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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Nov 14, 2011.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    I have visions of Rock and Gordon having tofu turkey on Thanksgiving. I bet
    Gordon is keeping it as a surprise :)

    Pam, whew, what you have been through with the poor niece. Someone lured
    her into that situation. Nope, you cannot trust her at all.

    I am gonna change the name of my Cmas cactus to Thanksgiving Cactus since
    it is about to have about 20 blooms. Thanks to the person here who suggested the
    south facing window and I did raise the blinds about 10 inches. It has never
    had more than 3 blooms a year and not at the same time. Voila...just wanted
    more sun. Cause I sure haven't watered it.

    Yes, Rock, we got to see the gchild and the dwarf via utube, I think. Maybe the
    tv station gave the parents the film via email cause I don't remember seeing utube.
    It has been preserved for her to watch....the distressed child being help by the
    teacher. Bless her heart. Everyone is speaking a language she doesn't understand.
    What doesn't make you bitter makes you stronger, right?

    Yeah, the old back. Looks like Ike will get to clean the refridge pretty soon. I do need
    to milk this incase it doesn't last. hehe

    The birds are back and also one from the south. I saw a car with a Puerto Rico tag
    yesterday. Might have been my first one.

    Poor Lily. I wish they made doggy earplugs. Or headphones. Doggies have such
    sensitive ears. You knew that though.

    TaTa Dear Ones.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    No, we won't be having tofu turnkey, Linda. Gordon hates turkey. I think it's
    wonderful, but it's too hard to chew nowadays. I guess I could deal with
    Turkey Spam. It's convenient. No bones to deal with.

    What do you mean "stick pins". What is this? The latest in 12th century
    medical practice? Where do they apply the leeches?

    Can you tell us where to find your granddaughter on Youtube?

    Pam, my brother got married several years back. His bride dragged her
    adult son who was an addict into the home. He stole everything that wasn't
    chained to the wall and did some damage with the kitchen stove.

    I had given the marriage 6 months, but with the introduction of the son into
    the mix, it only lasted three. I could have told my brother that everything
    pointed to a really bad decision on his part (re: getting married), but that
    would only have made him more determined to go through with it.

    As Gore Vidal once said, "Practically any problem could be solved if people
    would just listen to me." (I dunno if he was kidding or not. Probably was.)

    How long is the hammering going on? Can you send Lily to a neighbor?
    Poor doggy. Our little doggy had his cough come back last night. One pill
    and he is bouncing around, full of pep this morning. Wish I had some of
    that stuff. Not the pill; the energy.

    Barry, come back and see us. You too, Mikie.

  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Linda you are braver then me.I could not have that procedure done.Never heard of it.You have so much going on right now with PT,tests and the upcoming visit at Thanksgiving.Wishing lots of energy your way.

    Can't send Lily anywhere she only bonds with huz and I and son.She was the runt of the litter and I don't know if that's why she's so skittish or not.Skittish is the word a neighbor used to describe her when he tried to make friends with her.I'll just have to take her upstairs and shut the door if she gets to upset.Zippy's cough was fixed with a pill?That's good medicine to work so quickly.

    I baked a chicken noodle casserole.I could eat it for a week.I'm sure it's not going to be huz or son's favorite but it's the sort of dish I prefer.

    Decorator stopped by to measure for drapes.Can't wait to see the patterns she picks for me to choose from.I don't know if I can picture a swatch of material as drapes much less imagine how furn.. ect. will all look together.

  4. spacee

    spacee Member

    and anyone else who wants to watch the youtube. It is not in English but you can get
    the gist of it. It's in Dutch, of course, and filmed in the city of Nijmegan.


    That took all my brain power!!

    Pam, I am with you. Can't imagine anything from a swatch. Give me a picture any day.
    But it is wonderful that you have a decorator to bring things to you!!

    I really like this woman GI doc and have a feeling she won't do anything masocistic.
    You know what I mean.

