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    1. when you exercise, do any of you not hit that endorphic peak" you (or actually, i, used to get when i exercised, afterwards) I have been forcing myself to continue exercising (i.e. walking or bicycling) and I do not push it, drink plenty of water and sweat, etc.... I just feel very tired afterward and not the old 'refreshed' I used to feel. I know it is working as I have been losing some weight and maintaining my body weight... so what gives?
    2. I have gone on a more holistic / herbal approach and 40% of my meal intake are raw foods/juices, so have felt better in past two years, wanted to find out about acupuncture, any one got any thing on that? (I suffer from CFS)
    another quick one: I have been tested 3 times for Lyme disease and it came up negative, my CFS MD would like me to try this other test for Lyme which is not covered by my health ins (BCBS) does anyone know about the similarities, etc. between Lyme and CFS? I don't want to pay exorbinant amounts of $$$ for a test that could prove negative (again) but there has to be more than 2 types of tests for this and she (my MD) wants to make sure that my symptoms are not to be confused with Lyme (we have a high prevalence of Lyme where i live)....

    any suggestions/comments?
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    glad to meet you. i have used acupuncture off and on for several years. i do, indeed, find that it can be very helpful to my fatigue and pain. it has been most successful when i receive treatment on a regular basis. i know that its effectiveness varies, depending upon the individual. right now, i am seeing an acupuncturist who is also a massage therapist. his sessions involve both modalities, and the treatments are the most effective i have ever had. i have actually left his office pain free, which is unheard of for me.
    i don't know the particulars on the exercise endorphins. my experience has been that since i've been ill (many years now), i do not reach that great experience very often and when i do, it's not the quality that it was pre-illness. i know that at one point, i read that we do not produce the endorphins with these illnesses. however, i don't know if tthat theory is still accurate. i'll be interested to read what others have to say here.
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