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    Ive been reading some of your posts about fog. And just wanted to tell you I feel the EXACT way you do. I know whats happening, but it feels like im not even there doing it. Like you said watching myself through a tv. And its driving me insane. Ive mentioned this to my neurologist. Ive had two MRI's but my brain was fine. Ive been through every blood teset in the book and am still awaiting a infectious specialist. Hoping I don't come down with FM or CFS. Ive been sick for almost 3 months now with horrible fatiuge and fog. I read your post about the DFS supplement. I think im going to purchase that, sounds like it helped you quite a bit?? And if not, have you found anything else to help? I know how you feel, and im glad there are others out there and im not losing my mind. This is the strangest and most frustrating feeling. And also does yours worsen with mental stress? Mine gets worse when I have to focus, concentrate etc...Well I hope you get this message and we can talk, since I can't email you. Take care,
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    Not being able to count on your brain working right is really frustrating. I've started on some supplements that seem to be helping. One is called End Fatigue and it's vitamin powder you mix in a drink--doesn't taste bad at all in a smoothie. It was formulated by a Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, who has FM/CFS. Also in the same box with that powder was a packet of very strong B vitamins. The other supplement is Orthomega Fish Oil capsules. I take two of those twice a day. Not sure if that's what's helping me, but I sure have more energy.

    I read an article the other day that the fog has more to do with being distracted than anything else, but I don't know if that's right. I seem to be able to lose my keys when no one is around.

    Good Luck!

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    I'm so sorry that you have this awful symptom. Yes, I feel the DSF has belped quite a bit. I think that my problem is low blood flow to the brain, and this is helping. (Candida can be a cause too as can too much aspertame, so look into that.)

    I still have it every day, but at least I can function most of the time. I have 2 small children and need to do a lot of running around. A day that I don't have to cancel anything I call a success. :) I don't find mine worsening with stress. (The only real stress I have is my health...)Some days I feel ok, and then like a switch my brain just turns off. Really scary when I'm out with the kids.

    I need to ask Ralph more about this, but I had a chiro do a static EMG scan. It showed that my C1 (top of my spine which controls blood flow to the brain) is way out of whack. So now I'm working with her. She's confident that she can get me to a more functioning level, but that it will take time. I have lots of other aches and pains, but I can push through those. This has stopped me on some days.

    I came on today to write to Ralph, so you may want to take a look at that thread too. He has lot of great advice.

    Hope that helps a bit.
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    I purchased the DSF and have been taking it for a few days now, Hasn't seemed to help unfortunately. But im going to give it more time. Symptoms are still terrible. Have the constant "im not here" feeling 24/7. Im still awaiting my appointment with the infectious specialist to see if there are any hidden infections that may be the cause of all of this. But until then im just hangin in. Thanks again for your response ill let you know if any progress comes. And good luck to you with your spine condition.
    Take care

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