A BIG Worry!!! Need Major Advice!!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by pamela, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. pamela

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    Since most of you know about my present situation at my job I was just wondering about this. If I do end up quitting my job will my Pain Mgt. Docs. keep on seeing me? Do you think? I will offer to pay full price as my pains is so very bad. I don't care what it costs. I know I need to call them but they can't just say "we don't want to see you anymore becz you don't have insurance can they?" Please help!!! Doctors are so expensive!!!! Thanks Pamela
  2. NightAngel

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    You won't know how they handle such situations until you call them and ask them. I would think that as long as you paid for services rendered, possibly even upfront on every visit, that they'd allow you to keep coming back....

    Good luck to you!

  3. BonBons

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    I agree that money talks and if you will pay in advance (after seeing him/her); they'll be HAPPY to see you. What about COBRA? You should be eligible for 18 months. BonBons
  4. pamela

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    That's just what I will do!!! Love Pammy