    I drove to the PT today. 45 min drive. When I got out of the car my right hip hurt.
    The PT 'worked on the tight muscles" and I left without pain. Drove home, got out
    of the car and my right hip hurt. Hmmm.

    I was very tense driving over. One of those ppl, driving a convertible, evidently thinking
    the rest of the world was on vacation too was in front of me for quite a ways. Just going
    3 more mph and we could have missed several lights. His tag said "Hillsbourogh County"
    That's Tampa. Near Mikie.

    Later ya'll


  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    OHH Stiff and sore this morning.40's and colder tonight.I don't see how I can take another winter at this rate.My mouth still hurts terribly.Ok thanks for listening to my whine for the day.

    Lily is one smelly dog today and cold or not today is bath day.I'll keep the hairdryer close to dry her quickly.

    I've got 4 new books to read but I've been forgetting morning Restasis drops so eyes are to dry to read.Once a day isn't enough so I'm going to have to find a way to remember.

    Mikie is missing so that must mean her DD is visiting and they are having a blast.

    Linda your PT is making me think about going back to pool therapy.My posture is bent forward again and the muscles need to strengthen.Warm water therapy worked so well even though I hurt like heck at first.

  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Picked 2 tomatoes yesterday. I think that's the last of them. Got my money's worth
    outta that plant.

    My Eisenhower's is getting worser and worser. Put the margarine in the microwave
    yesterday. Wrote an e mail to a former board member. Lost it. Found it again after
    I wrote and told her I lost it.

    My sister wrote and asked if I got the buncha old letters she sent. I knew I had already
    told her I did. Turned out I didn't. I had posted about it. Well, I knew I had at least
    written about it.

    Pam, whine all you want. It's therapeutic. Especially if you call it venting. And we
    all know folks here have plenty to vent about. Is there a heated pool where you can
    soak? Do you do exercises in the water? Like synchronized swimming? Dave Barry
    wrote that he thought syn. swimming was for sissies until he tried it. Every time he
    tried to float on his back and point his toes at the sky, he sank like a hockey puck.
    Not so easy after all.

    Is Lily ok w/ the hair dryer? It doesn't scare her?

    Linda, what took all your brain power? Typing the URL? Well, I should think so. Do
    you know how to cut and paste. I told one of our posters how to do it years ago.
    She recently posted she didn't know how and wished someone would show her.
    Yes, it would be easier to be shown.

    The video of the dwarf and GD was totally charming. He looks like a Norwegian troll although I think trolls have beards.

    You guys know this old joke? First painter: those women drive me nuts. When I get
    done, they always say, "But it doesn't match the paint chip." Second painter. "Just
    paint the chip too."

    I suppose nowadays the stores can show colors on walls using the computer. But I don't
    know if the computer colors are really accurate. Do you?

    I have several chores to do today, but don't feel energized to do any of them. I did
    pay a bill yesterday. "We must all celebrate small achievements." Yeah, yeah...

    Talk atcha later

  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    That was a nice catch Rock.I gasped when you asked about Lily with the hairdryer.Never gave it a thought but no she doesn't mind that loud thing at all.She likes it because it's warm and I rub her all over so it doesn't get to hot.That's funny.

    The paint chip reminded me that when I picked out the furn. swatch colors she photo copied them and we remarked how well it matched.I got home,held up the paper copies to my old sofa and yelled out loud that it looked like the same pattern so why am I buying a new sofa.I showed the decorator the other day when she was here and she said it happens a lot.I was drawn to that pattern but I told her that wasn't comforting I don't want the same thing.We decided the new one is probably a different color then the photo copied one.

    Those last tomatoes will taste just about as good as the first of the season.
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    So sorry to be MiA but DD did come down. I just took her to the airport. Miss her already. We had a really good time.

    I had typed a long response to everyone on the last thread and lost it due to some flub and didn't have time to recreate it. So, I'm just popping in to say hi and try to catch up a bit. I'll post more later. Hope everyone is doing great.

