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    Hi One And All

    Whaddya think? Is one and all redundant? Why of course it is. "All" includes
    "one"; ergo it's redundant. Or as Mikie might point out, it is clearly the product
    of the Dept. of Redundancy Department.

    Having no pressing business at the moment I decided to investigate the
    origin of this common phrase. The origin of words and phrases seems to
    be a less precise enterprise than, for example, mathematics. Couple days
    ago I looked up some word. Read that it may have come from Scotland
    or Greece (not exactly neighbors) or possible some third place. India, maybe.

    Anyhoo one theory (mine) is that One And All goes back to the time of
    Alard the Crooked. His nickname was apparently due to a limp rather
    than to a larcenous disposition. Alard was a shoemaker who lived in
    the Middlesex village of Mattfen on the River Ponte in Medieval England.

    It came to pass that the Shoemakers Guild decreed a contest should be
    held at the Nottingham Faire, and our friend Alard was the winner. His
    prize was a new awl with his initial in silver on the handle. Alard was so
    pleased he commissioned the village scribe to paint on the door of his
    shop the following.

    Alard's Shope.
    He Won An Awl.

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    Hi Kids

    Guess what. It's raining again. Uff-da! Went downstairs an hour ago. Soon
    as I walked into the kitchen I heard the B & W cat meowing at the back door.
    Gave her some chicken soup.

    Went to the surgeon's office yesterday. It's in Chinatown which is part of
    downtown LA. The building houses a pharmacy and lots of medical businesses.
    The owner of the building is David, our pharmacist and a childhood friend
    of Gordon. The surgeon was out of town, but I filled out various forms.
    We'll get a definite date when he returns.

    Sun, thanks for the URL to the smudging article. First time I ever read
    anything in the Harvard Crimson. Kids, the article is about smudging during
    cold spells to try and save the orange crop. It seems smudgers have a lot
    in common with coal miners.

    Glad to hear that you and Clare are a bit better. Hope she likes her new
    fountain. All the house cats I had loved it when I would let the kitchen faucet
    drip so they could bat at the drops.

    Springwater, Sun is right when she says you're right. I.e., gray is a more
    apt color than blue to describe gloom. We've never made a chocolate torte
    (or a Black Forest cuckoo clock) but we've made lots of cake. Don't do that
    much anymore. Gordon used to make the cake and I made the frosting.

    Hope you get some energy. Be nice if we all did. Fat chance. Ya ever
    notice that fat chance and slim chance mean the same thing?

    Hugs Everydobby
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    Good Saturday Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Getting outside yesterday and doing a bit of yard work seems to have gotten rid of my Smurffiness. Thank God. I hate feeling sad/blue/down/depressed. Blue, in all it's many shades, is my favorite color. So far, I seem to be tolerating my potassium citrate well. I hope so because it may be the only solution left to prevent more stones. I did rest for the remainder of the day as I felt my body was trying to fight off something, probably Ilona's cold. What a friend! She shares everything she has, including her cold by hacking all over without covering her mouth. Yikes! :confused:

    TV news/weather is showing the dawn sky over the water. It's nice 'n dry this week with highs in the low 80's. Low 80's here is beautiful weather when it's not humid. I had to take an allergy tablet but I'll open the doors to let the air blow through. When one has a cat, it's necessary to air out the place so it doesn't smell musty. I clean his box, brush him and vacuum but I need to air out the place now and then. In the hot summer, the A/C keeps the air smelling clean. I also have an air purifier which helps. So does the Himalayan salt lamp. Sir Vester decided to nip at me so I grabbed him by the scruff of the neck and nipped at his tummy with my fingers, like a mama cat would, while telling him, "No!" He walked around afterward howling like a little kid who got a swat on the fanny. Then, he went out on the lanai and is now snoozing. Weatherwoman says we may get rain on Wed. or Thurs. I hope so.

    Rock, thanks for starting us up again. Yes, soooo much redundancy around today. I heard political pundits saying something was "separated out." The out is totally unnecessary because nothing can be separated in. Doh!!! What I got from your story is that Shope's sign should have read, "Year Ye, All Y'all; Shope Won An Awl." Of course, all y'all is redundant too be cause y'all means everyone as in all y'all. I hope your doc can get you scheduled and you can put this behind you. Glad it's something which can be repaired. I saw on TV that there is a huge sink hole in the waterway which drains the Oroville Dam in CA. It will only get worse because the water can't be shut off with all the rain CA has gotten. The reservoir is 98 percent full. The water is going around the waterway and spilling muddy water into the Feather River. Oxymoronically, CA is in a drought and flooding at the same time. Redundancies and oxymorons are fun to spot but nothing is as much fun as the pun. One has to engage the mind to make a pun unless the pun just happens on its own, as in, "No pun intended." Thanks again for starting a new Porch.

    Granni, I'm glad they got your new fridge installed. After they removed my old one, the rude guy measured the space and said it was too small and would cave in the entire side of the new one. I said I didn't know what to do. He said he didn't have time for this and went out and brought in the new one with his helper. They hooked up the water line, plugged it in and pushed it into the space; it fit perfectly. This one is larger than the old one and seems to have soooo much more space. Also, the water dispenser seems to flow better. What stainless shade did you get--the very shiny or the darker slate stainless? Hope you enjoy the appliances when they get the DW hooked up.

    Sun, Claire will eventually get used to her new watering bowl. I've seen those that recycle the water, allowing oxygen to be infused. Cats like fresh water. I put fresh filtered water in Sir Vester's bowl each morning. When I left him for four days, I put out the one with the water jar on it; it refills itself. He likes his regular bowl better but will always drink from anything. His urine clumps in the litter box are huge so I know he's getting enough water. Yes, I did consider that it might be the potassium giving me diarrhea but there were other symptoms too that I might be trying to catch Ilona's cold. She owes me $2.00 and wanted me to come to get it. I told her no that it had germs on it. AACCKK!!! I'm glad Claire is better and you had a day sans problems. Here's to many more problem-free days.

