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  1. victoria

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    (Sure wish I wasn't allergic to it tho...)

    Cup Of Green Tea To Keep The Bacteria Away

    Science Daily — Beneficial effects of green tea have been known for millenia, particularly in Asian cultures. An ancient Chinese proverb says: "Better to be deprived of food for three days, than tea for one".

    A cup of green tea contains up to 200 mg of catechins, whose biological activity has been mainly attributed to its antioxidant activity. Efficiency of green tea extract in oral hygiene has been known for centuries and this gave researchers a clue that antibacterial activity might be involved.

    Now researchers from the National institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana, Slovenia discovered that the main ingredients of green tea are able to perform other tricks. They found out that green tea catechins inhibit essential bacterial enzyme DNA gyrase, which is the target of several existing clinically used drugs.

    By the use of NMR spectroscopy, researchers from Slovenia have now pinpointed the ATP-binding site of DNA gyrase as target of EGCG, the most abundant catechin from the green tea extract. Up to now several compounds targeted against the ATP-binding site of bacteria gyrase have been known but couldn't be used as drugs due to their side effects on mammalian cells.

    Lead researcher Roman Jerala, the head of the Laboratory of Biotechnology at NIC explains: "We can anticipate to avoid the problem of toxicity using the compounds based on the green tea catechins, which have centuries of established safety record in the human diet."

    This finding may be used to develop even more potent antibacterial compounds. Results were recently published in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.

    Note: This story has been adapted from a news release issued by National Institute Of Chemistry, Slovenia.

  2. Mikie

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    Nanna just forwarded this to me in an e-mail. I have some kind of bug which is producing a fever and the Doxy isn't touching it. I was afraid it might be the mycoplasma infection trying to reactivate but it's obviously something else. My daughter caught it while she was here and now my grandson is getting sick.

    I drank a cup of green tea this morning and about half an hour later, I became very dizzy and nauseated. It passed suddenly and I wonder whether the green tea was at work helping with this. I've spent the afternoon on the throne so my body is definitely trying to purge something.

    I saw my dentist today and he gave me an Rx for Augmentin in case it's some residual infection from the root canal. He doesn't think so; he thinks it's a sinus infection. I don't have the pressure or headaches but I am having problems breathing. My lymph nodes are swollen up. If I'm not better by Mon., I have to see my PCP. Oy! It's always something.

    I'm using my zapper and will be drinking the green tea. Thanks for posting this.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie, glad Nanna passed it on... we've had similar flus pass thru my MIL's helpers and my kids in the past month, so far all I've had strike was aching kind of flu (all too familiar!) - that's enough tho!

    I have been taking SAMe and thymulus (Enz. Therapy), it does seem to really help ward off and get rid of virii... with the weather here 70 one day and 42 the next, well, I guess it's heaven for all the 'bugs' both microscopic and insectoidal...

    You have really had a rough haul the past few months, I hope things get squared away really soon for you!

    all the best,

  4. Mikie

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    I hope you get over your crud too. Yes, the weather is strange this year from El Nino. It gave us a good hurricane season and if it stick around, we should have another good summer without them. I hope so. Our weather is strange down here too. It's too hot for this time of year unless a cold front dips way down and touches us. Of course, I check the weather in Atlanta every day because of my kids and have noticed how up and down it's been.

    My other kids in CO can't wait to move. Thank you, El Nino! I want them closer to the rest of us down here. My SIL will be applying for jobs close to the East Coast in FL and GA. He and a friend will be scouting out possible areas soon. Denver is expecting more snow tomorrow. Yikes!

    I don't know if or when I'll ever move. I love it here but am missing a lot with Andy. We have soooooo many homes for sale. It will take at least another year before things start to pick up. We are also a homestead state and in our county, taxes cannot go up by more than 3 percent a year. In essence, my taxes are what my condo appraised for 10 years ago, less $25,000, plus the 3 percent a year. Today's appraised value doesn't affect what I pay. If I move, my expenses will skyrocket. I keep buying LOTTO tickets :)

    Love, Mikie

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