A blood marker for autoimmunity

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    I just read a short piece in my MedPulse Rheumatology e-newsletter which says a new study shows those with autoimmune diseases and even those who have the tendency toward developing them seem to have unusally low triglyceride levels.
    I am not posting the article because most of it is just numbers and science mumbo-jumbo. The conclusion is what counts. Anyone who wants to read the whole thing can probably find it at the MedPulse website under Rheumatology.
    Triglycerides are the fats your body makes when you eat more carbohydrates than you need, and too many of them are a major heart disease risk factor.
    Normal levels are under 150. Most of the adults I know have levels around 50, even though they eat many times more carbohydrates than I do.
    Before my high protein/low carb diet, my triglyceride level was 489. It is now 153.
    It is nice to know that I appear to be safe from autoimmunity!
    The study did not say what constitutes a "low" level to them, but at least those of us who are fighting with overly high levels can breathe easier.
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    But mine have always been low and still are, so I don't think it's conclusive! I have both FMS and reactive arthritis.
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    Has always been low and I have FMS and Lupus(SLE). I'm with Healing I don't think it's conclusive. DGH
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    Having low triglycerides is certainly not conclusive of having autoimmune problems, esp. since they did not say how low it had to be.
    I do think it may be close to conclusive in eliminating people like me who have very high triglycerides, except I even have doubt about that....
    If everyone with high triglycerides were eliminated, then that would mean that you could not have Type II diabetes and an autoimmune disorder at the same time, and I very much doubt that is true.
    Still, they said it was a strong association, so it is just another variable to consider when trying to figure out a health problem.
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    time tested. I remember once my cholesterol was 10 (yeah,
    10), was wonder I was alive.