A couple of diabetes questions for Diane !

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    Hi Diane,
    Hope all is well at your house. I miss you guys on the boards with Jerry and all. Hope he can get back on soon.

    I have been searching and I think I found the answer but wanted to ask you anyway.

    - - - - - -When Kevin takes his blood glucose readings does he do it 2 hours after he has started eating, and not after he has finished? I am thinking that he should take when he has started eating, CORRECT??

    - - - - - -Also, I do not know if Kevin ever drinks wine or other adult beverage before dinner occasionally and if he does does he start from that time or the time he starts eating??

    Also, I went on line and I found that there were three different measurements of what would be high or low depending on whose measurements they were?

    In other words there are three of these organizations who have three different top measurments for after eating- Which ones does he go by?

    It is 130 mg/dl before meals

    The ACE association says less than 140 mg/dl.
    The Joslin Diabetes Association says less than 160/dl.

    Of course Kevin already has been dxed with diabetes 2 and takes insulin, correct? My DH is still on watch with possibly borderline diabetes.

    He may have been taking his blood samples to late, in doing so 2 hours after eating. Sometimes we don't eat exactly at 6:00 either. Of course his insulin may change things around for him.

    Let me know when you get the chance. I also have learned when you buy foods that say no sugar added, that doesn't mean that there is no sugar in the food. Have to read all the label.s

    Oh a friend gave us a really yummy no sugar added lemon pie recipe. I just need to check to see if they have gram cracker grumbs or alaready made crusts (crumbs) that have little or no sugar. There is either 15 g of sugar in either the crust or the whipped topping. We are eating it now and it doesn't seem to bother him much anyway but will look to see what I can find. Let me know if youwould like the recipe. It is very yummy and light - great after a big meal (or any time). It is a cold refrigerated pie. It is SOOO good ! It is so light I could almost eat the whole pie. They made two pies I think, not the big ones though. We (the guests who came to eat at our house the weekend after Christmas) ate one pie and she gave me the other one.

    We haven't been checking glucose blood levels daily though. The ones I have taken so far have been 96 or something like that, 134 and 142 and that was about 2 hours after finishing eating. Also white potatoes don't seem to bother him that much either in the readings. He doesn;pt like the brown rice much but have been using that and some ww pastas and spaghett. The generic brands were yucky. So I bought some others and will see if they are any better for a higher price.

    Hope to hear from you soon when you can.

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    Thanks for some of the info. Still wondering when Kevin takes his blood? Is it close to when he starts eating the meal or after? After re reading your post not sure he can figure out if it is 2 hours afater he eats or not but just curious.

    I know the labeling can be very confusing. You look at it and it says no added sugar and then you find out that it already has sugar in it. Geez, what a help that is. Well, I guess it is something but as clear as mud as they say.

    It is time for me to start getting ready for beddy bye, shower and all. I am so lazy, just to get there and start. Seems like everything is a chore.

    BTW, it looks like we will be getting the kitchen counter top after all. It will not be the one we originally picked out that was on the BIG sale. That was really much to dark so we picked out something that was lighter, even though a little more expensive. However, we did get a call from the lady working with us saying tht they will be having another 10% off sale on the 12th. So we will wait till then to put the sale through. This will be a nice change to the kitchen even though I saw others that would be even nice but also much more expensive :)!!!! It is Silestone that is supposed to be as good as Granite but you do not have to seal it or anything which is good.

    Well, have a good night and will check in on you probably sometime tomorrow.

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