"A Bend In The Road"

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  1. deecrossett

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    A Bend in the Road
    Author Unknown

    Sometimes we come to life's crossroads
    and view what we think is the end,
    but God has a much wider vision
    for he knows it's only a bend.

    The road will go on and get smoother
    and after we've stopped for a rest,
    path that lies hidden beyond us
    is often the part that's the best.

    So rest and relax and grow stronger.
    Let go and let God share your load
    and have faith in a brighter tomorrow.
    You've just come to a bend in the road.

  2. Jaimy

    Jaimy New Member

    thank you for posting both poems....I am feeling like I am at a 'bend' right now....

  3. selma

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    Thank-you for the poems. You've really toched my life.
    I was feeling soo angry and sore and tired. I could have really taken a different road then God would have wanted.

    I'm soo happy to have the faith and the bend in the road.
    I'm letting God share my load.
    Thank-you again.

    Jaimy, If you read this. Know that I know you're an Angel
    and that He will show you the way.

    Bless You.
    Love and Huggs, Selma

  4. Jaimy

    Jaimy New Member

    your posts are always so inspirational and uplifting....don't be upset for me that I have these illnesees, there IS a reason, I do believe that....

    Love to you,