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    Hi all, after a visit with my LLMD I finally received my digestive results. They found protozoa in my GI tract. They couldn't identify it though and the Dr. said he's had patients like this before. He believes since nothing was identified that it is likely Babesia. I have had Babesia symptoms that come and go. He said you can have Babesia without Lyme but it is kind of unlikely. So he is treating the Babs first. Also, he wants to improve my digestion because it's not too good. Than he will treat Lyme. Finally I will get some treatment. And to think it only only took 30 years for some help. (LOL). Jess
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    Im so happy to here you making progress with your diagnosis!! I bet your relieved.If you dont mind , what is your treatment for Babs and digestion? Good Luck, I hope you start feeling better soon, Im sure the next 30 years will be better years. Sandie
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    HI Sandy and thanks for your good wishes.Well my Dr. has started me on Butyrate acid for digestive problems based on test results. I was lacking this. He has increased my probiotics to 4 a day as I tested low for good bacteria.He has me on a Lyme diet to become more alkaline as I was too acidic. This is no surprise because I am on prilosec as I have Barrets from GERD. For Babs, he has started me on black walnut. I have my doubts about this but he says he has had success with it. I didn't think this was ani-protazoal but I will try it. He doesn't want to use anti biotics yet because of my digestive problems. He said they wouldn't be successful at this point. He will consider them after my gut improves. I also have gastroparesis which adds to my difficulty. For now I am just glad to finally have some treatment. Wishing you good health, Jess
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    At least this is a start. I know what you mean, I have been over 30 yrs. for a real diagnosis. In the meantime your body can really get screwed up, then you have so many issues to be resolved.

    Good luck to you and keep us posted. Would be interested in your progress.