    Spring, after all my boning up on the moon, I fell asleep and didn't see the eclipse nor the comet. The comet will be around so will catch it later. I've never seen one which appears to be blue/green. More than 20 years ago, a comet was visible in the daytime for weeks. It was quite large and appeared white in the blue sky. I love all things astronomical. I'm also a believer in astrology. I'm a true Cancer. My rising sign is Leo and my moon sign is Aquarius. They greatly affect me as well and mitigate some of the Cancer traits. So sorry you lost your recipe and your NRG. I'm not doing the Epsom Salt soaks because I've become soooo sensitive to magnesium. I'll try to reintroduce them later. Magnesium salts seep into the body through the pores in a hot bath. When I'm getting sick, I have horrible hunger which is followed by loss of appetite once I get sick. Yesterday, I ate everything in sight. Yikes! Hope you are feeling better.

    Well, Kiddies, that about it from the jungle. I hope everydobby is doing well and has a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Glad that you are feeling a little better and less "blue" was they say which should probably be grey instead but then not sure everyone would know what you meant. Not much time on the computer but wanted to pop in for a few minutes before DH comes back form the store. Went this a.m. to Conns and that dishwasher is gone and we had to come home and measure the length needed for the hose which we will mot likely have to order. They took it off the bill and will have to order another not sure if it will be the same or not. Then came home and did a bit of painting on the bridge outside in the back. Dang it, DH was painting on the floor of the bridge and so I had to work outside of it and some of the ground was not level so some of the paint from the paint can went all over the ground. What a mess. After cleaning it up a little bit as much as I could, still a mess on the ground, I did some of the actual painting of the posts. Normally I have no problem but DH wanted us both to be out there and that was not a good idea. He should have done his and me later on . Then I could put the white paint can down on the flooring so I could paint the railings white. I will be so happy when that is done and then we start the deck after he power washes that part. It is a beautiful day today very breezy and comfy . Might get in the 80's - today but with the breeze it seemed nice, late this morning.

    ROCK - Thanks for starting us up again. Great to hear form you, Hope it stops raining soon although not sure if your area is dry or to wet.

    SUN - Glad that Claire is doing much better. Is she your older kitty?? The refrig is the light stainless, DH calls it silver :)!!

    JULIE - Hang it there kiddo. There is light at the end of the tunnel, I am sure for you :)!! Try and thing happy and fun thoughts like of those T T's. and your new place when it will be finished. Stay well sweetie and come visit when you can.

    DIANE - Thinking of you and all those in the path of that massive snow storm. My niece on LI got a bunch of it she sent a pic on FB. WOW !! A lot of snow.!!

    Well, my laundry is calling me, both washer and dryer are full.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Just my usual Sunday morning reading the newspaper and working the puzzles. Got all the puzzles 'cept a few letters in the NYT crossword. It's just me and one other person online here right now. Hope everydobby else is resting. Not much to write about this morning. I made an error in one of my posts. The show I liked on PBS was Spy in The Wild and not 'In Nature.' It's part of the Nature series. I'm easily confusicated.

    Yesterday afternoon, I decided to watch a free movie On Demand. It was Wick. The sequel is coming out to much fanfare. Bah! The one I watched was poorly written and unbelievable. It was pure violence for violence's sake. No wonder people are full of anger if they stuff their minds with this kind of rot. If one pays $2.99 to rent it, it's without commercials. I'm glad I didn't pay. I just let it run and did other things. Some have said it's the best action movie ever. I've seen others of this ilk and they all seem to be about gore, hand-to-hand combat and explosions. Oh, and fast stunt driving. It didn't help that the guy from the insurance commercials, Mayhem, played a gangster and Bridget Moynahan, from Blue Bloods, was cast as the "hero's" dead wife. The "hero" himself is an ex gangster/killer. Think I'll stick to other genres of films.

    Weather is nice today. I have to go out to water our flowers. I should get into the shower but will wait til tomorrow to shampoo my hair. The color job and strong conditioner last week really helped it to look and feel healthier. I changed styling mousse and the itching is gone. I think I was allergic to the other goo I was using. This new one is less expensive too. Yesterday, I fried up some bacon and had it with eggs for breakfast. I threw in some Andouille sausages to brown them. I defrosted some of the gumbo sauce I had made a while back and will add the sausage to it and heat it up with some small corn coblettes. Mmmmm! No other plans than that.

    Granni, that painting mishap sounds just like some of the things I go through when I try to do anything anymore. What a mess. Paint is so expensive that it's a shame to spill any. Then, there's the cleanup. AACCKK!!! On the upside, it's so nice that DH wants to do things together. If I had my druthers, I'd still be married to someone who wanted to be with me. As it is, I'm better off without my ex and I do enjoy living single, but it was never what I planned on. Hope today goes better for you.

    Dear Old Friend called and his is seeing a specialist at the Sports Medicine Center just down the street. I'm soooo glad. He's been doing everything he can to help the weakness in his legs and his loss of balance. It's really time to see a good doc. His PCP has mentioned fibromyalgia as a possible condition but she's not a specialist. I think he's been in denial for a long time and he's finally read to get the help he needs. All three of his sons are here visiting and I think they are relieved too. Kids worry about their parents who live alone in old age.

    OK, Kids, gonna go. Hope y'all can stop in for a spell.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: Woo Hoo! I had been thinking about changing phone plan to get unlimited data at the same fee I'm spending now for limited data. DD from TX called and is sending me one of their iPhones. They keep getting new ones and have hardly used their old ones. I'm soooo excited because I don't have $600 or $700 to spend for a new one. Also, we can use FaceTime instead of Skype. It's better. I found out my DSIL in CO lost his biological father. His Mom had been divorced from him since the kids were little and he wasn't in their lives but I know it'll be hard for them. When my Mom told me my biological father had died, I cried even though I never knew him. I might have cried precisely because I never knew him. OK that's it from here.
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    Hold Tight everyone! Hang on! We live in crazy times --- don't you all hear the canary tweeting? Or is that an "alternate fact"? Tweet, twitter.

