A blow by blow account of Mirapex and my findings

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by charlie21, Oct 9, 2006.

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    Day 1 10th October 2006

    It is my first night on Mirapex, in the u.k. we call it Mirapexin 0.088 mg. I took one at 7.00 p.m. three hours before bedtime as instructed. In bed by 10.00 p.m. First thing I noticed was my lips were tingling, but soon passed off. My feet felt very cold, and had trouble warming them up for a while which isn't normal for me, legs were tingling, and then I got the sensation you feel when your feet have been cold or numb for so long, you know when the circulation is beginning to come back, and then they were glowing nice and warm. I fell asleep for about an hour and a half, dreaming a lot, nothing awful, and jumping myself awake often. Two hours later, I am up having a cup of tea and writing to you. Now bear in mind this is very early days, and my body has to accept this new drug. I am going to stick with it. Because I work for a consultant psychiatrist, we have found that many of our clients come off their drugs far to soon, in fact some only give it a few days, and they have already made up their minds it isn't working. I am going to persist, and tomorrow when I go to work, I will be having one three times a day. Will keep you posted. For those not knowing what this is about, please see post saying BREAKING NEWS BY PROHEALTH 09/13/06. I suffer from FM, and my dose will be adjusted every two weeks, until I will be hopefully more comfortable than I am at present. If this drug helps to relieve my muscle spasms, which in turn will get rid of all or some of the pain it would have been worthwhile. My doctor has 4 other people with FM, and if you like I probably am a guinea pig, but under no pressure by my doctor to do this, as I gave him the article to do with Mirapex, and he said have a go if I wanted to which I did. Will keep you all posted.

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    Hayley glad you are not giving up on this, cannot be any worse than what we are already having to put up with. In fact the two of us may be able to lead the way. You may have mentioned it before, but how long have you been on this drug, how often do you have to take it, and how much. I am on 0.088 made by Boehringer Ingelheim. Charlie
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    I am not sure what my work colleagues think of all of this. I work for two doctors, and they sometimes ask me questions, wonder what they are really thinking about all this. I am very open about my feelings, and they can all make what they like of it, but you cannot help but wonder sometimes. This year I am dreading the christmas works party. Last year I was able to dance, this year is another thing. Without sounding like I am bragging, everyone seems to love me at work, and I know I will not be able to get out of going. To be honest I really would like to go, but if I hit the dance floor, a few minutes, and I am worn out, and can feel my legs collapsing under me. Why oh why do we have this. I have had FM for 7 years now, but was functioning reasonably until last October, when I had a bad upset tummy whilst away for the weekend, never been the same since. Charlie

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