A doe, a deer

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by greygodess, Jul 14, 2008.

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    The nature center I volunteer at is comprised of 37 acres. In these 37 acres we have a doe with 2 fawns. I saw them the other day while walking the trails. They were in a clearing. I watched them for awhile until the mosquitoes threatened to carry me away. These trails are circular so I went by again and the doe was still out but the fawns were in the brush. I hope I see them again. Godbless
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    The area I live in is so suburban that I hardly ever see anything big enough to watch.

    But lately, on vacation, we stayed in a place that had a whole host of creatures. It was so great being able to get 'outside' myself and watch nature. We even saw a deer on the property -- twice! This was a very big deal for me!

    My son saw a fox, and I know there are coyotes -- we heard the little ones yipping out back at night.

    My favorites were the rabbits -- the last day we were there, they were practically right up to the house at dawn and dusk, feeding. They did this bizarre thing -- two of them would go practically nose to nose with each other, then start hopping very high over the other. One even did a back flip! They continued for about a half minute, then went right back to feeding, as if nothing had happened. When another rabbit came along about ten minutes later, this happened again. Bizarre!

    The downside of all this nature is that this property is more than likely where my husband (then me) picked up Lyme. If there are deer, then there are deer ticks.

    Be safe, but keep enjoying!

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    you are soooo lucky
    to volunteer or even be close enough to a nature center!!
    glad to hear you're feeling well enough for this

    watch out for those ticks:-(
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    I always consider myself blessed to see deer....such special creatures.

    The hospital my daughter's in is just across the road from the Royal Park, it's called Richmond Park.

    Everyone's said you can see up to 50 deer at a time. Maybe this weekend we'll take a few minutes (if she's up to it) to go visit.

    Just miles from Heathrow, but I think it separates Wimbledon from the hospital.

    Maybe I should take a peek at one of natures miracles.


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