9/11 --but think about first responders

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    Every year I see all the media coverage about the 9/11 event and they show the planes flying into the towers and the towers burning.

    Remember the day and the people who were lost and injured. But also firmly remember the First Responders too.

    We should be honoring the First Responders on the 10th anniversary--honoring them especially in making sure that they receive all their medical care and benefits because of the incredible job they did on 9/11.

    Did you realize that many of them suffer and have died from various cancers but it is not considered a result of the 9/11 disaster so they are not covered accordingly? WHAT??? They were called upon to do a job that many of us probably could not do and some might refuse to do as too dangerous. Many gave their lives in the process and those who survived gave up their good health. Now give them all the medical care and benefits they need as a result of doing their job and doing that job incredibly well for all of us.

    Here's an article that may help explain further.