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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Oh, it's 11:10 pm and my mind has gone blank.

    Halloween is over for sure. Ok, there might be some left over candy but we are
    officially in the Turkey month.

    The weatherman told us to wear fleece in the morning cause it's going to be 59 degrees
    for the low. Really? Fleece??? haha I used to own fleece when I would go to out of
    state but I haven't gone in a long while so must have donated my fleece. I may regret
    it if we have a cold winter. But I do have my heavy robe (mentioned in last thread) so
    I'm good.

    We are talking about hair color. Hmm Both maternal uncles were red heads and my 3
    cousins were too. When the time comes, I hope I remember "ash" should be on the box.

    I have a goal to have the Christmas dinner cooked and in the freezer by Thanksgiving.
    Started the dressing tonite. Plan to have it finished this weekend. Next weekend is the
    turkey. Ike's secretary told me years ago about cooking it ahead and then you cut
    the meat off and get rid of the carcass before the "day of". I know many won't think
    this is much of a good idea. I'm one of the ones who has embraced it whole heartedly.
    That's what you do when you have 3 son. They will do some grilling or dessert making
    but so far, no turkey.

    I found out what the heck is going on at my doc's office. (3 of my 7 meds ordered wrong).
    He is down to one haggard nurse. One is out on maternity leavein 3 weeks and they are trying to make it with one. During the snowbirds coming back? Don't they have 'floaters' that
    fill in. Guess not. That would make the doctor's salary a bit less. Let the poor nurses
    carry the burden. At least that is the way I see it. She is so overworked I had to help her
    add 90 and 90. (180). She is keeping a better attitude than I probably would. Sweet

    Sometimes I think Physical Therapy is really working and then I realize I took my ultram
    an hour ago. Hmmm. But I do think that the exercises they gave me to do are very
    good. Not to hard.

    Ok, time for my next niteynite pill!

    Hope all are better who need to be.


  2. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It's hard to go from 83 to 84 as my pea brain cannot remember what I read.

    Pam, I'm so very sorry for this prolonged mouth problem. I had that some time back and lost some weight because my appetite just left after my mouth had been sore for so long. Mine was a series of sores; one would go and another would come. Along with that was the burning sensation in my entire mouth. I found that not only did I have problems with spicy/acidic foods but also with carbs. If I ate sweet things, it was worse. Sometimes, when I'm flaring with the SS, I get the most horrible taste in my mouth after eating. I also get the "if I don't lie down, I'll fall down" sensation. It's difficult to get anything done when we feel like this. I hope you are taking it easy. It's so hard to make myself rest in prolonged states of exhaustion as everything piles up around me. I pray you get better.

    Linda, it is cold this morning. I have a short robe which isn't fleece but it's that super-soft fabric you love to touch. Beall's has a long one on sale and I have a $10 coupon burning a hole in my pocket. This robe is more elegant, a beige and white subtle design and has satin trim. It's a long wrap robe and they also sell it with a zipper down the front. I like wrap robes best. I have a strange feeling that this winter, we will see our share of cool weather. Of course, living in the sub-tropics makes us wimpy when it comes to cold weather. We will have on long pants and a jacket and see people in the pool. We just look at them and say, "Must be Yankees," in our best Southern drawl.

    Nothing like seeing a man who just died of a heart attack to get me off my sorry ass so I took a walk yesterday morning. The village next door has a pond about the size of a football field with two fountains. I saw a brown pellican, an anhinga, a wood stork and ducks. It was beautiful but about mid-day, I had to lie down. Exercise just doesn't give me energy; it exhausts me. I have several projects needing doing so, for now, I think I'll get my exercise working on them. I'm not flaring right now but am not dancing a jig either. Balance, balance!