    Love, Mikie
  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    My brain was fried from posting the url. And then I had to drag it to the top and see
    if it would work. I have a how to "copy and paste" on a post it note stuck to my puter.
    I find it I don't do something several times a day, I don't remember how to do it.

    Which reminds me. CFS causes cognitive problems and I read yesterday that Sjogren's
    causes cognitive problems too. We all are not going to win for losing that area...I'
    guessing. Hope I'm wrong.

    Those were bad days, Rock and Pam and Mikie it's sad to say goodbye to DD.

    The PT person has worked her fingers to the bone this week and it finally paid off.
    Wasn't hurting when I got home. She did ask the doc and insurance company for
    4 more visits. I think she realizes that driving to NC might undo her hard work.

    Good news. It only took the two times that I texted the doc when there were problems
    (like with 3 of my meds). Now the nurse bumps me right up to the top of the list.
    How could I tell. It only took them one day to fax back to the PT place. That's like the
    speed of light for them.

    Oh, Pam I hope the new sofa isn't like the other. I agree that it's nice to have a change
    if you are going to all the trouble to change everything else.

    Everyone at Ike's office are talking about the snowbird now. I got behind 2 different cars
    in the fast lane and going 20 miles slower than the limit. I think they are so happy to be
    back, they just have to gawk.

    So Mikie, did your DD come for a quick trip before Thanksgiving? I don't mind at all mixing
    up the holidays. Like we are having Cmas on Dec 15th this year. Ike did the lifting
    the turkey to and from the oven. Then slicing it. Then throwing away the carcass. Ok, all I did was turn the oven on and set the timer. I was there for the moral support. I'll be there too when he cleans the fridge. :)

    Pam, it might be worth it to have the pool therapy. I know the pain from it is bad. But if it helps your posture/back....you know what I mean. Gotta keep on, keeping on. Lily and
    the hairdryer. I would have bet the farm that she wouldn't have liked the sound.

    Tomorrow: to the post office. Maybe some Q watching with Twin. And, yes, boots are
    being worn in Lake Wales already.

  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Well, I had been invited up to Atlanta for Thanksgiving but declined because she was supposed to have had hip surgery on the cartlige by now. Well, insurance keeps declining it so it didn't happen. At the time she asked, I was also in such a big flare that I told her I didn't want to fly. Her MIL invited them to TX so they are going there as my SIL's whole family will be there. He doesn't get to see his brother very often. DD's visit wasn't really a pre-Thanksgiving visit so much as R&R from her active six year old and construction in their house. She really needed a new perspective for a few days and a Mom to spoil her. It was great!

    Linda, hope the PT is helping. Yes, the SS does cause all the same symptoms of FMS and CFIDS/ME, including cognitive/memory, and some special symptoms of its own. It's the gift that just keeps on giving (sarcasm in case anyone missed it). The Birds are definitely here and the roads are the first indication. It was in the 80's recently and I was in my typical tee shirt, capri pants and sandals. I saw a pretty young thing wearing a wool dress and boots up to her knees. OMG! It's so nice to be an old lady without the need to be chic and trendy. If that had been me, the dress would have been sweat soaked and the boots filling up with sweat.

    Pam, my old sofa cushions are wearing out and I will have to eventually get new ones. the covers are in good shape. If I could afford it, I would buy the exact same sofa that is also a sleeper. Can never have too many beds in a FL condo. I think it's funny that you picked one like the old one. Do you do that with clothes too? I find myself buying basically the same things over and over. I also have a very difficult time picking paint from chips. It just never looks the same on my walls as it does under the fluorescent lights in the store. I usually have to bring the chips home but that doesn't guarantee I get what I want either. Of course, they sell the sample bottles of paint but by the time one buys several, it costs about as much as buying a gallon of the paint. Still, it may be the best way to see how it will look.

