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    12/26/11 7:56 PM 88 The Lounge Ending 2011

    What a day for daydream for some of us....cause of health or weather.

    Mikie is getting ready for her 2nd injection....that means getting off some
    meds. Bless you Mikie!

    FIL's funeral was yesterday, I believe....Bless you Pam and family.

    And Bless Jole's sister during this week and 2012. The rest of the family, too.

    Seems there was quite a bit of potato salad made last week...now it's
    pay back time :) Meaning cutting back on calories.

    I vote that Richard, Barry, Gordon and Rock are the best foodies. How
    does someone learn about all those foods, I wonder. It's amazing.

    We have three new "restaurants"...ok, fast food joints thanks to Legoland.
    Krystal (hamburgers), 5 Guys (hamburgers) and Honeybaked Ham (Ham and
    other things). How lucky are we.

    Called brother's house to wish them a nice holiday season. 11yo nephew couldn't come to the phone cause he was into a complicated lego project. I might think that he was advoiding talking to his aunt. But since I know how
    much he LOVES to talk....nah.

    Ike goes back to work in the am (Tuesday). He went to elderly yoga with me
    and realized how much he needs it. So, he is making it a prority.

    We have some nice cold weather coming this week. High will be in the 60's by
    Wednesday. Low 60's! Guess the heat will be back on! hehe

    I just have a few more hours of work to have the house back in place since the
    9 ppl were here. It's mainly the sheets. I have apparently only purchased
    white ones (softness) and it gets very confusing, king, queen and twin. I
    am going to take a permanent marker and help my cause by putting it in large
    prints somewhere on the sheet.

    Rock, I discovered my pcp is 1/2 norwegian. Now I feel like I am going to have a talk with you when I have an appt. His daughter is the fairest, blondest girl I have ever seen in my life. Cute girl.

    Til later....

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    which somehow wound up on the Health board. At her request I moved it
    here. Which reminds me of the Mayflower Moving company. And that
    reminds me of the Mayflower donut shops which used to have this verse
    in their front window.

    As you wander on through life, Brother,
    Whatever be your goal.
    Keep you eye upon the donut.
    And not upon the hole.

    Dunno if the chain is still around or not. Here's a thought w/ an Eastern
    frame of mind.

    Whether you rock or whether you roll,
    Keep your chin up and your eye on the whole.

    Spacee, how long have you had this Norskie PCP? Does he have a
    Norwegian name like Lars Lindstrom? That was the name of Cloris
    Leachman's character on the Mary Tyler Moore show. Nobody
    connected with the show knew how to pronounce his first name.

    It should rhyme with sparse, but they said it so it rhymed with cars. Uff-da.
    "For dumb", as my sister would say.

    Nah, I don't know too much about food, but Gordon does. Decades of
    cooking, watching cooking shows and reading cooking books. He has
    a couple checked out from the Lib. all the time.

    Hope everydobby's fine.


  3. spacee

    spacee Member

    Gordon is a real Foodie if he keeps cookbooks checked out all the time. What
    a talent.

    My father had a talent. Of sorts. He loved to roam the west in his RV after he
    retired. That accomplished a couple of things. Something for him to think about
    and it kept my parents married. He would leave for 4 months and then be
    back for 2, then again, and again...so you get it. He really did love to be
    planning his travels in his head. I'm glad he was happy.

    I thought the PCP was German. I was shocked when he said 1/2 of each.
    He said a couple of names. One sounded like Neil for the first name but the
    others I couldn't figure out. He said they were in Minn. I thought he was from
    New York. That's where he went to school. No norskie name (I think) Alan
    George Gasner. I don't know how long they have been in the new world.

    Thanks for moving my post over, Rock! Too late time wise for my brain to

    Didn't do much today but watch QVC (boring) and do sheets...about the same
    amount of fun but you do feel like you accomplished something. Maybe the
    front coming it made me achey. It's going to the 60's for the high!! 60's are
    good. Fifties, that is another matter.

    Know the other's have things to attend to. Hope things go well.


