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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. spacee

    spacee Member

    Something is dreadfully wrong. I am now on mobic and off tramadon/ultram.
    And get to see a pain mangagement specialist if this doesn't work.

    I stopped the ultram/tramadol cold turkey. I need to call the doc's off and
    make sure they wanted me to do that. My mind is a total fuzz now.

    Looking back over some of the threads a couple of things were so funny to me.
    Mikie g/s ( I think) thinking Legally Blonde was about a dog. (Ok, can't laugh
    too hard..whew! pain).

    The other was Mikie and the other "golden girls" heading off the the store to
    get the pressure washer with all the 'bell's. So Funny.

    I used to feel so sorry for the home bound. Now I am one. Gee that happened
    so fast. It must be a flare. Oh the irony. When first married, I did everything.
    Now DH does. How time flies.

    Carry on!


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  2. spacee

    spacee Member

    Thanks for the great words of encouragement. I did call the pharmacy and the
    doc too. Made a big difference.

    Now I need to find something (cushion?) so I can sit at the computer more.
    I was always so thankful to not have FM cause of the pain that some of
    ours go though. But now I have the lower spine and hips.

    The younger, the harder it is...nope you do better soon!


  3. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    The Mobic made a big difference in my back pain problems,hope it works as well for you.It's to harsh for my stomach now and I still can't get over Tramadol making me sick after all these yrs..Finally get it back and now out of luck.

    Huz got a text that our drapes will be delivered and hung up next Wed.This makes me so happy!I feel like a kid at Xmas.I guess cause they cost me a fortune and I loved the fabric.Choc. with a small cherry colored vine flower pattern.This is what I remember but it's been over a month so we'll see.

    I've told my DD and sisters we will be taking our time getting moved to Fl. to be with them.Planning is a lot more fun then doing.Imagining packing up this big house is an overwhelming thought and sends me into anxiety.Huz said there is no rush we'll take our time and move slowly.Trips down will be sightseeing to see what is best for us.I want to enjoy the work we did on this house too.

  4. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Getting snowed in here in Ohio.Went out for cut and color in this mess only because I couldn't stand looking at my mop of haire any more.

    More snow tonight but temps in the 40's coming Sun. so it will melt.That's a decent winter.

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, I'm so sorry for all the pain you are having and I hope the new med helps. It is so hard to live with constant pain. As y'all know, the Guai pretty much handled my FMS pain some time ago but today, my back and hips are screaming. It's because I went out and cleaned the chairs on the lanai. They are stretched woven fabric on black metal frames. Over the summer, when it's too hot to use the lanai, they just sat out there and got dirty. I had to spray them down with window cleaner and then use a brush and Mr. Clean to scrub them. That dirt is stubborn. It's one of those jobs I've been putting off while I've been so exhausted. My carpet inside needs to be shampooed and that always gives me pain. It'll have to wait until after the injection on Tues. Then, I always give myself a day or so to rest. It's not necessary but I believe it gives the shots a better change. Prayers going up for relief for your pain.

    Pam, it'll be nice to get the drapes. Your place must be really beautiful. My Mom and I came down to FL for six years on vacation, always on the lookout for a place to move. I was going to retire here. Every time we were ready to leave FL the next day, I got depressed and didn't want to go. So, we sold our condos in CO, called the movers and came down after finding condos here. I've never regretted it. We knew we wanted to be on the Left Coast so it was just a matter of finding the right town. I figured this area would be target rich for Medicare insurance sales and I was right. I started working right away after getting my FL insurance license. The beaches are beautiful and so are the inland areas. People here are very friendly because so many come from somewhere else. Also, retired people are happy to find others to do things with. I think you are wise to take your time. The hunting is half the fun.

    Leah, I'm glad you found us. I'm always happy to see your kind posts.

