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    Have you all seen the Trivago (hotel booking) commercials? Yep, they are the same as all the other hotel sites.......................

    BUT these commercials got me smiling ----- actually LAUGHING OUT LOUD, with these two TV adverts:





    I cannot put them into "youtube media content." You just have to click on the links. (I clicked, the links are safe on my computer.)

    Hope y'all enjoy, and get a good laugh!

    Diane :D
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    This commercial tickles me. Because it's exactly how 'dramatic me' and my 'concrete thinker husband' who always makes little accuracy corrections are.

    And here's a cute one - the husband's the dramatic one.

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    Oh, Patti, that's a great one!!

    I'll have to think of more. You post more, if you think of any. And our other friends, join in, too, please!

    Hugs, Diane

    PS: Another great one! LOL

    For your first posting, how it is pronounced? I always thought "shays". Now I wonder..... LOL
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    This is a good subject, 'smiles'. Thanks Patti and Diane. I loved the Kitty Midnight Madness commercial. :) GB
  6. Granniluvsu

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    These are all too cute !! That would be really interesting to see someone bring an EMU into a hotel. That is really funny. Wondering if anyone actually has an Emu for a pet and if they would bring it to a hotel.

    Thanks for posting and keep doing so, so I can check them out, as well as everyone else. Guess you are feeling a little better DIANE since you are posting.

    I thought I summited this BUT I guess I didn't. So here it is.