  4. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hope everyone is doing well. I had my second peptide injection yesterday and the doc was amazed that the first one was still working. He said that might not happen every time; it's very unpredictible. Still, last night, I could feel my symptoms getting even better. The FMS pain I'd been having was gone. I think it came from the first shot's enabling my body to pull old debris from my tender points even better than the Guai. Sjogren's symptoms are still MIA--yea! My arthritis pain had started to return and it's now gone too. I'm still sleeping so well. Linda, thanks for your sweet blessings.

    It's a little difficult the first day of the shot because it's the third day off my meds and I can't eat til 10:30. I have a headache and have to wait to take Excdrin. I rested all day, not necessary but I believe it is why the first shot took so well. It just makes sense to me that if your body is busy integrating peptides it needs to be well rested. Red Tide has returned to the FL shores and dead fish are washing up just in time for our tourist/Snowbird season. It causes respiratory problems and a dry, ticklish cough for me. I can't take my antihistimine until tomorrow so will just spend the day coughing.

    Linda, I agree that QVC is mostly boring. I have come to like HSN better and they have had much better prices, especially during clearance sales. It was all I could do not to order all kinds of silver jewelry just before Christmas. I did order some kind of cleaning stuff which comes in tubes, like toothpaste. For $9.99, I got two big tubes and a special sponge. I'm not usually one to believe in those things but the demonstration was amazing. I always have some stubborn spots when I shampoo my carpet and it's in need of cleaning now. My Argan Oil kit is on its way from Adrienne Arpel. That stuff is amazing. My skin has never looked better. While I'm on these shots, I need to watch the spending. Oh, what willpower it took not to order the jewelry.

    My kids in Atlanta are the foodies in our family. When I had kids at home, I subscribed to "Bon Appetit" and would try all kinds of gourmet foods. As a result, my kids were game to try most anything. My SIL loves to cook meat and meat dishes. His ribs are to die for--best I've ever eaten. My daughter is the baker. I talked to Andy on Christmas and he was all excited about the Red Razor pogo stick I bought him. He got a microscope and I told him to ask his Mom to stick herself and donate some blood for the cause. He was most excited because the dog, Nigel, slept in the room where they had the tree. He thinks Nigel got to see Santa. Oh, those magic years before reality!

    Rock, that was so sweet of you to move Linda's post over. I got a kick out of your little ditty and made up my own:

    As you wander through life, Sister,
    Whatever your weightloss goal;
    Do not eat the donut,
    And do not eat the hole.

    Can't come up with anything for the "whole."

    Woke up to cold weather this morning, just like the weathermen, and women, predicted. I usually don't believe them because every time they promise cooler weather, they keep moving it back day by day until we get five minutes of it and it's gone. I kinda like it when it's cooler down here. We laugh when we see people at the pool when it's cold. Even though it's a heated pool, it's reaaaaaly cold when you get out. We put on our best Southern drawl and say, "Hmmmm, must be Yankees!" Those poor people come down here for some sun and warmth and, I guess for them, it is warm by comparison.

    Well, people, I better get going. Sending my best wishes for everyone to have a very healthy and blessed New Year.

    Love, Mikie

  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Thanks for thinking about me yesterday Linda.Funeral is over and we're back to some kind of routine today.One thing I have to say is you take tears for granted and it releases pent up emotions when you can't shed them it's very painful.When they played Taps and the Honor Guard shot their rifles finally the tears fell.That is so moving.

    Wow Mikie I am so happy for you about the injections.I know of nothing like that or I should say no one who does them around here that I've heard of.Need to research it.

    I remember the Red Tide one yr. when we were down there.I couldn't believe the water was so red and someone explained it to us.

    New Years Eve coming up.We're invited to meet up with neighbors at a local club and believe it or not I'm tempted but no way would I be up til midnight and I think we'll hang around home with DS and Fiancee and eat wings,sauerkraut balls,spinach dip and any other snack food we can think of til we pass out from over consumption.