    Something is still in the air down here. My neighbor is coughing too. I think it's allergies but not the dreaded Red Tide now. I think the allergies are also making me tired. Just woke up from a nap after cleaning those chairs. Now, I have to get out there and clean the filthy tile floor from cleaning the chairs. Oy! It never ends. Sending my love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    Mikie has said it so well...taking your time moving down. I know DD is
    really eager for you to be here but you need to take your time and enjoy
    the "journey" of it all. 'Journey' meaning all that goes with what you need
    to accomplish and not over do.

    That's going to be one sad day for me if the mobic and the ultram/tramadol
    stop agreeing with me. I feel if I had just made it another year or two, I
    could maybe have done the peptide shots but not the way I am now.

    It's the pain in the back and hips for me too. Worst ever this time. Started
    by doing the spinal rotations at yoga. I think I scream so loud when I would
    have to stand up, the neighbor heard me. Whew! But in an odd way, it was
    the moves I have learned in yoga that would help me get out of the tub
    and such.

    Jan 23rd is the Chinese New Year! I know this because on Ebay, a little eyeglasses holder I bought isn't going to be sent til the 1/28. I think it is
    coming from HongKong. There was an explanation of why the delay of
    sending... They are having a huge holiday! I think I might have a piece
    of cake to "help" celebrate. It is the Year of the Dragon.

    My son posted a pic of his 9 month old asleep in his Batman shirt during the
    day on FaceBook. It said, " he is so tired from fighting crime all nite that
    he sleeps during the day". haha

    DS in Kentucky sent me an email that he was using our address as a forwarding address. I said, "oh good! When you were coming back to
    the US and send all the packages here, the UPS man was really wondering
    what was going on ;). But I don't have items delivered much since I discovered
    the "What sells on TV AD's" isle at the drugstore. Then I remembered
    and 1. he has been overseas 2.5 years...no US TV. 2. they
    never had a tv before that...watching movies on the internet. So he didn't know what the TV ads are. It's like he has been living in a 3rd world! :)

    Remember when I got the pajama jeans! :) That was a TV ad. Yes, now they
    have them at the drugstore. And the Genie bra and Heel tastic. All the 'good'
    stuff! haha

    It's 3am. Guess I will go back to bed. With this mobic, I really sleep or I don't.
    No day naps though which is good for me.

    Guess I am "back in the saddle" since I can sit again.

    Great weekend wishes, everyone.

  7. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I have been on tramadol for quite some time bjt the pain in my thigh to my foot got so bad he upped the dosage. Don't like that. But the pain is still there.

    Now, please tell me what is "mobic?"

    Thank you,
  8. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    I get them every winter. Boo hoo.

    Been very busy (and tired) seeing docs. in Eureka, 65 miles away. Aargh! I had a visit to local optometrist for a spare pair of glasses. He checked my eyes, took a photo of each one, and found a piece of plaque in one. Eeeek! Then I had to have an ultrasound and see the doc. Was told of severe blockage in carotid artery. Double Eeeek! Am now scheduled for a CT scan, and possibly surgery. All this has upped my anxiety level through the roof. And all of this from deciding to get a spare pair of glasses!

    Well, I hope you are all doing as well as you can. So sorry about your back/hip pain. Is it sciatica? I had it bad once, and the neurologist wanted to operate (of course), but I opted out. I found a book with appropriate exercises, and I only have twinges now and then --- if I don't keep my exercises up.

    I take tramadol 50 mgs qid, but it is for neuropathy mainly.

    Oh, re-reading, it looks like it is Lilac who might have sciatica. It can be a real pain.....

    All for now, and sorry this was all medical stuff.
    Blessings on all of you,

  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Mobic is an Nsaid.You've probably heard more about Celebrex,they took Bextra off the market which is the one I used and it helped.Now no Mobic for me.It can be harsh on the stomach after being on it a long time.It sure did take the edge off the muscle pain in my back.

