9days/feeling better/ I am so Nervious!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by 1maqt, Jan 10, 2003.

  1. 1maqt

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    I will probably stress myself into a mess, but I can't help waiting for the other shoe to drop.

    Not like me to not be somewhat positive? My expierience with
    life is not a good running record!! I find it so difficult to believe that something good has happened to me. The past four years have been excruciatingly painful for me.

    My first post on this board, was "Does Anybody Care?" And so many people did. This is a new expierience fo me. Noone has ever been this supportive, and I am so greatful. I sorry for having these doubts.

    I feel kinda like that little kid when I was 9 ans just
    scared the baloon will pop. Where is my faith??
  2. popgun

    popgun New Member

    What is your post about? new med, or just a remission, would like to know,you got my curiocity up.
  3. popgun

    popgun New Member

    what is your post about? new meds, new dr, remission??? I would like to share you joy.
  4. Shirl

    Shirl New Member

    Enjoy the remission! I went as long as a year without any serious symptoms one time. HA, I though I was cured, but low and behold the Fibro came back with a vengence!

    Now I have learned, when I feel good, I enjoy myself as much as possible without trying to be the super lady I used to be.

    I do know a whole lot of us care here, I care about everyone of you. I pray daily for all on this board, if you ask for prayer, then I will pray for you by name, if not, then you are still being prayed for anyway.

    You are being given a gift, enjoy it, and don't worry about when you are going to feel bad again, that is putting a damper on your time of relief.

    Whats that old saying? 'Never look a gift horse in the mouth?'

    Take care, and if you think no one cares, than know that a lot of people here do, and YOU know God loves you, so what else do we have to worry about??

    Shalom!! Shirl

  5. Fibromiester

    Fibromiester New Member

    I just went back with curiosity, and read your first post. Where is your Faith?...In writing that post! Did God answer your "un-belief"?...I saw a whole lot of new friends write you back! And now I'll write. I love Jesus, too! But because of FM/CMP,CFS & IBS, I haven't been able to go to church with my family for over a year. Oh, my friends still ask my husband, occaisionally about me, but they never call...I guess that's just Human Nature-Avoid What is Awkward!! I feel very isolated and lonely. And tonight I was crying: "I am so sick of the Pain, I am so sick of the Pain, I am so......over & over! Sometimes when the pain is bad, I'll get mad and yell "God, Please Take Me Now!" !!!! So, my sweet Imaqt, don't be afraid, don't be lonely. He is there with you through this,and you can come here to people who can understand you. We do Care, and we will help your balloon not to burst!(and you will help ours?) Love to you, and Welcome............Fibromiester