A doctor BELIEVES me, Now I'm on Tramadol

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jackie65, Apr 20, 2007.

  1. Jackie65

    Jackie65 New Member

    I had almost given up on doctors after years of being treated like a nutcase. Yesterday I had an appoinment with a new doc and I went in with NO expectations...within just a few minutes she told me she believed that Fibro is real and can be very disabling !!!! Hurray !!!! I almost started crying out of sheer joy. She is very willing to work with me to find something that will help with my pain and fatigue. She started me on tramadol 50 mg 2 x a day...and said she may up the dose. Today I took it for the first time and I think it is actually helping. Anyone else here have good luck with tramadol??
    Thanks, Jackie
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  2. jmq

    jmq New Member

    It is amazing to find the right doctor. I too am on tramadol for FMS pain and most times it helps. I take about 100 to 200 mgs a day...and then there are days I do not take any. I find it helps most if I take it before the pain gets real bad. It takes a LONG time to relieve me so I try to take it as soon as the aching or burning starts.

    Good Luck and hope you start to feel better...

  3. Claire_Jones21

    Claire_Jones21 New Member

    Hey Jackie

    We are all nutcases, join the club and thats according to the doctors and professionals. He He!

    I have not had a diagnosis for six years and only recently my dermy consultant and GP (General Practioner) are taking me seriously. I have been taking Kapake and Solpadol for 6 years (paracetamol 500mg and codeine 30mg) but I have always had a supply of tramadol from coming out of hospital after a 'flare up' 2 yrs ago (i forgot all about them).

    Up until yesterday day I was taking 12 - 14 solpadol a day when the recommended dose is 8, I told my doctor but they said they couldn't give me anything else.

    Last night I was in the chat room and someone mentioned tramadol, I was shocked and dragged them out from the back of my cupboard.

    Today, I have only took 2 tramadol all day and what a diffrence they made. I was soooo immune to solpadol even after 14 tablets, they were not having any effect but the DR wouldn't give me anything else.

    It has put me in such a good mood today (because I haven't been filling my body with toxins). I have been able to give my house a spring clean and also been out for a meal tonight.

    I hope they have the same effect with you because judging by myself today it has been the best day I have had in a long time. (If my DR knew I was taking them he wouldn't be happy but why? If they help!).

    It is a lot of trail and error but we get there in the end or so I am told.

    Keep your chin up and keep smiling.

    Claire (UK - Wales ).
  4. Jackie65

    Jackie65 New Member

  5. nightngale

    nightngale New Member

    Yes it has been a lifesaver for me. I take ultracet which just has no tylenol in it. I do find if I take it ahead of my pain it works better than waiting till you are curled up in a ball of pain. over the years I have had to take from 1 to 3 or 4, I do notice at times it seems to make me aggitated but usually take with xanax. Now lately I have had some new pain in thigh from referred back pain it does not help. Rheumy said I may have to get a shot of cortisone if that gets bad again. I also have Vicodin for break thru migraine pain, and I find the ultracet does not knock you out so much, it actually sort of peps me up. I usually take just one at a time and manage to drive....yet be careful till you see how you react.

    Good luck!
  6. droufs

    droufs New Member

    I was diagnosed (finally) in Feb. and started on tramadol about a month ago. The two pills a day really help me to get through the day. No side effects. I used to take so much ibuprofen, now I just take 2 with my tramadol twice a day.
  7. jake123

    jake123 New Member

    Don't ever use the words "pep me up" to your doctor. I used that phrase to my doctor and he wouldn't refill my Vicodin. All I meant was after taking one Vicodin, I was ready to do my chores, washing or cooking or whatever. He took it completely wrong.
  8. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I don't know if it is helping or not really. It seems to take a lot of meds to medicate me ... lol. No adverse effects, so that is good :). Thanks for reminding me to call in for a refill.
  9. Engel

    Engel New Member

    you said "We are all nutcases, join the club and thats according to the doctors and professionals. He He!"

  10. Jackie65

    Jackie65 New Member

    Thank you so much for responding. It has been three full days on the tramadol and it is helping SO much. I kinda feel like it's too good to be true, to have finally found something that works. I just hope it lasts. Thanks again, Jackie
  11. sweed07

    sweed07 New Member

    I'm so glad your doc is listening to you. That is so important. I used to take tramadol a few years ago. Was on it about 5/6 years. At first I was so amazed at how well it worked. But eventually I guess my body got used to it. Because it started taking more just to take a slight edge off. I actually got up to taking 6 to 8 50 mg. pills at a time, about 4 or 5 times a day! I know not good! My circumstances at the time weren't real good though. I was newly divorced, working at a physical job full time, and very limited recources. Now I am on Hydrocodone. It works pretty well still. Been on it now for 4 years. It seems my system gets used to some meds and then I don't have as good a luck with them.
    Anyway, if the Tramadol is working well for you, go for it. Being able to function is so important. Good luck to you. And take care. chris
  12. Suzan

    Suzan New Member

    The first thing anyone with FMS needs to do is to find a good doctor who not only believes that FMS is real..but is willing to work with you to keep your sypmtoms at a minimum..even though that often means working outside 'normal' parameters of what drugs can be used for and what dosages are 'normal'.
    It seems that many of us don't react normally to drugs and dosages! I used tramadol when I was first dx'd ...and it did help..for a while...but it didn't take too very long for me to find that it wasn't helping. At that point the doctor put me on vicoden..which was VERY good at keeping me comfortable for about 3 years...then I had to scoot up the dosage...and now I have just added oxycontin to the day..so don't be surprised if at some point the tramadol doesn't do the trick for you . ( although you may be someone who it works for a long time!) Just stay honest with your doctor about how you are doing..and cross you fingers that she is one of the docs that will continue to work with you for pain relief options!

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