a commercial for FMS on TV!!!

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    I can NOT believe it but I saw it with my OWN eyes....
    There was a short little commercial on TV about US.( it was almost noon during the rerun episode of ER, I think on USA network.)

    It was done by "zoloft" people. Only thing that bothered me was that after the short explaination of FMS by the Dr. on tv, they did another zoloft commercial.
    the one that has the "depressed smiley face".

    So the average person will "think" that zoloft is for the depression of FMS patients. Thus reenforcing the public's ignorance.

    Even my PCP Dr. said that depression makes me sore.
    I told him NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO I didn't have ANY feeling of even slight depression until I was in PAIN 24/7.

    I also informed him that I rarely get any depression at all.
    In fact only when I encounter someone who refuses to validate my pain... such as DOCTORS who disregaurd my long list of symptoms and outright refuse to treat ANY of my symptoms. And that it wasn't REAL depression but pure raw frustration of being considered a liar!

    Gee, guess I got tired of holding my tongue.

    In some other post, someone mentioned "nickname" for our doctors that are jerks. My personal favorite is Dr. Jekyl.

    Glad my Reumy who is an O.D. is wonderful.

    Only Problem is, when I HAVE to go to my PCP for something he refuses to accept my FMS therefore his ideas of treatment for "why I came" always conflict with FMS.

    we must be treated as a patient with FMS reguardless of what ails us that day.

    I have a friend with MS and Diabetes. when she sees her Dr. for the flu, he must treat the flu in a person with MS and Diabetes, thus varying the treatment protocol.

    we should get the same consideration.

    Well, I'll hop off my soap box now. :)

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    After being dumped several years ago by the doc I had had for years I was devastated. After in and out of the hospital for 2-years due to adrenal insufficiency from his ill-advised use of Pred. he one day decided that he would no longer see me as his patient and also he would not see my son, who was only 7 at the time!

    I was truly hurt. I was in the middle of a fight for disability with SSA and had just begun real treatment for FMS/MPS (now called something else) and when this doc dropped me the Rheumy wouldn't see me because our great Gov. Bush has his slash-party going on with social services and I had no doc for 14 long months! CactusLil'
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    Hi Heather~~I'm busy at work, but tuned into the Board during my lunch break to see how people were doing.

    I read your post, and when you wrote, "We must be treated as a patient with FMS regardless of what ails us that day" it really struck a chord in me, and I found the whole concept and thought of it quite profound.

    I am 53 years old and have had FM/CFS since I was 14--along with other illnesses as I got older. I never received any beneficial help for my FM/CFS throughout all the years from all the different health providers & specialists I saw--which includes the many providers who diagnosed me over & over & over again with FM/CFS.

    It wasn't until two years ago when I had an MRI and was diagnosed with advanced degenerative disc disease that I was started on narcotic pain management and other beneficial treatments for my "back pain"--which as a sideline has also helped my FM/CFS considerably.

    I am not now nor have I ever been treated as a patient with FM/CFS....and I should have been all along. I should be now. BUT, all the medical attention and care is focused on my back problems with the FM/CFS not even considered--just noted at the beginning of my chart like when they ask if you are allergic to any medications. Though I am blessed to have a primary physician that is willing to treat my chronic pain with long-term narcotic pain medications, and who is willing to work WITH me--never once has he ever asked me how my FM/CFS was doing.

    Such an amazing thing....if it wasn't for coming down with this bad back--like I needed another chronic illness--I would still be suffering unbearably every day with the never-ending pain and aching of FM/CFS. As much as my back hurts and causes me serious mobility problems--it has been a blessing in its own way.

    However, I think that in order for the medical community to get the WHOLE picture of "me"--I need to be considered an FM/CFS patient who has degenerative disc disease, asthma, arthritis, IBS, etc.

    You said it so well. Just imagine the POSSIBILITIES if the medical community approached our medical care from that point of view! Incredible!

    Well, lunch time is over, and I've got to get ready for my next client. Thanks so much for the Wonderful lunch we shared together today and for a thought so profound. Best Wishes to you Heather, Carol....

  4. j-bearmama

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    I must add that there was a write up about FMS in the newspaper the other day.
    can you BELIEVE IT??????

    I'd like to shake it in the face of my PCP then shove it up his rear!!!

    Thank GOD my reumy understands!

    anyway. YOu have NO idea what it means to me to have someone validate what I said.

    I didn't think that it was a great epiphany to suggest that we be treated AS FMS pts. reguardless of WHY we visited a dr. that day.
    thought this was simply common sense.

    When you fill out the info sheet on a first visit. it always asks about "conditions" I ALWAYS put down FMS.

    My dentist is great about it. He asked be to explain it better to him. He had "heard of it" but was unsure of all the aspects of it. I gave him the 30 second explaination and he seemed satisfied. His hygenists are great too.

    When I go in for a cleaning he knows I will need to close my mouth for a few seconds every few minutes.
    In fact he doesn't WAIT for me to tell him. He just tells me "relax your jaw a minute".
    and he never ASKS if I need a note for work for my jaw pain. he just gives me one saying I had dental work done and have a sore jaw.

    ( I also have TMJ caused by having my jaw unhindged when I was 15 when I had my wisdom teeth removed.)

    as well as a VERY small mouth.

    I'm required to talk a lot to customers at work in my regualar possition. SO the note either gets me OUT of goign to work, or allows me to work in a less talkative role for a shift.

    again THANK YOU for your kind words.

    brain fog often makes us appear to be idiots. IT really upsets me sometimes because I was an honor role student in high school and college and always prided myself on my intellect.

    when we mix up or homophones when we write; or put ketchup in the oven, milk in the cupboard and cereal in the fridge we look like MORONS.