    Barry that is terrible news.One more miserable thing to have to cope with.Tests,appts.,surgery Eeek is right!My sister has something called PAD where her arteries get blockages every couple yrs. anywhere in the body.So far several surgeries in legs,thighs,kidneys and a bad one to her stomach.She handles it well and all I can do is shudder when she tells me which isn't much help.

    I wanted to get a visit in for glasses before the end of Feb. while we still have Vision coverage but they said no I wasn't due til June.There was a slight change at my last test but I said no to new glasses then because I was there for testing because of a Sjogren's med I'm on and not there for glasses.Major medical pays for that testing every 6mos. to a yr. not vision coverage.I need to call back and see about getting the glasses without the exam then.

    We went shopping and I'm done for the evening.I was going to save my energy for a relatives party tonight and was looking forward to it but oops reread Facebook and it's next weekend.Oh who knows how I'll feel by then.

    Mikie and Linda thanks for your input.That's just how my thoughts are leaning.Plenty of time.

  10. jole

    jole Member

    Barry, yes, those winter blues! My family looks at me like I'm crazy when I say things like "I CRAVE sunshine", or "I NEED warm weather". They just can't understand the intensity of that feeling! I'm so sorry you're going through the issues of blocked arteries. It amazes me that it would affect you, who eats so healthy. Where did that saying come from that we can control our destiny? I really don't buy it! Wishing you all the best!!

    Linda, I take Tramadol (going on 9 years) because it's the only one that works at all for me, but not without some bad effects. Years ago I was put on Mobic for migraines. It did nothing for them. That was before the FM though so not sure how it would be for this. Hope it helps you. And I sure understand the homebound life. If I leave the house more than 2-3 times a month it's a wonder. Definitely not what we planned, is it?

    Pam, I agree.....slow is good. I'm impressed that you could walk away from your home so easily after just finishing it the way you want. I know, it's only 'things', but hope you get to enjoy it a bit. Do have to say I could move in a heartbeat if I thought I would feel better....and hubby would do it. Some days I think about moving without him...lol.

    Mikie, you make me tired just listening to you...haha. I can just imagine how ground in the dirt was in those chairs, and the amount of muscle it took to clean them. Girl, hire yourself a good-lookin cabana boy and enjoy sitting now!! :)

    Joan, hope life is treating you well. I haven't been to the porch for awhile, and need to hop over there. Hope you're staying warm this winter. Do you still go out for coffee?

    Hi Leah. I've read a couple of your posts and look forward to knowing you better!

    Not sure what's going on, but so many people in this area have been suffering from migraines lately. I thought it was just me. Have had them for years, but they've become so frequent lately. Was talking to my DD last night and she said she was at a party the other night. One of the gals there mentioned headaches, and over half the room started complaining of the horrible headaches they've had for the past several months. Some had never experienced any before! Sure makes me wonder.....

    Hubby finally has the sheetrock in the bathroom ready to paint. I'm wondering just how long it's going to take me to do that little space. I'm determined to do it myself, just to prove I can. I've used the 'paint brush in the freezer' method before, and know it works somewhat for rollers as well, so the first half-way decent day, I'm ready to go! Now if someone would just do the taping, etc. for me.........

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  11. spacee

    spacee Member

    I don't know if I am correct by saying Mobic is in the advil, aleve family only
    stronger and you have to have an RX.

    EEEK All our aches and pains and Barry has plague in his eyes! So sorry you
    have to go through that. And in the winter too. I cannot stand cold weather.
    (((Hugs)))). My sis and I are together looking at a book "8 Steps to a Pain
    Free Back". She was the one who told me it said "The recommended
    sequence of the 8 lessons is this: 1, 2, 5, 6, 8". What? Why not 1,2,3,4,5,6,
    7,8.??? And it didn't say it til page 28! This is over 200 page book and I
    was "reading" the pictures...since ya'll know I can't read much. It did
    say you could hurt yourself if you did not do them 1,2,5,6,8. (Crazy!!).