    I am feeling angry and upset because of the news. Just gotta keep from reading it, but it's hard for me not to, if you knoe what I mean.

    Jobs for today: shave (why do I bother?), wash dishes, try not to think negative thoughts (very hard) but concentrate on the flickers of light and sanity.

    It's sunny after heavy morning fog here. Should reach into the '60's today. A few more days of sun .... and then more rain. We are definitely out of the drought here.

    Star: been thinking about you down in Oz, and hoping the brush-fires are well away from you. Saw that record heat in NSW and Q-land. Horrible. I hope you are doing alright. You are sorely missed. I wanted to hear whether the ferrets had had their kits, cubs, ferrules or whatever yet. Oh, I guess I mean babies.

    Mammon. The new god of weddings and bling parties. Bah, Humbug! Mammon. I used to like Johnny Depp. I didn't realize that he had become a follower of Mammon. $30,000 a nonth for wine? And, and, and...... I must stop. 14 houses. I must stop!

    More crocuses are blooming now, purples, orange, and striped ones. Also a nice patch of bright blue rock garden irises (Iris reticulata), a small bulbous species about 5" tall with big flowers. Loverley. Buds on the leafless magnolia. I'm hoping that the magnolia that I grew from seed will bloom again this year, even though the flowers aren't that special -- Mag. wilsonii I think,I it is. Got the seeds from a botanical garden.

    We were going to check out the animal rescue centre for a new dog, but Richard isn't quite ready yet. I told him we should wait until March. We had been planning to go up today.... It is taking him so long to get through this grieving process.... I think another rescue animal would help to rescue him from his grief, at least a little.

    Missing you Diane, and every.one else. Seems a slow time right now on the board. Only reason I came aboard was to bore you all! Hope I was good at it!

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    Hi Kids

    It is 74 degrees in Los Angeles. Lots of sunshine and no rain. Yeah! We
    have two plants in bloom on the front porch. Gordon told me their names,
    but I can't remember. Anyhoo one has flowers of a medium purple hue, and
    the one right next to it has pale orange flowers with a center that is a darker
    orange and finally red. They look extra colorful because they are next to
    each other. When we were in Pasadena the other day we saw a flower bed in
    front of a bank. Iceland poppies. Yellow and orange. Like a bed of sunshine.
    You would have loved them, Springwater.

    Barry, glad you were up to posting. You are always good at it and couldn't
    be boring if you tried. Good luck with finding a wonderful new dog. It
    won't replace Shorty, but can still be a great addition to your family.

    Granni, Mikie is right. Paint is expensive. As I'm sure you know. Our
    neighbors had their house painted some 16-20 years ago. Said it cost
    about $5000. Just looked on line. I read the average cost of painting a
    house was around $2700. Sounds low to me. Remember when Lucy and
    Ethel painted and wallpapered? Be glad you don't have them around to help.

    Mikie, congratulations on your puzzle expertise. As Robert Preston said in
    The Music Man, "It takes a keen eye and a cool head; helps you cultivate
    horse sense." 'Course the context was slightly different. He had a pool cue
    in his hand. You had a pen. And we all know which one is mightier.

    You mentioned Epsom Salt soaks. I did an easy cross word last night. One
    of the answers was Epsom. An awesome kawinkydink.

    The crepe myrtle trees are in bloom. The one on our lot has dark red
    flowers. The ones in bloom right now have white flowers. Some crepe
    myrtles look like short trees and some look like large shrubs.

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  8. sunflowergirl

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    Rock: Crepe myrtle are blooming now?????? I didn't think they bloom until mid summer, at least they did when we had a long row of them when I was growing up. Gorgeous hot pink/magenta ones. My grandfather worked for a local park in the early 50s and he planted them....these were left overs they didn't need so gave them to my dad. I drive by those huge ones at the park now and think....my grandfather had his hands on all of them.

    It's sooo beautiful today, just enough heat and sun that makes you crave wanting to sit outside. I need to soak up the sun because they're predicting rain again come friday.

    Granni: Do you paint that little bridge every year? What a job.

    Barry: I don't read all the news, just get it online on MSM news, basically the gist of the headlines. Johnny has 14 houses??????? That's worst than having a house/mansion with 20 bedrooms and 50 closets filled. Honestly, how much can one use at one time? I'm sorry Richard is dragging his feet on finding a new furry friend. Why don't YOU insist. We all know he will heal must faster from depression if he does get a new dog.

    Mikie: Sounds like you're feeling much better today. That's great news.

    I had a good day. My little DGD called this morning and in her little sweet voice asked if I wanted them to come over today, YES. So we went for lunch at an outdoor restaurant then meandered around our little town, and spent a really nice relaxed time. Three of my family didn't want their yummy tossed salads served with its the burgers and fries so I took all the salad and will have it for dinner with some chicken topping it. And......the fries were cooked in duck fat! Really good. Gorgonzola cheese and sautéed caramalized onions on the burgers....mmmmmm. Stopped at one little shop that was going out of business and bought a cute cloth shoulder bag decorated with cotton fringe, beading and metal studs.....70% off. (Think hippy style). My DGD said we could "share" the purse so she wore it around town while we shopped.

    Then I convinced her to help pull some weeds in front to earn some $. So the two of us worked for about 30 min. Until I just couldn't do it anymore, so out of breath! Darn I HATE having this COPD.

    So now I'm having some wine while watching the grammys.
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    Hallo all!

