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    HI all,
    I am new to this board and have done more reading than posting. But I have conposed a letter to Montel and would like to share it with all of you. Hopefully we will get some responce from him!
    Hi Montel,
    My name is Tiffanny (edited to remove last name)and I am from a small town outside of Hattiesburg,Ms. My reason for writing you today is from being a 29 yr old mother of 2 beautiful daughters and living with a horrible condition known as Fibromyalgia. I picked you Montel because I felt certain that you of all people would understand what it is like living everyday with a disease that controls YOU instead of you controling it. I have lived with this DD ( Darn Diease ) as those of us with Fibro like to call it, since 1994 following an auto accident. And after many tests and x-rays throughout the years finally had a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia last year. I am fortuanate to have finally found a Dr. that is willing to treat me for it, as the majority of Dr.s do not belive in Fibromyalgia. This disease effects every part of our lives and for many of us it literally robs us of our lives! I have went from being an active and athlectic person, playing softball most of my teenage years, full of energy, to a mere shadow of myself. I stay at home all the time now and hardly have the energy to get up and cook and clean for my girls. It is bad when your kids take care of you more than you can take care of them! My girls are ages 8 & 11 and they understand alot, but it is heart breaking to have to tell them that they can't play ball because Mama can't be sure that they get to and from the games. I have went from being a person that dressed, put on makeup, and was always doing my hair, to wearing sweats, never having the energy to apply makeup, and just getting a hair cut only to get it out of my eyes. My story Montel is like so many others that are affected with this disease, and it would make us all very happy if you could somehow help us with raising some awareness about it! Or at the least pick some of us to have a day of Happiness & Pleasure instead of PAIN with a makeover! Thank You Montel in Advance!
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    I think your letter is good. And you could not have picked a better person to send it to. Montel seems to be inclined to listen to people and in addition I think he would be the most likely to raise awareness for FMS. I hope he sends a reply.
    :) Nikki
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    Tiffanny, I hope he will read it, with him having MS which is a cousin of sorts to FMS and MPS, he just might take an interest in us. Can't hurt to write the talk show's, we have been since I joined the board 3 years ago, and so far noone has answered us in a Postive way.
    Maybe your touching letter will help, you have the fight in you and that's good with this DD.


    ps. glad your writting to us now, please write more, if you want to talk and joke around come on over to the chit chat board too.
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    and not to be a wet blanket but I was in a FM chat room for two years and
    we wrote to Oprah, Montel and Maury
    over and over for the two years. They never did even reply, none of them. I
    hope they will be in a better frame of mind about it now. I just wrote again with everyone on the board to
    Oprah and got her usual prepared email back..."we cannot answer each
    email but thanks for writing". We can
    keep hoping though! Hugs, Bambi
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    Just wanted to say Thank You to everyone for the kind words about my letter to Montel! I very seldom have the energy, or can concentrate long enough to try and put together a decent letter to anyone anymore...lol. But I was proud of myself with this one and all of your words of praise has really made me feel very good!! I just hope that my efforts haven't been in vain & I Pray To GOD that we will get someone to help us spread awareness! Also I just wanted to say to that if anyone would like to add me and chit chat that I am always willing to make a new friend, especially ones that I can really relate ...lol...Hope to hear from you soon and again Thank You!!!!

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