A different kind of itching

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donna13210, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. donna13210

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    I've seen posts on itching but they usually describe a dry-skin-all-over-itching. I dont' have any real problem with dry skin.

    My problem with itching is small localized itches that occur everywhere, day & night. Sometimes they are so intense they almost hurt. I've had to pull the car off the road once or twice for an itch inside my sneaker that I couldn't relieve without taking my shoe off!

    It's hard to imagine an itch so intense, but it's true.

    When I go to bed at night, it's no different. I'm TRYING to lie still so I can doze off, but wait....there's an itch on my left ankle. Then there's one by my eye. Then on my back. The small ones I can ignore and sometimes they go away. But the big ones are almost like a bug is biting and drives me nuts!

    Does anyone else have this type of itching?

    I saw another post about using fragrance-free detergent. I think I will try that. I suppose it could be a reaction to detergent.

    I could use any suggestions.
  2. bubblegum

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    I too have the deep itch. Sometimes I scratch till I bleed and still don't get any relief. I was in Costco the other day and my shoulder started itching and I couldn't relieve it. I wanted to rip my blouse off. Sometimes slapping my skin gives me temp. relief. I did change shampoo and conditioner. I only use dove bar soap on my body. I use a spray on benedryl that gives me almost instant relief. The bad thing is, I can only use it 4 times a day :(
    Do you have any signs of a rash? Good luck and know that you are not alone.
    Ciao 4 Now
  3. Jen F

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    perhaps taking evening primrose oil would help? It is often good for skin problems.

    Hope your itching problems lessen

  4. JQP

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    Perhaps a reaction to meds. Some of them list itching/urticaria as a side effect - usually a less often effect!
    In which case an anti-histamine might work. I realise that is covering up the problem, but boy does it give relief!!

    Hang in there
  5. averilpam

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    I have this condition, which means I itch all the time if I don't take anti-histamines.

    The blood produces too many 'mast' cells, which means that any contact with the skin brings on a histamine reaction. This is presumably an over active immune system at work. I believe it is a genetic predisposition, mine was triggered by emotional trauma. My daughter has it too, hers was also triggered in a similar fashion.

    The itching comes and goes in different parts of the body and is worse at night trying to sleep! Anything pressing on the skin produces red marks/weals which is how it gets its name - you can write on the skin with an implement and it'll show up red and can be read!!
    A dermatologist demonstrated to his students by 'writing' his name on my back. He then told me that there is no research going on at present and no help but to take antihistamines. That was ten years ago and I've not been offered anything else since then.

    I hope your itching turns out to be a sensitivity to something you can stop using, and that you get it figured out soon
  6. donna13210

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    I felt bad because I didn't reply to your responses. I've been SO tired lately, too tired to type sometimes!

    I just bought some fragrance-free laundry detergent. I'll let you know if it makes a difference.

    To the poster who has dermagraphism (sorry, forgot your name) I'm so sorry you have that. It must be awful to have red welts all the time! It doesn't sound like what I experience.

    Mine is just plain intense itching. Sometimes I have to scratch it like 5 times before it will stop. But then it just pops up in another area........

    And, yes, sometimes I slap them, too!

    Thanks again and take care
  7. jadibeler

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    Yes, I have periods of intense itching that drive me nuts. It doesn't happen all the time but I noticed that a particularly bad episode occurred over a several day period during "allergy season" here in East Texas.

    Since then I've had "itchy bites" as Mom called them here and there but nothing like I went through in the spring. There is never any rash, no insect bites - just bleeding fingernail marks!! I also get sensations of bugs crawling on me. I have read recently that both these things are part of FM.