    Rock, I'm cracking up at the "paint the chip" joke. It's funny cause it's probably true :) My daughter was in syncronized swimming when she was about 14. I tried some of the simple moves and about drowned. Just about the time I was getting the move right, I realized I was out of air. The team had a meet and the mothers were expected to make matching swim suits--YIKES! I was working full time then. Fortunately, it during the old "stretch 'n sew" era and the fabric lended itself to the method. I actually made her suit on a Sun. I was so glad to go back to work on Mon.

    I actually slept til 5:15 today. I hope I'm over adjusting to the time change and waking at 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. Think I'll just relax today. Tomorrow, Beall's has a $10 coupon for $25 spent. That means if I can find something for about $25, it'll cost me only $15. I also have $30 in Beall's Bucks which are only good today and tomorrow. So, at the very least, I'll pick up more coffee K-cups for $2 each. Gotta love those deals.

    It's hot here again. Whine, whine, whine! I am actually quite a ways south of Tampa, south of Ft. Myers a bit. It's more like South Ft. Myers. I'm about equidistance between Tampa to the north and Miami to the East. I looooove driving over to Miami. The West Coast of FL is slower and less vibrant than the East Coast. Miami is alive with the beat of living, ethnic influences and, of course, the Atlantic instead of the Gulf. South Beach is the best. Thank God they redeveloped it and saved the old Art Deco buildings along Ocean Drive. When I moved from CO to FL 14 years ago, everyone told me I was crazy and would be back. They all visit and tell me it's beautiful but they couldn't live here. I tell them, "Give it another decade or two in the snow and see how you feel." I still love CO and visit about once a year but I'm here to stay. And, yes, it can be like Del Boca Vista on Seinfeld but when it is, I just laugh.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful and pain-free day.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz took off the afternoon to go to a tool sale South of Akron today.He asked yesterday if I wanted to go_Of course not,it's tools but I said I would keep him company.We stopped at a nice place that served homestyle cooking and had turkey dinner.Son is serving beef of some kind on his outdoor cooker on Thurs. so we had our turkey.
    Oh Linda I have been remembering to watch The Chew on in the afternoon.I've enjoyed it very much.I got to see what a Tofurky looks like.Yikes!No way.

    Not the same couch but the same or similar fabric is what I was trying to say.We'll see.

    Mikie you get up very early.I make it out of bed between 7 latest 8.I'm not a night owl either never was for some reason.You live far more S. then I pictured.GS used to live in Ft. Meyers and is talking about moving back near his mom if his wife agrees when their lease is up in Georgia.My DD lives in Wesley Chapel and sisters are both pretty central too.

    Oh we brought home a Raisin Creme pie.Mouth is to sore to eat it but I'll have some for breakfast.Happy shopping!
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    Brain feels ...well, you know how it feels. Mikie! I plumb forgot you were down that
    far in Florida. Sounds so nice to be near Miami. We like to watch Miami NCI (?). Kinda
    gruesome but it is def. Florida.

    I'm slowly making progress and before I know it the holidays will be over...and Pam's

    Awww. Everyone needs a mom like Mikie. Rock and I struck out there. A 6 yo and construction
    yep. She needed to get away!

    I'm scared of Thanksgiving. I know why. We are visiting an staying in a hotel. That part is
    good. But we are eating at their home. That takes a lot of work. We need to be eating at a
    restaurant and everyone enjoying the day. Younger son called and asked if I could bring
    a desert. From Florida? to NC. I told him I would be very happy to pick up a good brand
    of ice cream. :) This is for the Wed. nite before Thanks.

    I feel like by brain is mush so signing off! Dreary here today. Wonder if we are getting
    a cold front. Stay warm/cool and dry!

