A Doc in Ohio, Anyone?

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  1. Mamalovinit

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    I was reading someone elses post on doctors and seen the idea of making this post for myself.

    I need a doctor that will test me and who knows about fibro.

    After reading on here about the Lyme testing and ruling out MS and other things I realized how I wasn't test like I should have been. I was diagnosed 11 years ago with fibro. After that every thing that goes wrong with me is always labeled fibro.

    I have had no hormonal testing even though I lost 5 babies. All the doctor said was call me when you get a + test result. When I ask about finding out why this happens I get know where. Just nature, they say.

    I would love to be tested but I can't get anywhere with the doctors I have seen.

    I live in Winchester, Ohio. I would love to go to the FFC but can't afford it. So does anyone know of a doctor in Cincinnati or Columbus. Columbus would be farther away but I would travel the 2 hrs.
  2. JLH

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    About 5 years ago, I went to a Rheumatologist in Columbus who, at that time, was the Head of the Rheumy Dept at Ohio State University Hospital and came highly recommended.

    His name was:

    Kevin V. Hackshaw, M.D.
    William H. Davis Center
    480 W Ninth Avenue
    Columbus, Ohio 43210

    I think he has several offices in Columbus, but this was the closest for me to get to. I had to travel nearly 3 hours to get there!

    I liked him really well, and he tooks tons of blood for tests, but I then decided that it was too far to travel all the time to see him, and decided that it wasn't a good idea for me to have gone there in the first place! I always have a hard time trying to get someone to take me some place far away like that! And .. it just wasn't worth the hassle.


  3. Mamalovinit

    Mamalovinit New Member

    I wrote both of them down.

    Anyone else?


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  5. hopeful4

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    I don't know of any Drs. to recommend other than at FFC, but just wanted to say that if you do get tested for Lyme, ask for the Igenex Western Blot. It is considered more reliable than others. I had tested negative on one from Quest. Positive on the Igenex.

    Then, if you do test positive, I'm reading that finding a LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) is essential.

    My hometown is in Ohio, and I started treatment there at FFC with Dr. Juguilon earlier this year, then transfered to the state where I live now. They found many underlying issues, and most importantly, the Lyme.

    As someone above mentioned Dr. Pelligrino, I've read about him here on the board often, and people say very positive things about him.

    Wishing you the best always,
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  6. rhonda357

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    I live in Dayton and I go to cincy to see Dr. Yolanda Farhey, she is wonderful. She is a rheumy and immunoligist both. I absolutly love her. She also has an office in West Chester. Hope this helps,513-585-1970- her phone.
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  7. halfpint49

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    let me tell you about my doctor here in findlay, ohio. his name is Dr. Gideon, James 200 west pearl street. behind hospital on main. his number is 419-427-1583. let me tell you about him. the first time i went to see him i was in so much pain. he sat and cried with me. he gives me sleep meds and depression meds. and most wonderful of all he gives me steriod shots in the pain areas. P.S. i think he gets a kick out of pushing on the pain spots lol. but believe me i walk out of his office pain free. problem is he says i let the stress build up untill i hurt in so many areas. last visit i had 8 shots. i just love him and his humor. it is a long wait sometimes in his office as he cares the same for all his fibro patients. if you could get here i would think that you would appreciate him alot. hope this helps

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