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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bozey, Sep 27, 2005.

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    What a crappy day with the Docs. I went to my Rhuemy yesterday for my 3 month check up. Whole 3 minutes. It boils down to, because I don't have RA or Lupus, come back in 6 mos. or a year. Unless you need to before then. I really think because I don't have something that he feels comfortable fixing then, go away.

    Then I went to my primary Doc. I just love him. Been going to him more than 10 years. He spends as much time as I need with him, griping and complaining about other docs and about all these weird symptoms and on what to do next. He is the first to admit that he don't know what to do for me, and that I need to find a Doc for CFS & Fibro.

    I told him that I'm burnt out. I've been on this board trying to figure out what to do and now I've got information overload. Now I need to take a few steps back and regroup. I told him I'm going to start over and try to find something that works for ME.

    To start with, I ask him if he has thouroughly checked my thyroid, all the t3 and t4 and free stuff cause it all confuses me, and he gave me a script to do blood test. Also is doing liver count. It was up 3 months ago. I ask to do this because right now, my main complaint is being tired. So so tired. All day. Every day for the last 3 weeks. I mean, I am always tired but this is drag butt tired.

    I'm on Synthroid now for Hypothyroid. For 5 years now. But, maybe something needs adjusting. Anyway, it will be a few days for those results.

    If I can get my tiredness fixed, then maybe I can work on my pain in my legs. He gave me a script for Tramadol a few months back and it took the pain away but I got sick so quit taking it. He said try half a pill because it wasn't an allergic reaction, it was a side effect. So I will try that.

    If I can get those two things in control (tired and leg pain) I can maybe be able to at least clean my house. I can cope with all the other irritating pain and aches and forgetfulness and clumsiness for now. I'll tackle those next but ya gotta have priorities, right?

    Sorry this is so long. Thanks for listening.

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    I also saw my rheumy after 9 mos yesterday. SHe asks why are you here? Wrong ?.
    I went in with all my research on the drugs I have read about here and told her I wanted to try them. SHe agreed to cymbalta. I REALLY wanted to try Provigil. SHe said no so I told her I would call my PCP. Docs are so clueless. I think my doc is taken back by my having knowledge of the diesease and treatments available. SHe said she had never heard of Lyrica so I educated her right down to the company that make it.

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