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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by spacee, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. spacee

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    Yes, I did not tell the truth when I said I was going to wait til tomorrow
    to start a new one. It is 55 mins til tomorrow EST.

    Sometimes late at nite,
    I lie awake and watch you dreaming.....

    Cause I can't sleep dam it. hahaha

    So I will rattle on. Got a catalogue in the mail. A shoe catalogue. An
    EXPENSIVE shoe catalogue that I have never heard of before. The
    timing is fortuituous...why? My last doc appt, the good doc told me
    my back hurt because I wear cheap shoes. (Oh Really...like it isn't
    cause I hurt my back years ago?) Anyway. I am going to take the
    expensive shoe catalogue to my next appt and ask him to circle
    which pair of $300 shoes that would be good for my feet. So that
    I can show huz what I am to be wearing.

    I have a sinister side. It comes out when I buy valentines and mother's
    day cards for myself and send them to my son's. (Like they might
    pick out for me, IF they were ever going to). But sometimes what makes
    me laugh, really should not be mailed to someone else. I have learned
    that lesson at my age of 62. So the gorilla who really, really thinks he
    is pretty, isn't going to be mailed. It will be a keepsake...for me.

    I order 2 'Long Lasting" (Leah...that is code for 'indestructable' stacking
    chairs. Pretty pleased with the price. Reg. $79. now $16...or so they say.
    I forgot about shipping. Sigh. No idea about that.

    Thinking that is it for me tonite!

  2. rockgor

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    Zippy kept me company on the sofa for a while. Now he's been fed and
    is outside sleeping in the balmy 50 degree weather. On our walk yesterday
    I saw that the move company was still on Carroll street. Oh-oh. Big
    bump in the budget. Today another company is to start filming one block

    Just did the dishes. Yuck! What a greasy mess. Feel like I've been working
    in a grease pit all day. Gordon and/or his brother carefully stacked all the
    dishes in nice neat piles. In greasy pots and pans! So everything was

    When I got married, I thought married couples worked things out by
    compromise. After a while I found out that sometimes compromise means
    you let the other party do what she wants and you do what you want.

    As Henny Youngman used to say, we had 3 beautiful years together. Course we were married six.

    Freida, you were spot on. The book is "Feeling Good" by Dr. David
    Burns. There is also a workbook. Burns says you have to DO the exercises.
    Not enough to just read about them.

    Who was talking about lighted flamingos? I made some notes and got
    the porch and the lounge mixed up. Maybe we should start a lanai thread
    for folks who just lie around and can't manage much of anything. I;ll be
    the first to volunteer.

    We have a Goodyear Blimp here in LA. Sometimes go years without seeing
    it. Last few months I've seen it several times. It has an electric sign
    board on one side.

    There is also a smaller blimp w/ "Hanover Vodka" painted on it. (Looking
    at the www, I see there are cities named Hanover in PA, MA, NF, IN, and MN.
    This blimp is lighted from within. Looks like a giant Xmas tree ornament
    made outta gauze. Or for the more poetic, fairy wings.

    Linda, I like the start of your last thread. "Something is dreadfully wrong."
    Know what song that is?

    Freida, my mother did not go to college with me, but she did go to a
    normal school in the 1930s. It was a 2 year teachers college. Got its
    name because the schools were designed to establish educational
    standards (or norms).

    "Something is dreadfully wrong for I feel.
    A deep burning pain in my side.
    Though I am trying to stay in the saddle.
    I'm getting weary, unable to ride.

    "...One little kiss and Felina, Goodbye."


  3. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Linda, I don't know what it is that causes our erratic sleep patterns or, lack of patterns. Today, I slept til after 7:00; that's late for me. I'm usually up by 5:30. Now and then, I wake around 3:00--Yikes! In my case, I know my BP meds cause some of it. Sometimes, I just turn the TV on low and let it lull me back to sleep. Living alone means I don't have anyone to wake up when I do this. We didn't decorate this year in our bldg. Used to be that every bldg. and cul-de-sac courtyard decorated but that's dropped a lot. I was simply too exhausted to dig out the assn. decorations. We did get all new decorations for the entryway to the hood and it looked beautiful. We have four foxtail palms on each side next to the neighborhood name signs. We wrapped them with the little really bright LED lights in all colors. The first time I saw decorated palms was in CA and I couldn't get over it. We have a lighted reindeer for out bldg. He moves his head back and forth. I wear cheap shoes and I'm sure they aren't helping my feet or my back but I refuse to give them up. The Skechers (sp?) I wore when I worked really helped with spine alignment and helped my bad knees too. Geez, I guess they were a bargain at $100.

