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    I enjoyed a gorgeous day today here in Northen NJ. Im am soooooo greatful for this weather. I know it will soon be few and far between. but at leats for today Im rejoicing.I wouldnt mind if all winter was like today. Id be happier than a pig in mudd! LOL!

    How is everyone elses weather????

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    Lucky you!!! We're freezing to death up here in Calgary. It's supposed to last all this week. It is snowing a bit, which I quite enjoy. Enjoy your weather!! I'll be busy praying for a Chinook. Laura
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    See the fibro/CFS board thread for Calgarians with strange weather-related symptoms. ;) It was so cold the other morning that touching my pill bottles made my hands hurt.

    Anyone getting mega jolts of static electricity shocks whenever you reach for a light switch? I see blue sparks arching from the screw before I even touch the switch.

    ((hugs & space heaters)) Shannon
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    At first I was very disappointed to say that our weather is pretty warm. In fact it's been up in the 50's and higher, almost spring like. (70's in the afternoons)

    I have flowers blooming, a bud on my rosebush and it's almost Christmas time.

    But I have to remember that it was as cold as the 40's to the 60's in August which allowed me to make it through the summer still standing in an upright position.

    So I'll take the mild fall this year and rejoice in my continued better health.


    Nancy B