    Rock, I hope your energy level is better. Those nylon jackets are the best for keeping out the cold wind. I like hoodies or knit jackets like hoodies but without the hoods. They are usually enough for cold weather down here but I can use them to layer up under a light jacket too. It's in the 50's this morning, cold for us. It will get up into the 70's today and should be beautiful.BR>

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day and everyone is feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
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  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Started to feel a little better yesterday afternoon.Good thing,it's the weekend and errands need done along with FIL visit.Funny Mikie how the symptoms I get are perfectly matched to yours.Lots of weird autoimmune symptoms hit different people and few are alike but I get the feeling when I describe something you know exactly what I'm experiencing instead of a sort of.It's kind of helpful because by now I know it's the illness and it will pass eventually but at the same time it's miserable and I tend to wonder if I'm being a wimp or to blame somehow.When I get through it I think well yea I was really sick because now I don't have those symptoms.

    Anyway,I haven't been eating and what do I crave but a nice big burger and big homestyle cut FF.Burger with onion no less.Huz took me to early lunch and that's what I had.Onion and dry mouth.Such a bad idea.No taste for supper I'll be brushing my teeth and using mouthwash the rest of the day and it still won't help.

    I have been searching for the scripts the Dr. gave me two wks. ago.I haven't felt up to mailing them in and now I can't find them.Huz helped me look and it appears they are gone.I threw them away or he did.So mad.Both were for pain relief.Guess I'll have to call and see if they'll fax them in for me but my pride really hates that idea.


  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pain meds are precious. I am thinking your doc knows you and won't mind giving you
    more scripts. One advantage to long time relationship with a doc.

    Oh, Mikie...that robe sounds so elegant. You DO have the taste for the nicer things!!
    And frugul too. A match made in heaven!!

    Guess I will be shopping for some fleece. YIKES. DS told me by instant message...that's
    the way we talk. That his future inlaws in North Carolina love to keep their house very
    cool (what?) and wear sweats and put blankets over themselves and watch tv on Thanksgiving.
    Me...in my brain...they can't raise the thermostat a few degrees for the 1.5 days we will be
    there? TG we are sleeping in a hotel and can get warm. When I use to go to Virginia to
    see Twin, I always kept my coat on in the house. This too I will get through. They seem
    to be really nice. They just don't understand the 'Florida' thing, I suppose. Wonder
    how they will like 78 if they come to visit us...haha. No, I turn it down for the kids
    and other northerners who wander down. Or is that up. Anyway about 74.

    Can you drink high calorie drinks, Pam? We may have discussed this before but
    Ensure helped me to keep weight on. Up to 6 cans a day. Don't get the chocolate.
    Trust me. :)

    No Pam, you are not a wimp. I have known you through this board and you are not one.
    Trust me there too!

    Time change..guess I will hit the hay. I think Mikie is exercising enough for us all!!
    Thank you, Mikie!!

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I love ya.

    Pam, I'm glad you are a bit better and hope you can get your Rx's from the doc. This can happen to anyone. I threw away a pair of gold earrings and lost a silver pair. I'm a Cancer and we can't stand to lose anything. We hang on tight with our pinchers :) You are no wimp. A wimp couldn't take what ails us. Coming to grips with not being able to function is the most difficult thing I've had to deal with. We are all so hard on ourselves.

    Linda, I'm somewhat lucky in that I run hot but still, if we have a sharp drop in temps, I do get cold. I'm going to go check out that robe. If I still want it today, I should get it. If not, there is a pair of Rocket Dog sandals and a box of K-cup coffee I can use my coupon for. The sandals are on clearance so I'll essentially be getting the coffee for $2. I have $10 in Beall's Bucks but can't use them til after the 9th. If there is nothing I want, I'll get another box of coffee for $2. Gotta love a deal! Yes, good thing you have a hotel; you can set the temp to suit you.

    Well, I'm not exercising now. That little walk brought on a big flare and I spent yesterday in bed, exhausted and in pain. I was wondering whether it was the sun which caused the flare when I played pool volleyball but it had to be the exercise aspect. Of course, the sun could have helped to cause it. I'm going to just go sit in the sun to see what happens.

    I have a few flowers to plant. Weather seems to be changing enough so they will survive. They've been in pots for two days waiting for me to feel better.