  6. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm so glad the tears finally came. Military funerals are so moving. I don't even have to know the deceased to tear up. I think it helps us heal to be able to grieve.

    Thanks for your good wishes. Yes, I'm so thankful for this treatment and hope the injections will eventually be discontinued because my body has learned how to function normally.

    The wind died down (it usually blows more in the morning) and the Red Tide isn't bothering me now. Thank God! Corcidan HBP was on sale so I got four boxes of it at the store. I don't take it every day but if my allergies are bothering me, I can take that and it doesn't increase my BP. The shots should eventually help with allergies too.

    Your New Year's Eve plans sound good to me. I like to be home. Too many drunk people on the roads. Also, you've been through so much that just taking it easy probably fits the bill. Rest and heal, my friend.

    Love, Mikie
  7. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Made myself go out yesterday evening to grocery shop since Mike had to go to lumber company anyway.Now the pantry is stocked and we are set for the holiday weekend.

    Do you all believe in the good luck notion to have pork and sauerkraut for New Years Day?Huz insists on it but I just do it because I like it anyway.
    We picked up his New Years pretzel bread I talked about last yr.

    Today is a pj kind of day just going to lay around and watch huz work.

  8. spacee

    spacee Member

    Huz and I need to get to the groc. store. Thanks for reminding me Pam!

    No, I can honestly say it is not good luck to have pork and sauerkraut, you
    have to have blackeyed peas and collards with ham ;) It might even be
    ham hocks or Ham jowls. Huz and I can expect no good luck. lol

    Mikie, Mikie, Mikie...another injection!! Fabulous. Hate that you have to
    go through so much to get it. Not the body pain, the doing without the
    jewelry pain! J/kidding. The body pain is a real pain. It crosses my mind,
    what did ppl do without painkillers.

    I will have to look into the AA potions. I need a miracle for DS's wedding :)
    Twin is a QVC person mostly and we watch it together at nite cause we
    don't have that much to talk about. She likes HSN too. She knows all the
    hosts at both places. I have it on mute cause I can't take sound very well.

    I think and fam group that has ppl who love to cook is blessed beyond gold.
    haha. I seem to be cracking myself up this time of day. I am so struck when
    I watch Chopped (cooking competition) how many are chefs because of a
    relative's love of cooking. At our place, the son's had to rely on the Food
    Network. I've been sick 25 years. They only had about 1/8 of a mother and
    she was in bed. You have to play the cards you are dealt so it could have
    been worse.

    On Mother's Day I might write you the poem that I wrote at the direction of
    a counselor about my mother. But I might not. It would freak you out. Rock
    would understand it.

    On that bit of joy...I am off to wash my hair. Heard the Red Tide was back,
    looking forward to peptide updates!

  9. spacee

    spacee Member

    My half Norwegian/half German pcp has been my doc for about 20 years.
    He is 65. I saw 22 other docs before I found him. He won't take anyone
    else with CFS (I have been more than enough) but he will let me try anything
    he thinks won't kill me.

    He bikes 50 miles every weekend and takes no meds on a regular basis and
    I think he will keep practicing medicine for at least 10 more years. And the
    clinic will let him despite his stubborness about learning to using a computer.
    He won't.


  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Haven't got the N-R-G to post. I wanted to go to the library and pick up
    a couple books on hold, but can't quite do it. Maybe tomorrow. After all,
    tomorrow is another you know what.

    Linda, your doctor sounds like a character. Uff-da!


  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    Hope your n-r-g comes back tomorrow.

    Yep, that doc is a character. I told you he bikes the 50 miles, plays golf on Sat.
    Tennis at lunch time during the week. Will not watch tv. Only reads books and
    listens to music. He laughs that he is gone so much that his wife never knows
    where he is. Doesn't sound like a "catch" to me. But he did get a cell phone
    this year, so I have a feeling she can track him down now.