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    DD is trying to teach Andy about the danger of going off with strangers. They play a game he loves because he gets to scream. She will roll play a stranger and try to entice him to come with her. She says she's a strange man who wants him to help look for a puppy, come get some candy, see his cat, etc. Each time, he yells, "NO! Get away from me!" Well, she said would he come with her to see a box of rats and he said, "OK!" She was horrified and said, "Andy, why would you go with a stranger to see a box of rats?" He said, "But, Mom, it's a box of rats." Every kid has his price and in Andy's case, it's a box of rats. We laughed so hard. I think from now on a box of rats will be the std. for anything exciting and wonderful as in, it was better than a box of rats.

    Pam, so sorry about your mouth. Mine isn't sore but the dryness is horrible and I have that taste in my mouth that can only be described as how chicken poop smells. When I get like this, I eat breakfast and then just don't want much the rest of the day. I keep brushing my teeth and rinsing with Biotene. My stomach is upset for lack of salivary enzymes so I'm supplementing. Good news is that my temp is back to normal so maybe I can start the injections. I'm calling the doc on Mon. Is your decorating causing a mess? It's hard to live in a house under renovation. Tool sale? I'd probably like that. I don't own a lot of tools and I'm about done with my projects, but I still like tools. I'm actually a feminine woman but I enjoy the same things men do--cars, motorcycles, tools and projects, and guns. Also love cooking, baking, sewing, shopping, makeup and clothes so am not worrying that I will feel like Chaz.

    Linda, I can't believe it's almost Thanksgiving. I think I'll get a turkey breast, Stove Top stuffing, bottled gravy and something for dessert. I don't usually use processed food but I'm not up to cooking a big meal for just me. I really don't mind being by myself on holidays. My Mom was a telephone operator and often worked holidays when I was a kid so I learned how to entertain myself. Yes, the hotel is a good idea. I don't like eating at someone else's house because the leftovers are the best part the next day. I may make some pumpkin bread for our Tues. condo mtg. if we have one. Otherwise, I'll share with friends and neighbors. Hope everything works out OK for you. It's been foggy in the mornings and after it burns off, it's pretty sunny. Yesterday, it was cloudy all day. Last night and this morning, it's been cooler.

    Well, Kids, that's about it from here. I feel the pre-Herx headache coming on so I had better stay close to the bathroom. TMI? Sorry! The Acyclovir is driving the last of the virus out. As always, keeping everyone in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I enjoy your posts so much. I really enjoyed the box of rats, Mikie!

    Just realized that though I check in here every day, I don't log in. So sometimes it looks like I haven't been "on board", but I seldom miss a day. You all cheer me up so much, without exception.

    Scrambled brains here today too; must be catching, huh? I'm still recovering from a broken crown's root extraction. Seemed like it took him forever to get the pieces out, so I kept tensing up as he pulled and scraped and sewed, etc, despite half a Xanax pre-op. Now my muscles feel all sore (and so does my mouth!) Glad it's over.

    Richard bought a turkey -- he was able to find a small one. How many meals? Gosh I don't know. We throw NOTHING away but the bones after they have been turned into a stock for turkey-veg soups.

    Been eating lots more wild mushrooms; found a guy at the side of the road selling chanterelles really cheap and fresh. Got a pound for 6 dollars. Yum. Rock, shrimp mushrooms (Russula xerampalina) smell slightly shrimpy when they are being cooked, but are super good when finished. I hope to get some from the woods for the stuffing.....

    Regards to all,

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just back from errands. Went to the library and the market. Now Gordon has
    gone to his bank in Chinatown. Zippy and I are holding down the fort.

    Here's something for you, Mikie. The context is a novel by Ian Rankin, set in gloomy
    Edinburgh. A detective walks into the sports section of a local newspaper.
    He sees a news clipping taped to the wall with this headline:

    "Super Cally Go Ballistic, Celtic Are Atrocious".

    How old is Andy? Six? Wonderful anecdote. That's very smart of your daughter
    to teach him useful stuff. Many years ago I once opened the door to someone who
    answered my, "Who is it?" with "Your neighbor". Well, it wasn't. It was a scam
    artist. He wasn't too artistic though. Didn't get nutin' from me. (Also, I was not
    without protection. Had a gun in my pocket and Gordon in the kitchen.)