    Rock, hope you're doing well. As always, sending warm hugs and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  6. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I helped huz take up the carpet in family room to get ready for wood flooring.DS wasn't home.I should say I tried to help because it didn't take long before the room was swirling around me and I ran for the sofa lol.Pulled out some staples but lots of resting in between.I felt so pathetic I almost cried but huz sensed it and said I was doing fine so I sucked it up and promised I would work on staples all week.Got to accept the limitations I guess.

    Sense of taste not back.Everything tastes like sawdust.Hope it's not gone for good.I offered to cook a big supper but they said don't bother sandwiches are fine.I couldn't ever figure out what you all ate when I had to cook big meals daily for FIL but now it's coming to me naturally.

    I run on the hot side myself but have periods of time when I get chilled for hrs. only to return to a heat wave.Can't decide which would be worse.Football is on time to hunt for a movie.

  7. spacee

    spacee Member

    Across the street from Legoland. Oh Darn. I have been avoiding going that way because
    of the traffic. I'll have to slip over there sometime and check it out. I have liked our
    new Kohl's and I didn't think I would. Oh, I just get a bit here and there but their things
    seem to be better priced (except for Beals).

    Hoda told this on her tv show with Katie Lee. You won't believe she did. Her feet
    are bigger than she likes and are a half size...say 9 1/2 and sometimes the shoe
    isn't carried in half sizes. Only the whole. So she has to get a 10. What does she
    put in them to fill out the extra room. Maxie pads. And one time she had to take
    the shoes off at an airport and put the shoes on the conveyer belt. Oh,my, if that
    happened to me, I would wish the floor would open right up and I would be happy
    to drop into the crack. These women on TV are gutsy.

    It's that time again. You know. Take the 3rd med and hit the hay.

    Nite all.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Pam, pulling staples is hard work. I can do that kind of thing for long or my arthritic hands freeze up and spasm. My thumb folds in and I have to pry it loose. Whine, whine, whine! Every now and then, I get so cold I have to get into a hot bath to warm up. I put on a robe and climb into bed and fall asleep. Then, later on, I wake up sweating. It's like my thermostat is broken. I know your new floors will be worth it when they are done. Hang in there.

    Linda, I burst out laughing when I read where your Bealls is located. I know it's not funny but OMG, it's like Legoland is the bane of your existance. What are the odds? I liked Kohl's until I opened an acct. Something went wrong with my electronic payment (my bank's fault) and Kohl's charged me a $25 fee. I called and told them I was on my way to the store to write a check and asked if they would write off the fee. They refused. Now, it's not their fault but I think, considering they advertise how customer friendly they are, they should have written it off. I now have a bad taste in my mouth for them. My first charge on the card was in excess of $400 because I was buying outdoor umbrellas for our pool. I had spent a lot of money there before I got the card. I'm not saying I won't shop there again but if I do, it will have to be because I can't get something anywhere else or it's so cheap I can't resist.

    BTW, I did get the robe. With the sale and my coupon, I bought a $60 robe for $26, less than half the original retail price. Of course, no one pays retail. I still have $10 in Beall's Bucks so I'll run in after the 9th and grab a box of coffee for $2. I usually get it at Bed, Bath & Beyond and use coupons but they are not as good as getting the coffee for $2.

    I had planned on planting those flowers yesterday but was in pain and exhausted after I went to the store. So, today, come hell or high water, those flowers are going in. Gotta call my younger daughter; it's her birthday today.

    Where's Rock?

    Have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Did you say what kind you are planting?Love that thought living here in the North.Pretty yellow,red and orange leaves are pretty much gone leaving dingy yellow and brown mounds all over the yard.I used to spend hrs. raking those things and I've noticed that no one around here uses a rake anymore.The guys are out there with leave blowers blowing them into piles or sucking them up in a leave bag.So rakes are obsolete now?

    Huz called this morning but I was to sick to talk.I hate that.sometimes I lie and just say I'm fine so as not to put a damper on his day.He visits his dad on his morning break and gets enough of that.Anyway I soon felt the sick spell fade away which sometimes can happen so I texted him a message saying fine now,sorry have a nice day.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Sending you healing thoughts and prayers.