    Speaking of movies on the other thread. Mission Impossible was 2 hours and 15 mins. I thought it would never end. Warhorse is 2.5 hours. So I'm not going.
    We are going to see Sherlock Holmes tonite with a couple we go to the movies
    with every 3-4 years. I have heard it is gruesome but the couple only likes
    gruesome (he is a lawyer) so it is what it is. The kids were roommates one
    year a college. Oh the tie that binds.

    Mikie prob already knows this but it might get down to 32!!!!!! next week.
    Our heat pump doesn't keep up when it is that low. Thankfully I went to
    my appts before Cmas....old ppl cancel their appts when it gets this cold.
    The clinics charge you if you are a noshow. But if you have the 5 day forecast
    you can cancel ahead with no penalty.

    The two bed room apartment in Lexington is quite small (I think you get what
    you pay for) and the little Holland girls LOVE Walmart's toy aisle...just to go
    and look at it.

    Later Gators.

  12. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Huz finished the wood flooring.So proud of him.Very happy with the look of it.He saved us thousands.So sorry it had to be done at such a sad time with his dad but he worked very hard to get it done.I think he realizes how old he is now and won't be so insulted when I urge him to not take on such jobs but he doesn't regret it now that it's finished.

    Glad to have three days to rest up before he returns to work after the new yr.Weather here turns colder next week 20's and rain.No snow which is very unusual.


  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, I tried for 4 days to get to the library. Just couldn't do it. So
    tomorrow's the day. Gordoni will drive. We have 14 books waiting for us.

    Linda, "It is what it is" is absolutely true. It's a tautology, and all tautologies
    are true. Don't you think if drs. charge for missed appointments, they should
    pay us for the time we wait?

    Pam, congrats to DH for finishing the floor. Is your reference to a pantry
    figurative? We used to live in an old house that had a kitchen that was
    more like a hall. Very narrow with Five doors. One of which led to the
    pantry. A handy thing to have too.

    Mikie, I'm glad to read that your are benefiting from your treatments. Kudos
    on your excellent poetic advice regarding donut holes.

    Every news program here is filled w/ visits to the Rose Parade floats that
    are being covered w/ flowers, etc. They also show clips of previous
    floats. The most amazing float I can recall was from a few years ago. It
    had a working roller coaster!

    Godt Nyttar!


  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Happy New Year early. I hope the New Year brings us all healing and happiness.

    Linda, I didn't know it was supposed to get so cold in your neck of the woods. Wow! It's early for that kind of cold here. I've been getting up to 50's and 60's. I kinda like it but I don't like the 30's or 40's.

    We have a huge Red Tide bloom and are hoping this cool weather will cause it to dissolve. As a result of the Red Tide, and the respiratory, neurological and exhaustion symptoms, I can't tell whether the new injection is working. My mouth is a bit dry but no SS flare. I think fighting the Red Tide takes priority in my system; it always has. We have dead fish washing ashore. Doc warned me that not all the shots will necessarily give such good results as the first one. I'll just have to wait to see.

    Pam, I'll bet the floor is beautiful. Sometimes, hard work helps with the grieving. My ex is having a hard time dealing with aging and not being able to do what he used to do. Me too. I have only one or two little things which need doing around here but just aren't up to it. There is so much satisfaction in finishing a project.

    Rock, hope you get to the library. I just can't seem to stay awake when I read anymore. I keep thinking I need some kind of really juicy page turner but haven't found one yet. I have hardcopy books lying around and books on the Kindle which I haven't read. I like the Kindle because it's small and I can increase the size of the type. I even found a flashy zebra print cover for it.

    Well, kids, I need to shower. Just got some argan oil products from Adrienne Arpel and am anxious to try her body scrub and shampoo. Then, I think I should put some tan from a bottle on my pasty bod. When I'm feeling better from the Red Tide, I want to go out and just sit in the sun for a bit to see how it affects me.

    As always, best wishes to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    Do "they' know what causes the Red Tide? It seems to a terrible effect on people.
    Hope you feel better!

    Rock, the widow woman I know is an another example of Tautology. (Needless repetition of an idea, especially words other than those of immediate context,
    without imparting additional force or clearness. I think the one I heard most
    growing up was "the two twins". Do you remember when you learned the
    word Tautology? I have never heard of it before.