    Good grief, my computer is acting up and it posted this before I finished. At least, I didn't lose anything.

    Rock, are you in a cantina in El Paso? That used to be one of my favorite songs. I like the idea of a lanai lounge. Problem is that many people don't know what a lanai is unless they have lived in FL or Hawaii. In CO, they were patios. Lanai sounds so pretentious but now that I live here, it's so common. Dirty, greasy dishes, AACK! I put just about everything in the dishwasher but I cook so little that there isn't much in the way of pots 'n pans. One of the problems with condo living is the lack of kitchen storage. I have my pots 'n pans in the oven and have to remove them to use it. We use our microwaves for bread boxes. My cooking skills have gone bye bye. It's not like riding a bike.

    Got an e-mail from my financial advisor. His wife has Sjogren's. I told him about the peptide injections. He is retired but keeps in touch and watches over my investments. Her illness has hit them hard, just as with all of us.

    Blessings and good wishes to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

    Well, kiddies, I should be on my way.
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  4. spacee

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    You have a memory for Country Music. That was the start of the lyrics to
    "If Tomorrow Never Comes" by Garth Brooks. (Will she know now much
    I love her). Pam you might want to buy that song. Play it a lot in front of

    I had a bit of trouble going to sleep. But here it is 11:30am and I am awake
    for the day (first time). So, can't stick around..gotta eat breakfast. But that
    is true Mikie...cooking is not like riding a bike, darn it.

    Post more probably this evening....



  5. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    I never remember lyrics or phrases.I envy people who can hear a song and know the song and artist.I can't play Trivia games either so that leaves me out.

    Well Rock the peanut butter sandwiches are for the adults.Seems huz side has to have it with their chili.Strange if you ask me.

    DD is having trouble with her car starting randomly.She looked it up and lots of people are complaining of this make and model after 33,000 mi.A sensor between brake and starter but co. won't own up to it.Dealer denies knowing anything about that but put a new something or other in it.Today it wouldn't start again.Internet says this is the fix their dealers tried too.She's so frustrated and heading back to Dealer with these computer printouts.

    3yr.old told her to push the red button when it wouldn't start and then piped up with check the battery.My DD has no idea where she picked this up from.It did finally start so GD told her good job you did it.

    I went to bed at 8 last night but woke up two hrs. later.Then two hrs. and so it went.Last night before huz comes home so I hope this straightens out or he won't get much sleep either.

    Did cleaning and laundry so I'm pleased with myself for the day.

  6. spacee

    spacee Member

    How did I get El Paso mixed up with Garth Brooks. Oh well. I really like
    El Paso. (The song, never been there). If my father had managed to be
    born there, instead of Waco, I think the 3 family trips to Texas would have
    been much more interesting. I think I have the song in Itunes. Mother
    had purchased Country Classis back when you could get them on PBS.
    Why she bought them..a mystery. No one was less country than she.

    Her mother went to a school for normals too. Became a teacher. She
    didn't want to be a teacher but her parents made her.

    I have never seen a blimp except on TV. I have seen someone using an
    airplane to spell out a message. Usually advertising a restaurant. That's
    in Orlando.

    Leah has given this thread a whole new purpose. She didn't know there was
    a group of us like her and she found us. It's like I just got patted on the
    back for something I don't even deserve (being sick :)!

    Leah, how I found out that I am positive to sjogren's is I asked my pcp to
    do an ANA. I only asked because an online friend wanted me to have every
    test her doc was doing so we could compare. Imagine my pcp's surprise
    to find that I was actually ill. (I mean he knows there is something wrong
    with be but we don't like to talk about it....the 4 min appt goes by so fast).

    This may have been just a coincidence but after taking doxycycline 100mg
    2 times a day for 45 days,then flagyl 500mg once a day for 10 days and repeat
    the cycle. Then stop. My ANA went from 1280 to 360. Other than that, I
    chew a lot of sugarless gum...which I think isn't good for us and I drink alot
    of water and V8splash diet fruit with sparkling apple juice mixed in. But I
    suppose anyother drink would be as good or better.

