A 3rd ER trip...

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    More seizures last night & a 3rd trip to the ER this month...

    Today at 1:05pm
    More of the same; not sure what the doctor is going to do. I have be taking my seizure meds faithfully; I was hoping the Keppra would work, because so far, there are minimal side effects. I feel as though a mack truck ran over me; I'll be recovering again...

    I was at home again when it started, which was a good thing. I felt that horrible weakness again, soon followed by the seizures. This time at the ER, they didn't take me right in like they did last time. I was out in the waiting room, having seizures, while everyone was staring at me... I felt sorry for the little children, because they didn't know what was happening, and I couldn't tell them I'd be o.k., and that the reason I was jerking around was because the electrical messages in my brain were getting all mixed up.

    After about 30 min. or so, they to me to triage, and then put me in a room by myself with my husband. There I sat for an hour, seizing, and crying, because I felt so abandoned by the medical staff and in pain from my muscles contracting so hard... I realize now that they were trying to get in touch with my doctor, but I wished they would give me something to stop the seizures right away, like they had in the past. I stayed in that room for an hour or so.

    They finally took me to a bed, and after about another hour, they gave me an IV and some meds. Again, my magnesium level was low, even though I've been taking extra magnesium supplements. I'm beginning to think that maybe the seizures themselves use up a lot of magnesium, or something...

    We were in the ER from 11p.m. to 5 a.m. The last ER trip, I was there for only two hours. This time, it was six. I don't know what the difference was - I was seizing quite violently, and they didn't do anything to help very quickly like they did last time. As the seizures went on, they were getting more and more violent, and again, I could feel my consciousness slipping away.

    I don't know what to do or say. Should I raise a stink about them not giving me something right away, or just let it be? It was quite painful, but the pain was the burning of my muscles from contracting so tight and so hard; I told them that when they asked me if I was in any pain. Maybe next time I'll have to emphasize the pain, or something... I don't know. I want to remain totally truthful, but I need them to do something more quickly...

    I am going to pray that I'll be able to get in to see a neurologist sooner than Jan. 22... I'm sorry I'm posting another blog about my trials; I'd appreciate your prayers! I want you to see how the Lord is working in my life, through the blessings and the trials. I send my love and prayers for all, Debbie
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    I was just going to ask if you see a neurologist. I can't believe they would not give you any medication for the seizures. Did they give you an explanation. ERs are suppose to get you stabilized which this would have done.

    I would definitely pursue this.

    Are you on a cancellation list? I would call the neurologist office and let them know what is going on. They should also have contacted your PCP. I know it is not prodical for all ER's but it is in mine. I think it is a good idea and provides valuable information for the ER docs.

    Keep us posted and take care.


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    Debbie Iam so sorry for what you are going thru with this er.

    I too have gone thru neglect while in an ER. It is inexcusable.

    They are to treat first. Why would they wait to get ahold of your doc? Please call the head of this hospital there is something very wrong here.

    Praying you feel better and get help. Call doctors office they have emergancy appts. Tell them what happened and you can't wait.

    Next time be forceful with this er(hoping theres not a next time)

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