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    hi this it my first posting on this site. i was very happy i found it . I was wondering how many of you came down with these illnesses or syndromes, when you would get sick? I guess i mean were any of you ill when you got hit with the chronic pain? Just wondering thats what happened to me. and can anyone with fibro or myofacial pain answer this,In the beggining for me my arms and shoulders would have horrible pins and needle pains, along with swollen lympnodes undermy arms, i couldnt hold my grandchild wipe the counter top or do anything without balling my eyes out!!! from ungodly pain! I STEAL SWEAR that what ever happened in my arm region triggered but another nightmare of pain in my back!!I had lightning stabs threw my back that later burned like i was on fire(FELT LIKE SOMEONE SHOT ME WITH A GUN). my muscle felt ill too . NOW i have sqeezing pains in my arms and my shoulders .pins and needles. and now the spot on my back stings and has spasyms. I know this sounds crazy, but i was ones a very strong person, and i percieved crying as weak. so i ask you DID ANY OF YOU CRY! THIKE THIS?? THIS HAS BEEN A REAL NIGHTMARE OF PAIN. I WAS DIAGNOSED OF HAVING MYOFACIAL PAIN AND FIBRO. SURE HOPE SOMEONE HERE CAN RELATE . LOVE TO ALL
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    I can remember not being able to peel potatoes or cut meat on my plate and much more.

    One day my hubby walked in the door, I did not know he'd just came home. I was sitting on the kitchen floor trying to reach a pan in back of the cupboard and was bawling my eyes out!

    HONEST.......if he had been there I would not have let this happen, as I was trying to cover all of this up...for some reason that seems odd to me now.

    Well DH......right away put on his thinking hat and made me a rack that holds pans and skillets that hangs on the wall.I love it!

    Maybe you are......but have you seen a rheumy? Mine gave me sleeping pills that does not leave me groggy in AM and also shots in my bad areas, cortizone type. His theray is that if you are not hurting you can sleep better and if you sleep better the spots he gave shots to gets to relax..etc.

    Also examine if you need new mattress. Use ben gay or such, heating pads? Please use types that you heat in the microwave. You can be severly burnt by falling asleep with one, and sometimes we fall asleep without warning. Hot Showers on my neck and shoulders helps some.

    We also learn to do things differently. It takes time to change habits or to experiment on what helps.

    I did not get sick first......I fell and never recovered from the hurting, I was told that I had Fibro. Then I got the flu a few months later and never recovered. I was told that I had CFIDS.

    I think you wil find that about all of us were either sick or was in an accident when they first became ill with this.

    Let us know how you are doing......Blessings and gentle hugs
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    ...I now know based on research that I've likely had MPS and FM since childhood, but it reared its ugly head after I sprained my back. Others get it after an emotionally traumatic event...abuse or such...and others after a physical trauma...car accident.

    And honey...I've been bawling with the pain for 5 months now! I FINALLY got pain med that touches the pain yesterday...I'm a new person since then! I got a small dose of methadone. Been on tramadol and darvocet, and my pain levels were still 7-10 range!

    Also, we've all been raving about this homeopatic tablet that's improved so many of us so quickly (I've taken a total of 5 since yesterday...haven't had this level of energy in 5 months! It's called Traumeel....you can do a search for it above, but seriously...life saver for many of us. Plus, Its cheap! Only about 15 for 100 tablets..and you can get it online or in a health food store.

    Welcome! You'll love it here!

    And if you're having really bad body spasms, you might want to speak to your doctor about Klonopin, which many of us take for restless leg syndrome.

    Also, Cymbalta is often used for nerve pain (that pins and needles feeling). And if you have that often, make sure someone is checking your circulation!

    Glad to have you with us! You'll love it here!
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    But, when I was finally diagnosed with the FMS, I was really horribly ill. I was so fatigued and miserable with pain, etc.; I thought that I had a horrible flu. I just didn't recover. I also had the pain in the shoulders (myofascial). I remember just lying on the sofa.

    When I finally went in to see the PA at my previous doctor's office, the PA told me, "You probably have FMS and will just have to live with it."

    I tell you, FMS didn't even enter my mind. After that, I started researching. I'm not one to lay idle and just "live with anything." Like you, I've always been active and have worked very hard all my life. It was by my own initiative that I went to a rheumatologist and was diagnosed officially with FMS. But, again, he told me that I'd just have to "live with it."

    I fight this thing; I don't want to be saddled with this thing. It's not me, it's foreign.

    I soon found an internist that I could relate to. Now, she is my primary doctor. I also go to another rheumatologist, I may also have lupus, and am followed with tests for that.

    I can definitely relate to the myofascial pain; I have had really bad problems with it. What has helped me are the PT treatments and exercises; also good massages and hot baths. My daughter bought me a giant heating pad that is called Thermopore. It's wonderful for the myfascial pain! I defintely recommend it to anyone with that type of pain.

    I'm sorry that you are feeling so miserable. Many people here have had similar problems at this Board, and you will never feel like you are alone. Welcome to the Board, and come back to share how you are doing, what is helping, etc. etc.

    Warm wishes, Jeannette
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    i wanted to know how your doing?? did you get the resolts back from your lupus check-up. sure hope your doing ok