    I had to go out all of a sudden yesterday. A fellow pranic healer told me about this talk being given by a senior instructor from India. And I did want to listen to that topic. About what characteristics affect what chakras, and how to improve behaviors by working on the different chakras. Very interesting all in all.

    I asked DH to bring home pizza so there would be food when I came home. I also got off earlier than I thought and was able to bring home roti (wheat flour tortillas) and curry and fresh cucumber relish.

    The son had to go out for a friends bartaman (coming of age ceremony) so DH held the fort while I was gone.

    Rock - thanks for starting up the porch. So happy you are dropping by more often. I like to mix colours while planting flowers, intersperse them with white. To make it seem like there's more. I'm sure Gordon is pleased summer is coming. Or maybe he likes the rain because he doesn't like heat? I must Google crepe myrtles, I'm sure I know those but not sure of the name. Myrtle brings to mind, the ghost girl in Harry Potter. I have no idea why but myrtle reminds me of a tortoise. Hmmm, turtle?

    Mikie - im happy you got your new phone. My son always seems to get his dad's or sisters phone. They upgrade and he gets the one they were using. But like you said, the phones look new, aren't old actually, work well enough. And one saves a ton of money not buying a new one.

    I'm glad for your DOF that he is seeing a doctor for his health issues.

    Granni - im sorry your painting job threw up some extra work. At least now you don't hv to worry about it for another year.

    Barry - the news is very depressing. I hv not watched. Normally I like to keep informed of what's happening and know even if there is suffering going on so that I don't disassociate completely from life and the reality that is our world. But right now, I figure it's not gonna help me or them any if I bring myself down with watching the chaos that is our world in current times.

    I gather the storm passed you by safely without doing you guys any harm?

    Sun - what a sweet companion you hv in your GD! I hv a little satiny hippie bag from Malaysia but I normally carry home lots of stuff, groceries n all and the bag is strictly for carrying lighter things.

    I'm clutching my head thinking of how to keep clean 20 houses but I do understand how someone who could afford it ended up with that many. Must be like clothes. One for this occasion, another for everyday, another because it serves cold weather, and another because it's nice and light and so on.

    I guess with houses it could be, .....let me see, log cabin, a house by the sea, a house in the woods, a big house for parties, a small one to chill with the kids, that one because one fell in love with the kitchen. Another has a breathtaking view and so on...ooh la la.

    Hmm I think the garbage collectors are coming..need to put some more stuff put for them to take.

    Hallo to all, not yet come to the porch...I hope Linda is recovering. I let from her surgery. And that the wedding goes off well.

    God bless
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  10. Starlight74

    Starlight74 Well-Known Member

    Experiencing a cool change here and although the heat is barely tolerable, boy oh boy, what a shock to the system, is the cold!
    Haven't had any sciatica for a while and awoke with it running down my right side yesterday. Oh joy.
    Third visit to the loo (toilet) in the wee hours, (could t resist )
    And I found I was walking much better, although could feel it was still trying to grab at me. Grr.

    Watching a doco about seals that are being mysteriously mutilated on Sable Island.
    Suspect is Greenland Sharks, but they're discovering that a crustacean of some sort attaches to their eyes and causes inevitable blindness, so how they manage to survive without seeing is a mystery. Anyway, the seals are washing up with a section of their middles stripped out only.
    Ah, but as with a good mystery, the plot thickens...
    The shark 'could be' in the shallows of Sable Island
    and the shark 'could be' hunting in the shallows, where it's low visability...
    Announces the sinister voice-over...

    The news was full of flood warnings for LA ? Was it?
    Are you guys alright over there?

    Julie- sorry to hear about Snow. Same thing happened with my DS' pup, also called Snowy.
    Treasures were too boisterous for her and she became unpredictably snappy. We had no choice, but to find her a knew home, much to DS disappointment. Better safe than sorry. Doesn't take much to tear at a child's face...

    Mikie- hope you're not feeling as smurfy as you were and what a great score , the phone.
    You certainly take a lot of supps! Mine are huge too. Such a nuisance.

    Barry- I love the look of crocus. Esp if they're erupting through snow. Any kind of plant or flower that seems to flourish despite all the odds is a winner in my book. Succulents and daisies have my respect. They are soo hardy. Aww Barry, I'm embarrassed to say, but I think the ferret babies got eaten. It's a real mystery and we've never had this happen before. One day she's fat and DD is keeping an eye on her, expectantly-and then-well, nothing! No belly and no babies to show for it!
    There's no real reason for it because mamas-to-be get extra care. I can't bring myself to even look at her yet...
    Our cat is a real pick-me-up though, that's for sure. A real character... I can't wait to hear all about your new family member,when the time is right.

    Granni- we've been painting. Ugh. I used to like it. Glad the fridge fit.

    Victoria- rescue animals hey? That must be really rewarding for you and a way to keep your mind off things.

    Spring- when you talk about the wedding parties, I can't help but imagine a scene from a Bollywood movie-vibrant, glowing colours and all...

    Rock-when's surgery scheduled? It's been causing you a bit of grief, for a while, so I really hope it's a swift and pain free procedure and recovery for you.

    Sun- how lovely to have that precious time with little g-Treasure. Hope the house is letting up a bit, for your sake.

    Oh no! My phone is just about flat!
    Best get this posted before I lose it.

    Take care All
    Catch yas later
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  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    It's one AM here. Have been up a couple hours. Have no news to report. I could
    make some up. Have you seen the fake news reports.? Some guy posts them;
    apparently as a joke. They are labeled "fake", but some people don't always notice that.

    Gordon went to his origami class last Monday. The project for the day was a New
    Year's ornament made with red envelopes. The Chinese give red envelopes at
    New Year's. They contain money. Usually fake like the news, but sometimes
    real. Anyhoo I asked him to take a picture of it and post it on the board, but
    he declined. You know how temperamental some of these artists are. (Not
    Sun, of course.)

