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    I would have posted this on the FM/CFS board, but thought it might be pulled. I don't normally watch the show 'Intervention' on A&E, but I just finished watching what is apparently show #53 about Brooke who is addicted to pain medication. The twist with this show is that she is only in her mid-20s and has a debilitating form of RA.

    I caught it while surfing, and I KNEW, before they said it, that she was truly ill, not just addicted. It is clear that she was in a lot of physical pain. I was crying several times through the show because although she has some very bad moments because of the meds (which she keeps in a locked security box), most of her family treated her like she was on street meds. Her father was just about the only one who stood up for her.

    During the intervention, her father told her that no one there was going to take away her pain medication, and the treatment center's director told her that the idea was to find more affective, longer-lasting pain meds that allowed her to have some control over her life again.

    I was very heartened by the fact that the director also told her family that they only see the addiction, but they must understand that she was in constant pain as well. And while they saw her out on the kitchen floor, it may well have been the only time that she was actually comfortable. In addition, she had probably been directed to take the medication as she was taking it.

    Many people here who deal with pain issues will understand Brooke's side of the issue (she did later admit to addiction).

    Here's the kicker: when she reached the center, she had lots of testing. She tested positive for Lyme and began treatment for that as well. In addition, she later had knee replacement surgery, which also apparently helped her mobility.

    I really wish they would have interviewed Brooke after treatment. I was half steaming mad and half crying pretty much the whole show. Her dad was the only one on her side out of the whole family.

    It's possible that the episode will be available on A&E for viewing online.

    Check it out.

    P.S. If you can't get it on A&E, it's on YouTube broken into 5 parts.
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    We occasionally watch the show and we did see this one.

    I couldn't understand how she had so many pain meds that she could end up taking them until she passed out. Most of us struggle to get rx for the smallest doses and I didn't ever hear who rx'd her meds or if she was getting them from more than one place.

    DH said she probably horded them. I said she couldn't of, she is in constant pain and needed them daily. So that sort of confused me.

    If I'm not mistaken further testing was inconclusive for Lyme and after she left the treatment facility she did not believe she had it (I thought that was just denial). Again, it seems like they had no problem making a dx and that just amazes me because so many of us have fought for years to figure out what was wrong.

    And, I could be wrong, but I believe on the follow up show on her she had gone back to her previous ways. I don't know if it was because they didn't control her pain or if she just couldn't fight the addiction.

    My DH is a recovering alcoholic (clean and sober 18+ years!) and he likes to try to figure out who will make it through treatment and beyond. He felt that Brooke didn't want to be dx's with Lyme because she didn't want to lose her pain meds. I'm afraid she was one of the ones he picked for falling off the wagon.

    I really wonder what they did for her regarding her pain issues. That would be interesting to find out.


    I went looking for the youtube clips and found a blog that was written right after this episode aired in February and it said that Brooke is engaged to a fan of the show! Wow! I hope she is doing well.
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    I didn't get to see the whole show (tuned in too late -- may go back and watch the beginning), but her mother did say that Brooke was with a pain clinic and had at least one or two other doctors who did not know about the other ones. So yes, she was definitely double (or triple) dipping.

    I'll have to go and look for the update show now that you have mentioned it. I'm not surprised if she has not been able to come clean/regain control. What a terrible situation for all.

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