    Which reminds me of the couple we had dinner with Fri nite. Her grandson who is about age 10 corrects her english. She said while playing darts with him. "I think you are throwing it with too much veracity." He said, "I think the word is
    velocity". Or when she says"don't step in that yukky stuff". He says "Algae".
    She is a teacher too. haha.

    We all brought out our pics to show each other. They used their Iphones with
    over 100 pics, Dwight used his business's version of an iphone. Me, I used
    a small mannilla envelope to hold my one pic. I was told that I was so
    "last century".

    Pam, I know you must be thrilled the floors are finished. What a job. Did it
    create a lot of dust? It must have. Any tips on controlling that? Our floors could
    use being sanded again. But all the work!

    The UK kids have moved into their very small 2 bedroom apt. UK has taken on
    a new meaning for us. University of Kentucky. Another woman was asking
    my dil 'did you see the game???". Dil replied, "We just moved here." The
    woman replied, "So?". Then she told DIL that the next thing she HAD to buy
    is a UK sweatshirt. Oh boy, another team to root for.

    Ok, it is 2012! I hope it is a good year for all.

  16. spacee

    spacee Member

    But Rock brought the post over from the Health Board. Thanks Rock!
    If you want to change the title for us, you can or if you don't, we will
    stay in 2011 :)

  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Started the New Year off with ...not a bang. More like a thud. We were going to the market, but the trip was cancelled when we discovered a tire was missing. And so was the wheel it had been attached to.

    The miscreant, however, left behind a vital clue. His cell phone. Now in all the
    thrillers I have read, a cell phone enables the police to track down the owner of
    same. And if they can't do that, they can look up the phone numbers that had
    been called and contact those people.

    Sad to say, when the cops finally showed up they indicated the phone would be
    of no use unless Gordon knew to whom it belonged. Hel-LOH!!!

    With the usual diabolic cunning of whatever force is running the universe, the
    upstairs toilet went on the blink too. So far as I could tell, it was not missing a
    wheel or other vital parts. Darn thing is probably related to my ornery computer which froze up for a couple hours in the afternoon.

    Ah well, could be worse. At least we are not in prison, a hospital or a tizzy.

    Linda, I can't edit your post that I moved because I can't get an edit button or delete button. Your post is still on the health board even though it was "moved" here. That's because moving a post really copies it rather than moving it.

    I don't think your relatives are too accurate in saying you are so last century.
    Snapshots became available at the end of the 19th century, but were not common until the 20th. Kinda like motor cars. (Which are not really motor cars at all since they are propelled by an engine.)

    Pam, my neighbors used to have something for good luck at the start of the
    new year. Always brought us some. They referred to it as peasant food.
    I don't think black eyed peas were on the plate, but there was sausage and
    sauerkraut and potatoes. (The cook was of German extraction.)

    BTW, I never heard of sauerkraut balls. Any other ingreediments?

    Mikie, that red tide sounds awful. We have it off the coast sometimes, but I
    never hear of it causing problems for people. I was reading a history of radio
    this afternoon. Bob Hope was prominent. One of his jokes from the
    McCarthy era was, "Senator McCarthy got off the train at Union Station. He spent two days there...investigating the Red Caps.

    Gordoni is in the kitchen fixing escalloped potatoes and heating up a ham.
    I h'ept (as the little girl in the Shake and Bake commercials used to say) by
    peeling the spuds.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    It will take me forever to get used to it. Either that or I will adapt right away and then go into mental remission and struggle to write 2012 instead of 2011. Oy!

    Linda, two twins sounds redundant, redundant to me. My neighbor and I usually get our cell phones out to see pics of grandkids and greatgrandkids. I still like photos but it's just so convenient to keep them in my phone. When I moved to FL, everyone wanted to know if I were a Gator or Seminole fan. There was tacit pressure to choose. Well, I'm not from here and I could care less about college teams. Even when I lived in CO and attended CU, I wasn't a rabid fan. Researchers have been trying to solve the enigma which is Red Tide. It's pretty much come down to a "perfect storm" of environmental factors which allow the algae bloom to go crazy. A lot of attention has been paid to agricultural runoff which is rich in nutrients from fertilization. At this point, though, no one knows.