    Sun, I don't know if the trees with the white blossoms are crepe myrtle or not.
    It was just my best guess. Barry might know. That's nice to know that the
    trees grandpa planted are still living. A quote attributed to Martin Luther
    says, "Even if I knew the world would end tomorrow, I would still plant
    my apple tree." I found a site that said Luther didn't say that and wouldn't
    have. There are a bunch of quotes attributed to Lincoln in the news today that
    Lincoln didn't say too.

    BTW, I also planted trees in the 50s. Our Boy Scout Troop spent an afternoon
    in a Minnesota State Park planting trees. Have no recollection of what kind.
    That was roughly 65 years ago.

    Spring Water, the reason the crepe myrtle tree reminds you of a tortoise is
    because myrtle rhymes with turtle. Turtles and tortoises are different
    animals BTW. I had a great aunt named Myrtle. She lived on a farm outside
    our village. Was a great cook. I read that about a hundred plants are mentioned
    in the Bible including both herbs and fruits. Myrtle is one of them.

    Barry, yes, super expensive weddings are one of those things that doesn't
    make much sense, but continue to exist anyway. Dave Barry has often
    commented on same. Did you see the news yesterday? A wedding
    with mega bucks involved dissolved into a brawl. Yikes!

    Tori and Judy, how ya doin'? Drop by when you can.

    Hugs to Julie, Granni, Mikie, Star, GB
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Soooo good to see all y'all here gathered on the Porch. How about some sweet libations? Whatever you want. We'll sit in the balmy breeze and chew the fat. We won't talk about the news--too depressing. We'll focus on beautiful trees, bushes and flowers and God's critters. There is still so much beauty in the world but we may have to go in search of it. It's easy to forget sometimes just how glorious our world is. Of course, we can stay informed and do whatever is in our power to change the world to make it a better place but, as the Serenity Prayer reminds us, we don't have power over everything and we need to recognize what is within our power to change. That prayer is some of the best advice I've ever read.

    Barry, I'm sorry Richard is struggling so. I know everyone doesn't grieve the same and relief isn't the same for everyone. I do know that no one has ever grieved harder for a dog than my ex did for his Shorty. His health was suffering and the kids were worried about him. As I mentioned before, the new puppy has been a God send for him. Of course, he still misses Shorty but he is totally absorbed with the new pup. It may not work for Richard but, when he's ready, it may really lighten his load. I hope so. I really wasn't kidding about a goat. I've heard of people having them for pets. People also seem to love the little pigs which are so intelligent. In any case, I hope and pray this sad time passes for you both. I've been watching the Oroville Lake/Dam situation. I don't know where you're located and I know the dam is way up north. I just hope you aren't downstream in harm's way. They are evacuating 100,000 people close to the site. Hang in there, Kiddo.

    Rock, those flowers sound beautiful. One of the screen savers on my TV is of wild flowers in vivid purple and orange. I also like a mix of yellow, blue and purple. I had yellow, purple and white crocus along my driveway in my first home. I also had a rock garden with creeping phlox which bloomed in beautiful colors of purple and hot pink every spring. We have four o'clocks along the back of the house. Seems no one has those any more. It's a shame; I love some of those 'old fashioned' blooms. Our crepe myrtle trees here are gorgeous. They are planted in many of the mediums on our roads along with the yellow blooming trees of various types. I wouldn't consider myself much of a puzzle whiz. My Dad was really good at them and Mom was no slouch either. I am amazed at my Mom's vocabulary. She didn't go to college and graduated from high school in a small town in NE. It must have been the puzzles and her love or reading and knowledge.

    Our bldg. is about 8,500 sq. ft. and, if memory serves and often it doesn't, we spent about $5,000 painting it a couple of years ago. We paid extra to paint the balcony deck and our stairs with heavy-duty paint in the same gray color. It was the white metal railings which were expensive--$4,100. They used the electrodes to get the paint to adhere to the metal. Took tons of prep work so it was a bargain. We got some of the best painters in the business here because they also had to do repair work on our stucco on the corners where the developer used the wrong material. That cost $20 a linear foot to repair it along each corner where there was rust. I don't remember the total for that work. We had the $$$ to do it from a silver lining. One of the units went into bankruptcy and we didn't get fees from it for three years. We tightened our belts and managed to get along without raising fees to everyone else. When the bank sold the unit, our pit bull atty., whom I love, went after the new buyers to pay us back. The buyers were a group of physicians who bought it for a rental investment. We didn't get everything owed but got way more than we expected. Of course, some of our fees go to reserve escrow accts. set aside for roof and painting. We also have money set aside in case of a catastrophic hurricane so we can pay the $35,000 deductible. Hope we never have to use that! Geez, who knew I could write a W&P paragraph. Yikes!

    Sun, I used to look at the women in my ex's office like you looked at those trees. I knew my ex had had his hands on most of them. No, seriously! He should have planted trees instead. He certainly planted his seed. OK, this post is getting a bit blue and I don't mean sad. It's impossible to think about my ex without going there. So, I'll change the subject... I'm so happy for you that you get to spend time with your GK's. I miss my GS. I'm sorry your COPD is so bad. I have it but it's just a light case. All those winters in Denver with asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis and even pneumonia took a toll on my lungs. I seldom have asthma here in the jungle. Good thing because my rescue inhaler costs $150 so I didn't get it refilled. I'll take my chances. I do have an inhaler with albuterol I can use when I start to wheeze. I saw an episode on America's Test Kitchen where they roasted Yukon Gold potatoes in a coating of duck fat. They mentioned that bacon fat could also be used. I saved the fat from my bacon and sausage yesterday and think I'll try making them. They sound yummy. the recipe is in my ATK cookbood. I love roasted duck. I once had duck sausage and it was tasty. Hope you don't overdo it working in the yard.

