A big thankyou to whoever suggested the whey protein shake

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    I have been scanning the boards looking for ideas on what to help with my symptoms, i am a mother of 3 young children and am trying to get healthy enough to go back into the work force due to this wonderful economy. This past weekend due to some wonderful suggestions on this board I started coq-10, grape seed extract, mag. and the whey protein shake. Yesterday i actually was up until 11:30 p.m. not due to anything other than the fact that i was finishing different thins for the kids and didn't notice the time. I haven't been able to do this for 10 months I have had terrible headaches and neck muscle spasms amoung other things and blurred vision my glasses bother me so much that I usually take them off by 8:30 and I didn't need to last night. I of course thought i will skip the disgusting whey protein shake yesterday and am now chugging one down as I can tell I skipped that yesterday. Anyway for all The great advise I wanted to say a big thank you to everyone since all of the doctors, tests and mris haven't helped at all I will pray this continues. I do have one question for someone I noticed someone said to take ribose with coq-10 how does that come and what dose do you use.

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    These are very important for everyone. Amino acids, like in whey, are what protein is broken down into. You need them to repair the body and for metabolic systems. The mitochondria are the organelles in every cell that make ATP, our energy. We are deficient in nutrients because digestion and the guts are in a bad state. So we can't absorb nutrients from food. That's why it helps so much to take supplements, which are really just concentrated things we find in food or metabolites, which are chemicals the body makes from nutrients. If we're low on nutrients, then we're low on metabolites like coq10. Coq10 is very important for a number of things. It is an antioxidant, it is part of the energy cycle and it is necessary for heart function.

    The mitochondria use several substances to make energy. The most common supplements to give them are carnitine, magnesium, coq10 and ribose. It's best if you take them all together. Acetyl l carnitine is the form of carnitine I use because it is the most easy to absorb form for the body. This is very important since digestion is compromised and we can't absorb things properly. I take 500 mg of acetyl l carnitine 3x per day.

    Then magnesium should be in easy to absorb forms like malate (probably the best since it contains malic acid which helps reduce build up of lactic acid in the energy cycle which contributes greatly to post exertional malaise). Also good are magnesium glycinate and taurate. I take probably 600-800 mg of magnesium per day.

    coq10 is best in gel cap form, though it is more expensive this way. That's because it is better absorbed and utilized with fat. I used to use 100 mg 5-6x per day, now I only need 60mg 3x per day since I'm so much better.

    ribose is a powder that bodybuilders use a lot of. It is a sugar that the body makes. It usually comes in powder form. I started out using 1 tsp 2-3x per day. Now I don't need it anymore. All of these should be used together, or if you are missing a prime energy component, you may not notice much difference. I have read to use caution with the ribose if you have hypoglycemia, but it didn't make mine any worse. I didn't get over my hypoglycemia until I eliminated most of the carbs from my diet.

    A couple of other things you may want to add if these don't really help with energy would be calcium pyruvate (another sugar the body makes itself that you can buy), folate (bioactive form of vitamin B9) and pantethine (bioactive form of vitamin B5). You should be using a good B vitamin, like Country Life Coenzyme B Complex Caps. This doesn't have pantethine and folate, you'll have to get them separately. Folate is part of the methylation protocol, which you can read about here, and pantethine with calcium pyruvate are components of Coenzyme A, an extremely important enzyme the body uses for a multitude of metabolic processes, including energy production.

    It's really just a matter of how low you are in what and how much of various things you need to feel better and have more energy. It is a long, hard road to figure it all out, but you're doing great if whey, coq10 and GSE helped you that much. You may not need too many things. These are just a few more suggestion than you wanted. It can't hurt to pass it along!

    If you find yourself getting too tired and having poste exertional malaise, despite having more energy, then check out my thread "Mitochondria's role in PEM (crash) and how you can reduce it".

    good luck

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    make sure of the source of the whey protein. You want to avoid any products that use Chinese milk powders that may be contaminated with melamine.

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