    Now Jole is painting! I have never heard the 'paint brush in the freezer'
    method. How cool is that!

    Off to bed...Yes, I know it is 8:30pm. We gotta get better!!

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    For everyone's pain. It's so hard to find something which addresses our pain. I pray for relief for everyone.

    I'm taking a day of rest today as I've felt well enough to clean my lanai. Only pain after the first day; it was a three-day project. Well, for me anyway, it was a three-day operation. I figure I should take it easy for a couple of days before the Tues. injection so I won't post much today.

    Barry, I just wanted to tell you what my eye doc told me about plaque in the arteries to the optic nerve. There is a strong correlation between that and plaque in the arteries to the heart. I don't mean to alarm you but it might be worth checking it out with a heart specialist. I'm sorry to tell you this but it may be important. I pray the plaque can be eliminated.

    Sorry to post and run but I'm not up to much today. I am enjoying sitting here looking out at my clean lanai. Hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    It melted away already.$0's yesterday but I was cold and bundled up anyway.Huz left for Atlanta and debated about taking a coat.It's warm down there right now so I advised to not pack it.

    When I get annoyed with him lately he's taken to getting in my face and saying get used to it or he says be afraid very afraid.He thinks it's a riot to taunt me about retiring and being home all the time.Everyone is warning me about what an adjustment it will be and saying things like what are you going to do.I told him I wasn't really seeing it as an issue until he's started these warnings.That's exactly why he's doing it.After almost 42 yrs. we can't be together in retirement then why did we stay together all this time anyway.

    Funny his boss is leaving the same day and his wife asked him if this meant he was going to expect to follow her around all day.She retired last yr.He's really worried about what to do with himself.Totally opposite from my huz.I will say it's his bosses third marriage so maybe that has something to do with it.

    jolee you are so right about being difficult to leave here after all this work.I get wistful letting the dog out.Thinking,I'm going to miss these back doors when we leave or floors just little things like that.The style is different in Fl. as far as decor so that will help.Several yrs. ago I would have decorated in pink flamingos and Palms seriously but not so much now.No insult to those of you that do ha ha ha.

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Jole, I never heard of putting a paintbrush in the freezer. Be
    careful you don't mistake it for a popsicle. I told Gordon about
    this do it yourself tip. He said, "Sounds like it might poison
    the meat." I guess most folks would prefer a glazed ham to
    a painted one.

    Did you find a cabana boy? Didn't know they still made those
    things. Maybe Mikie can borrow him to be her lanai boy.

    Linda, That 8 step book sounds cuckoo coca puffs crazy. Does the printing go from left to right?

    And speaking of left and right, we had a poster here who
    always referred to California as on the left coast. I guess he's
    viewpoint was from the South. Yours was from the North, Mikie,
    so Florida was on your left.

    I feel sure there is a moral in this for all of us.

    Barry, I'm sorry to hear about your falling dominos medical
    situation. Reminds me of the old lady who swallowed a spider.
    Never heard of plaque in the eyes.

    That reminds me of a Lincoln story, probably apocryphal.
    Lincoln was informed a committee was intending to put a
    plaque on his former home, but was not sure if it should be
    the one in Springfield or his childhood home in Indiana.

    Said Lincoln, "A plaque on both my houses."

    Do they have open cat scan machines? When I had an MRI
    I insisted on an open machine. Not getting me in one of those
    stainless steel trash cans. It was difficult to locate the machine
    and even more difficult to schedule the appointment.

    Everything is so sloppy these days. Yesterday there was a
    computer news item. The pictures were dated a couple
    centuries in the future. (Like Pam's party.)

    How was the party, Pam? Oh wait, it's a future party. Well,
    how do you predict the party was? Chocolate and cherry.
    Are you going to tie the drapes w/ a sash the color of whipped

    Freida, good to see you. Come back when you can.