    Spring, how wonderful to listen to someone who can talk about the traits associated with the different chakras. I had a book which told which chakras were related to the different organs in the body. I should dig it out or go online to find out which one rules the kidneys. I love my heart chakra the most and I love picturing it as a glowing, spinning orb of emerald green. I love all the chakras but I think it's normal to have a favorite. I love ruby red but never paid much attention to my root chakra. Then, I noticed that I had my head in the clouds and wasn't paying attention to the more mundane everyday things of the world. That's not a good balance so I started paying more attention to the root chakra and it helped. I think the super wealthy have staff for each of their houses to get them ready when the owners are in residence. I think even Oprah limits herself to five homes at a time. She seems to do a lot of redecorating and then sells them off.

    Yes, I'm excited to get my iPhone. I'll have to get a charger for it and a cover to protect it. The kids, especially my DSIL, always get the newest ones. DD leases hers because they already have a 'sack full' of old phones, according to her. Well, their sack is my windfall. All the phones are unlocked so I can use any service provider. I won't save much $$ but will have unlimited data. Do the kids celebrating their bartaman get gifts like the Jewish kids do? Catholics make their first communions and get confirmed where they can choose a confirmation name of one of the saints. Both rites are a time when gifts can be received but they are usually religion related, like prayer books or rosaries. I remember making my first communion with all my classmates. All of us girls wore beautiful little white dresses and short gloves. It was in May and it was a beautiful spring that year. I hadn't thought about it in ages. Thanks for the stroll down memory lane.

    Star, yes, big changes in weather are soooo hard on us. Depending on the cause of one's sciatica, there are exercises you can do. You can see them on You Tube. The exercises are for people, like me, who have periformis sciatica where the hip and pelvis bones are not aligned. The exercises help with the alignment and take the pressure off the nerve. There can be almost instant relief. These exercises are better than the PT I had for mine. Also, where there is sciatica, there is usually a lot of inflammation. Run your had down your thigh with enough pressure to see whether it is very tender. If so, you can massage the inflammation out. I use a small plastic ball with spikes on it to roll mine away but I also use the knuckles of my hand to do it. Getting rid of the inflammation is helpful regardless of the type of sciatica. At one point, mine was soooo bad that I could barely hobble along.

    Those 15 capsules I have to take morning and night are the potassium citrate to try to prevent kidney stones. They equal the Rx the doc wants me to take. At half that dose, the Rx would be $183 a month through my insurance. I can use GoodRx coupons to get it for $39, the same cost as taking the full dose through supplements. I'll get my x-ray at the end of this month and we can see whether any new stones are forming. I've been praying that there are no new ones. Fortunately, these capsules are easy to swallow. I gulp them down five at a time. Yikes!!! Sweetie, take care of yourself. You have more on your plate than those of us whose kids are grown. They are lucky to have you.

    Geez, I had to come back several times to add and edit. I have just a wee bit more to post so will go to another one before PH cuts me off here. Hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Some More Kids

    Well, now it's going on 4AM. Went back to bed for a while and am up again. Good
    thing I no longer have to work for a living.

    Star, is there any treatment for sciatica? Massage, exercise, etc.? I hope it
    fades away pronto. We don't say "loo" in these parts, but it shows up in the
    crosswords: Brit's bathroom. The surgeon is still out of town so no date yet
    for the surgery. I had a hernia repair on the other side some decades ago. A few
    hours in the hospital, and one can go home. It's major surgery since they
    cut into one's torso. Nevertheless I guess it's routine and generally
    uneventful today.

    Yes, we have had flooding around LA. It's in the hills. Most of those houses
    are newer and more expensive. Ironic that they are also in danger from
    brush fires and floods.

    Have you guys seen the dam at Orroville, Oregon? Well, I know Mikie did.
    There are several videos on Youtube. The dam is 3-4 stories higher than
    Hoover-Boulder dam. The water is going over it. Pretty scary.

    Mikie, I hope you and your new phone make beautiful music together. I
    remember when Gordon was working some coworker dropped her phone
    in the toilet. She spent the rest of the day crying and talking to her
    friends about the L'inondation et le téléphone. Gordon said she bounced
    in all happy the next morning. Her DH had bought her a new phone: $800!
    That much? I was astounded. Gordon said, "These new phones are also
    computers." OH. OK.

    Well, I'd better go. I'm getting all confusiated again about who posted what.
    AACCKK! Talk atcha later.

  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Dear Porchies,


    I just wanted to let y'all know that the Health Rising site had a good article in the newsletter I get through e-mail. HR is kind of a sister site to us here. They advertise PH products. I can't reproduce the article because it is copyrighted. It is about new testing for inflammation because people with what ails us usually have high levels of inflammation. New theories are that viruses can leave one with inflammation which affects the immune system permanently. They mentioned CMV and HHV-6, both in the Herpes Family of viruses. My docs and I believe it is an unknown Herpes Family Virus which is latent in my system and which reactivates when I'm run down. The belief is that this research may lead to breakthroughs in treatment of CFIDS/ME and FMS. I hope so.

    I've been running to the porcelain facility a lot this morning with diarrhea again. It may be from the new supps but, based on my profuse sweating and the odor of both, it seems to be more like a Herx. I think my immune system is in overdrive and that likely explains my exhaustion lately. My system may still be fighting off Ilona's virus. I hope it doesn't cause my immune system to stay in overdrive. That's always the worry with auto-immune illnesses. My arthritis has been painful. Also, the news mentioned that more red tide was moving toward us. When they took Ilona's GGKs to the beach last week, there were dead fish piled up. AACCKK!!!

    I fell asleep before the Grammys special. I did see that Adele won most everything. Personally, I like Beyoncé a lot better and think she has a greater range of talents. Adele seems so matronly. She reminds me of an aunt I had. I know this is just my being judgmental but her green dress didn't do anything to change that impression. She did look better when she changed to a black costume. I wish this were the only thing on my poor pea brain.