    We have two terra cotta pots which are quite large, one larger than the other, next to the stairs up to the second floor. When my Mom lived with me, she bought the larger pot and said as her gift to us all, she would buy the flowers. I buy them now. Her big pot is full of white impatiens and when they get big, they cascade over the edge. It's beautiful. The smaller pot holds red geraniums because it's good Feng Shui to have red flowers at the entrance to the home. I have a window box in the kitchen window next to my front door filled with red New Guinnea Impatiens. I took some of my old plants and put them out in the area between our bldgs. where we just have an eclectic garden. They guy next door has a green thumb and he brings home all kinds of plants and gives them to us or plants them there. Our stairwell atria are kinda ours to do with what we want. We mostly have green bushes and plants in them. When the Snowbirds come back in Jan., they will fill the area around their front door with colorful plants.

    I miss the fall colors but we didn't always have them in CO. Early snows would often spoil them. The Aspens in the mtns. are only usually colorful for one or two weeks and the roads are crammed with cars looking at them. In a good year, though, Thanksgiving time would have some color with the trees about half bare. Perfect Thanksgiving environment. I love Atlanta in the fall as it's usually very colorful. They planted around the pond at the junior college up the street here with all dicidious (sp?) trees which do actually turn in the fall. If you don't look at the palm trees by the sign, you would think you were somewhere else. There is a nature preserve on the way to the airport which is like that too.

    I had to use my nebulizer this morning as my chest was congested. It's in the 70's with a nice balmy breeze but it's not good for allergies, asthma nor COPD. I toughed it out and got everything planted but was in pain the whole time. I came in, ate lunch and watched "Les Mis" on TV. I just got out of a hot bath with Epsom Salts and will rest for the remainder of the day. I have condo mtgs. the next two mornings. They don't last long but have to shower, do my hair, do my makeup and wear something decent. Otherwise, I'm hanging around in old shorts and a tee shirt.

    Somewhere I lost the cursor when my hand dragged across the touchpad so there may be an extra word or two somewhere in this post.

    I've thrown the new robe in the washer with my old ones so I can wear it without getting all that lint everywhere. The really soft throws and robes all shed. I might as well do some laundry as I sit here doing nothing else but watching TV. The Doctor Phil family is on today and, I'm ashamed to say, I don't want to miss it. Those poor people are like a train wreck that I can't turn away from.

    My mouth is getting that icky feeling so I need to go brush my teeth and suck on some Biotene. How many levels of sick do we have? I'm glad I got something done today but I hate all this pain and fatigue. It's a constant job of managing it all.

    Again, hope you are feeling better.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Not up to posting. We are going to the market in a few minutes. Gordon is driving.
    Nothin' much goin' on here.

    What are Beals and Kohls? Stores? Be back tomorrow I hope.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I was afraid that you might not be feeling well. Hope you feel better.

    Beall's and Kohl's are small dept. stores, kinda like Mervin's, if you have those. They are typically less expensive than Macy's or Dillard's but more expensive than Wal-Mart or K-Mart. The clothing and home goods are a lot like Target. Beall's down here caters to casual and beach wear but carries other clothing. A lot of the home goods and accesories are beach themed.

    We do get sweaters, boots and coats in our stores down here but those of us who live here year round don't buy them unless we are going up North.

    Again, hope you are feeling better. Hope everyone is doing well. I got up and went to the condo mtg., but am just pooped! I should go to the store but I honestly am not hungry for anything. Think I'll just cool it for today.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Met the designer at the furn. store where she chose a couple options for the livingroom.I picked the roomy sofa as opposed to a streamlined style.I could tell she disagreed but I wanted one you could fold into and take a nap.The other one would give me more back support she said but I rarely sit on a sofa at home I more run to it to lay down and go back to whatever I was doing.I sit in the chair unless huz has it first.

    First time using a designer and I could see where you could run up a fortune having them run around getting all kinds of things to redo a room.I've always hated the part of to many choices and not knowing what to choose.At least with two it's easier.I was afraid she would go crazy with modern style stripes and prints but I'm glad she matched my more neutral taste.