    You have a great sense of humor, Leah. It's hard when we feel miserable.

    This is breaking news. Two days this week we did not get mail. No junk mail,
    nada. This has never happened before in our life. The postman pulled up to
    the house, checked his box but nothing for us. I bet he was stunned too.

    FedEX did come by to deliver my 5 bottles of TransferFactor that had to be
    kept cool. That is the amount to get me through the son's June wedding.
    Chisholm has closed their USA plant because it does not comply with FDA
    standards. Guess the FDA is trying to get rid of targeted factors but it isn't
    that easy from what I hear. You just move it out of the country (the lab).
    Where the long arm of the FDA doesn't have jurisdiction. hmmm.

    That wasn't very cheery. Well, yesterday I wore shorts. Yes, in January.
    First time since I was in high school gym class. 85 degrees. Tomorrow
    rain, all day long....love it!! I do, really :)

    Goodnite all,

  7. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, Pam, cleaning and laundry in one day. That is productive. Hope you didn't overdo it. I slept most of the day. My part-time kittie came in the morning and slept with me. We curled up on the sofa together. She is soooo sweet. While the injections are working, I still have some days of exhaustion. It is the slowest, and most erratic, symptom to improve. The only dryness I have in my mouth now is what is caused by the BP meds. That, I can live with. At least, I have skinny ankles from the duiretic. I hate it when my ankles swell.

    Leah, I never did get a pos. ANA but my inflammation was off the charts. After reading Linda's post about the Doxycycline, I'm wondering whether my 2 1/2 yrs. on it didn't cause my ANA to be neg. It was my eye doc with his new test who found the dryness in my eyes which is SS related. I'm glad you found us and don't feel so all alone in your illness. There are more of us than the docs could ever imagine.

    Linda, I'm beginning to believe the FDA does more harm than good. It keeps valuable supps and meds from us and yet approves many drugs which turn out to cause horrible problems. There needs to be more oversight on the studies done by Big Pharma because they cherry pick the results to make themselves look better and they try to cover up potential risks. Other than harsh purging, I doubt anyone has been hurt by TF's and many have been helped. Yes, it's hot here too but this morning, it's gray and raining. I didn't get to Beall's for their Sr. Days but after 3:00 today and tomorrow morning, they have coupons for $10 off a $25 purchase. Such a deal! Think I'll go.

    Was so sad to see of Bill Camo's passing. He will be missed. It was very thoughtful of Pat to let us know. In my letter of instructions with my will, I have asked that if anything happens to me, someone lets y'all know.

    Love, Mikie

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    And doin' some damage to my credit card. I try not to spend too much because of the extra cost of the injections but today, I need it. The injections are working on everything but fatigue. I'm not as tired as usual but not up doing an Irish jig either. So, time for a little e-tail therapy.

    Steel by Design is on. I own several pieces of their jewelry and love it. It looks for all the world like sterling or platinum but never tarnishes, isn't allergy causing, and is tough as nails. The best part is that it is cheap but still made like good jewelry.

    I got a shiny silver looking crystal pave eternity ring which looks like a whole lotta diamonds. Can't wait to get it. I've wanted rose gold earrings and they had a pair of hoops in steel with 18K rose gold electroplated on it. You can't tell the diff between it and solid gold. A lot of the organic jewelry is now being done in copper and these would match beautifully.

    I'm dangerous when I'm bored and just tired enough to want to laze around and shop.

    BTW, down here where I live, we have the little gecko lizards. Does that make me a Lounge Lizard? Bored minds want to know.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Leah,I too have Sjogren's but have always had sero negative blood work.A lip biopsy confirmed my dx.I'm taking Plaquenil and a pill to produce saliva.my sisters bloodtest was negative and she had a botched lip biopsy so she is still trying to get treated and refuses another biopsy,who can blame her.

    Some Drs. will only treat positive bloodwork instead of symptoms but I was fortunate in at least having a label.Like some have said if it looks like a duck,quacks like a duck then it's a duck but not everyone shares that believe.

    Groceries today and it wore me out.Party tomorrow isn't sounding like a good idea.Everything I eat tastes sour or bitter lately for some reason.Nothing has any good flavor including my chocolate bars so I gave them up.I bet they will have no good solution when I have my Dr. appt. next month.It's making eating a chore blah!

