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    What a day for daydream for some of us....cause of health or weather.

    Mikie is getting ready for her 2nd injection....that means getting off some
    meds. Bless you Mikie!

    FIL's funeral was yesterday, I believe....Bless you Pam and family.

    And Bless Jole's sister during this week and 2012. The rest of the family, too.

    Seems there was quite a bit of potato salad made last week...now it's
    pay back time :) Meaning cutting back on calories.

    I vote that Richard, Barry, Gordon and Rock are the best foodies. How
    does someone learn about all those foods, I wonder. It's amazing.

    We have three new "restaurants"...ok, fast food joints thanks to Legoland.
    Krystal (hamburgers), 5 Guys (hamburgers) and Honeybaked Ham (Ham and
    other things). How lucky are we.

    Called brother's house to wish them a nice holiday season. 11yo nephew couldn't come to the phone cause he was into a complicated lego project. I might think that he was advoiding talking to his aunt. But since I know how
    much he LOVES to talk....nah.

    Ike goes back to work in the am (Tuesday). He went to elderly yoga with me
    and realized how much he needs it. So, he is making it a prority.

    We have some nice cold weather coming this week. High will be in the 60's by
    Wednesday. Low 60's! Guess the heat will be back on! hehe

    I just have a few more hours of work to have the house back in place since the
    9 ppl were here. It's mainly the sheets. I have apparently only purchased
    white ones (softness) and it gets very confusing, king, queen and twin. I
    am going to take a permanent marker and help my cause by putting it in large
    prints somewhere on the sheet.

    Rock, I discovered my pcp is 1/2 norwegian. Now I feel like I am going to have a talk with you when I have an appt. His daughter is the fairest, blondest girl I have ever seen in my life. Cute girl.

    Til later....


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