    Was busy yesterday w/ the market, dishes, and chopping down
    the plumeria tree. What comes down, must go up. We had to
    pick up the branches and put 'em in the green trash bin.

    Saw lots of flowers while walking Zippy. The calla lilies are
    in bloom again. And lots of other stuff including poinsettia
    bushes as big as a refrigerator.


    Aha! Pam posted while I was typing. Or should it be "keyboarding"?
    For tips on decorating w/ plastic flamingos, see Mama's Family.
    Sometimes there were flamingos in the front yard. Other times the
    set decorator apparently couldn't find them. But flamings are like
    a little black dress or a big shiny diamond: always in fashion.
  15. spacee

    spacee Member

    How north can be south and vice versa. Pam, I'll get rid of the pink flamingos
    before you get here :)

    Leah is right about the Huz....you gotta keep him. It never said it would be
    easy. That's why my dad would be gone for 4 months and home for 2,repeat.
    But I don't see that happening to you two! It will work out. So sorry you
    will miss your home. I have never missed a place. Always ready to move
    on. Yet, the kids are not wanting us to sell. So we will stay.

    I need to warn you about homes being underwater here in Florida. Ours is
    now worth what we paid for it $22 years ago. Be very careful of where you
    buy. Renting is better.

    It's official. The state of Virginia has raised it's normal winter temps and summer temps by 1 degree (don't know yet about fall and spring). It
    doesn't seem like much but....it is!!

    The tornado today in Alabama went right between my two brother's homes.
    Not that they live that close (10 miles maybe) but that is pretty close when
    it's a tornado. I heard about it on the national news. No one called us. Oh,
    then a minute later I get a text from one of the brothers.

    Leah, I am sure glad you are here. You seem a lot wiser and kinder than I.
    I like that.

  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Ok so this family party I felt up for last week but isn't til this week.They sent me a message of the menu.Chili,Cheeseburger soup,sandwich tray,peanut butter sandwiches to go with chili?That's what they all like with their chili apparently.Potato salad and cake.I am to bring veg. tray.

    Does this sound like very strange food combinations to you or is it just me?Now the niece is setting up a non birthday party on deceased g-pa's birthday this is in addition to Mar. wedding of nephew,family campout in June,my son's wedding in Sept. and another something or other in Mar.They don't want the family to lose touch now that FIL isn't here to hold us together.This seems a bit much.

    Don't hide the pink flamingo Linda.So it is alive and well in Florida still.DD shamed me into not decorating with Florida theme when I move.My sister does.

    You seem to be doing well Rock.You were missed.Freida you have a nice sense of humor.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I had my 3rd peptide injection this morning. I did post an update on the FMS/CFIDS/ME board but I'm not posting much today. I always rest the day of the shots and, usually, the day after. I've been off my meds for three days and will be off of them tomorrow, except for the Klonopin. I had to fast til 10:30 this morning so I still have a headache. Fortunately, I can take Excedrin. I'm sitting here with an ice bag on my head.

    RE: Left Coast/Right Coast. If you look at a map of the US with the top pointing to North, the Pacific is on the left and the Atlantic is on the right. If the orient a map of Florida in the same manner, the Gulf of Mexico is on the left and the Atlantic is on the right. Hence, I live on the Left Coast, almost on the Gulf shore. I know it's confusing. Going north is going up the coast and going south is going down the coast.

    I think the pink flamingos date back to the 30's or 40's. They are now kitch but when I moved here 14 years ago, a lot of the condos were decorated in pastel colors with lots of fishy decor. This is because people who are Snowbirds have "normal" homes up North. This is my year-round home so I decorate it like I did my homes in CO. It's eclectic and Nate Burkesy. I do have two earth toned pillows on my loveseat with matching candles in brown and blue with starfish tied on them. The pillows have a shell on one and a starfish on the other. They are subtle and tasteful. That and some basketsful of shells are my only homage to Florida and the beach.