    Hardly the poster child for higher education.

    SOmetimes I wonder HOW the heck I can tell people I was an english major. I mix up deer and dear ( we're hunters) I right words instead of write them. and screw up everything some days.

    when we have dyslexic moments we feel silly. and laugh it off. But I for one cringe on the inside and feel so hopeless.inside I scream WHAT HAPPENED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?????
    perhaps that pride of being smart turned into an "attitude" and the FMS is a way for God to remind me that I need to be put in my place.

    Pride goeth before the fall.... some of us just fall HARDER than others.

    well I'll quit my belly achin now.

    May the Lord bless you with restorative sleep and a respite from pain,

  5. desibumps

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    Hi Heather, I am new to this whole thing, but have to say I cracked up on your note about the commercial. My normal doctor told me that FMS was all in my head and referred me to an ummunologist who procedded to tell me I had it! But wait theres more..... after a month or so of daily bouts of tears I decided I needed help for depression FROM my illness, and asked to see my specialist who did not have an appointment available for three weeks, the secretary asked me why dont I just got see my family Doc? Boy did I take great pleasure in saying, You want me to go see the Doctor that told me that what this Docotor said I have is all in my head????? Needless to say they got me right in. I have been on Effexxor for four weeks and it seems to help.
    Thanks for the great laugh...
    yours in pain ha ha
  6. j-bearmama

    j-bearmama New Member

    When it comes to politics I LOVE my soap box!

    I get in MANY heated debates over political issues.

    Most fmsers would find it stressful. BUT I actually feel better when I go off on a tyraid. HEHEHEE

    I still don't think my post was so amusing. Just observant.

    Perhaps my mom was right. I AM the new Erma Bombeck. ( great compliment to me as a writer).

    for some good laughs and to enjoy the commeraderee (sp?) of "moms everywhere" you might want to check some of Erma's books from the library. they are fast reads and a great laugh.
    In fact it will give you that view of life from not only OUR perspective as wives/moms, but also into our own mother's life.

    back to my point...
    I think it's imparative that we GET MAD at doctors that dismiss us.
    I went to my Dr. Jekyl with a headache so severe that I had vision imparements and was weak and nauseated.
    ( mind you i DROVE there and my son was in the car with me!!!)

    He told me I was "over reacting and had read too much" meaning I read medical books and instantly think I have some problem.

    translation: he thinks I'm a hypocondriac.
    he told me if I REALLY had all these aches and pains and wierd symptoms, I'd be in the hospital.

    what an IDIOT!
    he NEVER did give me any meds OR advice for my headache.
    except to "take a nap and make my son be good". my son is always GOOD! ( christian homeschooling helps!)

    when I got home I called one of the other drs. in the same office and told him what happened. He told me to SEND someone up to pick up some bextra for me.

    it DID ease my headache and helped me sleep.
    but my point was...

    a headache that causes vision problems and nausea and weakness IS A SYMPTOM OF SOMETHING SERIOUS!

    no one took my BP, no one listened to my heart or lungs.

    shame that other dr left the practice. I DID find out that there have been complaints on my dr. jekyl in the past.

    I guess unless you are bleeding out your eyeballs he thinks you are a hypocondriac.

    Glad I not only taught my son about calling 911 BUT also taught him that he needs to know the names of my meds and dosages. also knows where they are kept in case I EVER need 911 service.
    I recomend ALL OF YOU teach your family members this or use medic alert bracelettes with this info.

    I taught all the Scouts in my son's pack that knowing meds is VERY important if someone is unconscious so the ER docs know what meds they CAN and CAN NOT give.

    A friend of mine is a paramedic ( also a scout leader) and he told the kids that if someone is on a pain killer and an EMT or ER dr. gives certain meds it can cause heart to stop.

    so all the kids were running around asking their parents how to spell certain meds.
    LOL interesting med history of some of our scout parents. :)

    Also good idea to keep an address lable stuck to the hand held part of phone. that way a child can read address in case you don't live in an area that has 911 caller ID.

    hmmm I'm funny and full of info.
    does that make me a nerd or a geek??? both maybe?

    God bless,
  7. IntuneJune

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    Thanks for the validation in your posts above. I have a hard time with self image even though the mistakes I make, or the lack of "finding" information in my brain are NOT who I am. In social situations, I frequently feel like the village idiot. For example, when trying to get a point across and being half way through presenting information only to realize, the rest is gone, g-o-n-e. The people I was talking with are now staring at me, waiting for me to finish, I have no words, or the wrong words. I belong on a committee and feel the need to resign even though I am a good worker.

    How about we all create a community to live in together, we can call it Fibrocity, and we will no longer have to deal with the attitudes, looks, tough remarks other make???

    Fondly, June
  8. j-bearmama

    j-bearmama New Member

    Yes I understand how you feel.
    I have gone from Einstein to EPSTEIN. ( remember Epstein from Welcomd Back Kotter???)

    of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.

  9. pearls

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    No kidding! There is a rather good article on fibromyalgia in the current issue of Woman's Day. It is explained in simple terms and I would not hesitate to share it with family members and friends.
  10. dee405

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    Fibrocity what a great idea!!!I would love to move there. We could all tell each other our (not so funny than)foggy stories. My happened of all places my hearing before a Judge for my SS disability. talk about blank stares from everyone I was so embarrassed looking at everyone to help me with a simple word,it felt like 5 minutes of silence. the simple word was PACE myself. It finally came to me I was in tears with apologes..

    This is my first trip here and I really enjoyed reading all of your post so it my turn to step off the soap box and give you guys a turn soft hugs to all Dee Pa