    Barry, don't throw away those turkey bones. Search the net and find some way
    to utilize them. Maybe you can make jewelry outta them. Especially if you combine
    them with turk-osie.

    Those wild mushrooms sound wonderful. Be careful not to go over the limit set by the CDC. Or is it the Food and Drug Administration. You don't want to turn into a wild
    and crazy guy.

    Pam, have you thought of getting a dress in a pattern to match the sofa. Be perfect
    for parties when you're not feeling too perky and just want to fade into the background.

    What did that tofu turkey look like? A turkey. Or just a chunka tofu. I agree. Sounds
    awful. Never had a raisin creme pie. Reminds me of a guy in our bridge club. He
    showed up one day finishing some kind ah pastry. Asked what kind it was, he said, "Cherry. I never eat brown fruit."

    Linda, cognitive dysfunction has been a major component of my life for some time too.
    Twenty years of brain fog and about 7 of Alz. I read a lot on the net about ALZ a
    few years back. Some sites say patients usually reach stage 7 (death) in 5-7 years.
    Some say 5-10. I'm not too fussy. Have two other slow killers. No big deal
    so far as I'm concerned. Perfectly natural and normal. No sense sticking around
    when I and the country are both fallin' apart.

    I'm sure Ike appreciates your guidance and support in the kitchen. Probably makes
    him feel big and strong to supply the brute force necessary to deal w/ a turkey.
    I used to roast a turkey every year for me (Gordon no likee). then I switched to
    a couple drumsticks; the smoked are especially good although I read years ago
    you shouldn't eat things that are smoked or pickled.

    Now we just ignore Turkey Day. Dental problems, doncha know. You have my ympathy
    re: the difficult extraction, Barry. I've had the same dentist for many years; 20? Anyhoo, he is really good at extractions, but they still are unpleasant. I've only
    got about 8 teeth left. All on top so I can still smile in public. Ha Ha!

    Well, how 'bout that? Gordon is back. Took him the same time it took me to
    configurate this post.

    Hugs and kisses

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  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz and son said it was going to be nice today and it was until 2 when it got darker and colder.Then the rain.Good thing I got grocery shopping in first.Wonder what weather channel they watched.

    I saw a Dr. Oz show on mushrooms just the other day and they praised chanterelles.Made me curious.Not likely to find any in the stores in my little town but I sure would like to try them.

    Oh poor Lily really hated the air compressor and pounding.She ran around the yard and I saw her skinny rump wiggling under the fence again.I yelled at huz to stop and we went running up and down the St. til we found her.Poor thing.I took her upstairs with me and let her stay under the covers while she calmed down.This is probably the only solution this week for her.Not that it's a burden on me or anything.Books,cold drink,and computer in a nice warm bed.It's the least I can do for my pet.

    Picked out drape material this morning.Four choices and I picked the most expensive one.$50 a yard!She said she will look around for a cheaper similar fabric.All the others were Jo Ann fabric and I chose the furn. store brand.

    Son has decided on turkey after all.I could eat it about everyday so fine with me.I am bringing a dish called Santa salad.I told them it's not Christmas but they said rename it and bring it anyway.It has whipping cream in it and this family loves any whipped cream dish you can find. Might just as well set a bowl of Cool whip in front of them and be done with the rest of the meal.They turn their noses up at vegetables.They do not take after me at all when it comes to food.

    So Linda you got out of staying at son's soon to be inlaw's house then?A hotel instead where you can set the temp.That will make the trip better won't it.I dread the cleaning up too and know I am not up to it.Thinking about coaxing huz to leave on Wed. so he won't be to tired from driving to get the guys to do cleanup.They've done that before and we women have been thrilled and grateful.