    Don't hate on me but Christmas shopping is almost done.
    We buy for the little grandkids and greats.We even stopped giving money to grown kids and grands.Son's fiancee is shocked at how little we celebrate at gift giving but I think it's more for the young ones and I really don't want a bunch of things I don't need.How many Snuggies do you need?I doubt I'll be making all the breads and cheeseballs I usually give this yr.
    I ordered the kids gifts online and the last of them will probably be delivered tomorrow so I bought Christmas paper while out today.I plan on leaving the gifts at son's at Thanksgiving since we won't be driving back up to Indiana this yr.Good to have that all done and out of the way.

    I guess Fiancee goes to all the relatives houses exchanging gifts each yr. as part of their tradition.Everyone does it different I guess.
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm also a Christmas gift minimalist except for my GS. All I have left to do is order the pogo stick he wants online and I'm done. After I'm "done," I always end up picking up a couple more little things for him. I have a few smaller things which I have to wrap and take to mail. I'll just have the pogo stick sent to him. It's on sale with another 20 percent off coupon. Woo Hoo! The kids and I just make donations to charities instead of gifts to one another. None of us needs anything. In fact, we are all in giveway mode. Too much stuff.

    I've never used a decorator and my condo probably shows it. I don't have a problem with too many choices as I usually know what I want before I shop. My problem is always finding it. I've always wondered what it would be like to use a decorator. I'm afraid if I did, he or she would tell me to throw away everything I have :) I'm like you. I lie more, and sit less, on my sofa so it has to be nap friendly.

    I woke at 3:00 a.m. today. Yikes! I have a headache and stomach ache which isn't good as I have a condo budget mtg. at 10:00. I'm drugged up in order to make it through. I'm the treasurer so I can't miss it. I've found all kinds of problems with the budget and our financials which will make this budget mtg. more complex and longer than in previous years. The mgmt. co. has a new bookkeeper and I don't think she's up to it.

    Keep us updated on the redecorating. I love hearing about it. What color sofa did you end up with? I like the neutrals too. You can always add color with accessories and those can be changed. BTW, we're in good company. This is what Nate Berkus recommends.

    Love, Mikie
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Don't really have any news except that I made pumpkin pudding
    y-day. Can't make pies anymore. Don't have the energy to
    make the crust. And I don't dare put anything in the oven. I just
    forget it and it burns.

    But the pudding in the microwave for a few minutes worked fine.
    I used the same ingreediments as P. Pie filling and substituted
    Pyrex for a crust.

    Thanks for the rundown on the stores, Mikie. I think the big
    dept stores from my childhood have all gone outta business or
    been assimilated by some huge conglomerate.

    All of the record companies of my youth are gone or part of
    some giant. Well, the America I grew up in is gone. Doesn't
    look like it's ever coming back either.

    And speaking of deciduous trees. my brother the forest ranger
    told me about the larch which is a conifer that is deciduous.
    It has needles and cones, but it sheds it needles in the fall.

    Someone should write a verse about this interesting plant.
    I have one here.

    There once was a tree called the larch.
    It budded each year around March.
    Though not good for eating,
    the cones upon beating,
    gave forth with an edible starch.

    Thanks to Harry Potter, we also know that larch wood is
    excellent for wands.

    Well, good for you, Pam. Glad to hear you are in charge of
    Christmas shopping. As they say, "It pays to plan ahead."
    Well, one could hardly plan behind.

    I have been sending my 3 siblings food packages for the
    past several years. This year I am tricking them. I'm sending
    them at Thanksgiving.

    Do you have to pay your designer? I read decades ago that
    designers didn't cost the homeowner anything because they
    got the stuff they picked out at discount. The savings made up
    their fee.

    I see you are also planning ahead w/ your Thanksgiving dinner,
    Linda. I'm sure whatever you do, it will be better than frozen or
    restaurant fare. Two or 3 decades ago, I cooked an entire
    Thanksgiving dinner including pie all by myself. I mostly just
    did what I had seen my folks do for years. They were lousy
    parents, but great cooks.

    Should you even find yourself at the airport w/ maxi pads on
    the conveyor belt, just say airily, "Careful, there. Don't lose
    my Ferragamo shoe inserts."

