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    Today I called three drs and I now have three dr. appointments. That is quite a lot for someone
    like me who has been homebound for so long!

    I called my endocrinologist because I have some issues that I want to talk to him about and am
    long overdue for my appointment. I am going to
    see if he can give me something for the IBS until
    I can get in with the GI. I will see the endo in two weeks.

    The following week, I have an appt with
    a lyme specialist. Three weeks is pretty good to
    me because these guys are far and few between! I am nervous about the appointment
    but I feel very much that he can either
    rule Lyme in or out or point me in the right direction. Lyme drs. seem to run all the tests
    we want for FMS as standard procedure.
    So, I will be able to accomplish that at least.

    Unfortunately, my worst symptom is the one
    I have to wait the longest for an appointment.
    I can’t get in to the GI until August 29. ARG!
    I told them to put me on a waiting list! LOL
    As if I am the type of person who can go out
    the door fast when called!

    I stripped and made my bed. I then vomited and after that my back was
    and still is, killing me. I went over to my neighbor's hot tub and asked her to take my BP. I have Ziac, a beta blocker, which I take to lower my
    pulse. I haven't been taking it lately. One reason is that it has a diuretic in it and my hours are so screwy I don't want to take something
    like that at 8 a.m. right when I will be getting to sleep! The other reason is that my cold fish dr. gives it to me and I hate seeing her and knew
    I would need to. I am now going to ask my endo to prescribe it so I can forget about my dr!

    My BP was 104/70! Great!
    However, she took my pulse and it was 120. She proceeded to tell me
    that I could just die any minute and have a stroke if I did not take my pills for the pulse rate. She said it was beating so hard when she did the
    blood pressure. I did tell her that I had just made my bed and done more than usual and she said pulse has no relation to what you
    are doing. I find that hard to believe. She does insurance exams, which is
    why I asked her. She made me go home and take my med .

    I had, and still have, a huge headache from my 3 1/2 hours of sleep. My back probably hurts from the bed and the vomiting.

    I went in the hot tub, alone, and I was so happy. I just loved it. After 15 minutes - I heard thunder. I stopped the hot tub and listened to see
    if it was true. Yes, it was! I got scared so I closed the tub and
    went home. It rained a little bit, but not much. Thunder was very
    sporadic. After I was home awhile the sun came out and I couldn't
    hear thunder so I went back. She had opened it for me the first time.
    Again, I heard thunder. I stopped and started that hot tub so many times! What was supposed to be a relaxing experience turned into one ridden with anxiety!

    My mother is a nervous wreck... Poor thing. She usually gets to have peace and quiet until I get up at 4. I was up early and bothering her! LOL I had to ask her what her appts are. She has four of them to work around and now I have three.