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    We have a visiting cat is our back yard. It hangs out someplace and comes out to try his best to get the birds. He is scaring them all away from our bird feeder. Does someone know of a good way to get rid of it?
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    If this is a recent occurance call around and see if someone is missing a cat. Ask in your neighborhood, assuming you live in one and not out in the country. Then call your local animal shelter. They might have gotten a call about a lost cat or they may be able to take it in. Our humane society here will keep a cat only so long before it's euthanized so be very sure it's not someone's lost pet or that you can't find a home for it. On the other hand, we have a no-kill shelter in our town and it's brimming with cats right now.

    A well-fed cat is not as inclined to eat birds but they love to chase them. Where there are birds, there often will be cats. ;>)

    Good luck to you both,
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    Get a really Big bird? A swan or turkey perhaps, though they can attack humans too:) Maybe borrow one for a few days. Cheers, just a wild thought. Would love to see the expression on the cat when he saw the Big bird. Became enlightened about the world.
    LOL, Your Mr Bill

    Oh, maybe a few ostrich feathers, or guano, scattered about the yard might work.

    Perhaps some of the mixtures designed to repel deer might work on cats. perhaps one with bobcat or tiger urine.
    Tiger urine works pretty well with dogs.

    A motion detector that turns on lawn sprinker?

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