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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by karen55, Dec 27, 2002.

  1. karen55

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    Saw my osteo today. We went through the usual "are you still taking the......" and I told him I stopped the Bextra because it was having absolutely no effect on me except to further drain my wallet, so he gave me a script for something called cataflam, which I believe is generic for volteren (not sure how it's spelled). Anyone ever taken this?? He also gave me copies of the blood work I've had done in the last few months to take with me to the rheumy Monday. It so happens that one of his nurses goes to this same rheumy for her RA; she told me to expect Monday's visit to take a while, that the rheumy spends a lot of time with her patients. Guess I'll find out on Monday. He seems willing to continue treating me for everything he's diagnosed me with, his comment about my rheumy appointment was that he will be very interested to hear what she has to say about all my joint pains, since I've tested negative for everything so far.
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    I was told anti-inflammatories do not help with FM. Before I knew I had FM I was treated with 800 mg motrin for bi-lateral tennis elbow " really FM ". and I developed ulcers in my stomach.... Please be careful
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    Anti-inflammatories sometimes provide limited help because we can have some inflamed tissues or unrelated inflammation in the body, but anti-inflammatories are not usually the meds of choice to treat us. Steroids are especially risky and should be avoided if possible. I just read that Celebrex and the other Cox-2 Inhibitors are not as safe as previously thought and can cause stomach bleeding and ulcers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Karen,

    I took Cataflam 3x's per day for at least 8 months. It worked well for me. The only problem I did incur was that after about 7 months my stomach started feeling it's effects.

    The best one that I was on so far was Mobic! It was great

    Good luck!
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    they don't work then. I've tried Celebrex, Vioxx, Mobic, Bextra, and now the Cataflam. None of the anti-inflams have worked, and I really don't see the point in trying another one, but since I've got the Rx filled already, I will probably give it a shot. I'm seeing the rheumy tomorrow afternoon. I've had my oldest daughter and granddaughter here all weekend, and I'm exhausted and hurting a lot right now.
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    It seems from all I've read that we do(!) test negative for everything, other than our TMP's. I am glad you can see an osteopath as they generally are more holistic and do chiropractic manipulation also (which is great for those headaches!)
    If you can get enough sleep, you will feel better even though the pain never goes away. Most NSAISD's,(Anti inflammatorys) like Voltaren, Vioxx, Celebrex etc. aren't effective in FMS. Even steroids have limited effect, other than making you completely insommniac, and feeling like superman. We don't have arthritis!
    Interview you rheumatologist, be proactive. Make sure he/she understands your needs and symptoms. Check out Dr. Devin Starlanyl's site. She not only is an MD she has FMS and a unique perspective.
    Best of Luck, God Bless,
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    I have Dr. Devin Starlanyl's book. I've been reading it here and there when I have time. I was referred to this rheumy by my osteo, I've been seeing him on and off since 1997, but exclusively for over a year now. He knows the rheumy personally, and one of his nurses, who has RA goes to her also. She's supposed to be very good.

    I'm still not nearly as knowledgeable as I need/would like to be about FMS or CFS, but I'm learning things all the time. I agreed to give the anti-inflams another try because my PCP had diagnosed me with osteo arthritis several years ago. She does not believe in FMS or CFS however, and would only prescribe Celebrex for me, which did nothing. She's the one who diagnosed my panic attacks though and put me on Paxil for that, which has controlled that for around 3 years now. I was thinking about switching PCPs but have never done anything about it. There's probably no need to if my other doc continues to treat me for the FMS and CFS. And he (my osteo) updates her regarding how he is treating my problems.

    I'll go into this appointment with an open mind. No reason I have to see this rheumy again if I don't like her, or if she can't find anything different. I have another appointment scheduled with my osteo in 6 weeks.
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    Hi Karen, I was dx with fibro 2 1/2 years ago. I haven't taken Bextra, but have been on volteran off and on. I know they say anti inflammatories don't work, but when I am off of it, I can feel a big difference for the worse. I also take a small amount of klonopin to sleep and that seems to work ok most of the time. The only problem you must take the anti inflammatories with a lot of water and a meal with starch; potato, pasta, rice, etc. If I'm upset about something and take them, my stomach lets me know it. That is why I've been off & on quite a bit as I lost my mom a few months ago and we were very close, so I get upset quite often. I hope they work for you and keep you as pain free as possible. Hugs!