    We went through a period of jungle and monkey decor a few years back with lots of rattan and dark wood. It was pretty much a flash in the pan. I can't afford to decorate in the latest fad which will be gone before I can blink. I agree with Nate Berkus that if you keep to the neutrals and traditional style, you can always add pizzaz and color with accessories. It's cheaper to trade them out. Tommy Bahama has a line of furniture which is beautiful. It is so subtle that it would look wonderful anywhere but still, it has a tropical feel.

    Well, I only came to drop in for a few words. I don't think it's in my DNA to be concise. Sending warm hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Nah, I don't have any. But down the street they do. Our house in decorated
    in the "indestructable" (if that is possible) cause of the 3 sons. Meaning you
    can sit on anything and eat on anything and it will be fine. I do like touches
    of red's, greens, yellows and blacks. We have mostly wood floors from the

    Pam, I do hope you understand what I mean when I say the houses in Florida
    are 'underwater". It was just a couple of days ago that the value of our house
    slipped again. PPl tried to get us to move to a "better" neighborhood some years ago but we stayed cause of the small lake and orange groves across the lake.
    Glad we did cause of the price of housing being so bad.

    And yes, I think that's a LOT of carbs for one meal. Interesting what some ppl
    like to eat. And we are doing more of the driving out of state for cousins weddings (or fly) since all the gparents are gone. My son is getting married in
    June and all my side are showing up. Not sure about Huz.

    Mikie, just to tell you how glad I am that these injections are going showing improvement in your health!! You are one tough cookie! Nothing stops you!:)

    Off to think about supper. It is so HOT here today. Well, inside. You know the
    drill. Slow to warm up after a cold front and slow to cool off. So, putting the
    fans on.

    Went to the movies today which is a first for me (alone) in years. The Oscar
    nominations spurred me on. You should have seen the line of white haired
    folks. Everyone was wondering why the others were there. I saw the Tom Hanks, Sandra Bullock....can't remember the name of it. It was INTENSE but
    I recommend it. Take a stiff upper lip or a hankie but the ending was very

    Oh, back to supper...Later Kids,

  19. spacee

    spacee Member

    Yes, I really do know what you mean about how much is the DD and much
    is normal illness. I probably would have thought I wasn't too far from normal
    BUT I have a well twin. I am soooo, soooo, soooo not normal.

    But the relatives are kinda far away. So, I can live in my own 'make believe'
    world that I am 'just older" and not far from normal.

    Thanks for letting me say that. It sounds like such a downer. Ok, well, let me
    describe what she does. Get's up and leaves the house at 5am to go to her son's
    house to help the 7 and 11yo get to the bus stop on time. THEN, there is the
    two babies under 2 to take care of til about 4pm when their dad and mom get
    home. So, under that circumstance...her life isn't rosy at all.

    Well, I am running on and on. We just get what we are dealt and make the best of it we can.

    It's going to be 83 degrees!!!! I'm not sure that is good but I like it better than

  20. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Couldn't sleep so I waited until 3 to get up.Poor Lily looked at me like I was nuts!Maybe it's because I'm excited the drapes are coming at 8 to be hung up.No that would be to sad to be my highlight of my day.

    Linda I do know what you're saying about underwater.Looking at different areas the foreclosure rate in so many areas is troubling.You could always count on the value of your home no matter what until now.It's just not right.

    I was having such a fuzzy brain fog day yesterday.Couldn't make sense of anything.Called DD to help answer a simple question.I wonder what she thinks having her mom like this.When did the roles get reversed.I got things straightened out,it was a stupid mixup on my part.Not important but I must be getting used to it because I wasn't as shocked and upset that I mixed things up as I once was.It is what it is comes to mind a lot these days.

    I hope this shot works as well as the first Mikie.We're rooting for you.I like your color descriptions sounds very tasteful.I like Linda's bright color preferences too.I like daring pops of color.

    I think a nap is in my future today darn insomnia.


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