    Rock, it's like insult on top of injury to have such a stupid comment by the cops. Good grief, even if it's a throw-away phone, you are right--check the numbers called. That's not even high-tech, CSI-like sleuthing. I had the doors stolen off my Jeep years ago and they never found the culprits. Do you have flashy wheels? You can buy lug nuts with a custom design which only fits the key that comes with them. I'll bet your poor car feels violated. Oh wait--scientists tell us not to assign anthropomorphic qualities to inanimate objects (they don't like it :) BADA BOOM! I'll be here all week.

    I hate working on toilets but, of necessity, I've had to become knowledgable about the workings of mine. Lowe's has some new kits to rebuild the valve assembly and flapper and they work great. Due to Herxing, I need a toilet that flushes like a champ. My old one was so slow. I just redid the one off my bedroom and it's now a five-star flusher. I adjusted the valve to fill it a little more than it is supposed to be filled. It uses a bit more than the low-flow that it was designed for but not as much as having to flush twice in one sitting. Well, if old Joe were still on his witch hunts, he would likely be down here investigating the Red Tide. It is on the left shore.

    Pam, hope you are dancing on your new floor to celebrate the New Year.

    My mouth is still dry but not as dry as when my SS is flaring. I don't know whether the RT blocked the shot or whether, when the effects on my body of the RT go away, the benefits of the shot will be able to benefit me. I heard people at the pool sneezing and coughing yesterday so the RT is definitely still with us. I took my Corcidin HBP this morning for the symptoms. I'm sure that between that and my BP meds, it's enough to dry me out. Need to run to the store for just a few things this morning. I finally slapped some tan from a bottle on my arms, chest and legs last night and need to go bathe to get the smell of that stuff off of me.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    No dancing on new floors for me we both went to sleep at 10:30.3yr. GS loves the floors though,he runs through the rooms sliding as he goes.Son said it's a shame we have to put furniture in the rooms as it tires him out so well.

    Never heard of sauerkraut balls Rock?Bread crumbs,sausage cream cheese,rolled in flour and egg bath,back in crumbs and deep fried.Son had a bit to much bread crumbs in it this time and with such a dry mouth all I tasted was sauerkraut the whole evening.My sense of taste gets worse and worse.

    That is terrible that your tire was stolen.Now an inconvenience and added expense.

    I really need to get used to a child in the house.I went upstairs to get dressed and shut my bedroom door,shut the bathroom door and as I stepped into the shower the 3yr. old came right on in.I screamed and covered myself with the sheer shower curtain.He just looked at me and left.The only one traumatized was me this time.

    It snowed an inch or two.Everyone was in a panic about it yesterday like it's a new experience.It's Ohio we get it every year.

    The new sofa and chair will be delivered tomorrow.I can't wait to hear the drapes are done and ready to be hung.Huz has to go in the basement and fish around for a TV cord and drag it across the basement ceiling to put the TV in the front room so I see me getting to enjoy the newly done room all by myself until he gets around to it.I love a quiet room.

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Talking to myself I see.Huz went back to work to find out from his boss that his last day will be the same as his bosses.Feb.29 leap yr.HR probably won't tell him until the week of or even day of the way they do things these days.He called me this morning and was so calm I thought he was kidding.It's been hanging over us for several yrs. as the company got bought and sold and lost money.A relief to have it happen and kind of stunned that his career will end.

    No pity party just an end and new beginning really.Still glad we got the house done so lots of decisions about staying or selling and where do we want to go.Funny he wanted to stay at least til 59 and a half and that's exactly in Feb.

    We'll stay through this yr. anyway so DS doesn't have to worry.Kind of stunned still.Hard to believe huz will be home all the time.Good thing we like each other.


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