    DD told me that they are going to Puerto Rico for Spring Break. They aren't going to San Juan. They are going to a less touristy area where they can do a lot of adventurous things like riding zip lines through the jungle. DSIL lived there when his Dad was in the Air Force. He loved it there, including the food. They could have gone to London cheap because DSIL gets all kinds of travel deals but they are a bit wary of travel there right now. We are all lovers of all things European but are also lovers of all things Latin, including the food. Don't think we'll be able to travel to Cuba soon, if ever. We would love to go but there are still some travel restrictions which can make it very expensive.

    Rock, we must have been posting at the same time. Yes, the new phones are much better computers than the tower PC's I started out on. Much smaller and faster too. Of course, the speed of connections and the cloud have really helped to make them so powerful. Unlimited data on these phone plans can be very fast but, if one reads the small print, after so many gigs of data have been used, the speed is slowed down quite a bit. It is only a problem if one streams a lot of videos. I don't think I'll do that but, who knows? Streaming on my laptop's and the Surface's HD screens is better because of the larger viewing areas. New phones can be paid off over the two-year contract with providers. It adds about $30 a month for each phone on the plan. For Frank and Ilona or Grace and Dennis, that's another $60 on top of their plan fees. Too rich for my blood and not that important to me; however, I will be very glad to get my free phone from the kids. They are paying more than $150 a month for their phones and plans. That's more than I pay for cable and internet.

    Julie, I came back to insert the pic and saw your like. Thank you. I hope you're feeling better and up to posting. We miss you.

    OK, still haven't read the virtual newspaper so I'm outta here at long last--long being the operative word. Love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2017
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  15. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi guys! Mikie, I try to read the posts, but can't always remember what I read, but still want all y'all to know I am thinking of you :)

    I am busy painting today. We could fit four sheets of 4' X 8' siding on sawhorses in the "actual" shop. I am putting two coats of white on each sheet...this is what will go on the 21' tall west wall. There will be metal on the lower part (up to 8') because of the wood stove, then the wood will be 8' and higher. Not all of the west wall is at 21'...it angles, like a Dutch barn roof. I didn't want all metal (have enough of that, living in the shop/house) but Den doesn't like to put up sheetrock (all the finishing, etc.) so this siding will work just fine...and I can paint whatever colors I want. We are using a lot of white on the walls, so it will feel brighter in there...and will accent small areas in different colors.

    So, yesterday was "errand day". Made two trips to the home supply store (van and truck the first time, just the truck the second time) and will take the truck over tonight to pick up a new fridge. I've been looking at them since before Christmas, waiting for the "best price." This one was originally $2,700...on sale for $1,800 and the store is running it's (often) 11% rebate sale...which takes off another $208.00. And I had close to $1,400 in rebate checks that I had been saving for my own use...so I think it was a pretty good deal, but we didn't feel like making yet another trip to town yesterday. So we will go out for supper tonight since we will be over there anyway.

    Oh, it's a 27 cu. ft....stainless steel, french doors on top, freezer on the bottom. All the bells and whistles...was afraid ours would conk out on us and we would have to rush out and buy one. Our Amana is over 25 years old, lol! So, I guess this is the season for some of us to buy new fridges?

    So...I was just taking a break from painting. Better get busy, so I can put the second coat on before Den gets home and we go to town...need four hours between coats.

    Love you guys...I'll keep trying to at least read.
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just stopping in. I'm not here long cause I'm warming up my gumbo for a late lunch.

    Julie, sounds as though you are getting a great deal on the new fridge. I hope you love it as much as I love my new one. I agree that it's smart to buy before the old one craps out. Sounds as though you're getting a lot done. Don't overdo. It.

    I'm on the awful Surface notebook so will exit stage left post haste.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi y'all,

    Its another quick pop i n as I saw that JULIE bought a new refrig/freezer. It sounds lovely , a bit bigger than ours but we wouldn;t have had the room to put the one you bought. I suspect you would really needed a bigger one with lots of spaces especially with you cold and bad weather winters . She would need to a lot of storing also living out in the country like she does. I would have probably preferred ( I think) the french doors with the freezer on the bottom but we didn't have the space and DH didn't like it as well. Ours was 24.5 I think it was or 25.4 cu ft or something like that. You see I have the mind of a steel trap - ha ):!! It is the same size as our other one but you can tell it is made better with more space utilized. Yes, JULIE, you got a really great deal.

    Yes, try not to overdue JULIE like MIKIE said but I know sometimes when you get going you just keep pushing. Stop in when you can and post as you feel up to it.

    Yes, I feel better about the freezer not crapping out on us. That is bad when that happens. Not so much problem with the dishwasher as the old one still works, sort of. However, we have a stand up freezer out in the garage which is full ad is pretty old too . So a bit nervous about that. So much wasted food when it dies suddenly.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling and doing better. Gumbo for lunch. Gee, to bad we didn't live closer and we could have shared. Yum, yum !!! I love cajun food and gumbo of almost any kind.

    Was going to do some painting of the bridge posts today but it rained some early this morning.. So, I didn't do any and we went to the store instead and I did some washes. Tomorrow is supposed to be a big rain day for us so no painting, maybe wed or Thursday. I am achy enough from what I did yesterday, like I needed to do anything outside to be achy :)!!

    ROCK - We paint the bridge along with the deck about every 3 years. I know it seems like I or we are always doing it but not so. It is not fun, let me tell you. DH is doing the deck so far and has done some power washing already of the deck and did a little painting of parts of the deck this afternoon. He likes to do a little bit at a time so as to try not to get sick of it. That is easy for me to get tired of it :)!!

    So sorry that I wasn't able to chat with you all individually. Hope you are all doing as well as you can be.

