffalo. I musta been thinkin' of some other
    plant; maybe the Jack in the Pulpit. You guys ever see them?
    Used to go hunt them in the woods every Spring. A
    plant of unusual appearance.

    Good news about the stable CCL. Not surprised your homo level
    is high. SOL Tell Richard if he wants to add a gourmet touch to
    his BLT, capers are always good. You have to anchor them w/ the
    mayonnaise or something.

    Just read a book on black bears by a guy who raised bear
    cubs. Black bears are fond of Jack in the Pulpit. And lots of other
    plants like wild lettuce.

    Gee, a BLT would sure be good. Several years ago when we
    had tomatoes, I told my secretary I was going to make a BLT
    when I got home. She said, "With bacon? People still eat
    that stuff?"

    She was very health conscious and well informed on medical
    matters. She subscribed to the Harvard Medical Bulletin.
    Plus, her father in law was a doctor.

    Glad you had a good time in Jax, Linda. Are you taking feverfew?
    I read it's a chrysamthemum and is used for
    numerous ailments. Some sites say it really doesn't seem to
    do much except it's helpful for some folks w/ migraines.

    If your robe is 4 years old, is it older or newer than your

    Nothing much goin' on here. We had rain and cool weather (60s).
    Supposed to be hot this weekend (80). Got some MN humor
    from my brother the forest ranger.

    " Minnesota became the 32nd state on May 11, 1858
    and was originally settled by a lost tribes of
    Swedes & Norwegians seeking refuge from the
    searing heat of Wisconsin 's winters."

    There was more, but no need to post it all. To really
    appreciate it (I know, a split infinitive), you have to be
    slightly goofy or from MN. Either one will do.

    Hugs and Kisses
    Rockne (an authentic Norwegian name)
  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    The feeling feverish went away. My temp is low so it is an odd feeling for me to feel
    that way.

    Pam your grandson and son's antics have made me cheerier. Mikie's too...you and your
    daughter were both ready to take the grandson out when he was 3yo. I can remember
    my younger brother when he was that age, we all thought he was going to wind up in
    jail. Can you believe we all thought that? About 6 he did a turn around.

    I have started Physical Therapy twice a week for 4 weeks, I think. Somehow I have
    managed to do everything wrong and have my muscles in knots. They changed
    the yoga classes to times I couldn't go....that was stretching. So I just did more
    body pump....that tightens. Then I go to see the gkids and pick them up. Not good.

    I knew I had to get my back better before going on a car trip the end of Thanksgiving.
    But I do balk at having "appts". When I don't have much energy, I don't want to spend
    it that way.

    I love to pull weeds. It's just a certain kind that likes to try to take over a yard. You can
    pull them and sit at the same time. So at son's house, I spotted them and started
    pulling. (More like a gentle tug). 3 yo comes over and "I want to learn, I want to learn".
    So I teach her what a blade of grass looks like and what the weed looks like. So now I
    have a new thing I can do with her!!

    Got my hair colored and I hate it. The shop changed to a new brand of color so they are
    working out the "kinks". I don't think that mousy brown does much for most ppl. But
    that's my new color! I would go back but I think it is hard on my hair to have it colored
    too often so I will just let time pass.

    Mikie....you still impress me. An hour of volleyball in the pool? Wow!!

    Good look with that tooth, Pam

    Nite nite time. Oh, the weather here is great. I think we might have a cool spell by
    this weekend. Not sure.

  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And so is my vehicle. Ha! Ha! I'm taking it in at 2:00 for badly needed new tires. I don't drive enough to get them bald before the dry rot takes over. Now, this is really weird. I sold some old gold jewelry yesterday for $594. I drove to several places to price tires and settled on Toyota which is having a "buy 3, get one free" sale. The total will come to $594. Strange things have been going on around me. I made an appt. for today at 2:00 to get them put on.

    Pam, it's good to get the flu shot out of the way. Just one less thing to have to deal with. I don't get them because they cause such a harsh immune reaction. I get viruses some times but never full-on flu (knocking on wood). Hope the tooth extraction went well.

    Rock, when I worked, the IT people were not my friends. They were a whole different breed of human and I'm not sure human is accurate. First, in order to justify their existence, they took forever always running their diagnostics to fix even the simplest problems. To add insult to injury, they talked down to everyone else like we were idiots. I had added a new keyboard to my home computer and also bought the required chip to make it work with my old computer. At work, we got new keyboards and, of course, they didn't work with our old computers. I told the techs to install the required chips and they dismissed me like I was crazy. They billed us for 13 hrs. for diagnostics (they always worked in pairs) and ended up installing the suggested chip. Did it make them humble? Heck no, it made them even more insufferable. Now, I'm sure not all techs are like this but this was my experiennce.

    I don't take a swimsuit unless I'm going where there is someplace to swim or a hot tub. Suits are often optional in hot tubs but no one wants to see me naked. I don't even like seeing myself naked. Yikes!

    Linda, hope the PT helps. Mine did. Not only have you found a new way to spend time with your GD but you will get some help with the weeds. She will probablly always love pulling weeds when she grows up because it will bring back beloved memories.

    Hair color is a problem for me. I do my own with Nice 'n Easy. If I use any blonde except ash, it turns red and I don't look good in red hair despite my pasty Irish/German skin. So, I use the ash and suffer with mousey brown for a week before it turns to an acceptable shade of blonde. If it would just all turn white like my Mom's, I might let it go but it's mousey brown with silver white in some areas and, again, that's not a good look for a pasty white person.

    Pool volleyball isn't like playing on sand. You can't move fast in the water so you basically just wait for a ball to come your way. The day I played, I was having a good day. After that, everything went downhill. I'm still trying to figure out what causes flares because the eye drops did me in and I'm still tired from that.

    It will take 3 hrs. for the new tires. Car Nation took over from the family which formerly ran our Toyota dealership and now, everything takes forever. Not an improvement. I don't think I have the energy to walk to the mall so will likely have them bring me home and pick me up when it's done. They have TV and wi-fi in their waiting room but the chairs aren't comfortable enough to sit in for two or three hours. I'm looking for another place to take the vehicle for maintenance and repairs after this. Same thing happened when I had a VW and the family sold out to a chain. We are becoming a nation of big corporations which offer lousy customer service. Whine, whine, whine!

    Everyone, have a great weekend. For me, it will be a relief to have the gold sold and new tires. Now, if I can just get the Roman shade made for my guest room before DD comes for a visit. She's coming without my DG for only a day or two just to recoup her sanity. He's now a great kid but even the best can be a big drain on energy.

    Love, Mikie