A belated Happy New Year from a long lost MIA

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by ckball, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Howdy everydobby! I know it has been a long time since I have been here. I have had an incrediable year but it has all worked itself out now.

    My fire will be year on Jan 10, I can't believe it, this year is a blur, I fought a lot of battles and won many :) A testament to the never give up.

    My house is done, other than some outside landscaping and gutters but I am happy with what I have. There were truly times when I was ready to throw in the towel but somehow I made it.

    In Nov I received the best thing that has ever happened to me. I entered to win tickets to the Oprah show in Australia and WON. I did have to pay my way there, ect but I was in the audience, along with 6000 other people and saw Russell Crow, JayZ, the Irwin famile (Crodile Hunter's wife and kids) and danced to Bon Jovi live!

    I put some insurance money aside to take a trip one day, didn't know where or when just knew I deserved it and would wait until the opportunity presented itself and then Oprah answered my prayers.

    I spent 10 wonderful days in Sydney taking day trips, seeing museums, zoos, and things I never knew existed. I have pics posted on Facebook which is public right now, also have some videos on youtube but since I got home on the 17th I haven't stopped, I have 15,000 pics to go threw and will make pic montage videos..eventually :) Just google CKBALLL and you will find my youtube channel.

    My computer is on the fritz and am waiting for a box from Sony to send it back for repairs, I did this while I was in AU but they didn't take care of everything...long story, I do have a mini netbook but it is very slow but was great for my trip to load my pics on everyday.

    I was going threw all my bookmarks and writting my accounts and passords in a word document before they wipe my puter hard drive clean and came up on this and said I just have to drop by.

    I am in a very good place mentally and physically, the trip truly changed my life and the fatigue and all has left me, the Drs can't explain it but all I can do is pray it stays that way.

    I do have to have a small back surgery sometime after the 19th, I have a tear in the tissue that holds the disc in place, but will be with a laser and laproscope so very little recovery time. It doesn't really bother me that much but Dr said the fluid is leaking and is the fluid is pressing on my root nerves and will get worse and if I don't repair it. So i will take it all in stride, That is my new phrase, sorta don't worry-be happy :)

    I do see many of you are still having difficult times with the hoildays and Drs with their heads up their you know whats and hope this year brings you good news and improved health. If someone would have told me a year ago that I would feel this good I would not have believed them, so don't give in and give up.

    I do think of you all a lot and maybe will have more time now that the dust has settled from last year. Hang in there, have faith and believe that any thing is possible, I a living proof of that. Carla
  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I'm so glad to see you back. Yes, indeed! What a year!

    That's just great that you were able to visit Australia and take in the
    sights and the Oprah show. Did you know that many years ago Harpo
    Marx had a production company. He named it Oprah.

    Where did Twyla and the new doggy stay while you were away?

    Good luck w/ the laser surgery. I had laser surgery on my eyes a few years ago.
    Just took a couple minutes in the doctor's office. No pain so no pain
    killer needed. Was effective immediately. But your situation sounds
    somewhat more complicated.

    Will check out Youtube for your latest.

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    or at least until the next time. I know you have many things you want and need to do. I am so glad your house is all done but a few thigs outside. You went through so much this past year and you surely do deserve to win those tickets to see Oprah and such a lovely place kike Australia. I would love to go there too but not enough money to go were I want/ or need to go.

    Haven't dropped by the Porch to see if you were there yet :)!! We've been missing you kiddo along with others who have been otherwise occupied and doing things they need to do, like ELAINE.

    Rock just popped in, I think it was today with a little note. He has been to pooped to participate too. There have been so many neat people I love who have taken their breaks leaving the Porch sort of quiet to do what they have to do. JULIE keeps us busy running hither and yon trying to do so much for her family.

    I will check some more of your pics later (I have seen some of them already) but haven't also looked into the Youtube videos yet.

    So glad you posted to let us know how you have been doing. Come back when you can. It may take years for you to take care of all those pics you took on your trip !!

    Hope to see you soon on the Porch when you can, or the CCBoard ! Will check you our later on on FB. I am so glad you are doing well and have gotten to go on that wonderful trip you so deserve.

    Love ya,
  4. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Hi Diane, Rock and Granni- thank you for your warm welcome back. I do hope to be here more often and will make it to the porch as well. I was all set to stay home today and then got called out to work, so I never know what each day holds, but will try as I do miss you all.

    Diane that was so sweet and one of my local freinds did cry and texted me when she saw it, that interview was totally the right place at the right time, I didn't seek them out, we found each other, that interview then lead to a newpaper spread that will be in the Sunday paper which is more in depth peice. It is more about living life each day and can't wait to see how she wrote it, she did get it and I do know her threw my art club but not real well. There is snow on the way for both of us this weekend and you may make up for what we had, but I was in AU when it snowed here ;-) But it was still on the ground and kept me in NC for 2 days trying to get home :-( But it all worked out. Tell Kevin I said hi, how are the kitties?

    Rock it is good to see you around, I did hear that you have moved and hope you have settled in and don't spend your day looking for that "thing" that use to be here. I still do that a lot. Did I read that you are now diabetic? I have popped in from time to time but would get interrupted by my girls. Twy stayed with a freind and the Princess was spayed and my vet gave me a good deal on boarding her, it was a good way to keep her down after her surgery, she had to have a hernia repair too, she is very spunky so me trying to deal with keeping her down was not a option-lol. She reminds me very much of my Missy, I still miss her and watch her videos sometimes, it is hard to believe it has been a year. She also loves the snow and went wild running at break neck speed, I do have a video but haven't has had to edit it but will by spring-lol

    Granni always on the go, and you know AU isn't as pricey at you would think, I bet your Alaskan cruise cost more. I got a really good hotel/air deal threw Orbitz, we did contact some travel agents and I got the best deal on my own. BUT I couldn't afford to eat a good meal once there-lol. The hotel breakfast buffet was $35! I ate McD's, the food court stuff and a 7-11 was across the street from the hotel, so mac and cheese, and lots of muffins and icy fruit bars. $3 for a bottle of water at McDs! Outragous, but like I told my freind, I was there for the experience not the food :) It was truly worth it and do hope to go back again SOON, I really would like to move there and will seriously look into it. We will see what the cards hold for me.

    I am looking forward to be snowed in and have a good book I have been reading, time to chill now. C U later- Carla
  5. GreenOnions

    GreenOnions New Member

    Them videos was somethin! Ya got me wishin I could head off fer Australia. :) I liked the Koala. :)

    I was thinkin ya was in Australia when we had the big snow. :) Welcome back. :)
    Jerry, down on the farm. :)
  6. jole

    jole Member

    Good to see ya! I've enjoyed your videos on FB also, and know it still has to seem like a dream to you. You're so smart......you took some wonderful pics and videos.....I would have been gawking away and forgot I had my camera in my hand..lol. Such great memories to enjoy now while you're snowed in :)

    It's amazing to hear how well you're doing Carla, and I'm so pleased for you! Sure hope it continues. Maybe now that things are settling down in your life and your stress is mostly gone your good health will stay........at least that's my New Year's wish for you! Hugs.......Jole

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