95 percent denial rate !! anyone know about appeals council

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  1. I feel like A failure. I know I am sick. I quit a job I was at for 9 years. I always worked hard,I was a server/ floor manager. I loved people and had tons of regular customers. I loved working.

    My judge did not ask what my daily life was like,he didn't mention my hands being numb and dropping things. I knew I lost. Good and bad news was, he denied 19 people out of 20 so far. That can raise red flags at the Appeals Council.

    Here I thought it was me who messed up. He blamed it on my Psychologist and said the SSD doctor thought I was fine. The SSD doctor said I sobbed the entire time and was depressed. Which is true. I was going for fybro,depression, anxiety and RA.

    If anyone knows how the appeals council works please let me know. My attorney said we are going to do that and also start a new appplication. Thanks For listening.