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    My DD has taken to calling me on her morning commute to work at 8 in the morning.I'm usually up but not ready for conversation.I don't want to hurt her feelings so I don't say anything.This morning I stayed in bed but the phone got me up.I must have hit the wrong button because no one was there.She didn't call back but I'm up.Time to say something.

    Love the shoe insert joke Rock.Pumpkin pudding sounds delicious.The decorator does have an hourly charge for the time she spends on my job.I requested she put a cap on my hrs. and to let me know when we reached it.She's got a portfolio of pictures of my things we're using and layouts of my rooms with scaled paper furn.pieces she moves around to see placement ideas along with my room color swatches.She's on the hunt now for discounted drapery material to have curtains made.I'm nervous about that cost but she said she's thrifty and can get a good discount.Because I went neutral with a pop of color with striped pillows she's going to do a pattern drape.I don't know about that we'll see.

    She said the furn. store will bring in lots of accessory pieces to choose from.No way!Can you imagine the mark up on that?You could really get carried away and run up a bill quickly on that.Better to bargain hunt on my own even via internet.Not falling into that trap.

    We plan on staying here several more yrs. and updating for resale if and when the market picks up.The last of the kids will be gone soon and FIL is moved out now so we are sprucing up our home for our comfort not to showcase for friends and family.That's why we'll do what we can to cut costs and not go crazy spending our savings on luxury items to show off.Like you said Mikie we need less not more at this time in our life.

    Felt pretty decent yesterday.Huz has an appt. this afternoon and wants to go pick up the flooring.We have a pick up truck and wood weight is a ton to much for the truck.Two trips unless he has a better idea.His boss and friend offered to bring his truck and follow but we can't ask the boss to use a day off.

  17. spacee

    spacee Member

    Except when you are sick. So all three and I will say 4 and include Barry have been
    sick in one way or the other. That might be a first. I don't feel sick but I don't feel
    good either. I'm kinda middle.

    Mikie that was a great explanation of Beals and Kohl's. I never would have done that well.
    Very poor customer service at Kohl's to not waive that fee. It sure wasn't your fault.

    Love, love impatiens. They sound so pretty. We try to get vincas to grow since we
    mainly have a lot of sun. It's the closest thing I can get to impatiens. Ours didn't do
    too well this year. We don't know why. Which might be a problem next year.

    The PTherapist asked me how long I sit in a chair at one time. I said 2 hours. Later
    I realized that it is much less. I watch tv and talk on the phone (not before 1pm)
    lying on the sofa. Sometimes a bed. That decorator needs to learn that there are
    two kinds of ppl. Those who sit on their sofas and those who lie on them. She doesn't
    understand sickness. I can tell.

    Ike has a sis who LOVES to call the other sis (who has lupus and sick) on the phone at 8am.
    While driving to work. It really annoys the sick sis. I wouldn't answer if it were a sibling.

    Did ya'll see that Walmart is coming up with a plan to offer low cost health coverage to
    ppl who can't afford it. I think the RX plan has worked out very well for them. CVS has
    "Minute Clinic". So, soon you may be able to go to Walmart and have your heart checked
    while your partner grocery shops. You know, this just might work out.

    I couldn't believe it til I heard it on the news. Jefferson County (THE Jefferson County where
    I was born) has declared bankruptcy. Really it's Birmingham Al. It's the largest city in the
    US to go bankrupt ever in our history. I can't remember how many Billion. Where did it
    go? I'll let you know if I find out.

    Glad you got the pretty robe, Mike. I can tell from here it looks beautiful on you.

    Dollar General has sweat pants for $16. We were told that we "had" to wear them
    on Thanksgiving in North Carolina. So, I'm ready now. I got black. This is the Thanks.
    dinner with Parker's future inlaws. Oh, in fact, Dollar General had the cutest tunic/jacket
    (that I didn't get) but Macy's had the exact same one but in a different color and a lot
    more. (didn't get it either).

    Nite, Ya'll.

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    In the "Ya'll are Funny" title....I wanted Rock to know that I was including
    his poem. That was really cute!!