    Aspecial shout out to Star, Barry, Spring Water, Diane, et al.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator


    Good Morning, Kids,

    Just watching the news and will be reading the virtual newspaper before getting into the shower. I hope the sweats and trots from yesterday are gone today. I think if I were to have a tombstone, it would read, "Here Lies The Long-Suffering Mikie." Like with most of us, it just seems never to end. Whine, whine, whine!!!

    Granni, I think the French door fridges are like the front-loading washers and dryers, some love them and some don't like them at all. After staying with DD in TX, I decided I didn't like the French door fridge. I'm happy with my side by side. This one is two or three inches wider than my old one but the same cubic feet of storage; however, it does seem to be roomier inside or, at least, easier to get into. I like it that mine fits snugly in its space. Since you don't have to paint when it rains, I'm thinking that line dancing you do is really a rain dance! Wish we would get more rain here. It's cloudy out and we may get rain at some point this week. CA is up for more rain but they did manage to lower the Oroville Dam enough so that it should be able to manage it. I feel so bad for the people who had to get out of harm's way with little notice. Yes, the gumbo was delicious for lunch. I've kept it and the sausages sealed up in the fridge but, somehow, they have left a strong odor in it. It'll likely be there until the last of the gumbo is gone. I keep the boxes of baking soda in there and the freezer but even that isn't helping. I'll have to put a new on in later. I may put a cup of ground coffee in there too to absorb the odor. Then, the ground coffee can be used to fertilize the outdoor flowers. Such a Martha Stewart thing to do. Rest up between paint jobs.

    I sent a nice e-mail to my DSIL regarding the death of his biological father. He said he appreciated it because few others would really understand grieving a father who chose not to be in his life. He sees it as a sad opportunity lost which can never be seized. I felt the same way about a father I never knew and who never knew me. "It might have been," really are the saddest words of tongue or pen. My kids have an ailing old dog with high vet bills and have had repair bills for two of their cars. Both work soooo hard and DD is working on her masters in nursing. They are exhausted from the stress. I'm glad DD is resting on the weekends. I'll be glad to have my iPhone so we can FaceTime one another. Other DD is sending me the phone. My ex insists on using an old-world flip phone. If he even drives by a tree, it cuts out. No one in the family wants to talk to him because it's soooo aggravating to have the phone cut out every few minutes. DD would give him one of her old iPhones but he doesn't want a smart phone.

    That's all the news that's fit to print so will bid y'all adieu. Hope everydobby has a really great day.

    AACCKK!!! Once again, my sparkly clip art isn't sparkling. As Rock says, Ratbane!

    Love, Mikie

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    Last edited: Feb 14, 2017
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning dear Porchies,

    DH is at his meeting and it is raining out. We had a tornado scare this morning, that there was some in our area. So, when I got up DH said to get dressed and so I did. Usually I lounge around and get my breakfast drink, etc. fixed before . However, I guess it or they didn't touch down from what I have heard or not heard. It was very fast moving, We are supposed to have more storms through the day. Hope none are bad. It was heading south into Houston and may now be gone but it is predicted that we will have 100% chance of rain. and possibly more storms. It is also getting chilly. I never know how to dress any more it seems. This cool front is what has brought on the storms I guess. Hope they are all gone by the time we go out to eat this evening. We are going out to eat at a ice restaurant with DD and DSIL this evening for Valentines Day. That is really out of the norn=m for us. We rarely do that. If we do it is not on the day of.

    MIKIE - Thanks so much for your post and lovely Valentines Day Heart, card I guess it is. It is very pretty even though it isn't sparkling :)!!! Glad you will be getting a new smart Phone from your DD, I think you said I Phone, I forget. I love mine but since DH gave me his Samsung 5 to get his 7 my battery just is running down so fast when not plugged in. There is so much stuff on it that I never use and it is very hard or impossibly to delete the stuff they install. Plus I am not sure what to keep in case I do need it. I would like to put some games on it but the way it runs down it would be worse. Am waiting to get an new ipad or tablet sometime soon. I should probably get a tablet as the ipads are much more.

    THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE I PADS OR TABLETS WHAT DO YOU HAVE AND HOW DO YOU LIKE THEM?? I WILL BE LOOKING FOR A VERY GOOD PRICE AS CHEAP AS POSSIBLE:)! IS THAT POSSIBLE ???? THANKS IN ADVANCE. After Christmas or before I was looking and would have bought a tab but DH said not to and he would help me with the lost and probably share it but something has always come up so far my old ipad has gotten worse. Can't even get into the games I want to play. Can't connect to get my points - yuck !

    Gotta run for now and do a few things. May come back later. DH said he would probably be home for lunch since we will be going out to dinner. So need to get moving :)!!

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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  20. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I have an Ipad and I LOVE it. We paid an extra $100 for a regular keyboard that magnetically attached to the Ipad and has a groove where the Ipad sits up. I can't really use my regular big computer.....really hurts my neck and back to sit there, that's why we bought this.

    Mikie: Thanks for the valentine. A friend called this morning to say happy valentines day, but I was out WEEDING in the front, so will give her a call later.

    You mentioned you prefer Beyoncé over the English singer Adele. But I personally dont care for Beyoncé.....and I thought very STRANGE performance at the Grammys. I didn't like the look for her body being flaunted.

    I didn't intend to spend so much time outdoors....ended up doing over 2 hrs. It's sooo overgrown with weeds and since they are growing in among the rocks, I have to move the rocks to get to them. When I had all the front redone about 2 years ago I paid $$ to have a covering put down to keep the weeds from growing but it isn't working. I'm thinking I might slowly over the months take a little area at a time and place a double thick black plastic to keep them from growing. That means moving rocks aside then putting them back.

    So I came inside and took a shower, and now I'm leaving for an art class.......probably won't stay the entire time because I'm EXHAUSTED. I just can't do everything the way I used to and it's really hard for me to accept that.
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