  17. jole

    jole Member

    I don't even remember how long I've been gone...but have read 3-4 times, and it made me very homesick. I've been in a depression and not much for visiting. My sis definitely has ALS, and it's been hard to watch the changes. She has already experienced weakness in hands, legs and starting in her face. She drops things a lot, has no grip, is having trouble getting out of a chair, and is now unable to make a seal with her mouth when being tested with her breathing, plus lots of small things. She feels a definite wheelchair in less than a year, so is trying to get as much life in as possible right now. The only advantage is very little pain. But is on 3 meds for depression, which is messing with her cognition. We do laugh at our similar symptoms.......but I know hers is much more terminal and so much harder on her family.

    Mikie and Pam, are the two of you having trouble with your teeth due to the SS? I'm so upset. Had to have another tooth pulled. Bought partials. But now the wires on the partials (which I only wear when going out, which is rare) have rubbed the enamel off the teeth and I now have cavities at the gumline from the partials! I brush often and use a mouthwash, but nothing seems to help the decline of my teeth!

    Hate this Ks weather! Been in the 26-35 range at night, and 35-50 during the day, but sooo much wind! I think the wind bothers me as much as the cold. I want sooo bad to move to AZ for the winter, but just can't get my hubs to budge from the farm. I'm honestly tempted to go alone! At least long enough to see if I would honestly feel better there.

    Holidays....We're skipping Thanksgiving too. I 'try' to be thankful every day, and am not a big turkey fan either. The kids will all be going to in-laws this year. Christmas 'should' be here, but my sweet son talked to his 4 sisters and convinced them to try something different. So we'll be doing the motel thing...pool for the little ones to swim, one room designated as a food room..lol., w/ finger foods (cheese/crackers/meats, veggie tray, homemade candies and cookies, chips/dips, etc.) Have gift exchange for the kids, and just some time together without anyone worrying about a house or big meal. Won't be the same, and a couple of the in-laws are grumbling, but we'll give it a try. I for one am excited, thinking maybe I'll actually be able to visit and remember a few of the things that are said later!!

    Pam I don't think I could stand all the excitement at your house, but good for you! But you'll feel like a queen when it's all done. We started redoing the walls in our bathroom before Easter and they're still not done....lol. Why hurry?? I can tell you after awhile you hardly notice unless companies coming, but I hate it!

    Linda, glad you're able to drive to PT. I keep telling myself to try driving again, but came so close to killing people the last time I just can't make myself! Keep it up, sweetie, and hope that PT helps! Wish we had a heated pool near here!

    Rock, bought paint for our bathroom. Was suppose to be a light sage green. When I opened it, it looks a dirty yellow! I'm wondering what color they can add to change it? They have two lights to look at the paint. The fluorescent and the natural. I tried both. Neither were right apparently. Love your sense of humor, as always, and nope....you're just as sharp as ever!

    Barry, good to see you, as always! You have a wonderful way of writing that always makes me feel that I'm there seeing exactly what you're seeing. Although I have no desire to go 'shroom hunting with you.

    Mikie, maybe I'll forego AZ and come to FL instead. Your weather sounds wonderful! Doesn't matter where I'd be, the term 'snowbird' would apply I guess....lol. I'm thinking maybe the dry heat would be better for me though. I know you have your bad days, but you seem to enjoy life so much! I admire that in you.....

    Sorry this is a book....now that my mind's in a better place, I hope to be back more, keep up better, and add to the list of people I've missed, 'cause I HAVE missed you! Hugs to all...
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Barry, your experience with the tooth sounds horrible. I hope you are doing better. If you are going to use bones for stock, if you put them into the oven until they turn brown, the stock will be so much richer.

    Rock, I love the pun joke. I've heard most of them but not this one. I just read that ALZ can be caused by two genes. People whose ALZ is caused by them benefit by taking Acyclovir. It isn't a cure but it appears to stop the progression of the disease. They don't know why it works. With my constant fight to keep whatever virus keeps reactivating, I take Acyclovir a lot. I've been known to have my gun with me if a stranger comes to the door. I can see who is there through my kitchen window. Yes, Andy is six. He's a pip!

