A birthday for a friend (we give silly things)

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    I made out a nice card. Put a rounded top rock onto foil wrap and brought it up high, cut fringe at tope. Tied it with a bow that I curled with scissors. Did a nice card with instructions on fron to not open until you open the gift.
    I did this fast without real thought, but I think it is cute. A typed note inside says....



    THIS GIFT IS for a person with a high imagination.....it becomes WHATEVER you make it! Let's see.....I will start it out...it can be:

    A "get Tom's attention," you have to throw it across the room at him.

    A Paperweight? A Door stopper? Keep a window open with it? Pound your chicken or steak to tenderize it or flatten it?

    OKAY: A PET ROCK? Now you get to use that imagination to make it any type of animal and you get to decide on rather it is a boy or a girl and what color(s) it is.

    As I leave this page I will add an old recipe for ROCK SOUP....


    Put Rock in pan with a quart of water........

    Add spices that you desire (salt is optional)

    Add Veggies that you desire, like carrots, celery, potatoes, onions, etc.

    COMPANY COMING? Add another Rock and some more spices and veggies and cup or two of more water, or more.

    Cook until veggies are tender and serve hot.

    OH.......if you wanted meat in the rock soup,,,,,,,Include your pet Rock......I hope you did not make it a cat! Yukky.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOAN......you will just have to tell me what other uses you can up with this marvelous gift.

    Love, Susan

    _--------I left this with a friend that will see her on her birthday. Since I wrote it I thought of nailing a old hubcap to the front door. Make a rock holder with a cord that to hang it with. Put a large nail above the hubcap and hang the rock from it for a door knocker. (Boooo). Okay! Send me your ideas for this rock and NO...no throwing it at me....LOL.