  10. spacee

    spacee Member

    We are the same but different. Really differenly how the SS diagnosis came.
    It's a weird DD.

    And Mikie, since you are buying jeweling, it's great that you have the taste for
    what is beautiful (and not expensive). Kudos for the Steel by Design things.

    Me? I decided to go to the movies again. It's been a couple of years since I
    felt well enough to go by myself...hmm. I got there early, hoping to get my
    ticket and go do an errand but no the ticket counter wasn't open.

    So, I wait. As close to the cashier as one can get (but she isn't there). Lo and
    behold another group of ppl arrive and start another line. After about 20 mins
    the woman announces that "since she was there first". What???? But you know,
    I think...what difference does it make. (How generous of me..ha!).

    Of course, the cashier came finally and opened infront of wear I was standing.
    I offered the other woman to go first but she said no.

    But this is first time this has really hit me. I have mentioned it here about my
    hair not turning grey/white and that I would be going to the colorist as long
    as I live (smile) But all the ppl in the theater were totally white (about 75 ppl)
    except for about 5 of us. And if for some strange reason makes me feel
    out of step with all of my peers.

    That was quite silly but thought I would mention it since it struck me so.

    Again no mail. Now I am going to the post office Monday and ask what might
    be going on. We pay no bills online, something should be coming in. Not to
    mention the refills of meds I have ordered.

    If you can't sleep try looking at Norstrom's shoes. Talk about ugly. But that is
    just my opinion. Don't go to Zappo's. Pretty dangerous there :)

    It's tax season which I think we are all aware. However, it means Huz has
    to work and I don't get to see the grands or even him. I think this is our
    37th tax season. But it isn't the taxes so much as the audits. He is an auditor He starting to tell the younger staff "I can fish OR I can teach
    YOU to fish". Only one person at the office knows what huz really does. There needs to be more...so he can retire...someday.

    Yes, breakfast at noon is lunch.. :) And it will be here in almost 12 hours!


  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I'm up early today--5:30 a.m. I don't mind that as long as I'm not up at 3:00. I know y'all think I'm up in the middle of the night because ProHealth uses Pacific Time as it's in CA. Funny thing, I sleep and feel better on Eastern Time even though I spent most of my life in Mtn. Time. This just fits my internal clock better. Not only did I shop online but went to Bealls and Steinmart in the afternoon. Found nothing at Bealls but found a rose gold watch for only $20 at Steinmart. I bought it because it reminds me of the one my Mom had when I was little. Evidently, rose gold was popular decades ago. I think she got it before I was born. It will go with the earrings I ordered.

    I was tired again yesterday and feeling a bit lightheaded when I went out. It's not far or I wouldn't have gone. I don't know why the shots have addressed everything else but that I still have days of grave fatigue. Supposedly, the Red Tide is gone so it may be some other allergen. The doc did tell me that this isn't always smooth. OK, I can deal with that. Another thing--for two days before the fatigue, I sat out in the sun for about 40 mins each time. It may be too early for me to be able to tolerate the sun.

    Leah, I am a big believer in having things show up just in time. I think you found us that way; the Universe sent you to us or vice-versa. I'm glad you did find us because dealing with Sjogren's is very hard and having kindred souls to support you will lighten the load. Funny that you mention FDA labels for food. When I worked at Publix, we had to take training from time to time. Something which claims to be "natural," has to have more natural ingredients in it than other ingredients. If it says, "all natural," it has to contain 100 percent natural products. If you are looking for organic, be sure it is labeled, "guaranteed organic." It's usually a small circular blurb on the label.

    Pam, you know I'm with you when it comes to diagnosing SS and other illnesses. If they can't figure out tests which are more reliable, then it ought to be diagnosed based on symptomology. It can take years for SS to show up in bloodwork. I've been putting off going to the store but it can't be avoided any longer; I'm out of food. My appetite has been off and I can't shop when nothing looks good to me. I think I'll get some of those meal substitude drinks to have when I need to eat but nothing appeals to me. My SS dry mouth is gone but my BP meds cause a bit of dryness too. It's nothing compared to SS but still annoying.