    Pam, what is it that we always end up wanting the most expensive thing in an array of choices? I'd think just once that something would be very cool and also the least expensive. Never happens to me. We have Boca Bargoons here and they are all upholstry/drapery fabric and they always have a sale going on. Unfortunately, they have about the same fabrics as Joann's.

    I was at Joann's yesterday to buy a book of paper by Jim Holtz from his ideology collection. The paper is almost card stock. The prints are like script, sketches and newspaper clippings on brown paper. I plan on framing them in simple black frames with white matting. Restoration Hardware sells similar ones for big bucks. They look fabulous in a collection on the wall. I like to paint abstracts but I also like a change now and then. I will put them over the sleeper sofa in the guest/sitting room because I already have throw pillows on my livingroom sofa with French script in black on beige. In a few years, all this script stuff will be out of style but by then, I'll be ready for change again anyway and it will only involve changing out pillows and something on the wall.

    Right now, I'm working on renovating my lips! I got a lip plumper kit from Adrienne Arpel on HSN. Something is happening as my lips tingle when I put the stuff on. I'm of Western European descent with thin lips and pasty white skin. Well, I can put tan in a bottle on my skin but until recently, the only way to get full lips was with injection. It's supposed to happen in three weeks. If there is no change, I'll return it. I don't want Anjelina Jolie lips but a little fullness would be nice. But, hey, I'm not shallow!

    Time is moving too fast these days. Christmas will be here before we know it. I'm not ready to have it here and gone so fast. It's not like I do anything for the holidays but I still enjoy them.

  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    So glad to hear from you stranger.So sorry your depression was so bad.Unless you've experienced it you can't imagine how awful it is.Glad your doing better.
    Let's both tell our hubs we're taking a leave and heading to warmer temps together and we'll see them in the spring.
    I can't say my teeth are any worse with this illness despite the dryness because huz seems to be running to the dentist as much or more then me lately.I was so sick of the expense of crowns and them coming out that I considered a partial.Guess there are problems with those too then.

    I was frantic with all the remodeling months ago now I'm resigned and figure it will eventually get done and look better.I think it was more having workers constantly in my space so now that those jobs are done I can relax.Anyway I can't clean or dust because it makes no difference so that's a plus.

    Christmas in a hotel with family would be fun.We've done things like that and such warm memories.
    I haven't been in a fabric store since my kids were little.Interesting sounding script writing.How creative.Decorator said she is having a little trouble finding someone to sew the drapery.Her contact person gave it up but she was checking with another lady.Guess people don't sew like they used to or it's not profitable enough for the work.I sewed baby outfits and T shirts for my boys but I haven't owned a sewing machine in to many yrs. to count.

  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    I know we are all so, so sorry that your sister has ALS. Bless her heart. Our hearts
    go out to the whole family!

    Yes, Pam, I can drive to the PT but they are at the "end of the road" for my abilities.
    It does help to be able to do the therapy. Back was better this week. I went back
    to wearing the heat packs. the PT guy didn't want me to...but Hey, they help so
    for now I will use them.

    Yes, we do get frantic over our lives. I am terrified of going to meet DS's inlaws to be.
    Haven't visited in a stranger's house in a few decades. Son says that I don't have
    to come but feel that would look very odd at this point in the game. At least we
    have the hotel to retreat to. Ok, I just thought of it. Maybe they would like a break
    from us too!! (Nap times). They both work. That helps a bit!.

    I can't wait to hear the out come of your lips, Mikie! Hope it is just what you want.
    I bet you feel the same way about my visit to the rectal doctor. hehe. Dec. 6th.

    I love you kids and if I miss mentioning you, you are still in my heart.

    Happy Thursday to all (do we really do holidays anymore?)


    PS. We leave Tues...so this is probably my last post til back.