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! Good to see everyone posting. I was too tired to get online after the mtg. The mgmt. co. woman who deals with us is never pleased when her mistakes come to light. She can be quite unpleasant. My next-door neighbor and I had lunch and stopped at Beall's where I used my $10 in Beall's Bucks to get a new dressy black and tan top. It's scoop necked and sleeveless, just perfect for under a jacket this winter.

    Rock, love the poem about the larch. If I ever see one, I might just make a wand out of a branch. I could use one. We have Cypress trees which drop their needles in Jan. but they come right back on again. The one out back by the pond is getting older and has many knees poking up through the water. Yes, everything has changed. Most of our lives, things remained stable and now, with this global economy, everything is topsy turvey. I plan on making pumpkin bread. I just buy the pumpkin pies. The crust isn't great but then, neither is mine :) I used to make pumpkin souflees and they were delicious but too much trouble. I got some pumpkin spice coffee in the K-cups and it is great and I usually don't even like flavored coffee. The supermarket has pumpkin ice cream and egg nog too. It's on sale. I had better not shop when I'm hungry or I won't be able to resist.

    Pam, sounds as though you are doing the decorating smart. You are so right about accessorizing. I've seen accessories at the furniture stores and they are always an arm and a leg. Even Target and Home Goods have nice things and if you want to go to a better store, you will still save money. It's so exciting to hear about the progress. I love decorating, even if I do it myself a little at a time. Right now, I have some plantation shades lying on the guest room floor just waiting for me to install them. My daughter is tentatively supposed to come down on the 15th, so I do have a deadline. Wish my sorry state of energy understood this. My daughters call me when they are driving but not early. One has decided to stop using her phone while driving. She lives out SW of Denver and the wildlife is going crazy out there and running into the road.

    Linda, thanks for your sweet compliments. I washed the robe but haven't worn it yet. Kinda saving it. Maybe for when my daughter comes down. We are a VERY casual family but she will like seeing it. Sweats are our favorites when it's cold. I think it's wonderful that there are retail options for healthcare available. For people who don't have healthcare, it's certainly a better alternative than the ER for nonemergencies. For people who don't want to sit for long periods in the doc's office, it sounds perfect. It's also very convenient. I'm not very creative when it comes to the flowers. We seem to just keep planting what will grow. In the winter, the front of our bldg. doesn't get much sun so we have to stay with what will grow in shade. I don't know why things will not grow here in the summer. It's as hot up in Atlanta and my daughter can grow flowers up there. Oh well, when it's that hot, we don't go out except to the pool and I don't even go over there. We have several people here with green thumbs and they are able to get some things growing in pots but they really aren't that attractive.

    Well, dear friends, I should get into the shower and get moving. I woke early again but went back to sleep after breakfast. Where else but on the sofa :) I have garbage to take down to the dumpster area. AACK! If I can get my sorry self off the sofa, though, maybe I can install those blinds. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    The week has gone by so fast.Maybe because someone was home or in and out all week.Enjoying my day by myself.DS and fiancee are saving babysitting money by trading off days to watch GS between their work schedules.That means if son has him he's here all day.He's good though so I don't mind if he follows me around and son checks to see if I've had enough from time to time and takes him upstairs to play with him.

    He's 3 and is starting to wonder why Daddy isn't living with him.Sept. when they get married is a long ways away.My son has been his father figure since he was 8mos. and we think of him as our GS.His biological dad hasn't wanted anything to do with him since birth because he didn't want to pay child support isn't that a really pathetic reason?Some people in this world.DS loves him as his own.

    I don't think we're going to drive down to Fl. at Christmas after all.To much to get done here.I was dreading the traffic anyway.DD took the news pretty good.She's come up with a plan to go on a cruise in Mar. or April and wants us to come .We used to cruise regularly until FIL moved in.She needs us to babysit because last time they went GD would not stay in the child's center.My huz says fine with him.We've been on E. and W. Caribbean so they can choose.I doubt we'll get off the ship anyway.

    So no plans for Christmas sounds wonderful to me for a change.And my shopping is done too!


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