    Linda, I've only been to one movie in years and it wasn't particularly a good one. We are all so used to our HD TV's that movies look blurry. Also, I finally had to ask one old lady to stop talking as she was ruining the film for us. Good grief, she was whispering to her friend who was obviously hard of hearing. Yes, you look anywhere down here and it's a sea of white heads. Unfortunately, my gray isn't at all attractive but rather washes me out. I'll be dipping in the Nice 'n Easy for years to come. It's not just some shoes which are ugly but also some clothes. I'm never overly treandy. My clothes are usually plain and I accessorize. I hate seeing a lovely young girl in a pretty dress with shoes which cut her off at her shins and look like something a goat herder would wear. AACK!!!

    I'm watching "Tea With Mussolini" on HBO. It's a Franco Zeffirelli film with an amazing cast. Lately, I've been in love with period films and TV shows, especially those set in Europe. "Midnight In Paris" is up for an Oscar. I loved it. Well, I had better get to reading the paper so I can send it on to my neighbor. Hope everyone has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  12. spacee

    spacee Member

    OR, where our mail has been going. Our son who was in Holland filled out
    a 'change of address for him and his 'family"when they got back. Guess the Post office thought all the mail was his family.

    Yeah, Mikie, It finally dawned on me that my best friends here (and I don't see
    them often) have their hair colored. Why, do I know that...I used see them at the shop when I was having my hair highlighted. But now 'my girl' opened her on shop and I see no one I know.

    It seems the ppl who come to the mobile home parks for the winter like to
    keep life streamlined. No frills. No hair dye, no computer hook up. Might
    have a laptop they take to the library. Why do I know this...they telephoned
    to find out the times of the movies and the recording was wrong. Several of
    them mentioned it.

    Grave fatigue. Yep that is horrid.I don't know how much I would leave the house with out ritalin...not that I am recommending it to anyone. I would
    probably get up and eat lunch and go back to bed.

    Leah. I have never been called creative and clever before....see what a huge
    asset you are! You see talents that 'normals' have overlooked. :)

    Cracked me up about the young girl looking like a sheepherder. Too funny.
    I agree the movies are almost unbearable. For me it's the sound...so loud.
    I wear earplugs. But my brain still vibrates for a few hours after it is over.
    Doesn't make me want to go back anytime soon.

    Those drinks might be a good idea. They kept me alive when first ill. Drank
    up to 6 cans a day. Hope they taste better :)

    Later kids,

  13. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Did go to the family party.It about killed huz and I to actually leave the house for a 7PM party.I told him I at least felt better that he found it difficult to go too.We stayed 2hrs. and that was plenty.The young ones,30's were drinking and loud.They all appreciated our coming out and it was worth the effort.

    I slept sound for the first time in ages maybe from the one drink I had.We agree we don't miss the drinking and partying at all and we feel really old.

    Today the GS is leaving from staying the weekend.The house is in a whirlwind.Hope all of your weekend is going good.

  14. spacee

    spacee Member

    Pam,your Huz didn't want to go either? Why that surprised me, I don't know.
    Two hours anywhere is plenty for me.

    It finally dawned on me that the days I do not leave the house and run a
    couple of errands....those nights (of those days) are the ones I don't sleep.
    Brilliant of me, I know.

    Since we did the grocery shopping yesterday. There was nothing to do today
    but go to the little mall we have and "pretend" we were shopping. PacSun
    store has closed. Randy's mobility store is back. I think that store would do
    better near a door. Just my opinion.

    Sooo happy the peptide injections are helping, Mikie!! Do you go alone, or
    have someone to go with you. Do you spend the nite the nite before?

    Mitt Rommey called twice and invited us to Dunedin to visit with him. :)
    I know politics are taboo here but aren't the computers handy for the politicians? I have little to no opinion in politics cept that something seems
    very wrong with congress. But feel free to disagree. My political opinions are
    not brilliant.

    Kentucky family all have a bug escorted home by the 4 yo from preschool.
    They are wiped out and DS is not eating and exhausted but "in charge".
    That's one thing I don't understand. All the viruses out there. They are sick
    almost every week. But that's been said before by me.

    Ah sleep, perchance to dream (not Rock)

    I think it is time.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Funny thing--once I stopped working, I stopped liking weekends. That's when all the worker bees have to do their shopping and socializing. The stores are full. I prefer to do my thing during the week. It's soooo crowded round here right now that the roads are full and so are the stores. It's a double-sided sword. The Snowbirds and tourists bring millions of dollars to our economy and I love my Snowbird neighbors. So, when it's frustrating to drive, I remind myself of the positive side of things.

