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    thanks to all who responded to my post. i do appreciate it.

    i did take prozac first, which didn't do anything at all.. of course i was prescribed that by a dr. who thought i was just "a woman in my 30's who doesn't exercise enough and therefore depressed".... 1.5 yrs and 7 dr's later i found one that would let me finish my list of ailments... the brain fog has been the most upsetting to me and has caused major problems at my job.. i too have IBS, chronic headaches, sorethroat, swollen glands, constant ear ache in addition to the aches and fatigue.. again, i remind myself that i am feeling better than i was...

    i was trying to describe this horrible condition to a friend at work - the best thing i said was - "i wouldn't wish it on (named a coworker that i hate)" - she was stunned, oh my gosh i had no idea it sucked that bad... well, it does. again thanks to all that post - i continue to log in and read when i can... well back to pretending like i am working.