    Yesterday, my neighbor and I decided to get a few things at Publix but we wanted to stop at Kohl's first. She saw my rose gold colored watch and wants one. She didn't find any she liked but I found a keyboard. It's my latest thing to entertain myself and try to keep my brain from atrophying :) I can pick out melodies by ear but recently got a chord book (cheat book). Well, Kohl's was getting rid of things for 65 percent off. The $99.00 keyboard was supposed to be $34.99, according to the sign. It rang up at $79.99. They did a price check and said the $79.99 was right. I was so disgusted, I walked out. Now, though, I have a coupon for 15 percent off and I'm going back to have a clerk verify with me in that dept. that the keyboard is $79.99. If it is $34.99, I'll get another 15 percent off. Did I mention that I HATE KOHL'S. Oy!

    According to our newspaper, Florida has greatly benefitted from the early primary with tons of money spent on advertising and from all the people associated with the politics spending money on hotels and restaurants. It's also good for tourism when people up North see outside shots of our sunshine, beaches and palm trees. Oh, goody, more people. It's bad enough that the pols are running horrible ads but now, with all the unlimited PAC's, it's at a fever pitch. I don't like lying and I don't like mean-spirited politics. The worst decision ever was the Supreme Court's allowing corps. to give unlimited funds to PAC's. We have to get the money out of politics and that's the only political remark I'm making. Nothing partisan. They problem is systemic.

    Leah, there is a name for my belief in having things show up but I can't remember it. After one learns to meditate, or just sit quietly, one can interject an intention into it. It is important to believe that whatever you need will show up. Then, it is also important to distance oneself from the outcome because what we want isn't always what we need. If we are so invested in our wants, we may not recognize an opportunity when it shows up in another form. It's like the song..."You don't always get what you want...........you might just get what you need." Forgive me if the lyrics aren't just right. I found this site just when I desperately needed it. Almost every treatment which has helped me is something I first learned of here, with the exception of the peptide injections.

    Pam, glad you had a good time. Yes, the drinking and partying days are behind me too. So glad I sowed my wild oats after my divorce. I don't feel as though I've missed much of anything. Something always told me, in the back of my mind, to do what I wanted to while I could. I always felt I might not be able to do things I wanted someday. Well, I was right--in spades! Carpe diem! In our family, we also say, "Carpe 'nightem'," usually when trying to decide whether to have another glass of wine.

    Linda, so sorry part of the family is sick. After Andy started preschool, everyone was sick all the time. I call children, small "Petri dishes." Another reason I try to avoid weekend shopping crowds. I can't believe grown people will cough and sneeze all over their hands and merchandise in stores. I used to clean the customer part of the counter in the store after one of the obviously sick would leave before the next customer had to use the counter and credit card machine. They loved me for it. Whatever happened to manners and common civility?

    I drive myself to the doc's office for the injections. There are no side effects so no reason not to. I vomited after the first one but I was getting a stomach bug. After the second one, I felt a wave of nausea but it passed almost immediately. After the last one, there was nothing. I'm having just a bit of aching in my hands and wrists and am worried because the doc thought I was done with that. If it keeps up, I'll have to ask him about it next time. I'm losing about a week a month around the time of the injections. I have to stop my meds two days before, the day of and the day after the shots. I've decided that two days before I stop, I'll cut out one of my BP pills (I take three). I'll also cut one out the first two days I go back on my meds. I don't think it's good to go so drastically off the BP meds and then back on them full steam ahead. This is all new to me so it will take some time to get used to things.

    Well, Kiddies, I send my best to everyone for feeling well with lots of energy and no pain.

    Love, Mikie
  16. Ranigar

    Ranigar Member

    Doing a few loads of laundry and lots of cleaning.Taking advantage of a decent day.I was so surprised huz had a hard time going Sat. but silly me it was because he had been on his feet all week in Atlanta at the Trade Show until Fri.Well it felt nice to not be the party pooper all by myself for a change.

    Remembered to turn on the oven cleaner.Funny how that chore still gets shuffled around even though it's a couple buttons instead of the goopy back breaking mess it used to be before self cleaning ovens came along.

    Lily got into something again and her eye looks infected.She puts her face into the fur tree sniffing around and scratches her eye a couple times a yr.No vet appt. needed this time because her last script had some left yea!

    I think your both safe on political statements.I doubt anyone could disagree or defend anything in these times.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I forgot--someone asked me what a foxtail palm was like. They are smaller than the usual plams and the fronds are all bushy just like a fox tail, hence, the name. They are bright green and just beautiful. You would think by now that I would know all about shells, birds and palm trees but, even when I try to learn them, it goes out of my pea brain. If all the names were descriptive, like the foxtail palms, I wouldn't have so much trouble. If the storks were all carrying babies in blankets, I could more easily recognize them :) Actually, they are one of the few birds I do recognize. There are terns and erns, gulls and boobies (yes, boobies) and they all look the same to me. And, the boobies don't look like boobies.

    Sooooo, in order to try too keep the old brain alive, I did get the keyboard. As I lamented yesterday, it was mismarked on the clearance table. Even the sign read that $99.99 was $34.99, sixty five percent off. Well, today, they had changed the price but the dummy in charge of doing that changed it to $39.99. The sweet young lady at the register took the extra $5 off and I got another $5.25 with my 15 percent off coupon. Sooooo, all in all, it worked out well. I got it for about $30. I didn't use my Kohl's card because I dispise them and the electronic bill pay doesn't work. I don't dispise them enough to keep me from such a steal.

    Leah, I'm so sorry you are in so much pain. Sjogren's can cause pain but we often also have FMS or other painful conditions. I hope you are feeling better. When I feel lousy, I try to distract myself with reading, TV, etc. There are times when all I can do is passively watch TV. Those are the worst days. Yes, I'll have to try different things so I can enjoy the whole month and not just three weeks. Still, I shouldn't complain. I was able to go out but I got too tired to get to the store, so I had to stop by Burger King as I couldn't wait. AACK! Not good food.

    Pam, glad you have some energy. I have always liked doing laundry for myself. Not so much for the family. When the kids were small, my ex found a mail box for sale by the govt. He bought it, repainted it and we used it for our hamper. The kids loved "mailing" their laundry. Never had to yell at them to pick up their dirty clothes.

    I stopped in at the Dollar Tree and Hobby Lobby while I was at Kohl's. I got things to make and decorate Valentine cupcakes. I usually give my neighbors small Valentines. I found little Valentine boxes to put the cupcakes in. Now, if I can only get motivated to bake.

    Now that I'm home, I'm watching QVC cause I'm too tired to do anything else. I'm determined not to buy anything. Both QVC and HSN are featuring their CZ jewelry. I was sooooo tempted over the weekend as they had all kinds of great things for the kitchen and house cheap.

    I'm too tired to pluck out a few tunes so it'll have to wait. Also, I need to find my cheat book with the chords. I know some of them but not all of them. I suck soooo bad at the Wii games and I keep getting killed, even when I set them on "Easy." I can only get so far in "Where The Wild Things Are" before I am killed off by hornets. Yikes! Speaking of which, I'm reading the second book in the trilogy of "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest." Too bad the author died before he finished all ten books.

    Praying for the best for everyone.

    Love, Mikie

  18. spacee

    spacee Member

    Mikie always has the best info (my opinion). And Frieda and other not their
    best hope you feel better fast!!! In fact, I am going to meditate on that for you!

    Love the keyboard idea. I love itunes and sing to my lung's ability on the
    days I can stand the noise. (it is noise, not sound:)

    Oh...the trade shows explains the exhaustion. Whew! I think many years ago
    I went with Huz to one. Why I have no idea. It was an impressive amount of

    There are days when my brain is really off that only a coke from McD's will
    fix it. Today was that day.

    Mikie you have cracked me up with the ordeal with Kohl's. Sorry for all your
    agony with them...but aren't some places always like that? Thanks for the laugh. My doc's wife was soooo excited when we finally got a Kohl's a couple
    of years ago. Can't figure out why. Maybe the atheletic clothes. She lost
    25lbs at Gold's Gym. Why I know this? The nurses. :)

    Can't believe the friend wanted a watch exactly like yours. Here a couple of
    women like the same things. They used to shop alot together. One always
    got her way. The other didn't like it but would not say anything. Well, not
    to too many ppl!


  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Gordon was home all last week. He was told to start using up some of
    his vacation days, or he wouldn't accrue any more. So we did lots of errands.

    I really don't know how places stay in business anymore. The general rule
    seems to be crappy products from the Far East and rotten customer service.
    Anyhoo, here are a few things I bumped into.

    A box the size of a microwave oven with "Koh Coconut" on it.
    Illustrated by a picture of a green apple. Couldn't figure out what that
    was. Looked on the net later. It's coconut water. Whatever that is.

    A huge display of Snuggies in boxes. No price.

    Lowes large store w/ employees who don't speak enough English to
    be helpful. (This is pretty much true all over LA.) Anyway, we were
    eventually told to go to aisle 17, but we couldn't find any aisle numbers.

    The Costco restroom w/ no towels. There was a black box on the wall
    which said, "Motion Detector". So I wave my dripping hands in front of
    it; under it. Nothing. Finally I pushed the motion detector sign and a
    paper towel was dispensed.

    We went to two nurseries. Many plants were unmarked. Couldn't tell
    what they were or how much they were.

    But the good news is we saw lots of beautiful flowers. The primroses, mums,
    azaleas, orchids, bromeliads, and anthuriums were all in bloom. I bought a
    margarita daisy which is maroon w/ gold centers. Very cheerful. Also bought
    some seeds for peas. I'll be Farmer Rock. I already have a straw hat that I
    bought to wear at a Dodger Game years ago.

    Pam, how is Lily's eye? When we had shih-tzus, they sometimes bumped
    an eye. Because of their flat faces we were told. Anyhoo, a vet told us our dog was blind in one eye and needed immediate surgery. We talked to the lady at the rescue society where we got the dogs. She said, "Oh, those vets", and gave us a tube of ointment which speedily remedied the problem.

    Mikie, hope you have fun w/ your keyboard. I used to be a church organist in
    my wayward youth, but was a lousy musician.

    Barry, where you are? What is going on with your eyes and other problems?
    Hope things are looking up. Ha! Just realized that's a pun.

    Good idea, Leah. Require wood storks to carry a log. You know the old
    Ogden Nash verse? " A wonderful bird is the pelican. His beak holds more
    than his bellican."

    Recently read Nash didn't write it. Hard to be sure about anything.

    Linda, you find McDonald's coke therapeutic? Same with me and chocolate
    milk. It soothes my raspy throat and raveled nerves. We got some at the
    market last night. Two bucks a half gallon instead of the usually three.

    Not quite so good a bargain as that keyboard. Big hugs to everydobby.


  20. spacee

    spacee Member

    Very amusing from this side of the country. Sounds kinda like here only
    we still have more english speakers. No tryee the coconut water in a box?
    I don't know how you passed that up :)

    Startling too about the vet trying to scam you. Amazed what some ppl will
    do for money.

    Yes, McD's cokes used to be able to allow be to drive to Orlando or Tampa
    but not anymore. Those were the days. The "get out of Dodge for the day".
    Now, huz would drive me but we both don't much feel like it. Walking around
    the small mall is enough. We used to go there and do 3-4 laps two times a
    week. Not no more.

    Mikie, I used to meditate. After reading your post about it. I was trying to remember when
    and why did I stop. It must have been in the late 1990's and I guess I got a bit more
    energy and hit the highways. Hmmm.

    Rock, I noticed on the Q that You, Mikie and I are in the same zone for flowers. Or
    to put it another way "Roberta's Garden's" will ship to us all at the same time. (no
    surprise with Mikie and Me).

    But you have all the plants you need to keep to busy for quite a spell!! I prefer to
    go to Lowe's for flowers. I love their advertisements when the flowers are in (to let you
    know to come buy some). The miniature roses are blooming from last year but I don't
    think the day lilly's survived. They didn't seem to like our sandy soil.

    We don't plant til 4/15 no matter what the ad says. Huz has to do that job. We refer to
    our yard as "the experiment". (To see what grows and what doesn't".) That way we don't
    get our hopes up :)

    Huz has found an ad for a "neck lifting device" An Amazing Direct Offer: $14.95. It's looks
    kinda like a flat garden hose which you wrap around your neck and then pump air into it.
    It says it gently allows tight neck muscles to relax. Lifts the weight of your head off your
    neck and shoulder muscles for an instant relief! You can use it at your office! The company
    is located in Sarasota Fl. Bet it was still made in the far east.

    I can't tell you how many things Huz has tried for his neck. Maybe this will work!

    Stay tuned...

    Linda[This Message was Edited on 01/30/2012]